ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8207-gd73a838
ntgdi.h File Reference
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#define _NTGDI_
#define ICM_SET_MODE   1
#define ICM_SET_COLOR_MODE   3
#define GS_NUM_OBJS_ALL   0
#define GS_HANDOBJ_MAX   2
#define GS_HANDOBJ_ALLOC   3
#define TYPE_ENUMFONTS   1


typedef struct _DRIVER_INFO_2W DRIVER_INFO_2W


enum  _COLORPALETTEINFO { ColorPaletteQuery , ColorPaletteSet }
enum  _ICM_DIB_INFO_CMD { IcmQueryBrush , IcmSetBrush }


__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiInit (VOID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiSetDIBitsToDeviceInternal (_In_ HDC hdcDest, _In_ INT xDst, _In_ INT yDst, _In_ DWORD cx, _In_ DWORD cy, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_ DWORD iStartScan, _In_ DWORD cNumScan, _In_reads_bytes_(cjMaxBits) LPBYTE pInitBits, _In_reads_bytes_(cjMaxInfo) LPBITMAPINFO pbmi, _In_ DWORD iUsage, _In_ UINT cjMaxBits, _In_ UINT cjMaxInfo, _In_ BOOL bTransformCoordinates, _In_opt_ HANDLE hcmXform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetFontResourceInfoInternalW (_In_reads_z_(cwc) LPWSTR pwszFiles, _In_ ULONG cwc, _In_ ULONG cFiles, _In_ UINT cjBuf, _Out_ LPDWORD pdwBytes, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjBuf) LPVOID pvBuf, _In_ DWORD iType)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetGlyphIndicesW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_opt_(cwc) LPCWSTR pwc, _In_ INT cwc, _Out_writes_opt_(cwc) LPWORD pgi, _In_ DWORD iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetGlyphIndicesWInternal (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_opt_(cwc) LPWSTR pwc, _In_ INT cwc, _Out_writes_opt_(cwc) LPWORD pgi, _In_ DWORD iMode, _In_ BOOL bSubset)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPALETTE APIENTRY NtGdiCreatePaletteInternal (_In_reads_bytes_(cEntries *4+4) LPLOGPALETTE pLogPal, _In_ UINT cEntries)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiArcInternal (_In_ ARCTYPE arctype, _In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x1, _In_ INT y1, _In_ INT x2, _In_ INT y2, _In_ INT x3, _In_ INT y3, _In_ INT x4, _In_ INT y4)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiStretchDIBitsInternal (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xDst, _In_ INT yDst, _In_ INT cxDst, _In_ INT cyDst, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_ INT cxSrc, _In_ INT cySrc, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjMaxBits) LPBYTE pjInit, _In_ LPBITMAPINFO pbmi, _In_ DWORD dwUsage, _In_ DWORD dwRop4, _In_ UINT cjMaxInfo, _In_ UINT cjMaxBits, _In_opt_ HANDLE hcmXform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetOutlineTextMetricsInternalW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG cjotm, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(cjotm) OUTLINETEXTMETRICW *potmw, _Out_ TMDIFF *ptmd)
 _Success_ (return !=FALSE) __kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetAndSetDCDword(_In_ HDC hdc
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiGetDCObject (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT itype)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiGetDCforBitmap (_In_ HBITMAP hsurf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetMonitorID (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ DWORD cjSize, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjSize) LPWSTR pszMonitorID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetLinkedUFIs (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_writes_opt_(cBufferSize) PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufiLinkedUFIs, _In_ INT cBufferSize)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetLinkedUFIs (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_(uNumUFIs) PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufiLinks, _In_ ULONG uNumUFIs)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetUFI (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_ PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufi, _Out_opt_ DESIGNVECTOR *pdv, _Out_ ULONG *pcjDV, _Out_ ULONG *pulBaseCheckSum, _Out_ FLONG *pfl)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiForceUFIMapping (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufi)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetUFIPathname (_In_ PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufi, _Deref_out_range_(0, MAX_PATH *3) ULONG *pcwc, _Out_writes_to_opt_(MAX_PATH *3, *pcwc) LPWSTR pwszPathname, _Out_opt_ ULONG *pcNumFiles, _In_ FLONG fl, _Out_opt_ BOOL *pbMemFont, _Out_opt_ ULONG *pcjView, _Out_opt_ PVOID pvView, _Out_opt_ BOOL *pbTTC, _Out_opt_ ULONG *piTTC)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAddRemoteFontToDC (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_bytes_(cjBuffer) PVOID pvBuffer, _In_ ULONG cjBuffer, _In_opt_ PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufi)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiAddFontMemResourceEx (_In_reads_bytes_(cjBuffer) PVOID pvBuffer, _In_ DWORD cjBuffer, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjDV) DESIGNVECTOR *pdv, _In_ ULONG cjDV, _Out_ DWORD *pNumFonts)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRemoveFontMemResourceEx (_In_ HANDLE hMMFont)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiUnmapMemFont (_In_ PVOID pvView)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRemoveMergeFont (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UNIVERSAL_FONT_ID *pufi)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAnyLinkedFonts (VOID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetEmbUFI (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_ PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufi, _Out_opt_ DESIGNVECTOR *pdv, _Out_ ULONG *pcjDV, _Out_ ULONG *pulBaseCheckSum, _Out_ FLONG *pfl, _Out_ KERNEL_PVOID *embFontID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetEmbedFonts (VOID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiChangeGhostFont (_In_ KERNEL_PVOID *pfontID, _In_ BOOL bLoad)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAddEmbFontToDC (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ PVOID *pFontID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiFontIsLinked (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG_PTR APIENTRY NtGdiPolyPolyDraw (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ PPOINT ppt, _In_reads_(ccpt) PULONG pcpt, _In_ ULONG ccpt, _In_ INT iFunc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiDoPalette (_In_ HGDIOBJ hObj, _In_ WORD iStart, _In_ WORD cEntries, _When_(bInbound!=0, _In_reads_bytes_(cEntries *sizeof(PALETTEENTRY))) _When_(bInbound==0, _Out_writes_bytes_(cEntries *sizeof(PALETTEENTRY))) LPVOID pEntries, _In_ DWORD iFunc, _In_ BOOL bInbound)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiComputeXformCoefficients (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetWidthTable (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG cSpecial, _In_reads_(cwc) WCHAR *pwc, _In_ ULONG cwc, _Out_writes_(cwc) USHORT *psWidth, _Out_opt_ WIDTHDATA *pwd, _Out_ FLONG *pflInfo)
_In_ INT _In_ UINT _Out_writes_bytes_ (cjpfd) PPIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR ppfd)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetPixelFormat (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT ipfd)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSwapBuffers (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiSetupPublicCFONT (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_opt_ HFONT hf, _In_ ULONG ulAve)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDxgGenericThunk (_In_ ULONG_PTR ulIndex, _In_ ULONG_PTR ulHandle, _Inout_ SIZE_T *pdwSizeOfPtr1, _Inout_ PVOID pvPtr1, _Inout_ SIZE_T *pdwSizeOfPtr2, _Inout_ PVOID pvPtr2)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdAddAttachedSurface (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceAttached, _Inout_ PDD_ADDATTACHEDSURFACEDATA puAddAttachedSurfaceData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdAttachSurface (_In_ HANDLE hSurfaceFrom, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceTo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdBlt (_In_ HANDLE hSurfaceDest, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceSrc, _Inout_ PDD_BLTDATA puBltData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCanCreateSurface (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_CANCREATESURFACEDATA puCanCreateSurfaceData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdColorControl (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_COLORCONTROLDATA puColorControlData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateDirectDrawObject (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateSurface (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _In_ HANDLE *hSurface, _Inout_ DDSURFACEDESC *puSurfaceDescription, _Inout_ DD_SURFACE_GLOBAL *puSurfaceGlobalData, _Inout_ DD_SURFACE_LOCAL *puSurfaceLocalData, _Inout_ DD_SURFACE_MORE *puSurfaceMoreData, _Inout_ DD_CREATESURFACEDATA *puCreateSurfaceData, _Out_ HANDLE *puhSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateSurfaceObject (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDrawLocal, _In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ PDD_SURFACE_LOCAL puSurfaceLocal, _In_ PDD_SURFACE_MORE puSurfaceMore, _In_ PDD_SURFACE_GLOBAL puSurfaceGlobal, _In_ BOOL bComplete)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdDeleteSurfaceObject (_In_ HANDLE hSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdDeleteDirectDrawObject (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDrawLocal)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDestroySurface (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ BOOL bRealDestroy)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdFlip (_In_ HANDLE hSurfaceCurrent, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceTarget, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceCurrentLeft, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceTargetLeft, _Inout_ PDD_FLIPDATA puFlipData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetAvailDriverMemory (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETAVAILDRIVERMEMORYDATA puGetAvailDriverMemoryData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetBltStatus (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_GETBLTSTATUSDATA puGetBltStatusData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDC (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ PALETTEENTRY *puColorTable)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDriverInfo (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETDRIVERINFODATA puGetDriverInfoData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetFlipStatus (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_GETFLIPSTATUSDATA puGetFlipStatusData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetScanLine (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETSCANLINEDATA puGetScanLineData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetExclusiveMode (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_SETEXCLUSIVEMODEDATA puSetExclusiveModeData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdFlipToGDISurface (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_FLIPTOGDISURFACEDATA puFlipToGDISurfaceData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdLock (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_LOCKDATA puLockData, _In_ HDC hdcClip)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdQueryDirectDrawObject (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDrawLocal, _Out_ PDD_HALINFO pHalInfo, _Out_writes_(3) DWORD *pCallBackFlags, _Out_opt_ LPD3DNTHAL_CALLBACKS puD3dCallbacks, _Out_opt_ LPD3DNTHAL_GLOBALDRIVERDATA puD3dDriverData, _Out_opt_ PDD_D3DBUFCALLBACKS puD3dBufferCallbacks, _Out_opt_ LPDDSURFACEDESC puD3dTextureFormats, _Out_ DWORD *puNumHeaps, _Out_opt_ VIDEOMEMORY *puvmList, _Out_ DWORD *puNumFourCC, _Out_opt_ DWORD *puFourCC)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdReenableDirectDrawObject (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDrawLocal, _Inout_ BOOL *pubNewMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdReleaseDC (_In_ HANDLE hSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdResetVisrgn (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ HWND hwnd)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetColorKey (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_SETCOLORKEYDATA puSetColorKeyData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetOverlayPosition (_In_ HANDLE hSurfaceSource, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceDestination, _Inout_ PDD_SETOVERLAYPOSITIONDATA puSetOverlayPositionData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiDdUnattachSurface (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceAttached)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdUnlock (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_UNLOCKDATA puUnlockData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdUpdateOverlay (_In_ HANDLE hSurfaceDestination, _In_ HANDLE hSurfaceSource, _Inout_ PDD_UPDATEOVERLAYDATA puUpdateOverlayData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdWaitForVerticalBlank (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_WAITFORVERTICALBLANKDATA puWaitForVerticalBlankData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDxHandle (_In_opt_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _In_opt_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ BOOL bRelease)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetGammaRamp (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_bytes_(sizeof(GAMMARAMP)) LPVOID lpGammaRamp)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdLockD3D (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_LOCKDATA puLockData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdUnlockD3D (_In_ HANDLE hSurface, _Inout_ PDD_UNLOCKDATA puUnlockData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateD3DBuffer (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ HANDLE *hSurface, _Inout_ DDSURFACEDESC *puSurfaceDescription, _Inout_ DD_SURFACE_GLOBAL *puSurfaceGlobalData, _Inout_ DD_SURFACE_LOCAL *puSurfaceLocalData, _Inout_ DD_SURFACE_MORE *puSurfaceMoreData, _Inout_ DD_CREATESURFACEDATA *puCreateSurfaceData, _Inout_ HANDLE *puhSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCanCreateD3DBuffer (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_CANCREATESURFACEDATA puCanCreateSurfaceData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDestroyD3DBuffer (_In_ HANDLE hSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiD3dContextCreate (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDrawLocal, _In_ HANDLE hSurfColor, _In_ HANDLE hSurfZ, _Inout_ D3DNTHAL_CONTEXTCREATEI *pdcci)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiD3dContextDestroy (_In_ LPD3DNTHAL_CONTEXTDESTROYDATA pdcdd)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiD3dContextDestroyAll (_Out_ LPD3DNTHAL_CONTEXTDESTROYALLDATA pdcdad)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiD3dDrawPrimitives2 (_In_ HANDLE hCmdBuf, _In_ HANDLE hVBuf, _Inout_ LPD3DNTHAL_DRAWPRIMITIVES2DATA pded, _Inout_ FLATPTR *pfpVidMemCmd, _Inout_ DWORD *pdwSizeCmd, _Inout_ FLATPTR *pfpVidMemVtx, _Inout_ DWORD *pdwSizeVtx)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDriverState (_Inout_ PDD_GETDRIVERSTATEDATA pdata)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateSurfaceEx (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _In_ HANDLE hSurface, _In_ DWORD dwSurfaceHandle)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDDICreateDCFromMemory (_Inout_ D3DKMT_CREATEDCFROMMEMORY *desc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpCanCreateVideoPort (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_CANCREATEVPORTDATA puCanCreateVPortData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpColorControl (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_VPORTCOLORDATA puVPortColorData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDvpCreateVideoPort (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_CREATEVPORTDATA puCreateVPortData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpDestroyVideoPort (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_DESTROYVPORTDATA puDestroyVPortData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpFlipVideoPort (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _In_ HANDLE hDDSurfaceCurrent, _In_ HANDLE hDDSurfaceTarget, _Inout_ PDD_FLIPVPORTDATA puFlipVPortData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortBandwidth (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTBANDWIDTHDATA puGetVPortBandwidthData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortField (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTFIELDDATA puGetVPortFieldData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortFlipStatus (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTFLIPSTATUSDATA puGetVPortFlipStatusData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortInputFormats (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA puGetVPortInputFormatData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortLine (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTLINEDATA puGetVPortLineData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortOutputFormats (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTOUTPUTFORMATDATA puGetVPortOutputFormatData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoPortConnectInfo (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTCONNECTDATA puGetVPortConnectData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpGetVideoSignalStatus (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_GETVPORTSIGNALDATA puGetVPortSignalData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpUpdateVideoPort (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _In_ HANDLE *phSurfaceVideo, _In_ HANDLE *phSurfaceVbi, _Inout_ PDD_UPDATEVPORTDATA puUpdateVPortData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpWaitForVideoPortSync (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ PDD_WAITFORVPORTSYNCDATA puWaitForVPortSyncData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpAcquireNotification (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _Inout_ HANDLE *hEvent, _In_ LPDDVIDEOPORTNOTIFY pNotify)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDvpReleaseNotification (_In_ HANDLE hVideoPort, _In_ HANDLE hEvent)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetMoCompGuids (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETMOCOMPGUIDSDATA puGetMoCompGuidsData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetMoCompFormats (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETMOCOMPFORMATSDATA puGetMoCompFormatsData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetMoCompBuffInfo (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETMOCOMPCOMPBUFFDATA puGetBuffData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetInternalMoCompInfo (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_GETINTERNALMOCOMPDATA puGetInternalData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateMoComp (_In_ HANDLE hDirectDraw, _Inout_ PDD_CREATEMOCOMPDATA puCreateMoCompData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDestroyMoComp (_In_ HANDLE hMoComp, _Inout_ PDD_DESTROYMOCOMPDATA puDestroyMoCompData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdBeginMoCompFrame (_In_ HANDLE hMoComp, _Inout_ PDD_BEGINMOCOMPFRAMEDATA puBeginFrameData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdEndMoCompFrame (_In_ HANDLE hMoComp, _Inout_ PDD_ENDMOCOMPFRAMEDATA puEndFrameData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdRenderMoComp (_In_ HANDLE hMoComp, _Inout_ PDD_RENDERMOCOMPDATA puRenderMoCompData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdQueryMoCompStatus (_In_ HANDLE hMoComp, _Inout_ PDD_QUERYMOCOMPSTATUSDATA puQueryMoCompStatusData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdAlphaBlt (_In_ HANDLE hSurfaceDest, _In_opt_ HANDLE hSurfaceSrc, _Inout_ PDD_BLTDATA puBltData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAlphaBlend (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ LONG DstX, _In_ LONG DstY, _In_ LONG DstCx, _In_ LONG DstCy, _In_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ LONG SrcX, _In_ LONG SrcY, _In_ LONG SrcCx, _In_ LONG SrcCy, _In_ BLENDFUNCTION BlendFunction, _In_ HANDLE hcmXform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGradientFill (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ PTRIVERTEX pVertex, _In_ ULONG nVertex, _In_ PVOID pMesh, _In_ ULONG nMesh, _In_ ULONG ulMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetIcmMode (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG nCommand, _In_ ULONG ulMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateColorSpace (_In_ PLOGCOLORSPACEEXW pLogColorSpace)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDeleteColorSpace (_In_ HANDLE hColorSpace)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetColorSpace (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HCOLORSPACE hColorSpace)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateColorTransform (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ LPLOGCOLORSPACEW pLogColorSpaceW, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjSrcProfile) PVOID pvSrcProfile, _In_ ULONG cjSrcProfile, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjDestProfile) PVOID pvDestProfile, _In_ ULONG cjDestProfile, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjTargetProfile) PVOID pvTargetProfile, _In_ ULONG cjTargetProfile)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDeleteColorTransform (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HANDLE hColorTransform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCheckBitmapBits (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HANDLE hColorTransform, _In_reads_bytes_(dwStride *dwHeight) PVOID pvBits, _In_ ULONG bmFormat, _In_ DWORD dwWidth, _In_ DWORD dwHeight, _In_ DWORD dwStride, _Out_writes_bytes_(dwWidth *dwHeight) PBYTE paResults)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiColorCorrectPalette (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HPALETTE hpal, _In_ ULONG uFirstEntry, _In_ ULONG cPalEntries, _Inout_updates_(cPalEntries) PALETTEENTRY *ppalEntry, _In_ ULONG uCommand)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG_PTR APIENTRY NtGdiGetColorSpaceforBitmap (_In_ HBITMAP hsurf)
 _Success_ (return!=FALSE) __kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetDeviceGammaRamp(_In_ HDC hdc
 _Out_writes_bytes_ (sizeof(GAMMARAMP)) LPVOID lpGammaRamp)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetDeviceGammaRamp (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_bytes_(sizeof(GAMMARAMP)) LPVOID lpGammaRamp)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiIcmBrushInfo (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HBRUSH hbrush, _Inout_updates_bytes_(sizeof(BITMAPINFO)+((256 - 1) *sizeof(RGBQUAD))) PBITMAPINFO pbmiDIB, _Inout_updates_bytes_(*pulBits) PVOID pvBits, _Inout_ ULONG *pulBits, _Out_opt_ DWORD *piUsage, _Out_opt_ BOOL *pbAlreadyTran, _In_ ULONG Command)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiFlush (VOID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiCreateMetafileDC (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiMakeInfoDC (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ BOOL bSet)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateClientObj (_In_ ULONG ulType)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDeleteClientObj (_In_ HANDLE h)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetBitmapBits (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ ULONG cjMax, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(cjMax) PBYTE pjOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDeleteObjectApp (_In_ HANDLE hobj)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetPath (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_writes_opt_(cptBuf) LPPOINT pptlBuf, _Out_writes_opt_(cptBuf) LPBYTE pjTypes, _In_ INT cptBuf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiCreateCompatibleDC (_In_opt_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateDIBitmapInternal (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy, _In_ DWORD fInit, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjMaxBits) LPBYTE pjInit, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjMaxInitInfo) LPBITMAPINFO pbmi, _In_ DWORD iUsage, _In_ UINT cjMaxInitInfo, _In_ UINT cjMaxBits, _In_ FLONG f, _In_ HANDLE hcmXform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateDIBSection (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_opt_ HANDLE hSectionApp, _In_ DWORD dwOffset, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjHeader) LPBITMAPINFO pbmi, _In_ DWORD iUsage, _In_ UINT cjHeader, _In_ FLONG fl, _In_ ULONG_PTR dwColorSpace, _Outptr_ PVOID *ppvBits)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreateSolidBrush (_In_ COLORREF cr, _In_opt_ HBRUSH hbr)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreateDIBBrush (_In_reads_bytes_(cj) PVOID pv, _In_ FLONG fl, _In_ UINT cj, _In_ BOOL b8X8, _In_ BOOL bPen, _In_ PVOID pClient)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreatePatternBrushInternal (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ BOOL bPen, _In_ BOOL b8X8)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreateHatchBrushInternal (_In_ ULONG ulStyle, _In_ COLORREF clrr, _In_ BOOL bPen)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPEN APIENTRY NtGdiExtCreatePen (_In_ ULONG flPenStyle, _In_ ULONG ulWidth, _In_ ULONG iBrushStyle, _In_ ULONG ulColor, _In_ ULONG_PTR lClientHatch, _In_ ULONG_PTR lHatch, _In_ ULONG cstyle, _In_reads_opt_(cstyle) PULONG pulStyle, _In_ ULONG cjDIB, _In_ BOOL bOldStylePen, _In_opt_ HBRUSH hbrush)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiCreateEllipticRgn (_In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiCreateRoundRectRgn (_In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom, _In_ INT xWidth, _In_ INT yHeight)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateServerMetaFile (_In_ DWORD iType, _In_ ULONG cjData, _In_reads_bytes_(cjData) LPBYTE pjData, _In_ DWORD mm, _In_ DWORD xExt, _In_ DWORD yExt)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiExtCreateRegion (_In_opt_ LPXFORM px, _In_ DWORD cj, _In_reads_bytes_(cj) LPRGNDATA prgndata)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiMakeFontDir (_In_ FLONG flEmbed, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjFontDir) PBYTE pjFontDir, _In_ UINT cjFontDir, _In_reads_bytes_(cjPathname) LPWSTR pwszPathname, _In_ UINT cjPathname)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPolyDraw (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_(cpt) LPPOINT ppt, _In_reads_(cpt) LPBYTE pjAttr, _In_ ULONG cpt)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPolyTextOutW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_(cStr) POLYTEXTW *pptw, _In_ UINT cStr, _In_ DWORD dwCodePage)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetServerMetaFileBits (_In_ HANDLE hmo, _In_ ULONG cjData, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(cjData) LPBYTE pjData, _Out_ PDWORD piType, _Out_ PDWORD pmm, _Out_ PDWORD pxExt, _Out_ PDWORD pyExt)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEqualRgn (_In_ HRGN hrgn1, _In_ HRGN hrgn2)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI UINT APIENTRY NtGdiGetNearestPaletteIndex (_In_ HPALETTE hpal, _In_ COLORREF crColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPtVisible (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRectVisible (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ LPRECT prc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRemoveFontResourceW (_In_reads_(cwc) WCHAR *pwszFiles, _In_ ULONG cwc, _In_ ULONG cFiles, _In_ ULONG fl, _In_ DWORD dwPidTid, _In_opt_ DESIGNVECTOR *pdv)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiResizePalette (_In_ HPALETTE hpal, _In_ UINT cEntry)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetBitmapDimension (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy, _In_opt_ LPSIZE psizeOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiOffsetClipRgn (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiSetMetaRgn (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetTextJustification (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT lBreakExtra, _In_ INT cBreak)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetTextExtentExW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_opt_(cwc) LPWSTR pwsz, _In_ ULONG cwc, _In_ ULONG dxMax, _Out_opt_ ULONG *pcCh, _Out_writes_to_opt_(cwc, *pcCh) PULONG pdxOut, _Out_ LPSIZE psize, _In_ FLONG fl)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetCharABCWidthsW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UINT wchFirst, _In_ ULONG cwch, _In_reads_opt_(cwch) PWCHAR pwch, _In_ FLONG fl, _Out_writes_bytes_(cwch *sizeof(ABC)) PVOID pvBuf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetCharacterPlacementW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_z_(nCount) LPWSTR pwsz, _In_ INT nCount, _In_ INT nMaxExtent, _Inout_ LPGCP_RESULTSW pgcpw, _In_ DWORD dwFlags)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAngleArc (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y, _In_ DWORD dwRadius, _In_ DWORD dwStartAngle, _In_ DWORD dwSweepAngle)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBeginPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSelectClipPath (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCloseFigure (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEndPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAbortPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiFillPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiStrokeAndFillPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiStrokePath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiWidenPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiFlattenPath (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiPathToRegion (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetMiterLimit (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ DWORD dwNew, _Inout_opt_ PDWORD pdwOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetFontXform (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ DWORD dwxScale, _In_ DWORD dwyScale)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEllipse (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRectangle (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRoundRect (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x1, _In_ INT y1, _In_ INT x2, _In_ INT y2, _In_ INT x3, _In_ INT y3)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPlgBlt (_In_ HDC hdcTrg, _In_reads_(3) LPPOINT pptlTrg, _In_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_ INT cxSrc, _In_ INT cySrc, _In_opt_ HBITMAP hbmMask, _In_ INT xMask, _In_ INT yMask, _In_ DWORD crBackColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiMaskBlt (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xDst, _In_ INT yDst, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy, _In_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_opt_ HBITMAP hbmMask, _In_ INT xMask, _In_ INT yMask, _In_ DWORD dwRop4, _In_ DWORD crBackColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiExtFloodFill (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y, _In_ COLORREF crColor, _In_ UINT iFillType)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiFillRgn (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ HBRUSH hbrush)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiFrameRgn (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ HBRUSH hbrush, _In_ INT xWidth, _In_ INT yHeight)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI COLORREF APIENTRY NtGdiSetPixel (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y, _In_ COLORREF crColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetPixel (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiStartPage (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEndPage (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiStartDoc (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ DOCINFOW *pdi, _Out_ BOOL *pbBanding, _In_ INT iJob)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEndDoc (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAbortDoc (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiUpdateColors (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetCharWidthW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UINT wcFirst, _In_ UINT cwc, _In_reads_opt_(cwc) PWCHAR pwc, _In_ FLONG fl, _Out_writes_bytes_(cwc *sizeof(ULONG)) PVOID pvBuf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetCharWidthInfo (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_ PCHWIDTHINFO pChWidthInfo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiDrawEscape (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT iEsc, _In_ INT cjIn, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjIn) LPSTR pjIn)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiExtEscape (_In_opt_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_opt_(cwcDriver) PWCHAR pDriver, _In_ INT cwcDriver, _In_ INT iEsc, _In_ INT cjIn, _In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjIn) LPSTR pjIn, _In_ INT cjOut, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(cjOut) LPSTR pjOut)
_In_ DWORD _In_ DWORD _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_ (cjBuf, return) PVOID pvBuf
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetFontFileData (_In_ UINT uFileCollectionID, _In_ UINT uFileIndex, _In_ PULONGLONG pullFileOffset, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjBuf) PVOID pvBuf, _In_ SIZE_T cjBuf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetFontFileInfo (_In_ UINT uFileCollectionID, _In_ UINT uFileIndex, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjSize) PFONT_FILE_INFO pffi, _In_ SIZE_T cjSize, _Out_opt_ PSIZE_T pcjActualSize)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetGlyphOutline (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ WCHAR wch, _In_ UINT iFormat, _Out_ LPGLYPHMETRICS pgm, _In_ ULONG cjBuf, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(cjBuf) PVOID pvBuf, _In_ LPMAT2 pmat2, _In_ BOOL bIgnoreRotation)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetETM (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_opt_ EXTTEXTMETRIC *petm)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetRasterizerCaps (_Out_writes_bytes_(cjBytes) LPRASTERIZER_STATUS praststat, _In_ ULONG cjBytes)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetKerningPairs (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG cPairs, _Out_writes_to_opt_(cPairs, return) KERNINGPAIR *pkpDst)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiMonoBitmap (_In_ HBITMAP hbm)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiGetObjectBitmapHandle (_In_ HBRUSH hbr, _Out_ UINT *piUsage)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiEnumObjects (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT iObjectType, _In_ ULONG cjBuf, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(cjBuf) PVOID pvBuf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiResetDC (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ LPDEVMODEW pdm, _Out_ PBOOL pbBanding, _In_opt_ DRIVER_INFO_2W *pDriverInfo2, _At_((PUMDHPDEV *) ppUMdhpdev, _Out_) PVOID ppUMdhpdev)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiSetBoundsRect (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ LPRECT prc, _In_ DWORD f)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetColorAdjustment (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_ PCOLORADJUSTMENT pcaOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetColorAdjustment (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ PCOLORADJUSTMENT pca)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCancelDC (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiOpenDCW (_In_opt_ PUNICODE_STRING pustrDevice, _In_ DEVMODEW *pdm, _In_ PUNICODE_STRING pustrLogAddr, _In_ ULONG iType, _In_ BOOL bDisplay, _In_opt_ HANDLE hspool, _At_((PUMDHPDEV *) pUMdhpdev, _Out_) PVOID pUMdhpdev)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetDCDword (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UINT u, _Out_ DWORD *Result)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiScaleViewportExtEx (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xNum, _In_ INT xDenom, _In_ INT yNum, _In_ INT yDenom, _Out_opt_ LPSIZE pszOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiScaleWindowExtEx (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xNum, _In_ INT xDenom, _In_ INT yNum, _In_ INT yDenom, _Out_opt_ LPSIZE pszOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetVirtualResolution (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT cxVirtualDevicePixel, _In_ INT cyVirtualDevicePixel, _In_ INT cxVirtualDeviceMm, _In_ INT cyVirtualDeviceMm)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetSizeDevice (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT cxVirtualDevice, _In_ INT cyVirtualDevice)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiModifyWorldTransform (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_opt_ LPXFORM pxf, _In_ DWORD iXform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCombineTransform (_Out_ LPXFORM pxfDst, _In_ LPXFORM pxfSrc1, _In_ LPXFORM pxfSrc2)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiTransformPoints (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_(c) PPOINT pptIn, _Out_writes_(c) PPOINT pptOut, _In_ INT c, _In_ INT iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiConvertMetafileRect (_In_ HDC hdc, _Inout_ PRECTL prect)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetTextCharsetInfo (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_opt_ LPFONTSIGNATURE lpSig, _In_ DWORD dwFlags)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDoBanding (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ BOOL bStart, _Out_ POINTL *pptl, _Out_ PSIZE pSize)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetPerBandInfo (_In_ HDC hdc, _Inout_ PERBANDINFO *ppbi)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiGetStats (_In_ HANDLE hProcess, _In_ INT iIndex, _In_ INT iPidType, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjResultSize) PVOID pResults, _In_ UINT cjResultSize)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetMagicColors (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ PALETTEENTRY peMagic, _In_ ULONG Index)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiSelectBrush (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HBRUSH hbrush)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPEN APIENTRY NtGdiSelectPen (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HPEN hpen)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiSelectBitmap (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HBITMAP hbm)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HFONT APIENTRY NtGdiSelectFont (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HFONT hf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiExtSelectClipRgn (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_opt_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ INT iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPEN APIENTRY NtGdiCreatePen (_In_ INT iPenStyle, _In_ INT iPenWidth, _In_ COLORREF cr, _In_opt_ HBRUSH hbr)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBitBlt (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy, _In_opt_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_ DWORD rop4, _In_ DWORD crBackColor, _In_ FLONG fl)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiTileBitBlt (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ RECTL *prectDst, _In_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ RECTL *prectSrc, _In_ POINTL *pptlOrigin, _In_ DWORD rop4, _In_ DWORD crBackColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiTransparentBlt (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ INT xDst, _In_ INT yDst, _In_ INT cxDst, _In_ INT cyDst, _In_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_ INT cxSrc, _In_ INT cySrc, _In_ COLORREF TransColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiGetTextExtent (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_(cwc) LPWSTR lpwsz, _In_ INT cwc, _Out_ LPSIZE psize, _In_ UINT flOpts)
 _Out_writes_bytes_ (cj) TMW_INTERNAL *ptm
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetTextFaceW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT cChar, _Out_writes_to_opt_(cChar, return) LPWSTR pszOut, _In_ BOOL bAliasName)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetRandomRgn (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ INT iRgn)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiExtTextOutW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y, _In_ UINT flOpts, _In_opt_ LPRECT prcl, _In_reads_opt_(cwc) LPWSTR pwsz, _In_range_(0, 0xffff) INT cwc, _In_reads_opt_(_Inexpressible_(cwc)) LPINT pdx, _In_ DWORD dwCodePage)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiIntersectClipRect (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiCreateRectRgn (_In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPatBlt (_In_ HDC hdcDest, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy, _In_ DWORD dwRop)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPolyPatBlt (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ DWORD rop4, _In_reads_(cPoly) PPOLYPATBLT pPoly, _In_ DWORD cPoly, _In_ DWORD dwMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiUnrealizeObject (_In_ HANDLE h)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiGetStockObject (_In_ INT iObject)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateCompatibleBitmap (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateBitmapFromDxSurface (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UINT uiWidth, _In_ UINT uiHeight, _In_ DWORD Format, _In_opt_ HANDLE hDxSharedSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateBitmapFromDxSurface2 (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UINT uiWidth, _In_ UINT uiHeight, _In_ DWORD Format, _In_ DWORD SubresourceIndex, _In_ BOOL bSharedSurfaceNtHandle, _In_opt_ HANDLE hDxSharedSurface)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBeginGdiRendering (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ BOOL bDiscard, _In_ PVOID KernelModeDeviceHandle)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEndGdiRendering (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ BOOL bDiscard, _Out_ BOOL *pbDeviceRemoved, _In_ PVOID KernelModeDeviceHandle)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiLineTo (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y)
_In_ INT _Out_writes_bytes_opt_ (cj) LPVOID pvOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetDeviceCaps (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT i)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiStretchBlt (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ INT xDst, _In_ INT yDst, _In_ INT cxDst, _In_ INT cyDst, _In_opt_ HDC hdcSrc, _In_ INT xSrc, _In_ INT ySrc, _In_ INT cxSrc, _In_ INT cySrc, _In_ DWORD dwRop, _In_ DWORD dwBackColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateBitmap (_In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy, _In_ UINT cPlanes, _In_ UINT cBPP, _In_opt_ LPBYTE pjInit)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPALETTE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateHalftonePalette (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRestoreDC (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT iLevel)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiExcludeClipRect (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiSaveDC (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiCombineRgn (_In_ HRGN hrgnDst, _In_ HRGN hrgnSrc1, _In_opt_ HRGN hrgnSrc2, _In_ INT iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetRectRgn (_In_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ INT xLeft, _In_ INT yTop, _In_ INT xRight, _In_ INT yBottom)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiSetBitmapBits (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ ULONG cj, _In_reads_bytes_(cj) PBYTE pjInit)
_In_ HBITMAP _In_ UINT _In_ UINT _Out_writes_bytes_opt_ (cjMaxBits) LPBYTE pjBits
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiOffsetRgn (_In_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ INT cx, _In_ INT cy)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiRectInRegion (_In_ HRGN hrgn, _Inout_ LPRECT prcl)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPtInRegion (_In_ HRGN hrgn, _In_ INT x, _In_ INT y)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI COLORREF APIENTRY NtGdiGetNearestColor (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ COLORREF cr)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI UINT APIENTRY NtGdiGetSystemPaletteUse (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI UINT APIENTRY NtGdiSetSystemPaletteUse (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ UINT ui)
_In_ ULONG _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_ (cjBuffer, return) LPRGNDATA lpRgnData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiInvertRgn (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ HRGN hrgn)
__kernel_entry INT W32KAPI APIENTRY NtGdiAddFontResourceW (_In_reads_(cwc) WCHAR *pwszFiles, _In_ ULONG cwc, _In_ ULONG cFiles, _In_ FLONG f, _In_ DWORD dwPidTid, _In_opt_ DESIGNVECTOR *pdv)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HFONT APIENTRY NtGdiHfontCreate (_In_reads_bytes_(cjElfw) ENUMLOGFONTEXDVW *pelfw, _In_ ULONG cjElfw, _In_ LFTYPE lft, _In_ FLONG fl, _In_ PVOID pvCliData)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiSetFontEnumeration (_In_ ULONG ulType)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEnumFonts (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG iEnumType, _In_ FLONG flWin31Compat, _In_ ULONG cchFaceName, _In_reads_opt_(cchFaceName) LPCWSTR pwszFaceName, _In_ ULONG lfCharSet, _Inout_ ULONG *pulCount, _Out_writes_bytes_opt_(*pulCount) PVOID pvUserModeBuffer)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEnumFontClose (_In_ ULONG_PTR idEnum)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEnumFontChunk (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG_PTR idEnum, _In_ ULONG cjEfdw, _Out_ ULONG *pcjEfdw, _Out_ PENUMFONTDATAW pefdw)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG_PTR APIENTRY NtGdiEnumFontOpen (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ ULONG iEnumType, _In_ FLONG flWin31Compat, _In_ ULONG cwchMax, _In_opt_ LPWSTR pwszFaceName, _In_ ULONG lfCharSet, _Out_ ULONG *pulCount)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiQueryFonts (_Out_writes_(nBufferSize) PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID pufiFontList, _In_ ULONG nBufferSize, _Out_ PLARGE_INTEGER pTimeStamp)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiConsoleTextOut (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ POLYTEXTW *lpto, _In_ UINT nStrings, _In_ RECTL *prclBounds)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiFullscreenControl (_In_ FULLSCREENCONTROL FullscreenCommand, _In_ PVOID FullscreenInput, _In_ DWORD FullscreenInputLength, _Out_ PVOID FullscreenOutput, _Inout_ PULONG FullscreenOutputLength)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetCharSet (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEnableEudc (_In_ BOOL b)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEudcLoadUnloadLink (_In_reads_opt_(cwcBaseFaceName) LPCWSTR pBaseFaceName, _In_ UINT cwcBaseFaceName, _In_reads_(cwcEudcFontPath) LPCWSTR pEudcFontPath, _In_ UINT cwcEudcFontPath, _In_ INT iPriority, _In_ INT iFontLinkType, _In_ BOOL bLoadLin)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI UINT APIENTRY NtGdiGetStringBitmapW (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ LPWSTR pwsz, _In_ UINT cwc, _Out_writes_bytes_(cj) BYTE *lpSB, _In_ UINT cj)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetEudcTimeStampEx (_In_reads_opt_(cwcBaseFaceName) LPWSTR lpBaseFaceName, _In_ ULONG cwcBaseFaceName, _In_ BOOL bSystemTimeStamp)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiQueryFontAssocInfo (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiGetFontUnicodeRanges (_In_ HDC hdc, _Out_ _Post_bytecount_(return) LPGLYPHSET pgs)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAddRemoteMMInstanceToDC (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_reads_bytes_(cjDDV) DOWNLOADDESIGNVECTOR *pddv, _In_ ULONG cjDDV)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiUnloadPrinterDriver (_In_reads_bytes_(cbDriverName) LPWSTR pDriverName, _In_ ULONG cbDriverName)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiInitSpool (VOID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI INT APIENTRY NtGdiGetSpoolMessage (DWORD u1, DWORD u2, DWORD u3, DWORD u4)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngAssociateSurface (_In_ HSURF hsurf, _In_ HDEV hdev, _In_ FLONG flHooks)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngEraseSurface (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ RECTL *prcl, _In_ ULONG iColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiEngCreateBitmap (_In_ SIZEL sizl, _In_ LONG lWidth, _In_ ULONG iFormat, _In_ FLONG fl, _In_opt_ PVOID pvBits)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngDeleteSurface (_In_ HSURF hsurf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI SURFOBJ *APIENTRY NtGdiEngLockSurface (_In_ HSURF hsurf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiEngUnlockSurface (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngMarkBandingSurface (_In_ HSURF hsurf)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HSURF APIENTRY NtGdiEngCreateDeviceSurface (_In_ DHSURF dhsurf, _In_ SIZEL sizl, _In_ ULONG iFormatCompat)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiEngCreateDeviceBitmap (_In_ DHSURF dhsurf, _In_ SIZEL sizl, _In_ ULONG iFormatCompat)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngCopyBits (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoDst, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_opt_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_opt_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ RECTL *prclDst, _In_ POINTL *pptlSrc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngStretchBlt (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoDest, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_opt_ SURFOBJ *psoMask, _In_opt_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_opt_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_opt_ COLORADJUSTMENT *pca, _In_ POINTL *pptlHTOrg, _In_ RECTL *prclDest, _In_ RECTL *prclSrc, _In_opt_ POINTL *pptlMask, _In_ ULONG iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngBitBlt (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoTrg, _In_opt_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_opt_ SURFOBJ *psoMask, _In_opt_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_opt_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ RECTL *prclTrg, _In_opt_ POINTL *pptlSrc, _In_opt_ POINTL *pptlMask, _In_opt_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_opt_ POINTL *pptlBrush, _In_ ROP4 rop4)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngPlgBlt (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoTrg, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_opt_ SURFOBJ *psoMsk, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_opt_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ COLORADJUSTMENT *pca, _In_ POINTL *pptlBrushOrg, _In_ POINTFIX *pptfx, _In_ RECTL *prcl, _In_opt_ POINTL *pptl, _In_ ULONG iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPALETTE APIENTRY NtGdiEngCreatePalette (_In_ ULONG iMode, _In_ ULONG cColors, _In_ ULONG *pulColors, _In_ FLONG flRed, _In_ FLONG flGreen, _In_ FLONG flBlue)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngDeletePalette (_In_ HPALETTE hPal)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngStrokePath (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ XFORMOBJ *pxo, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_ POINTL *pptlBrushOrg, _In_ LINEATTRS *plineattrs, _In_ MIX mix)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngFillPath (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_ POINTL *pptlBrushOrg, _In_ MIX mix, _In_ FLONG flOptions)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngStrokeAndFillPath (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, IN XFORMOBJ *pxo, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pboStroke, _In_ LINEATTRS *plineattrs, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pboFill, _In_ POINTL *pptlBrushOrg, _In_ MIX mix, _In_ FLONG flOptions)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngPaint (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_ POINTL *pptlBrushOrg, _In_ MIX mix)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngLineTo (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_ LONG x1, _In_ LONG y1, _In_ LONG x2, _In_ LONG y2, _In_ RECTL *prclBounds, _In_ MIX mix)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngAlphaBlend (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoDest, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ RECTL *prclDest, _In_ RECTL *prclSrc, _In_ BLENDOBJ *pBlendObj)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngGradientFill (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoDest, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_reads_(nVertex) TRIVERTEX *pVertex, _In_ ULONG nVertex, _In_ PVOID pMesh, _In_ ULONG nMesh, _In_ RECTL *prclExtents, _In_ POINTL *pptlDitherOrg, _In_ ULONG ulMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngTransparentBlt (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoDst, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ RECTL *prclDst, _In_ RECTL *prclSrc, _In_ ULONG iTransColor, _In_ ULONG ulReserved)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngTextOut (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ STROBJ *pstro, _In_ FONTOBJ *pfo, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ RECTL *prclExtra, _In_ RECTL *prclOpaque, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pboFore, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pboOpaque, _In_ POINTL *pptlOrg, _In_ MIX mix)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngStretchBltROP (_In_ SURFOBJ *psoTrg, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoSrc, _In_ SURFOBJ *psoMask, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ COLORADJUSTMENT *pca, _In_ POINTL *pptlBrushOrg, _In_ RECTL *prclTrg, _In_ RECTL *prclSrc, _In_ POINTL *pptlMask, _In_ ULONG iMode, _In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_ ROP4 rop4)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiXLATEOBJ_cGetPalette (_In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ ULONG iPal, _In_ ULONG cPal, _Out_writes_(cPal) ULONG *pPal)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiCLIPOBJ_cEnumStart (_In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ BOOL bAll, _In_ ULONG iType, _In_ ULONG iDirection, _In_ ULONG cLimit)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCLIPOBJ_bEnum (_In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ ULONG cj, _Out_writes_bytes_(cj) ULONG *pul)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI PATHOBJ *APIENTRY NtGdiCLIPOBJ_ppoGetPath (_In_ CLIPOBJ *pco)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI CLIPOBJ *APIENTRY NtGdiEngCreateClip (VOID)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiEngDeleteClip (_In_ CLIPOBJ *pco)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI PVOID APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_pvAllocRbrush (_In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_ ULONG cj)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI PVOID APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_pvGetRbrush (_In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_ulGetBrushColor (_In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_hGetColorTransform (_In_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiXFORMOBJ_bApplyXform (_In_ XFORMOBJ *pxo, _In_ ULONG iMode, _In_ ULONG cPoints, _In_reads_(cPoints) PPOINTL pptIn, _Out_writes_(cPoints) PPOINTL pptOut)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiXFORMOBJ_iGetXform (_In_ XFORMOBJ *pxo, _Out_opt_ XFORML *pxform)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_vGetInfo (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo, _In_ ULONG cjSize, _Out_writes_bytes_(cjSize) FONTINFO *pfi)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_cGetGlyphs (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo, _In_ ULONG iMode, _In_ ULONG cGlyph, _In_ HGLYPH *phg, _At_((GLYPHDATA **) ppvGlyph, _Outptr_) PVOID *ppvGlyph)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI XFORMOBJ *APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_pxoGetXform (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI IFIMETRICS *APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_pifi (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI FD_GLYPHSET *APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_pfdg (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_cGetAllGlyphHandles (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo, _Out_opt_ _Post_count_(return) HGLYPH *phg)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI PVOID APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo, _Out_ ULONG *pcjFile)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI PFD_GLYPHATTR APIENTRY NtGdiFONTOBJ_pQueryGlyphAttrs (_In_ FONTOBJ *pfo, _In_ ULONG iMode)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSTROBJ_bEnum (_In_ STROBJ *pstro, _Out_ ULONG *pc, _Outptr_result_buffer_(*pc) PGLYPHPOS *ppgpos)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSTROBJ_bEnumPositionsOnly (_In_ STROBJ *pstro, _Out_ ULONG *pc, _Outptr_result_buffer_(*pc) PGLYPHPOS *ppgpos)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiSTROBJ_vEnumStart (_Inout_ STROBJ *pstro)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiSTROBJ_dwGetCodePage (_In_ STROBJ *pstro)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSTROBJ_bGetAdvanceWidths (_In_ STROBJ *pstro, _In_ ULONG iFirst, _In_ ULONG c, _Out_writes_(c) POINTQF *pptqD)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI FD_GLYPHSET *APIENTRY NtGdiEngComputeGlyphSet (_In_ INT nCodePage, _In_ INT nFirstChar, _In_ INT cChars)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiXLATEOBJ_iXlate (_In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo, _In_ ULONG iColor)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiXLATEOBJ_hGetColorTransform (_In_ XLATEOBJ *pxlo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiPATHOBJ_vGetBounds (_In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _Out_ PRECTFX prectfx)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPATHOBJ_bEnum (_In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _Out_ PATHDATA *ppd)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiPATHOBJ_vEnumStart (_In_ PATHOBJ *ppo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiEngDeletePath (_In_ PATHOBJ *ppo)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiPATHOBJ_vEnumStartClipLines (_In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _In_ CLIPOBJ *pco, _In_ SURFOBJ *pso, _In_ LINEATTRS *pla)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiPATHOBJ_bEnumClipLines (_In_ PATHOBJ *ppo, _In_ ULONG cb, _Out_writes_bytes_(cb) CLIPLINE *pcl)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiEngCheckAbort (_In_ SURFOBJ *pso)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DHPDEV APIENTRY NtGdiGetDhpdev (_In_ HDEV hdev)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiHT_Get8BPPFormatPalette (_Out_opt_ _Post_count_(return) LPPALETTEENTRY pPaletteEntry, _In_ USHORT RedGamma, _In_ USHORT GreenGamma, _In_ USHORT BlueGamma)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiHT_Get8BPPMaskPalette (_Out_opt_ _Post_count_(return) LPPALETTEENTRY pPaletteEntry, _In_ BOOL Use8BPPMaskPal, _In_ BYTE CMYMask, _In_ USHORT RedGamma, _In_ USHORT GreenGamma, _In_ USHORT BlueGamma)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiUpdateTransform (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiSetLayout (_In_ HDC hdc, _In_ LONG wox, _In_ DWORD dwLayout)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiMirrorWindowOrg (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiGetDeviceWidth (_In_ HDC hdc)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiSetUMPDSandboxState (_In_ BOOL bEnabled)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiSetPUMPDOBJ (_In_opt_ HUMPD humpd, _In_ BOOL bStoreID, _Inout_opt_ HUMPD *phumpd, _Out_opt_ BOOL *pbWOW64)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_DeleteRbrush (_In_opt_ BRUSHOBJ *pbo, _In_opt_ BRUSHOBJ *pboB)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiUMPDEngFreeUserMem (_In_ KERNEL_PVOID *ppv)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiSetBitmapAttributes (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ DWORD dwFlags)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiClearBitmapAttributes (_In_ HBITMAP hbm, _In_ DWORD dwFlags)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiSetBrushAttributes (_In_ HBRUSH hbm, _In_ DWORD dwFlags)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiClearBrushAttributes (_In_ HBRUSH hbm, _In_ DWORD dwFlags)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDrawStream (_In_ HDC hdcDst, _In_ ULONG cjIn, _In_reads_bytes_(cjIn) VOID *pvIn)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiMakeObjectXferable (_In_ HANDLE h, _In_ DWORD dwProcessId)
__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiMakeObjectUnXferable (_In_ HANDLE h)


_In_ UINT u
_In_ UINT _In_ DWORD dwIn
_In_ UINT _In_ DWORD _Out_ DWORDpdwResult
_In_ INT ipfd
_In_ INT _In_ UINT cjpfd
_Must_inspect_result_ _Out_ LPSIZE psize
_Out_ LPRECT prc
_Out_ PDWORD pdwOut
_In_ DWORD dwTable
_In_ DWORD _In_ DWORD dwOffset
_In_ DWORD _In_ DWORD _In_ ULONG cjBuf
_In_ UINT iPoint
_In_ UINT _Out_ PPOINTL pptOut
_In_ DWORD iXform
_In_ DWORD _Out_ LPXFORM pxf
_In_ ULONG cj
_In_ INT x
_In_ INT _In_ INT y
_Out_ PDEVCAPS pDevCaps
_In_ HBITMAP hbm
_In_ HBITMAP _In_ UINT iStartScan
_In_ HBITMAP _In_ UINT _In_ UINT cScans
_Out_ LPRECT prcOut
_In_ ULONG cjBuffer

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#define _NTGDI_

Definition at line 6 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 13 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 24 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 25 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 23 of file ntgdi.h.


#define GS_HANDOBJ_ALLOC   3

Definition at line 41 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 39 of file ntgdi.h.


#define GS_HANDOBJ_MAX   2

Definition at line 40 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 42 of file ntgdi.h.


#define GS_NUM_OBJS_ALL   0

Definition at line 38 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 31 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 29 of file ntgdi.h.


#define ICM_SET_COLOR_MODE   3

Definition at line 30 of file ntgdi.h.


#define ICM_SET_MODE   1

Definition at line 28 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 34 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 35 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 20 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 46 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 47 of file ntgdi.h.


#define TYPE_ENUMFONTS   1

Definition at line 45 of file ntgdi.h.



Definition at line 9 of file ntgdi.h.

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Definition at line 86 of file ntgdi.h.








Enumeration Type Documentation



Definition at line 49 of file ntgdi.h.

@ ColorPaletteSet
Definition: ntgdi.h:52
@ ColorPaletteQuery
Definition: ntgdi.h:51



Definition at line 56 of file ntgdi.h.

@ IcmSetBrush
Definition: ntgdi.h:59
@ IcmQueryBrush
Definition: ntgdi.h:58

Function Documentation

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_() [1/3]

_Out_writes_bytes_ ( cj  )

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_() [2/3]

_In_ INT _In_ UINT _Out_writes_bytes_ ( cjpfd  )

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_() [3/3]

_Out_writes_bytes_ ( sizeof(GAMMARAMP )

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_opt_() [1/2]

_In_ INT _Out_writes_bytes_opt_ ( cj  )

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_opt_() [2/2]

_In_ HBITMAP _In_ UINT _In_ UINT _Out_writes_bytes_opt_ ( cjMaxBits  )

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_() [1/2]

_In_ DWORD _In_ DWORD _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_ ( cjBuf  ,

◆ _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_() [2/2]

_In_ ULONG _Out_writes_bytes_to_opt_ ( cjBuffer  ,

◆ _Success_() [1/2]

_Success_ ( return = FALSE)

Definition at line 1028 of file fsctrl.c.

3192 PVPB Vpb = Vcb->Vpb;
3193 PVPB OldVpb;
3195 BOOLEAN Remount = FALSE;
3197 PAGED_CODE();
3201 //
3202 // Check whether we are looking for a device only Mvcb.
3203 //
3205 for (Link = CdData.VcbQueue.Flink;
3206 Link != &CdData.VcbQueue;
3207 Link = Link->Flink) {
3209 *OldVcb = CONTAINING_RECORD( Link, VCB, VcbLinks );
3211 //
3212 // Skip ourselves.
3213 //
3215 if (Vcb == *OldVcb) { continue; }
3217 //
3218 // Look at the Vpb and state of the previous Vcb.
3219 //
3221 OldVpb = (*OldVcb)->Vpb;
3223 if ((OldVpb != Vpb) &&
3224 (OldVpb->RealDevice == Vpb->RealDevice) &&
3225 ((*OldVcb)->VcbCondition == VcbNotMounted)) {
3227 //
3228 // If the current disk is a raw disk then it can match a previous music or
3229 // raw disk.
3230 //
3232 if (FlagOn( Vcb->VcbState, VCB_STATE_AUDIO_DISK)) {
3234 if (FlagOn( (*OldVcb)->VcbState, VCB_STATE_AUDIO_DISK )) {
3236 //
3237 // If we have both TOC then fail the remount if the lengths
3238 // are different or they don't match.
3239 //
3241 if ((Vcb->TocLength != (*OldVcb)->TocLength) ||
3242 ((Vcb->TocLength != 0) &&
3243 !RtlEqualMemory( Vcb->CdromToc,
3244 (*OldVcb)->CdromToc,
3245 Vcb->TocLength ))) {
3247 continue;
3248 }
3250 Remount = TRUE;
3251 break;
3252 }
3254 //
3255 // The current disk is not a raw disk. Go ahead and compare
3256 // serial numbers, volume label and TOC.
3257 //
3259 }
3260 else if ((OldVpb->SerialNumber == Vpb->SerialNumber) &&
3261 (Vcb->TocLength == (*OldVcb)->TocLength) &&
3262 ((Vcb->TocLength == 0) || RtlEqualMemory( Vcb->CdromToc,
3263 (*OldVcb)->CdromToc,
3264 Vcb->TocLength )) &&
3265 (Vpb->VolumeLabelLength == OldVpb->VolumeLabelLength) &&
3266 (RtlEqualMemory( OldVpb->VolumeLabel,
3267 Vpb->VolumeLabel,
3268 Vpb->VolumeLabelLength ))) {
3269 //
3270 // Remember the old Vcb. Then set the return value to
3271 // TRUE and break.
3272 //
3274 Remount = TRUE;
3275 break;
3276 }
3277 }
3278 }
3280 return Remount;
#define PAGED_CODE()
unsigned char BOOLEAN
Definition: cddata.c:42
Definition: cdstruc.h:712
@ VcbNotMounted
Definition: cdstruc.h:490
#define TRUE
Definition: types.h:120
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117
#define FlagOn(_F, _SF)
Definition: ext2fs.h:179
Definition: fatprocs.h:1675
#define RtlEqualMemory(dst, src, len)
Definition: kdvm.h:18
Definition: ntbasedef.h:317
#define Vcb
Definition: cdprocs.h:1415
Definition: cdstruc.h:334
Definition: typedefs.h:120
struct _LIST_ENTRY * Flink
Definition: typedefs.h:121
Definition: cdstruc.h:498
Definition: iotypes.h:189
Definition: iotypes.h:198
USHORT VolumeLabelLength
Definition: iotypes.h:193
ULONG SerialNumber
Definition: iotypes.h:196
struct _DEVICE_OBJECT * RealDevice
Definition: iotypes.h:195
#define CONTAINING_RECORD(address, type, field)
Definition: typedefs.h:260
static int Link(const char **args)
Definition: vfdcmd.c:2414

◆ _Success_() [2/2]

_Success_ ( return!  = FALSE)

◆ NtGdiAbortDoc()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAbortDoc ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

Referenced by AbortDoc().

◆ NtGdiAbortPath()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAbortPath ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

Referenced by AbortPath().

◆ NtGdiAddEmbFontToDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAddEmbFontToDC ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ PVOID pFontID 

◆ NtGdiAddFontMemResourceEx()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiAddFontMemResourceEx ( _In_reads_bytes_(cjBuffer) PVOID  pvBuffer,
_In_ DWORD  cjBuffer,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjDV) DESIGNVECTOR pdv,
_In_ ULONG  cjDV,
_Out_ DWORD pNumFonts 

Referenced by AddFontMemResourceEx().

◆ NtGdiAddFontResourceW()

__kernel_entry INT W32KAPI APIENTRY NtGdiAddFontResourceW ( _In_reads_(cwc) WCHAR pwszFiles,
_In_ ULONG  cwc,
_In_ ULONG  cFiles,
_In_ FLONG  f,
_In_ DWORD  dwPidTid,
_In_opt_ DESIGNVECTOR pdv 

◆ NtGdiAddRemoteFontToDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAddRemoteFontToDC ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_reads_bytes_(cjBuffer) PVOID  pvBuffer,
_In_ ULONG  cjBuffer,
_In_opt_ PUNIVERSAL_FONT_ID  pufi 

◆ NtGdiAddRemoteMMInstanceToDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAddRemoteMMInstanceToDC ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_reads_bytes_(cjDDV) DOWNLOADDESIGNVECTOR pddv,
_In_ ULONG  cjDDV 

◆ NtGdiAlphaBlend()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAlphaBlend ( _In_ HDC  hdcDst,
_In_ LONG  DstX,
_In_ LONG  DstY,
_In_ LONG  DstCx,
_In_ LONG  DstCy,
_In_ HDC  hdcSrc,
_In_ LONG  SrcX,
_In_ LONG  SrcY,
_In_ LONG  SrcCx,
_In_ LONG  SrcCy,
_In_ BLENDFUNCTION  BlendFunction,
_In_ HANDLE  hcmXform 

◆ NtGdiAngleArc()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAngleArc ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ INT  x,
_In_ INT  y,
_In_ DWORD  dwRadius,
_In_ DWORD  dwStartAngle,
_In_ DWORD  dwSweepAngle 

Referenced by AngleArc().

◆ NtGdiAnyLinkedFonts()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiAnyLinkedFonts ( VOID  )

Definition at line 669 of file stubs.c.

672 return FALSE;
Definition: stubs.c:6

◆ NtGdiArcInternal()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiArcInternal ( _In_ ARCTYPE  arctype,
_In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ INT  x1,
_In_ INT  y1,
_In_ INT  x2,
_In_ INT  y2,
_In_ INT  x3,
_In_ INT  y3,
_In_ INT  x4,
_In_ INT  y4 

Referenced by Arc(), ArcTo(), Chord(), Pie(), and START_TEST().

◆ NtGdiBeginGdiRendering()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBeginGdiRendering ( _In_ HBITMAP  hbm,
_In_ BOOL  bDiscard,
_In_ PVOID  KernelModeDeviceHandle 

◆ NtGdiBeginPath()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBeginPath ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

Referenced by BeginPath().

◆ NtGdiBitBlt()

◆ NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_DeleteRbrush()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_DeleteRbrush ( _In_opt_ BRUSHOBJ pbo,
_In_opt_ BRUSHOBJ pboB 

Definition at line 73 of file umpdstubs.c.

78 return 0;
Definition: umpdstubs.c:4

◆ NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_hGetColorTransform()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_hGetColorTransform ( _In_ BRUSHOBJ pbo)

Definition at line 32 of file umpdstubs.c.

36 return NULL;
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112

◆ NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_pvAllocRbrush()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI PVOID APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_pvAllocRbrush ( _In_ BRUSHOBJ pbo,
_In_ ULONG  cj 

Definition at line 42 of file umpdstubs.c.

47 return NULL;

◆ NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_pvGetRbrush()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI PVOID APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_pvGetRbrush ( _In_ BRUSHOBJ pbo)

Definition at line 53 of file umpdstubs.c.

57 return NULL;

◆ NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_ulGetBrushColor()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiBRUSHOBJ_ulGetBrushColor ( _In_ BRUSHOBJ pbo)

Definition at line 63 of file umpdstubs.c.

67 return 0;

◆ NtGdiCancelDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCancelDC ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

Referenced by CancelDC().

◆ NtGdiChangeGhostFont()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiChangeGhostFont ( _In_ KERNEL_PVOID pfontID,
_In_ BOOL  bLoad 

◆ NtGdiCheckBitmapBits()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCheckBitmapBits ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ HANDLE  hColorTransform,
_In_reads_bytes_(dwStride *dwHeight) PVOID  pvBits,
_In_ ULONG  bmFormat,
_In_ DWORD  dwWidth,
_In_ DWORD  dwHeight,
_In_ DWORD  dwStride,
_Out_writes_bytes_(dwWidth *dwHeight) PBYTE  paResults 

◆ NtGdiClearBitmapAttributes()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiClearBitmapAttributes ( _In_ HBITMAP  hbm,
_In_ DWORD  dwFlags 

Referenced by ClearBitmapAttributes().

◆ NtGdiClearBrushAttributes()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiClearBrushAttributes ( _In_ HBRUSH  hbm,
_In_ DWORD  dwFlags 

Definition at line 579 of file brush.cpp.

583 PBRUSH pbr;
584 if ( dwFlags & SC_BB_STOCKOBJ )
585 {
587 {
588 pbr = BRUSH::LockAny(hbr);
589 if (pbr == NULL)
590 {
591 ERR("Failed to lock brush %p\n", hbr);
592 return NULL;
593 }
594 if (!pbr->bAllocateBrushAttr())
595 {
596 ERR("Failed to allocate brush attribute\n");
597 }
598 pbr->vUnlock();
599 return hbr;
600 }
601 }
602 return NULL;
#define ERR(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:113
Definition: ntgdihdl.h:199
Definition: types.h:101
Definition: gdiobj.c:1489
Definition: wincrypt.h:1176

Referenced by ClearBrushAttributes().

◆ NtGdiCLIPOBJ_bEnum()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCLIPOBJ_bEnum ( _In_ CLIPOBJ pco,
_In_ ULONG  cj,
_Out_writes_bytes_(cj) ULONG pul 

Definition at line 84 of file umpdstubs.c.

90 return FALSE;

◆ NtGdiCLIPOBJ_cEnumStart()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiCLIPOBJ_cEnumStart ( _In_ CLIPOBJ pco,
_In_ BOOL  bAll,
_In_ ULONG  iType,
_In_ ULONG  iDirection,
_In_ ULONG  cLimit 

Definition at line 96 of file umpdstubs.c.

104 return 0;

◆ NtGdiCLIPOBJ_ppoGetPath()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI PATHOBJ *APIENTRY NtGdiCLIPOBJ_ppoGetPath ( _In_ CLIPOBJ pco)

Definition at line 110 of file umpdstubs.c.

114 return NULL;

◆ NtGdiCloseFigure()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCloseFigure ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

Referenced by CloseFigure().

◆ NtGdiColorCorrectPalette()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI ULONG APIENTRY NtGdiColorCorrectPalette ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ HPALETTE  hpal,
_In_ ULONG  uFirstEntry,
_In_ ULONG  cPalEntries,
_Inout_updates_(cPalEntries) PALETTEENTRY ppalEntry,
_In_ ULONG  uCommand 

◆ NtGdiCombineRgn()

◆ NtGdiCombineTransform()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiCombineTransform ( _Out_ LPXFORM  pxfDst,
_In_ LPXFORM  pxfSrc1,
_In_ LPXFORM  pxfSrc2 

◆ NtGdiComputeXformCoefficients()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiComputeXformCoefficients ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

◆ NtGdiConsoleTextOut()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiConsoleTextOut ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ POLYTEXTW lpto,
_In_ UINT  nStrings,
_In_ RECTL prclBounds 

◆ NtGdiConvertMetafileRect()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI LONG APIENTRY NtGdiConvertMetafileRect ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_Inout_ PRECTL  prect 

◆ NtGdiCreateBitmap()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateBitmap ( _In_ INT  cx,
_In_ INT  cy,
_In_ UINT  cPlanes,
_In_ UINT  cBPP,
_In_opt_ LPBYTE  pjInit 

◆ NtGdiCreateBitmapFromDxSurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateBitmapFromDxSurface ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ UINT  uiWidth,
_In_ UINT  uiHeight,
_In_ DWORD  Format,
_In_opt_ HANDLE  hDxSharedSurface 

◆ NtGdiCreateBitmapFromDxSurface2()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateBitmapFromDxSurface2 ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ UINT  uiWidth,
_In_ UINT  uiHeight,
_In_ DWORD  Format,
_In_ DWORD  SubresourceIndex,
_In_ BOOL  bSharedSurfaceNtHandle,
_In_opt_ HANDLE  hDxSharedSurface 

◆ NtGdiCreateClientObj()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateClientObj ( _In_ ULONG  ulType)

Referenced by GdiCreateClientObj().

◆ NtGdiCreateColorSpace()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateColorSpace ( _In_ PLOGCOLORSPACEEXW  pLogColorSpace)

Referenced by IntCreateColorSpaceW().

◆ NtGdiCreateColorTransform()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateColorTransform ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjSrcProfile) PVOID  pvSrcProfile,
_In_ ULONG  cjSrcProfile,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjDestProfile) PVOID  pvDestProfile,
_In_ ULONG  cjDestProfile,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjTargetProfile) PVOID  pvTargetProfile,
_In_ ULONG  cjTargetProfile 

◆ NtGdiCreateCompatibleBitmap()

◆ NtGdiCreateCompatibleDC()

◆ NtGdiCreateDIBBrush()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreateDIBBrush ( _In_reads_bytes_(cj) PVOID  pv,
_In_ FLONG  fl,
_In_ UINT  cj,
_In_ BOOL  b8X8,
_In_ BOOL  bPen,
_In_ PVOID  pClient 

Definition at line 423 of file brush.cpp.

431 PVOID pvPackedDIB;
432 FLONG flAttrs;
433 HBITMAP hbm;
434 HBRUSH hbr = NULL;
436 if (b8X8)
437 {
438 WARN("b8X8 is not supported, ignoring\n");
439 }
441 if (bPen)
442 {
443 WARN("bPen is not supported, ignoring\n");
444 }
446 if (uUsage > DIB_PAL_INDICES)
447 {
448 ERR("Invalid uUsage value: %lu\n", uUsage);
450 return NULL;
451 }
453 /* Allocate a buffer for the packed DIB */
455 if (pvPackedDIB == NULL)
456 {
457 ERR("Failed to allocate temp buffer of %u bytes\n", cj);
458 return NULL;
459 }
461 /* Probe and copy the packed DIB */
463 {
464 ProbeForRead(pv, cj, 1);
465 RtlCopyMemory(pvPackedDIB, pv, cj);
466 }
468 {
469 ERR("Got exception, pv = %p, cj = %lu\n", pv, cj);
470 goto cleanup;
471 }
472 _SEH2_END;
474 flAttrs = BR_IS_BITMAP | BR_IS_DIB;
476 /* Check what kind of color table we have */
477 if (uUsage == DIB_PAL_COLORS)
478 {
479 /* Remember it and use DIB_PAL_BRUSHHACK to create a "special" palette */
480 flAttrs |= BR_IS_DIBPALCOLORS;
482 }
483 else if (uUsage == DIB_PAL_INDICES)
484 {
485 /* No color table, bitmap contains device palette indices */
488 /* FIXME: This makes tests pass, but needs investigation. */
489 flAttrs |= BR_IS_NULL;
490 }
492 /* Create a bitmap from the DIB */
493 hbm = GreCreateDIBitmapFromPackedDIB(pvPackedDIB, cj, uUsage);
494 if (hbm == NULL)
495 {
496 ERR("Failed to create bitmap from DIB\n");
497 goto cleanup;
498 }
500 /* Call the internal function (will delete hbm on failure) */
501 hbr = CreateBrushInternal(flAttrs, 0, 0, hbm, pvClient);
505 ExFreePoolWithTag(pvPackedDIB, GDITAG_TEMP);
507 return hbr;
#define WARN(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:115
static HBRUSH CreateBrushInternal(_In_ ULONG flAttrs, _In_ COLORREF crColor, _In_ ULONG iHatch, _In_opt_ HBITMAP hbmPattern, _In_opt_ PVOID pvClient)
Definition: brush.cpp:202
Definition: compat.h:101
static void cleanup(void)
Definition: main.c:1335
#define ExAllocatePoolWithTag(hernya, size, tag)
Definition: env_spec_w32.h:350
#define PagedPool
Definition: env_spec_w32.h:308
VOID NTAPI ProbeForRead(IN CONST VOID *Address, IN SIZE_T Length, IN ULONG Alignment)
Definition: exintrin.c:102
#define _SEH2_END
Definition: filesup.c:22
#define _SEH2_TRY
Definition: filesup.c:19
#define BR_IS_DIB
Definition: brush.h:104
Definition: brush.h:110
#define BR_IS_NULL
Definition: brush.h:105
#define BR_IS_BITMAP
Definition: brush.h:103
Definition: brush.h:109
Definition: excpt.h:85
#define ExFreePoolWithTag(_P, _T)
Definition: module.h:1109
static HBITMAP
Definition: button.c:44
unsigned long FLONG
Definition: ntbasedef.h:366
_In_ HBITMAP hbm
Definition: ntgdi.h:2776
#define _SEH2_EXCEPT(...)
Definition: pseh2_64.h:66
#define RtlCopyMemory(Destination, Source, Length)
Definition: typedefs.h:263
HBITMAP NTAPI GreCreateDIBitmapFromPackedDIB(_In_reads_(cjPackedDIB) PVOID pvPackedDIB, _In_ UINT cjPackedDIB, _In_ ULONG uUsage)
Definition: dibobj.c:1794
Definition: dib.h:36
Definition: tags.h:167
_In_ ULONG cj
Definition: winddi.h:3540
Definition: error.c:22
Definition: wingdi.h:366

Referenced by CreateDIBPatternBrush(), and CreateDIBPatternBrushPt().

◆ NtGdiCreateDIBitmapInternal()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateDIBitmapInternal ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_ INT  cx,
_In_ INT  cy,
_In_ DWORD  fInit,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjMaxBits) LPBYTE  pjInit,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjMaxInitInfo) LPBITMAPINFO  pbmi,
_In_ DWORD  iUsage,
_In_ UINT  cjMaxInitInfo,
_In_ UINT  cjMaxBits,
_In_ FLONG  f,
_In_ HANDLE  hcmXform 

Referenced by CreateDIBitmap().

◆ NtGdiCreateDIBSection()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBITMAP APIENTRY NtGdiCreateDIBSection ( _In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_opt_ HANDLE  hSectionApp,
_In_ DWORD  dwOffset,
_In_reads_bytes_opt_(cjHeader) LPBITMAPINFO  pbmi,
_In_ DWORD  iUsage,
_In_ UINT  cjHeader,
_In_ FLONG  fl,
_In_ ULONG_PTR  dwColorSpace,
_Outptr_ PVOID ppvBits 

Referenced by CreateDIBSection(), and START_TEST().

◆ NtGdiCreateEllipticRgn()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiCreateEllipticRgn ( _In_ INT  xLeft,
_In_ INT  yTop,
_In_ INT  xRight,
_In_ INT  yBottom 

◆ NtGdiCreateHalftonePalette()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPALETTE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateHalftonePalette ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

◆ NtGdiCreateHatchBrushInternal()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreateHatchBrushInternal ( _In_ ULONG  ulStyle,
_In_ COLORREF  clrr,
_In_ BOOL  bPen 

Definition at line 357 of file brush.cpp.

362 FLONG flAttr;
364 if (bPen)
365 {
366 WARN("bPen is not supported, ignoring\n");
367 }
369 /* Check what kind if hatch style this is */
370 if (iHatch < HS_DDI_MAX)
371 {
372 flAttr = BR_IS_HATCH;
373 }
374 else if (iHatch < HS_API_MAX)
375 {
376 flAttr = BR_IS_SOLID;
377 }
378 else
379 {
380 ERR("Invalid iHatch: %lu\n", iHatch);
381 return NULL;
382 }
384 /* Call the internal function */
385 return CreateBrushInternal(flAttr, crColor, iHatch, NULL, NULL);
#define BR_IS_SOLID
Definition: brush.h:101
#define BR_IS_HATCH
Definition: brush.h:102
#define HS_DDI_MAX
Definition: winddi.h:3954
_Inout_ SURFOBJ _In_opt_ SURFOBJ _In_opt_ SURFOBJ _In_opt_ XLATEOBJ _In_ ULONG iHatch
Definition: winddi.h:3963
#define HS_API_MAX
Definition: wingdi.h:582

Referenced by CreateBrushIndirect(), and CreateHatchBrush().

◆ NtGdiCreateMetafileDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiCreateMetafileDC ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

Referenced by alloc_dc_ptr().

◆ NtGdiCreatePaletteInternal()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPALETTE APIENTRY NtGdiCreatePaletteInternal ( _In_reads_bytes_(cEntries *4+4) LPLOGPALETTE  pLogPal,
_In_ UINT  cEntries 

Referenced by CreatePalette().

◆ NtGdiCreatePatternBrushInternal()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreatePatternBrushInternal ( _In_ HBITMAP  hbm,
_In_ BOOL  bPen,
_In_ BOOL  b8X8 

Definition at line 391 of file brush.cpp.

396 HBITMAP hbmPattern;
398 if (b8X8)
399 {
400 WARN("b8X8 is not supported, ignoring\n");
401 }
403 if (bPen)
404 {
405 WARN("bPen is not supported, ignoring\n");
406 }
408 /* Copy the bitmap */
409 hbmPattern = BITMAP_CopyBitmap(hbmClient);
410 if (hbmPattern == NULL)
411 {
412 ERR("Failed to copy the bitmap %p\n", hbmPattern);
413 return NULL;
414 }
416 /* Call the internal function (will delete hbmPattern on failure) */
417 return CreateBrushInternal(BR_IS_BITMAP, 0, 0, hbmPattern, hbmClient);
Definition: bitmaps.c:714

Referenced by CreateBrushIndirect(), and CreatePatternBrush().

◆ NtGdiCreatePen()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HPEN APIENTRY NtGdiCreatePen ( _In_ INT  iPenStyle,
_In_ INT  iPenWidth,
_In_ COLORREF  cr,
_In_opt_ HBRUSH  hbr 

Referenced by CreatePen(), and TEXT_DrawUnderscore().

◆ NtGdiCreateRectRgn()

◆ NtGdiCreateRoundRectRgn()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HRGN APIENTRY NtGdiCreateRoundRectRgn ( _In_ INT  xLeft,
_In_ INT  yTop,
_In_ INT  xRight,
_In_ INT  yBottom,
_In_ INT  xWidth,
_In_ INT  yHeight 

◆ NtGdiCreateServerMetaFile()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiCreateServerMetaFile ( _In_ DWORD  iType,
_In_ ULONG  cjData,
_In_reads_bytes_(cjData) LPBYTE  pjData,
_In_ DWORD  mm,
_In_ DWORD  xExt,
_In_ DWORD  yExt 

◆ NtGdiCreateSolidBrush()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HBRUSH APIENTRY NtGdiCreateSolidBrush ( _In_ COLORREF  cr,
_In_opt_ HBRUSH  hbr 

Definition at line 341 of file brush.cpp.

345 if (hbr != NULL)
346 {
347 WARN("hbr is not supported, ignoring\n");
348 }
350 /* Call the internal function */
351 return CreateBrushInternal(BR_IS_SOLID, crColor, 0, NULL, NULL);

Referenced by CreateBrushIndirect(), and CreateSolidBrush().

◆ NtGdiD3dContextCreate()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiD3dContextCreate ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDrawLocal,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfColor,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfZ,

Referenced by D3dContextCreate().

◆ NtGdiD3dContextDestroy()

◆ NtGdiD3dContextDestroyAll()

◆ NtGdiD3dDrawPrimitives2()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiD3dDrawPrimitives2 ( _In_ HANDLE  hCmdBuf,
_In_ HANDLE  hVBuf,
_Inout_ FLATPTR pfpVidMemCmd,
_Inout_ DWORD pdwSizeCmd,
_Inout_ FLATPTR pfpVidMemVtx,
_Inout_ DWORD pdwSizeVtx 

◆ NtGdiD3dValidateTextureStageState()

◆ NtGdiDdAddAttachedSurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdAddAttachedSurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceAttached,
_Inout_ PDD_ADDATTACHEDSURFACEDATA  puAddAttachedSurfaceData 

Referenced by DdAddAttachedSurface().

◆ NtGdiDdAlphaBlt()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdAlphaBlt ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceDest,
_In_opt_ HANDLE  hSurfaceSrc,
_Inout_ PDD_BLTDATA  puBltData 

Referenced by DdAlphaBlt().

◆ NtGdiDdAttachSurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdAttachSurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceFrom,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceTo 

Referenced by DdAttachSurface().

◆ NtGdiDdBeginMoCompFrame()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdBeginMoCompFrame ( _In_ HANDLE  hMoComp,

◆ NtGdiDdBlt()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdBlt ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceDest,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceSrc,
_Inout_ PDD_BLTDATA  puBltData 

Referenced by DdBlt().

◆ NtGdiDdCanCreateD3DBuffer()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCanCreateD3DBuffer ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ PDD_CANCREATESURFACEDATA  puCanCreateSurfaceData 

Referenced by DdCanCreateD3DBuffer().

◆ NtGdiDdCanCreateSurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCanCreateSurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ PDD_CANCREATESURFACEDATA  puCanCreateSurfaceData 

Referenced by DdCanCreateSurface().

◆ NtGdiDdColorControl()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdColorControl ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_COLORCONTROLDATA  puColorControlData 

Referenced by DdColorControl().

◆ NtGdiDdCreateD3DBuffer()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateD3DBuffer ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ HANDLE hSurface,
_Inout_ DDSURFACEDESC puSurfaceDescription,
_Inout_ DD_SURFACE_GLOBAL puSurfaceGlobalData,
_Inout_ DD_SURFACE_LOCAL puSurfaceLocalData,
_Inout_ DD_SURFACE_MORE puSurfaceMoreData,
_Inout_ DD_CREATESURFACEDATA puCreateSurfaceData,
_Inout_ HANDLE puhSurface 

Referenced by DdCreateD3DBuffer().

◆ NtGdiDdCreateDirectDrawObject()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateDirectDrawObject ( _In_ HDC  hdc)

◆ NtGdiDdCreateMoComp()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateMoComp ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ PDD_CREATEMOCOMPDATA  puCreateMoCompData 

◆ NtGdiDdCreateSurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateSurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_In_ HANDLE hSurface,
_Inout_ DDSURFACEDESC puSurfaceDescription,
_Inout_ DD_SURFACE_GLOBAL puSurfaceGlobalData,
_Inout_ DD_SURFACE_LOCAL puSurfaceLocalData,
_Inout_ DD_SURFACE_MORE puSurfaceMoreData,
_Inout_ DD_CREATESURFACEDATA puCreateSurfaceData,
_Out_ HANDLE puhSurface 

Referenced by DdCreateSurface().

◆ NtGdiDdCreateSurfaceEx()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateSurfaceEx ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ DWORD  dwSurfaceHandle 

Referenced by DdCreateSurfaceEx().

◆ NtGdiDdCreateSurfaceObject()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdCreateSurfaceObject ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDrawLocal,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ PDD_SURFACE_LOCAL  puSurfaceLocal,
_In_ PDD_SURFACE_MORE  puSurfaceMore,
_In_ PDD_SURFACE_GLOBAL  puSurfaceGlobal,
_In_ BOOL  bComplete 

Referenced by bDDCreateSurface().

◆ NtGdiDdDDICreateDCFromMemory()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDDICreateDCFromMemory ( _Inout_ D3DKMT_CREATEDCFROMMEMORY desc)

◆ NtGdiDdDDIDestroyDCFromMemory()


◆ NtGdiDdDeleteDirectDrawObject()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdDeleteDirectDrawObject ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDrawLocal)

◆ NtGdiDdDeleteSurfaceObject()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdDeleteSurfaceObject ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface)

◆ NtGdiDdDestroyD3DBuffer()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDestroyD3DBuffer ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface)

Referenced by DdDestroyD3DBuffer().

◆ NtGdiDdDestroyMoComp()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDestroyMoComp ( _In_ HANDLE  hMoComp,
_Inout_ PDD_DESTROYMOCOMPDATA  puDestroyMoCompData 

◆ NtGdiDdDestroySurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdDestroySurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ BOOL  bRealDestroy 

Referenced by DdDestroySurface().

◆ NtGdiDdEndMoCompFrame()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdEndMoCompFrame ( _In_ HANDLE  hMoComp,

◆ NtGdiDdFlip()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdFlip ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceCurrent,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceTarget,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceCurrentLeft,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceTargetLeft,
_Inout_ PDD_FLIPDATA  puFlipData 

Referenced by DdFlip().

◆ NtGdiDdFlipToGDISurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdFlipToGDISurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

Referenced by DdFlipToGDISurface().

◆ NtGdiDdGetAvailDriverMemory()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetAvailDriverMemory ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

Referenced by DdGetAvailDriverMemory().

◆ NtGdiDdGetBltStatus()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetBltStatus ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_GETBLTSTATUSDATA  puGetBltStatusData 

Referenced by DdGetBltStatus().

◆ NtGdiDdGetDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HDC APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDC ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ PALETTEENTRY puColorTable 

Referenced by DdGetDC().

◆ NtGdiDdGetDriverInfo()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDriverInfo ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ PDD_GETDRIVERINFODATA  puGetDriverInfoData 

Referenced by DdGetDriverInfo().

◆ NtGdiDdGetDriverState()

Referenced by DdGetDriverInfo().

◆ NtGdiDdGetDxHandle()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI HANDLE APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetDxHandle ( _In_opt_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_In_opt_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ BOOL  bRelease 

Referenced by DdGetDxHandle().

◆ NtGdiDdGetFlipStatus()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetFlipStatus ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_GETFLIPSTATUSDATA  puGetFlipStatusData 

Referenced by DdGetFlipStatus().

◆ NtGdiDdGetInternalMoCompInfo()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetInternalMoCompInfo ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

◆ NtGdiDdGetMoCompBuffInfo()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetMoCompBuffInfo ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

◆ NtGdiDdGetMoCompFormats()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetMoCompFormats ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

◆ NtGdiDdGetMoCompGuids()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetMoCompGuids ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

◆ NtGdiDdGetScanLine()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdGetScanLine ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ PDD_GETSCANLINEDATA  puGetScanLineData 

Referenced by DdGetScanLine().

◆ NtGdiDdLock()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdLock ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_LOCKDATA  puLockData,
_In_ HDC  hdcClip 

Referenced by DdLock().

◆ NtGdiDdLockD3D()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdLockD3D ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_LOCKDATA  puLockData 

Referenced by DdLockD3D().

◆ NtGdiDdQueryDirectDrawObject()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdQueryDirectDrawObject ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDrawLocal,
_Out_ PDD_HALINFO  pHalInfo,
_Out_writes_(3) DWORD pCallBackFlags,
_Out_opt_ LPD3DNTHAL_CALLBACKS  puD3dCallbacks,
_Out_opt_ PDD_D3DBUFCALLBACKS  puD3dBufferCallbacks,
_Out_opt_ LPDDSURFACEDESC  puD3dTextureFormats,
_Out_ DWORD puNumHeaps,
_Out_opt_ VIDEOMEMORY puvmList,
_Out_ DWORD puNumFourCC,
_Out_opt_ DWORD puFourCC 

◆ NtGdiDdQueryMoCompStatus()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdQueryMoCompStatus ( _In_ HANDLE  hMoComp,

◆ NtGdiDdReenableDirectDrawObject()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdReenableDirectDrawObject ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDrawLocal,
_Inout_ BOOL pubNewMode 

◆ NtGdiDdReleaseDC()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdReleaseDC ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface)

Referenced by DdReleaseDC().

◆ NtGdiDdRenderMoComp()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdRenderMoComp ( _In_ HANDLE  hMoComp,
_Inout_ PDD_RENDERMOCOMPDATA  puRenderMoCompData 

◆ NtGdiDdResetVisrgn()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdResetVisrgn ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ HWND  hwnd 

Referenced by DdResetVisrgn().

◆ NtGdiDdSetColorKey()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetColorKey ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_SETCOLORKEYDATA  puSetColorKeyData 

Referenced by DdSetColorKey().

◆ NtGdiDdSetExclusiveMode()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetExclusiveMode ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_Inout_ PDD_SETEXCLUSIVEMODEDATA  puSetExclusiveModeData 

Referenced by DdSetExclusiveMode().

◆ NtGdiDdSetGammaRamp()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetGammaRamp ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,
_In_ HDC  hdc,
_In_reads_bytes_(sizeof(GAMMARAMP)) LPVOID  lpGammaRamp 

Referenced by DdSetGammaRamp().

◆ NtGdiDdSetOverlayPosition()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdSetOverlayPosition ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceSource,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceDestination,
_Inout_ PDD_SETOVERLAYPOSITIONDATA  puSetOverlayPositionData 

Referenced by DdSetOverlayPosition().

◆ NtGdiDdUnattachSurface()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI NTSTATUS APIENTRY NtGdiDdUnattachSurface ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceAttached 

Referenced by DdUnattachSurface().

◆ NtGdiDdUnlock()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdUnlock ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_UNLOCKDATA  puUnlockData 

Referenced by DdUnlock(), and DdUnlockD3D().

◆ NtGdiDdUnlockD3D()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdUnlockD3D ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurface,
_Inout_ PDD_UNLOCKDATA  puUnlockData 

◆ NtGdiDdUpdateOverlay()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdUpdateOverlay ( _In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceDestination,
_In_ HANDLE  hSurfaceSource,
_Inout_ PDD_UPDATEOVERLAYDATA  puUpdateOverlayData 

Referenced by DdUpdateOverlay().

◆ NtGdiDdWaitForVerticalBlank()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI DWORD APIENTRY NtGdiDdWaitForVerticalBlank ( _In_ HANDLE  hDirectDraw,

Referenced by DdWaitForVerticalBlank().

◆ NtGdiDeleteClientObj()

__kernel_entry W32KAPI BOOL APIENTRY NtGdiDeleteClientObj ( _In_