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jpeg_error_mgr Struct Reference

#include <jpeglib.h>

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Public Member Functions

 JMETHOD (noreturn_t, error_exit,(j_common_ptr cinfo))
 JMETHOD (void, emit_message,(j_common_ptr cinfo, int msg_level))
 JMETHOD (void, output_message,(j_common_ptr cinfo))
 JMETHOD (void, format_message,(j_common_ptr cinfo, char *buffer))
 JMETHOD (void, reset_error_mgr,(j_common_ptr cinfo))

Public Attributes

int msg_code
union {
   int   i [8]
   char   s [JMSG_STR_PARM_MAX]
int trace_level
long num_warnings
const char *constjpeg_message_table
int last_jpeg_message
const char *constaddon_message_table
int first_addon_message
int last_addon_message

Detailed Description

Definition at line 702 of file jpeglib.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ JMETHOD() [1/5]

jpeg_error_mgr::JMETHOD ( noreturn_t  ,
error_exit  ,
(j_common_ptr cinfo)   

◆ JMETHOD() [2/5]

jpeg_error_mgr::JMETHOD ( void  ,
emit_message  ,
(j_common_ptr cinfo, int msg_level)   

◆ JMETHOD() [3/5]

jpeg_error_mgr::JMETHOD ( void  ,
output_message  ,
(j_common_ptr cinfo)   

◆ JMETHOD() [4/5]

jpeg_error_mgr::JMETHOD ( void  ,
format_message  ,
(j_common_ptr cinfo, char *buffer  

◆ JMETHOD() [5/5]

jpeg_error_mgr::JMETHOD ( void  ,
reset_error_mgr  ,
(j_common_ptr cinfo)   

Member Data Documentation

◆ addon_message_table

const char* const* jpeg_error_mgr::addon_message_table

Definition at line 752 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ first_addon_message

int jpeg_error_mgr::first_addon_message

Definition at line 753 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ i

int jpeg_error_mgr::i[8]

Definition at line 721 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ jpeg_message_table

const char* const* jpeg_error_mgr::jpeg_message_table

Definition at line 747 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ last_addon_message

int jpeg_error_mgr::last_addon_message

Definition at line 754 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by format_message(), and main().

◆ last_jpeg_message

int jpeg_error_mgr::last_jpeg_message

Definition at line 748 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by format_message().

◆ msg_code

int jpeg_error_mgr::msg_code

Definition at line 718 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by format_message().

◆ msg_parm

union { ... } jpeg_error_mgr::msg_parm

◆ num_warnings

long jpeg_error_mgr::num_warnings

Definition at line 735 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ s

char jpeg_error_mgr::s[JMSG_STR_PARM_MAX]

Definition at line 722 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ trace_level

int jpeg_error_mgr::trace_level

Definition at line 727 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

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