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jpeg_decompress_struct Struct Reference

#include <jpeglib.h>

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Public Attributes

struct jpeg_source_mgrsrc
JDIMENSION image_width
JDIMENSION image_height
int num_components
J_COLOR_SPACE jpeg_color_space
J_COLOR_SPACE out_color_space
unsigned int scale_num
unsigned int scale_denom
double output_gamma
boolean buffered_image
boolean raw_data_out
J_DCT_METHOD dct_method
boolean do_fancy_upsampling
boolean do_block_smoothing
boolean quantize_colors
J_DITHER_MODE dither_mode
boolean two_pass_quantize
int desired_number_of_colors
boolean enable_1pass_quant
boolean enable_external_quant
boolean enable_2pass_quant
JDIMENSION output_width
JDIMENSION output_height
int out_color_components
int output_components
int rec_outbuf_height
int actual_number_of_colors
JDIMENSION output_scanline
int input_scan_number
int output_scan_number
JDIMENSION output_iMCU_row
int(* coef_bits )[DCTSIZE2]
JHUFF_TBLdc_huff_tbl_ptrs [NUM_HUFF_TBLS]
JHUFF_TBLac_huff_tbl_ptrs [NUM_HUFF_TBLS]
int data_precision
boolean is_baseline
boolean progressive_mode
boolean arith_code
unsigned int restart_interval
boolean saw_JFIF_marker
UINT8 JFIF_major_version
UINT8 JFIF_minor_version
UINT8 density_unit
UINT16 X_density
UINT16 Y_density
boolean saw_Adobe_marker
UINT8 Adobe_transform
J_COLOR_TRANSFORM color_transform
boolean CCIR601_sampling
jpeg_saved_marker_ptr marker_list
int max_h_samp_factor
int max_v_samp_factor
int min_DCT_h_scaled_size
int min_DCT_v_scaled_size
JDIMENSION total_iMCU_rows
int comps_in_scan
jpeg_component_infocur_comp_info [MAX_COMPS_IN_SCAN]
JDIMENSION MCU_rows_in_scan
int blocks_in_MCU
int MCU_membership [D_MAX_BLOCKS_IN_MCU]
int Ss
int Se
int Ah
int Al
int block_size
const intnatural_order
int lim_Se
int unread_marker
struct jpeg_decomp_mastermaster
struct jpeg_d_main_controllermain
struct jpeg_d_coef_controllercoef
struct jpeg_d_post_controllerpost
struct jpeg_input_controllerinputctl
struct jpeg_marker_readermarker
struct jpeg_entropy_decoderentropy
struct jpeg_inverse_dctidct
struct jpeg_upsamplerupsample
struct jpeg_color_deconvertercconvert
struct jpeg_color_quantizercquantize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 459 of file jpeglib.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ac_huff_tbl_ptrs

JHUFF_TBL* jpeg_decompress_struct::ac_huff_tbl_ptrs[NUM_HUFF_TBLS]

Definition at line 574 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ actual_number_of_colors

int jpeg_decompress_struct::actual_number_of_colors

Definition at line 526 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ Adobe_transform

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::Adobe_transform

Definition at line 607 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ Ah

int jpeg_decompress_struct::Ah

Definition at line 661 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ Al

int jpeg_decompress_struct::Al

Definition at line 661 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ arith_ac_K

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::arith_ac_K[NUM_ARITH_TBLS]

Definition at line 592 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ arith_code

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::arith_code

Definition at line 588 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ arith_dc_L

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::arith_dc_L[NUM_ARITH_TBLS]

Definition at line 590 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ arith_dc_U

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::arith_dc_U[NUM_ARITH_TBLS]

Definition at line 591 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ block_size

int jpeg_decompress_struct::block_size

Definition at line 665 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ blocks_in_MCU

int jpeg_decompress_struct::blocks_in_MCU

Definition at line 656 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ buffered_image

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::buffered_image

Definition at line 484 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ CCIR601_sampling

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::CCIR601_sampling

Definition at line 612 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ cconvert

struct jpeg_color_deconverter* jpeg_decompress_struct::cconvert

Definition at line 687 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ coef

struct jpeg_d_coef_controller* jpeg_decompress_struct::coef

Definition at line 680 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ coef_bits

int(* jpeg_decompress_struct::coef_bits)[DCTSIZE2]

Definition at line 559 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ color_transform

J_COLOR_TRANSFORM jpeg_decompress_struct::color_transform

Definition at line 609 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ colormap

JSAMPARRAY jpeg_decompress_struct::colormap

Definition at line 527 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ comp_info

jpeg_component_info* jpeg_decompress_struct::comp_info

Definition at line 583 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ comps_in_scan

int jpeg_decompress_struct::comps_in_scan

Definition at line 649 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ cquantize

struct jpeg_color_quantizer* jpeg_decompress_struct::cquantize

Definition at line 688 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ cur_comp_info

jpeg_component_info* jpeg_decompress_struct::cur_comp_info[MAX_COMPS_IN_SCAN]

Definition at line 650 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ data_precision

int jpeg_decompress_struct::data_precision

Definition at line 581 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ dc_huff_tbl_ptrs

JHUFF_TBL* jpeg_decompress_struct::dc_huff_tbl_ptrs[NUM_HUFF_TBLS]

Definition at line 573 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ dct_method

J_DCT_METHOD jpeg_decompress_struct::dct_method

Definition at line 487 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ density_unit

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::density_unit

Definition at line 603 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ desired_number_of_colors

int jpeg_decompress_struct::desired_number_of_colors

Definition at line 495 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ dither_mode

J_DITHER_MODE jpeg_decompress_struct::dither_mode

Definition at line 493 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ do_block_smoothing

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::do_block_smoothing

Definition at line 489 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ do_fancy_upsampling

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::do_fancy_upsampling

Definition at line 488 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ enable_1pass_quant

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::enable_1pass_quant

Definition at line 497 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ enable_2pass_quant

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::enable_2pass_quant

Definition at line 499 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ enable_external_quant

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::enable_external_quant

Definition at line 498 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ entropy

struct jpeg_entropy_decoder* jpeg_decompress_struct::entropy

Definition at line 684 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by jpeg_fill_bit_buffer().

◆ idct

struct jpeg_inverse_dct* jpeg_decompress_struct::idct

Definition at line 685 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ image_height

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::image_height

Definition at line 469 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ image_width

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::image_width

Definition at line 468 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ input_iMCU_row

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::input_iMCU_row

Definition at line 543 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ input_scan_number

int jpeg_decompress_struct::input_scan_number

Definition at line 542 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ inputctl

struct jpeg_input_controller* jpeg_decompress_struct::inputctl

Definition at line 682 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ is_baseline

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::is_baseline

Definition at line 586 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ JFIF_major_version

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::JFIF_major_version

Definition at line 601 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ JFIF_minor_version

UINT8 jpeg_decompress_struct::JFIF_minor_version

Definition at line 602 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ jpeg_color_space

J_COLOR_SPACE jpeg_decompress_struct::jpeg_color_space

Definition at line 471 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ jpeg_common_fields


Definition at line 460 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ lim_Se

int jpeg_decompress_struct::lim_Se

Definition at line 667 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ main

struct jpeg_d_main_controller* jpeg_decompress_struct::main

Definition at line 679 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ marker

struct jpeg_marker_reader* jpeg_decompress_struct::marker

Definition at line 683 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ marker_list

jpeg_saved_marker_ptr jpeg_decompress_struct::marker_list

Definition at line 618 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ master

struct jpeg_decomp_master* jpeg_decompress_struct::master

Definition at line 678 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ max_h_samp_factor

int jpeg_decompress_struct::max_h_samp_factor

Definition at line 627 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ max_v_samp_factor

int jpeg_decompress_struct::max_v_samp_factor

Definition at line 628 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ MCU_membership

int jpeg_decompress_struct::MCU_membership[D_MAX_BLOCKS_IN_MCU]

Definition at line 657 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ MCU_rows_in_scan

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::MCU_rows_in_scan

Definition at line 654 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ MCUs_per_row

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::MCUs_per_row

Definition at line 653 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ min_DCT_h_scaled_size

int jpeg_decompress_struct::min_DCT_h_scaled_size

Definition at line 630 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ min_DCT_v_scaled_size

int jpeg_decompress_struct::min_DCT_v_scaled_size

Definition at line 631 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ natural_order

const int* jpeg_decompress_struct::natural_order

Definition at line 666 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ num_components

int jpeg_decompress_struct::num_components

Definition at line 470 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ out_color_components

int jpeg_decompress_struct::out_color_components

Definition at line 509 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ out_color_space

J_COLOR_SPACE jpeg_decompress_struct::out_color_space

Definition at line 478 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ output_components

int jpeg_decompress_struct::output_components

Definition at line 510 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by read_JPEG_file().

◆ output_gamma

double jpeg_decompress_struct::output_gamma

Definition at line 482 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ output_height

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::output_height

Definition at line 508 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main(), and read_JPEG_file().

◆ output_iMCU_row

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::output_iMCU_row

Definition at line 550 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ output_scan_number

int jpeg_decompress_struct::output_scan_number

Definition at line 549 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ output_scanline

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::output_scanline

Definition at line 537 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main(), and read_JPEG_file().

◆ output_width

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::output_width

Definition at line 507 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by read_JPEG_file().

◆ post

struct jpeg_d_post_controller* jpeg_decompress_struct::post

Definition at line 681 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ progressive_mode

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::progressive_mode

Definition at line 587 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ quant_tbl_ptrs

JQUANT_TBL* jpeg_decompress_struct::quant_tbl_ptrs[NUM_QUANT_TBLS]

Definition at line 570 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ quantize_colors

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::quantize_colors

Definition at line 491 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ raw_data_out

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::raw_data_out

Definition at line 485 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ rec_outbuf_height

int jpeg_decompress_struct::rec_outbuf_height

Definition at line 514 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ restart_interval

unsigned int jpeg_decompress_struct::restart_interval

Definition at line 594 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ sample_range_limit

JSAMPLE* jpeg_decompress_struct::sample_range_limit

Definition at line 642 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ saw_Adobe_marker

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::saw_Adobe_marker

Definition at line 606 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ saw_JFIF_marker

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::saw_JFIF_marker

Definition at line 599 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ scale_denom

unsigned int jpeg_decompress_struct::scale_denom

Definition at line 480 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ scale_num

unsigned int jpeg_decompress_struct::scale_num

Definition at line 480 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by main().

◆ Se

int jpeg_decompress_struct::Se

Definition at line 661 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ src

struct jpeg_source_mgr* jpeg_decompress_struct::src

Definition at line 463 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by jpeg_fill_bit_buffer().

◆ Ss

int jpeg_decompress_struct::Ss

Definition at line 661 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ total_iMCU_rows

JDIMENSION jpeg_decompress_struct::total_iMCU_rows

Definition at line 633 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ two_pass_quantize

boolean jpeg_decompress_struct::two_pass_quantize

Definition at line 494 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ unread_marker

int jpeg_decompress_struct::unread_marker

Definition at line 673 of file jpeglib.h.

Referenced by jpeg_fill_bit_buffer().

◆ upsample

struct jpeg_upsampler* jpeg_decompress_struct::upsample

Definition at line 686 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ X_density

UINT16 jpeg_decompress_struct::X_density

Definition at line 604 of file jpeglib.h.

◆ Y_density

UINT16 jpeg_decompress_struct::Y_density

Definition at line 605 of file jpeglib.h.

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