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typeof.h File Reference

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#define typeof(X_)   __typeof_ ## X_
#define __typeof_intptr   int
#define __typeof_longptr   long
#define __typeof_size   __typeof_intptr
#define __typeof_wchar   unsigned short


typedef struct jpeg_error_mgr
typeof (jpeg_std_error))(struct jpeg_error_mgr *)
typedef unsigned char
typedef unsigned int (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_read_scanlines))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *
typedef void(* png_error_ptr_1 )(struct png_struct_def *, const char *)
typedef void(* png_rw_ptr_1 )(struct png_struct_def *, unsigned char *, unsigned int)
typedef void(* png_flush_ptr_1 )(struct png_struct_def *)
typedef struct png_info_def
*typedef unsigned char
**typedef struct png_info_def
*typedef struct png_info_def
*typedef struct png_info_def
*typedef unsigned char ** 
typedef voidthandle_t_1
typedef int(* TIFFReadWriteProc_1 )(thandle_t_1, void *, __typeof_intptr)
typedef unsigned int(* TIFFSeekProc_1 )(void *, unsigned int, int)
typedef int(* TIFFCloseProc_1 )(thandle_t_1)
typedef unsigned int(* TIFFSizeProc_1 )(thandle_t_1)
typedef int(* TIFFMapFileProc_1 )(thandle_t_1, void **, unsigned int *)
typedef void(* TIFFUnmapFileProc_1 )(thandle_t_1, void *, unsigned int)
typedef unsigned short (__cdecl typeof(TIFFCurrentDirectory))(struct tiff *)
typedef unsigned long
: The entity name

referenceSAXFunc: : the user data (XML parser context)

Called when an entity reference is detected.

typedef struct png_info_def
void (__cdecl typeof(png_destroy_read_struct))(struct png_struct_def ** = NULL


typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_CreateDecompress))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_read_header))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_destroy_decompress))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_CreateCompress))(struct jpeg_compress_struct *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_start_compress))(struct jpeg_compress_struct *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_destroy_compress))(struct jpeg_compress_struct *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_finish_compress))(struct jpeg_compress_struct *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_set_defaults))(struct jpeg_compress_struct *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_destroy_info_struct))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_error_fn))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_expand_gray_1_2_4_to_8))(struct png_struct_def *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_filler))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(png_set_interlace_handling))(struct png_struct_def *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_gray_to_rgb))(struct png_struct_def *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_IHDR))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_pHYs))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_read_fn))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_strip_16))(struct png_struct_def *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_tRNS_to_alpha))(struct png_struct_def *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_write_fn))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_read_end))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_PLTE))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(png_set_tRNS))(struct png_struct_def *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(TIFFClose))(struct tiff *)
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(TIFFGetField))(struct tiff *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(TIFFReadEncodedStrip))(struct tiff *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(TIFFSetDirectory))(struct tiff *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(TIFFIsByteSwapped))(struct tiff *)
typedef long (__cdecl typeof(TIFFReadEncodedTile))(struct tiff *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(TIFFSetField))(struct tiff *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(TIFFWriteScanline))(struct tiff *


typedef __typeof_size

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#define __typeof_intptr   int

Definition at line 7 of file typeof.h.

Definition at line 8 of file typeof.h.

typedef __typeof_size   __typeof_intptr

Definition at line 15 of file typeof.h.

#define __typeof_wchar   unsigned short

Definition at line 16 of file typeof.h.

#define typeof (   X_)    __typeof_ ## X_

Definition at line 1 of file typeof.h.

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typedef struct png_info_def **typedef struct png_info_def struct png_info_def **typedef struct png_info_def **typedef const char *typedef unsigned const struct png_info_def *typedef unsigned char(__cdecl typeof(png_get_color_type))(const struct png_struct_def *

Definition at line 27 of file typeof.h.

typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_read_scanlines)

xmlInputReadCallback: : an Input context : the buffer to store data read : the length of the buffer in bytes

Callback used in the I/O Input API to read the resource

Returns the number of bytes read or -1 in case of error

xmlInputCloseCallback: : an Input context

Callback used in the I/O Input API to close the resource

Returns 0 or -1 in case of error

Definition at line 29 of file typeof.h.

typedef long

Definition at line 99 of file typeof.h.

typedef void png_error_ptr_1

Definition at line 40 of file typeof.h.

typedef void png_flush_ptr_1

Definition at line 42 of file typeof.h.

typedef void png_rw_ptr_1

Definition at line 41 of file typeof.h.

Definition at line 76 of file typeof.h.

typedef void unsigned unsigned short

Definition at line 91 of file typeof.h.

Definition at line 82 of file typeof.h.

typedef struct tiff *__cdecl const char TIFFCloseProc_1

Definition at line 85 of file typeof.h.

typedef struct tiff *__cdecl const char TIFFMapFileProc_1

Definition at line 87 of file typeof.h.

typedef struct tiff *__cdecl const char TIFFReadWriteProc_1

Definition at line 83 of file typeof.h.

typedef struct tiff *__cdecl const char TIFFSeekProc_1

Definition at line 84 of file typeof.h.

typedef struct tiff *__cdecl const char TIFFSizeProc_1

Definition at line 86 of file typeof.h.

typedef struct tiff *__cdecl const char TIFFUnmapFileProc_1

Definition at line 88 of file typeof.h.

Definition at line 25 of file typeof.h.

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_destroy_read_struct) = NULL

errorSAXFunc: : an XML parser context : the message to display/transmit ..: extra parameters for the message display

Display and format an error messages, callback.

fatalErrorSAXFunc: : an XML parser context : the message to display/transmit ..: extra parameters for the message display

Display and format fatal error messages, callback. Note: so far fatalError() SAX callbacks are not used, error() get all the callbacks for errors.

xmlValidityWarningFunc: : usually an xmlValidCtxtPtr to a validity error context, but comes from ctxt->userData (which normally contains such a pointer); ctxt->userData can be changed by the user. : the string to format *printf like vararg ..: remaining arguments to the format

Callback called when a validity warning is found. This is a message oriented function similar to an *printf function.

Definition at line 47 of file typeof.h.

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typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_read_header)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_interlace_handling)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFGetField)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFReadEncodedStrip)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFSetDirectory)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFIsByteSwapped)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFSetField)
typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFWriteScanline)
typedef long ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFReadEncodedTile)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_CreateDecompress)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_destroy_decompress)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_CreateCompress)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_start_compress)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_destroy_compress)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_finish_compress)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_set_defaults)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_destroy_info_struct)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_error_fn)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_expand_gray_1_2_4_to_8)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_filler)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_gray_to_rgb)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_IHDR)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_pHYs)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_read_fn)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_strip_16)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_tRNS_to_alpha)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_write_fn)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_read_end)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_PLTE)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofpng_set_tRNS)
typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofTIFFClose)

Variable Documentation

typedef __typeof_size

Definition at line 26 of file typeof.h.