ReactOS  0.4.14-dev-554-g2f8d847
Here is a list of all modules:
 FullFAT String LibraryPortable String Library for FullFAT
 mpg123 PCM sample encodings
 mpg123 library and handle setup
 mpg123 error handling
 mpg123 decoder selection
 mpg123 output audio format
 mpg123 file input and decoding
 mpg123 position and seeking
 mpg123 volume and equalizer
 mpg123 status and information
 mpg123 metadata handling
 mpg123 advanced parameter API
 mpg123 low level I/O
 ReactOS Console Utilities LibraryThis library contains common functions used in many places inside the ReactOS console utilities and the ReactOS Command-Line Interpreter. Most of these functions are related with internationalisation and the problem of correctly displaying Unicode text on the console. Besides those, helpful functions for retrieving strings and messages from application resources are provided, together with printf-like functionality
 object types