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msvc.h File Reference

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#define typeof(X_)   __typeof_ ## X_
#define WINAPI   __stdcall
#define HRESULT   int
#define IMILUnknown1   struct IMILUnknown1


typedef voidarg


typedef void (WINAPI typeof(IMILUnknown1Impl_unknown1))(IMILUnknown1 *iface
typedef HRESULT (WINAPI typeof(IMILUnknown1Impl_unknown3))(IMILUnknown1 *iface
typedef HRESULT (WINAPI typeof(IMILUnknown1Impl_unknown8))(IMILUnknown1 *iface)

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◆ IMILUnknown1

#define IMILUnknown1   struct IMILUnknown1

Definition at line 8 of file msvc.h.

◆ typeof

#define typeof (   X_)    __typeof_ ## X_

Definition at line 2 of file msvc.h.


#define WINAPI   __stdcall

Definition at line 6 of file msvc.h.

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◆ arg

char * arg

Definition at line 10 of file msvc.h.

Function Documentation

◆ HRESULT() [1/2]

typedef HRESULT ( WINAPI   typeofIMILUnknown1Impl_unknown3)

◆ HRESULT() [2/2]

typedef HRESULT ( WINAPI   typeofIMILUnknown1Impl_unknown8)

◆ void()

typedef void ( WINAPI   typeofIMILUnknown1Impl_unknown1)