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typeof.h File Reference

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#define typeof(X_)   __typeof_ ## X_
#define __typeof_intptr   int
#define __typeof_longptr   long
#define __typeof_size   __typeof_intptr
#define __typeof_wchar   unsigned short


typedef struct IWineD3D *__stdcall typeof(WineDirect3DCreate)) (unsigned int
typedef __typeof_wchar const __typeof_wchar *typedef int(__stdcall typeof(ImeConfigure)) (void *
typedef unsigned __typeof_longptr
typedef struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl struct _xmlDict void enum xsltLoadType typedef void(__cdecl typeof(xsltSetLoaderFunc)) (typeof(xsltDocLoaderFunc))


typedeftypedef struct IWineD3D *__stdcall struct IUnknown *struct IWineD3DClipper *__stdcall typeof (WineDirect3DCreateClipper))(struct IUnknown *)
typedef int (__stdcall typeof(ImeInquire))(struct _tagIMEINFO *
typedef __typeof_longptr (__stdcall typeof(ImeEscape))(void *
typedef int (__stdcall typeof(ImeSetActiveContext))(void *
typedef int (__stdcall typeof(ImeRegisterWord))(const __typeof_wchar *
typedef int (__stdcall typeof(ImeProcessKey))(void *
typedeftypedef struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl struct _xmlDoc const char **struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl typeof (xsltApplyStylesheetUser))(struct _xsltStylesheet *
typedeftypedeftypedef struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl struct _xmlDoc const char **struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl struct _xmlDoc const char const char struct _iobuf struct _xsltTransformContext *struct _xsltTransformContext *__cdecl typeof (xsltNewTransformContext))(struct _xsltStylesheet *
typedeftypedeftypedef struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl struct _xmlDoc const char **struct _xmlDoc *__cdecl struct _xmlDoc const char const char struct _iobuf struct _xsltTransformContext *struct _xsltTransformContext *__cdecl struct _xmlDoc *typedef void (__cdecl typeof(xsltFreeTransformContext))(struct _xsltTransformContext *)
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(xsltQuoteUserParams))(struct _xsltTransformContext *
typedeftypedef const char **typedef struct _xmlDoc struct _xsltStylesheet *struct _xsltStylesheet *__cdecl typeof (xsltNextImport))(struct _xsltStylesheet *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(xsltCleanupGlobals))(void)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(xsltFreeStylesheet))(struct _xsltStylesheet *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(xsltFunctionNodeSet))(struct _xmlXPathParserContext *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(xmlXPathFunction))(struct _xmlXPathParserContext *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(xsltRegisterExtModuleFunction))(const unsigned char *
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_CreateDecompress))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_read_header))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_start_decompress))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *)
typedef int (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_finish_decompress))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *)
typedef void (__cdecl typeof(jpeg_destroy_decompress))(struct jpeg_decompress_struct *)


typedef __typeof_size

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#define __typeof_intptr   int

Definition at line 7 of file typeof.h.

◆ __typeof_longptr

Definition at line 8 of file typeof.h.

◆ __typeof_size

#define __typeof_size   __typeof_intptr

Definition at line 15 of file typeof.h.

◆ __typeof_wchar

#define __typeof_wchar   unsigned short

Definition at line 16 of file typeof.h.

◆ typeof

#define typeof (   X_)    __typeof_ ## X_

Definition at line 1 of file typeof.h.

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Definition at line 49 of file typeof.h.

◆ int

Definition at line 36 of file typeof.h.

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Definition at line 33 of file typeof.h.

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◆ __typeof_longptr()

typedef __typeof_longptr ( __stdcall   typeofImeEscape)

◆ int() [1/9]

typedef int ( __stdcall   typeofImeInquire)

◆ int() [2/9]

typedef int ( __stdcall   typeofImeSetActiveContext)

◆ int() [3/9]

typedef int ( __stdcall   typeofImeRegisterWord) const

◆ int() [4/9]

typedef int ( __stdcall   typeofImeProcessKey)

◆ int() [5/9]

typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofxsltQuoteUserParams)

◆ int() [6/9]

typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofxsltRegisterExtModuleFunction) const

◆ int() [7/9]

typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_read_header)

◆ int() [8/9]

typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_start_decompress)

◆ int() [9/9]

typedef int ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_finish_decompress)

◆ typeof() [1/4]

typedeftypedef struct IWineD3D* __stdcall struct IUnknown* struct IWineD3DClipper* __stdcall typeof ( WineDirect3DCreateClipper  )

◆ typeof() [2/4]

◆ typeof() [3/4]

◆ typeof() [4/4]

◆ void() [1/7]

◆ void() [2/7]

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofxsltCleanupGlobals)

◆ void() [3/7]

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofxsltFreeStylesheet)

◆ void() [4/7]

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofxsltFunctionNodeSet)

◆ void() [5/7]

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofxmlXPathFunction)

◆ void() [6/7]

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_CreateDecompress)

◆ void() [7/7]

typedef void ( __cdecl   typeofjpeg_destroy_decompress)

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◆ __typeof_size

typedef __typeof_size

Definition at line 67 of file typeof.h.