ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5615-gc3644fd
test.h File Reference
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <windef.h>
#include <winbase.h>
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#define START_TEST(name)   void func_##name(void)
#define __winetest_cdecl
#define __winetest_va_list   va_list
#define WINETEST_PRINTF_ATTR(fmt, args)
#define subtest_(file, line)   (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_subtest
#define ok_(file, line)   (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_ok
#define skip_(file, line)   (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_skip
#define win_skip_(file, line)   (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_win_skip
#define trace_(file, line)   (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_trace
#define subtest   subtest_(__FILE__, __LINE__)
#define ok   ok_(__FILE__, __LINE__)
#define skip   skip_(__FILE__, __LINE__)
#define win_skip   win_skip_(__FILE__, __LINE__)
#define trace   trace_(__FILE__, __LINE__)
#define todo_if(is_todo)
#define todo_ros   todo_if(!strcmp(winetest_platform, "reactos"))
#define todo_ros_if(is_todo)   todo_if((is_todo) && !strcmp(winetest_platform, "reactos"))
#define todo_wine   todo_if(!strcmp(winetest_platform, "wine"))
#define todo_wine_if(is_todo)   todo_if((is_todo) && !strcmp(winetest_platform, "wine"))
#define ros_skip_flaky
#define disable_success_count
#define ARRAY_SIZE(x)   (sizeof(x) / sizeof((x)[0]))
#define U(x)   (x)
#define U1(x)   (x)
#define U2(x)   (x)
#define U3(x)   (x)
#define U4(x)   (x)
#define U5(x)   (x)
#define U6(x)   (x)
#define U7(x)   (x)
#define U8(x)   (x)
#define S(x)   (x)
#define S1(x)   (x)
#define S2(x)   (x)
#define S3(x)   (x)
#define S4(x)   (x)
#define S5(x)   (x)
#define ok_hex_(file, line, expression, result)
#define ok_hex(expression, result)   ok_hex_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)
#define ok_dec_(file, line, expression, result)
#define ok_dec(expression, result)   ok_dec_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)
#define ok_ptr_(file, line, expression, result)
#define ok_ptr(expression, result)   ok_ptr_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)
#define ok_size_t_(file, line, expression, result)
#define ok_size_t(expression, result)   ok_size_t_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)
#define ok_char(expression, result)   ok_hex(expression, result)
#define ok_err_(file, line, error)   ok_(file, line)(GetLastError() == (error), "Wrong last error. Expected " #error ", got 0x%lx\n", GetLastError())
#define ok_err(error)   ok_err_(__FILE__, __LINE__, error)
#define ok_str_(file, line, x, y)   ok_(file, line)(strcmp(x, y) == 0, "Wrong string. Expected '%s', got '%s'\n", y, x)
#define ok_str(x, y)   ok_str_(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y)
#define ok_wstr_(file, line, x, y)   ok_(file, line)(wcscmp(x, y) == 0, "Wrong string. Expected '%S', got '%S'\n", y, x)
#define ok_wstr(x, y)   ok_wstr_(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y)
#define ok_long(expression, result)   ok_hex(expression, result)
#define ok_int(expression, result)   ok_dec(expression, result)
#define ok_int_(file, line, expression, result)   ok_dec_(file, line, expression, result)
#define ok_ntstatus(status, expected)   ok_hex(status, expected)
#define ok_hdl   ok_ptr


void winetest_set_location (const char *file, int line)
void winetest_subtest (const char *name)
void winetest_start_todo (int is_todo)
int winetest_loop_todo (void)
void winetest_end_todo (void)
void winetest_start_nocount (unsigned int flags)
int winetest_loop_nocount (void)
void winetest_end_nocount (void)
int winetest_get_mainargs (char ***pargv)
LONG winetest_get_failures (void)
LONG winetest_get_successes (void)
void winetest_add_failures (LONG new_failures)
void winetest_wait_child_process (HANDLE process)
const charwine_dbgstr_wn (const WCHAR *str, intptr_t n)
const charwine_dbgstr_an (const CHAR *str, intptr_t n)
const charwine_dbgstr_guid (const GUID *guid)
const charwine_dbgstr_point (const POINT *guid)
const charwine_dbgstr_size (const SIZE *guid)
const charwine_dbgstr_rect (const RECT *rect)
static const chardebugstr_a (const char *s)
static const chardebugstr_an (const CHAR *s, intptr_t n)
static const charwine_dbgstr_a (const char *s)
static const charwine_dbgstr_w (const WCHAR *s)
static int winetest_strcmpW (const WCHAR *str1, const WCHAR *str2)
int broken (int condition)
int winetest_vok (int condition, const char *msg, __winetest_va_list ap)
void winetest_vskip (const char *msg, __winetest_va_list ap)
void __winetest_cdecl winetest_ok (int condition, const char *msg,...)
void __winetest_cdecl winetest_skip (const char *msg,...)
void __winetest_cdecl winetest_win_skip (const char *msg,...)
void __winetest_cdecl winetest_trace (const char *msg,...)
void __winetest_cdecl winetest_print (const char *msg,...)
void __winetest_cdecl winetest_push_context (const char *fmt,...)
void winetest_pop_context (void)


int winetest_debug
int report_success
int winetest_interactive
const charwinetest_platform

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ __winetest_cdecl

#define __winetest_cdecl

Definition at line 121 of file test.h.

◆ __winetest_va_list

#define __winetest_va_list   va_list

Definition at line 122 of file test.h.


#define ARRAY_SIZE (   x)    (sizeof(x) / sizeof((x)[0]))

Definition at line 185 of file test.h.

◆ disable_success_count

#define disable_success_count
winetest_loop_nocount(); \
void winetest_start_nocount(unsigned int flags)

Definition at line 181 of file test.h.



Definition at line 47 of file test.h.



Definition at line 50 of file test.h.

◆ ok

#define ok   ok_(__FILE__, __LINE__)

Definition at line 158 of file test.h.

◆ ok_

#define ok_ (   file,
)    (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_ok

Definition at line 152 of file test.h.

◆ ok_char

#define ok_char (   expression,
)    ok_hex(expression, result)

Definition at line 976 of file test.h.

◆ ok_dec

#define ok_dec (   expression,
)    ok_dec_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)

Definition at line 956 of file test.h.

◆ ok_dec_

#define ok_dec_ (   file,
do { \
int _value = (expression); \
int _result = (result); \
ok_(file, line)(_value == _result, "Wrong value for '%s', expected: " #result " (%d), got: %d\n", \
#expression, _result, _value); \
} while (0)
GLuint64EXT * result
Definition: glext.h:11304
Definition: parser.c:48
Definition: fci.c:126

Definition at line 949 of file test.h.

◆ ok_err

#define ok_err (   error)    ok_err_(__FILE__, __LINE__, error)

Definition at line 980 of file test.h.

◆ ok_err_

#define ok_err_ (   file,
)    ok_(file, line)(GetLastError() == (error), "Wrong last error. Expected " #error ", got 0x%lx\n", GetLastError())

Definition at line 978 of file test.h.

◆ ok_hdl

#define ok_hdl   ok_ptr

Definition at line 994 of file test.h.

◆ ok_hex

#define ok_hex (   expression,
)    ok_hex_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)

Definition at line 947 of file test.h.

◆ ok_hex_

#define ok_hex_ (   file,
do { \
int _value = (expression); \
int _result = (result); \
ok_(file, line)(_value == _result, "Wrong value for '%s', expected: " #result " (0x%x), got: 0x%x\n", \
#expression, _result, _value); \
} while (0)
GLuint64EXT * result
Definition: glext.h:11304
Definition: parser.c:48
Definition: fci.c:126

Definition at line 940 of file test.h.

◆ ok_int

#define ok_int (   expression,
)    ok_dec(expression, result)

Definition at line 991 of file test.h.

◆ ok_int_

#define ok_int_ (   file,
)    ok_dec_(file, line, expression, result)

Definition at line 992 of file test.h.

◆ ok_long

#define ok_long (   expression,
)    ok_hex(expression, result)

Definition at line 990 of file test.h.

◆ ok_ntstatus

#define ok_ntstatus (   status,
)    ok_hex(status, expected)

Definition at line 993 of file test.h.

◆ ok_ptr

#define ok_ptr (   expression,
)    ok_ptr_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)

Definition at line 965 of file test.h.

◆ ok_ptr_

#define ok_ptr_ (   file,
do { \
const void *_value = (expression); \
const void *_result = (result); \
ok_(file, line)(_value == _result, "Wrong value for '%s', expected: " #result " (%p), got: %p\n", \
#expression, _result, _value); \
} while (0)
GLuint64EXT * result
Definition: glext.h:11304
Definition: parser.c:48
Definition: fci.c:126

Definition at line 958 of file test.h.

◆ ok_size_t

#define ok_size_t (   expression,
)    ok_size_t_(__FILE__, __LINE__, expression, result)

Definition at line 974 of file test.h.

◆ ok_size_t_

#define ok_size_t_ (   file,
do { \
size_t _value = (expression); \
size_t _result = (result); \
ok_(file, line)(_value == _result, "Wrong value for '%s', expected: " #result " (%Ix), got: %Ix\n", \
#expression, _result, _value); \
} while (0)
GLuint64EXT * result
Definition: glext.h:11304
Definition: parser.c:48
Definition: fci.c:126

Definition at line 967 of file test.h.

◆ ok_str

#define ok_str (   x,
)    ok_str_(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y)

Definition at line 984 of file test.h.

◆ ok_str_

#define ok_str_ (   file,
)    ok_(file, line)(strcmp(x, y) == 0, "Wrong string. Expected '%s', got '%s'\n", y, x)

Definition at line 982 of file test.h.

◆ ok_wstr

#define ok_wstr (   x,
)    ok_wstr_(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y)

Definition at line 988 of file test.h.

◆ ok_wstr_

#define ok_wstr_ (   file,
)    ok_(file, line)(wcscmp(x, y) == 0, "Wrong string. Expected '%S', got '%S'\n", y, x)

Definition at line 986 of file test.h.

◆ ros_skip_flaky

#define ros_skip_flaky
winetest_loop_nocount(); \
void winetest_start_nocount(unsigned int flags)

Definition at line 177 of file test.h.

◆ S

#define S (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 217 of file test.h.

◆ S1

#define S1 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 218 of file test.h.

◆ S2

#define S2 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 219 of file test.h.

◆ S3

#define S3 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 220 of file test.h.

◆ S4

#define S4 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 221 of file test.h.

◆ S5

#define S5 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 222 of file test.h.

◆ skip

#define skip   skip_(__FILE__, __LINE__)

Definition at line 159 of file test.h.

◆ skip_

#define skip_ (   file,
)    (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_skip

Definition at line 153 of file test.h.


#define START_TEST (   name)    void func_##name(void)

Definition at line 112 of file test.h.

◆ subtest

#define subtest   subtest_(__FILE__, __LINE__)

Definition at line 157 of file test.h.

◆ subtest_

#define subtest_ (   file,
)    (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_subtest

Definition at line 151 of file test.h.

◆ todo_if

#define todo_if (   is_todo)
for (winetest_start_todo(is_todo); \
winetest_loop_todo(); \
void winetest_start_todo(int is_todo)

Definition at line 163 of file test.h.

◆ todo_ros

#define todo_ros   todo_if(!strcmp(winetest_platform, "reactos"))

Definition at line 167 of file test.h.

◆ todo_ros_if

#define todo_ros_if (   is_todo)    todo_if((is_todo) && !strcmp(winetest_platform, "reactos"))

Definition at line 168 of file test.h.

◆ todo_wine

#define todo_wine   todo_if(!strcmp(winetest_platform, "wine"))

Definition at line 173 of file test.h.

◆ todo_wine_if

#define todo_wine_if (   is_todo)    todo_if((is_todo) && !strcmp(winetest_platform, "wine"))

Definition at line 174 of file test.h.

◆ trace

#define trace   trace_(__FILE__, __LINE__)

Definition at line 161 of file test.h.

◆ trace_

#define trace_ (   file,
)    (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_trace

Definition at line 155 of file test.h.

◆ U

#define U (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 198 of file test.h.

◆ U1

#define U1 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 199 of file test.h.

◆ U2

#define U2 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 200 of file test.h.

◆ U3

#define U3 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 201 of file test.h.

◆ U4

#define U4 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 202 of file test.h.

◆ U5

#define U5 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 203 of file test.h.

◆ U6

#define U6 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 204 of file test.h.

◆ U7

#define U7 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 205 of file test.h.

◆ U8

#define U8 (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 206 of file test.h.

◆ win_skip

#define win_skip   win_skip_(__FILE__, __LINE__)

Definition at line 160 of file test.h.

◆ win_skip_

#define win_skip_ (   file,
)    (winetest_set_location(file, line), 0) ? (void)0 : winetest_win_skip

Definition at line 154 of file test.h.


#define WINETEST_PRINTF_ATTR (   fmt,

Definition at line 140 of file test.h.

Function Documentation

◆ broken()

int broken ( int  condition)

◆ debugstr_a()

static const char* debugstr_a ( const char s)

Definition at line 87 of file test.h.

87 { return wine_dbgstr_an( s, -1 ); }
const char * wine_dbgstr_an(const CHAR *str, intptr_t n)
Definition: compat.c:313
GLdouble s
Definition: gl.h:2039

◆ debugstr_an()

static const char* debugstr_an ( const CHAR s,
intptr_t  n 

Definition at line 88 of file test.h.

88 { return wine_dbgstr_an( s, n ); }
GLdouble n
Definition: glext.h:7729
const char * wine_dbgstr_an(const CHAR *str, intptr_t n)
Definition: compat.c:313
GLdouble s
Definition: gl.h:2039

◆ wine_dbgstr_a()

static const char* wine_dbgstr_a ( const char s)

Definition at line 89 of file test.h.

89 { return wine_dbgstr_an( s, -1 ); }
const char * wine_dbgstr_an(const CHAR *str, intptr_t n)
Definition: compat.c:313
GLdouble s
Definition: gl.h:2039

◆ wine_dbgstr_an()

const char* wine_dbgstr_an ( const CHAR str,
intptr_t  n 

Definition at line 313 of file compat.c.

314 {
315  static const char hex[16] = "0123456789abcdef";
316  char *dst, *res;
317  size_t size;
318  static char buffer[256];
320  if (!((ULONG_PTR)str >> 16))
321  {
322  if (!str) return "(null)";
323  res = buffer;
324  sprintf( res, "#%04x", LOWORD(str) );
325  return res;
326  }
327  if (n == -1) n = strlen(str);
328  if (n < 0) n = 0;
329  size = 10 + min( 300, n * 4 );
330  dst = res = buffer;
331  *dst++ = '"';
332  while (n-- > 0 && dst <= res + size - 9)
333  {
334  unsigned char c = *str++;
335  switch (c)
336  {
337  case '\n': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = 'n'; break;
338  case '\r': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = 'r'; break;
339  case '\t': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = 't'; break;
340  case '"': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = '"'; break;
341  case '\\': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = '\\'; break;
342  default:
343  if (c >= ' ' && c <= 126)
344  *dst++ = c;
345  else
346  {
347  *dst++ = '\\';
348  *dst++ = 'x';
349  *dst++ = hex[(c >> 4) & 0x0f];
350  *dst++ = hex[c & 0x0f];
351  }
352  }
353  }
354  *dst++ = '"';
355  if (n > 0)
356  {
357  *dst++ = '.';
358  *dst++ = '.';
359  *dst++ = '.';
360  }
361  *dst++ = 0;
362  return res;
363 }
ACPI_SIZE strlen(const char *String)
Definition: utclib.c:269
GLdouble n
Definition: glext.h:7729
GLuint buffer
Definition: glext.h:5915
static const char hex[16]
Definition: profile.c:123
uint32_t ULONG_PTR
Definition: typedefs.h:65
#define sprintf(buf, format,...)
Definition: sprintf.c:55
const WCHAR * str
GLsizeiptr size
Definition: glext.h:5919
const GLubyte * c
Definition: glext.h:8905
GLenum GLenum dst
Definition: glext.h:6340
#define min(a, b)
GLuint res
Definition: glext.h:9613
#define c
Definition: ke_i.h:80
#define LOWORD(l)
Definition: pedump.c:82

Referenced by debugstr_a(), debugstr_an(), and wine_dbgstr_a().

◆ wine_dbgstr_guid()

const char* wine_dbgstr_guid ( const GUID guid)

Referenced by _check_typeinfo(), CFSFolder::_CreateShellExtInstance(), _test_class_info(), _test_cp_args(), _test_cp_eventarg(), _test_disp(), _test_disp2(), _test_ifaces(), _test_provideclassinfo(), Accessible_QueryInterface(), ActiveScript_QueryInterface(), Arguments2_GetIDsOfNames(), Arguments2_QueryInterface(), ax_qi(), AXObjectSafety_GetInterfaceSafetyOptions(), AXObjectSafety_QueryInterface(), AXObjectSafety_SetInterfaceSafetyOptions(), BindCallbackRedirect_QueryInterface(), BindInfo_QueryInterface(), Binding_QueryInterface(), BindStatusCallback_OnObjectAvailable(), BindStatusCallback_QueryInterface(), CFSFolder::BindToObject(), callback_QueryInterface(), check_bitmap_format(), check_bmp_format(), check_db_properties(), check_device_iface_(), check_device_info_(), check_known_folder(), check_png_format(), check_storage_contents(), check_tiff_format(), ClassFactory_CreateInstance(), ClassFactory_QueryInterface(), codeview_process_info(), compare_bitmap_data(), ConnectionPoint_QueryInterface(), ConnectionPointContainer_FindConnectionPoint(), create_decoder(), CreateComponentInfo(), CreateXmlReader(), CreateXmlWriter(), CustomDocHostUIHandler_QueryInterface(), DataObject_QueryInterface(), ddraw_enumerate_secondary_devices(), debugstr_guid(), debugstr_msxml_guid(), decode_frame_wic(), Disp_Invoke(), Dispatch_GetIDsOfNames(), Dispatch_Invoke(), Dispatch_QueryInterface(), DispatchEx_QueryInterface(), div_onclick_disp_Invoke(), DllGetClassObject(), DummyDispatch_Invoke(), enum_devices_callback(), EnumAddress_cb2(), EnumAllFeedback(), EnumEffects(), EnumJoysticks(), EnumVARIANT_QueryInterface(), EventDispatch_Invoke(), External_QueryInterface(), find_ept_entry(), FontEventsDisp_Invoke(), GdipSaveImageToStream(), get_decoder_info_from_image(), get_pixelformat_info(), getinstance_cf_CreateInstance(), CShellDispatch::GetInterfaceSafetyOptions(), CShellDispatch::GetSite(), Guid2str(), HlinkBrowseContext_QueryInterface(), HlinkTarget_QueryInterface(), hls_QueryInterface(), hls_QueryService(), hls_test_Moniker_BindToStorage(), Host_GetIDsOfNames(), Host_QueryInterface(), HttpSecurity_GetWindow(), ICommDlgBrowser3_fnQueryInterface(), IExplorerPaneVisibility_fnGetPaneState(), IExplorerPaneVisibility_fnQueryInterface(), initialize_decoder_wic(), InPlaceFrame_QueryInterface(), InternetHostSecurityManager_ProcessUrlAction(), InternetHostSecurityManager_QueryCustomPolicy(), IServiceProvider_fnQueryInterface(), IServiceProvider_fnQueryService(), IUnknownImpl_QueryInterface(), CDefaultContextMenu::LoadDynamicContextMenuHandler(), match_guid_attr_imp(), matchGUID(), mdbr_QueryInterface(), mdr_QueryInterface(), MimeFilter_CreateInstance(), MimeProtocol_QueryInterface(), Moniker_BindToObject(), Moniker_BindToStorage(), Moniker_GetClassID(), Moniker_QueryInterface(), MonikerProp_QueryInterface(), NewWindowManager_QueryInterface(), ObjectSafety_GetInterfaceSafetyOptions(), ObjectSafety_QueryInterface(), ObjectSafety_SetInterfaceSafetyOptions(), ok_iids_(), OleCommandTarget_Exec(), OleWindow_QueryInterface(), outer_QueryInterface(), PersistMoniker_QueryInterface(), process_data(), ProfileActivationSink_OnActivated(), Protocol_QueryInterface(), ProtocolCF_CreateInstance(), ProtocolCF_QueryInterface(), ProtocolEmul_QueryInterface(), ProtocolSink_QueryInterface(), ProtocolUnk_QueryInterface(), Proxy_UnmarshalInterface(), query_interface(), QueryInterface(), CMenuBand::QueryService(), register_ps_clsid_thread(), resolver_QI(), RichEditOleCallback_QueryInterface(), ServiceProvider_QueryInterface(), ServiceProvider_QueryService(), CInternetToolbar::SetCommandTarget(), CShellDispatch::SetInterfaceSafetyOptions(), CShellBrowser::ShowBand(), sp_QueryInterface(), sp_QueryService(), START_TEST(), statusclb_OnObjectAvailable(), statusclb_OnProgress(), statusclb_OnStartBinding(), statusclb_OnStopBinding(), statusclb_QueryInterface(), std_release_marshal_data(), Storage_SetClass(), StorageBaseImpl_SetClass(), stream_info(), Stream_QueryInterface(), SxsLookupClrGuid(), test1_QueryInterface(), test_activator_GetClassObject(), test_ApphelpCheckShellObject(), test_BindToObject(), test_bitmap_scaler(), test_CLSIDFromProgID(), test_CLSIDFromString(), test_CoCreateInstanceEx(), test_CoGetObjectContext(), test_CoGetPSClsid(), test_CoGetStandardMarshal(), test_color_formats(), test_CoRegisterPSClsid(), test_create_reader(), test_CreateBitmapFromHBITMAP(), test_CreateBitmapFromHICON(), test_CreateBody(), test_data_cache_init(), test_data_cache_initnew(), test_decode_adobe_cmyk(), test_delegated_methods(), test_devenum(), test_device_iface(), test_device_iface_detail(), test_device_info(), test_DfMarshal_custom_marshaling(), test_disp_QI(), test_dispatch_typeinfo(), test_FileContents1(), test_FileContents2(), test_filesourcefilter(), test_find_com_redirection(), test_find_ifaceps_redirection(), test_find_progid_redirection(), test_find_surrogate(), test_freethreadedmarshaldata(), test_freethreadedmarshaler(), test_GetAdaptersAddresses(), test_GetAddrInfoExW(), test_GetDatabaseInformation(), test_GetDatabaseInformationEmpty(), test_GetDefaultColumn(), test_GetDefaultSearchGUID(), test_GetDeviceInfo(), test_global_gif_palette(), test_global_gif_palette_2frames(), test_GuidFunctions(), test_iface_ptr(), test_IIDFromString(), test_IIDs(), test_IMILBitmap(), test_is_testdb(), test_IUnknown_GetClassID(), test_IWinHttpRequest_Invoke(), test_local_gif_palette(), test_media_seeking(), test_metadata_APE(), test_metadata_cHRM(), test_metadata_gAMA(), test_metadata_GCE(), test_metadata_gif(), test_metadata_GIF_comment(), test_metadata_IFD(), test_metadata_IMD(), test_metadata_LSD(), test_metadata_tEXt(), test_mode_generic(), test_moniker_BindToObject(), test_multi_encoder(), test_mxwriter_handlers(), test_namespaces_as_attributes(), test_OleCreateStaticFromData(), test_OleDoAutoConvert(), test_persiststream(), test_pixelformat_info(), test_png_palette(), test_PropVariantToGUID(), test_PSPropertyKeyFromString(), test_queryreader(), test_recinfo(), test_safearray_layout(), test_SHCreateQueryCancelAutoPlayMoniker(), Test_Shimdata(), test_SIPRetrieveSubjectGUID(), test_source_iface(), test_supporterrorinfo(), test_tiff_1bpp_palette(), test_tiff_24bpp(), test_tiff_4bps_bgra(), test_tiff_8bpp_alpha(), test_tiff_8bpp_palette(), test_truncated_gif(), test_unk_QI(), test_UuidCreate(), test_UuidCreateSequential(), test_WICMapSchemaToName(), test_WICMapShortNameToGuid(), test_with_compat(), testinstance_QI(), testoutput_QueryInterface(), threadref_QueryInterface(), Timeline_IAMTimeline_GetDefaultEffect(), Timeline_IAMTimeline_GetDefaultTransition(), Timeline_IAMTimeline_SetDefaultEffect(), Timeline_IAMTimeline_SetDefaultTransition(), TimelineObj_SetSubObjectGUID(), timeoutFunc_Invoke(), transformdest_QueryInterface(), TravelLog_QueryInterface(), unknown_QueryInterface(), Unknown_QueryInterface(), VariantChangeType_QueryInterface(), ViewAdviseSink_QueryInterface(), wb_qi(), WBE2Sink_QueryInterface(), WICMapGuidToShortName(), WICMapSchemaToName(), and WinInetHttpInfo_QueryInterface().

◆ wine_dbgstr_point()

◆ wine_dbgstr_rect()

const char* wine_dbgstr_rect ( const RECT rect)

Referenced by ArrangeCtrlPositions(), CBCalcPlacement(), CFn_WMPaint(), check_update_rgn_(), clip_emf_enum_proc(), column_fill_hditem(), COMBOEX_AdjustEditPos(), COMBOEX_ComboWndProc(), COMBOEX_Create(), COMBOEX_DrawItem(), COMBOEX_EditWndProc(), COMBOEX_SetItemHeight(), COMBOEX_WindowPosChanging(), compare_bounds(), CreateEnhMetaFileW(), d3d8_device_Present(), d3d8_surface_LockRect(), d3d8_swapchain_Present(), d3d8_texture_2d_AddDirtyRect(), d3d8_texture_cube_AddDirtyRect(), d3d9_device_PresentEx(), d3d9_device_StretchRect(), d3d9_surface_LockRect(), d3d9_swapchain_Present(), d3d9_texture_2d_AddDirtyRect(), d3d9_texture_cube_AddDirtyRect(), d3d_device1_Pick(), d3d_device7_Load(), d3dx9_sprite_Draw(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFileA(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFileInMemory(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFileW(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromResourceA(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromResourceW(), D3DXLoadSurfaceFromSurface(), D3DXSaveSurfaceToFileA(), D3DXSaveSurfaceToFileInMemory(), D3DXSaveSurfaceToFileW(), ddraw_clipper_GetClipList(), ddraw_surface1_AddOverlayDirtyRect(), ddraw_surface1_Blt(), ddraw_surface1_BltFast(), ddraw_surface1_Lock(), ddraw_surface1_UpdateOverlay(), ddraw_surface2_AddOverlayDirtyRect(), ddraw_surface2_Blt(), ddraw_surface2_BltFast(), ddraw_surface2_Lock(), ddraw_surface2_UpdateOverlay(), ddraw_surface3_AddOverlayDirtyRect(), ddraw_surface3_Blt(), ddraw_surface3_BltFast(), ddraw_surface3_Lock(), ddraw_surface3_UpdateOverlay(), ddraw_surface4_AddOverlayDirtyRect(), ddraw_surface4_Blt(), ddraw_surface4_BltFast(), ddraw_surface4_Lock(), ddraw_surface4_UpdateOverlay(), ddraw_surface7_AddOverlayDirtyRect(), ddraw_surface7_Blt(), ddraw_surface7_BltFast(), ddraw_surface7_Lock(), ddraw_surface7_Unlock(), ddraw_surface7_UpdateOverlay(), DefaultHandler_DoVerb(), device_clear_render_targets(), device_parent_mode_changed(), DirectDrawMediaStreamImpl_IDirectDrawMediaStream_CreateSample(), DrawTextExWorker(), dump_region(), EMFDC_ExtTextOut(), EMFDRV_ExtTextOut(), EnumEnhMetaFile(), FileMenu_DrawItem(), FileMenu_GetItemExtent(), fullscreen_wnd_proc(), GdipDrawImagePointsRect(), GetThemeBackgroundContentRect(), GetThemeBackgroundExtent(), GetWinMetaFileBits(), ID3DXFontImpl_DrawTextA(), ID3DXFontImpl_DrawTextW(), iterator_frameditems(), iterator_frameditems_absolute(), LISTBOX_GetItemRect(), LISTBOX_PaintItem(), LISTVIEW_DrawItemPart(), LISTVIEW_FillBkgnd(), LISTVIEW_GetItemMetrics(), LISTVIEW_GetItemRect(), LISTVIEW_GetSubItemRect(), LISTVIEW_GetViewRect(), LISTVIEW_HitTest(), LISTVIEW_InvalidateRect(), LISTVIEW_RefreshOwnerDraw(), LISTVIEW_RefreshReportGrid(), LISTVIEW_ScrollOnInsert(), LISTVIEW_UpdateSize(), main_window_proc(), main_window_procA(), MCIAVI_mciPut(), MCIAVI_mciWhere(), MCIQTZ_mciWhere(), MCIWndProc(), mdi_child_wnd_proc_2(), MDI_ChildGetMinMaxInfo(), mdi_main_wnd_procA(), ME_DrawParagraph(), menu_ownerdraw_wnd_proc(), MONTHCAL_DrawDay(), MONTHCAL_GetMinReqRect(), MONTHCAL_UpdateSize(), msi_dialog_adjust_dialog_pos(), nccalchelper(), OleInPlaceObject_SetObjectRects(), OleObject_DoVerb(), OLEPictureImpl_Render(), PAGER_DrawButton(), PAGER_MouseMove(), PAGER_NCCalcSize(), pagesetup_change_preview(), parentdc_window_procA(), ParentMsgCheckProcA(), PlayEnhMetaFileRecord(), PROPSHEET_AdjustSize(), PROPSHEET_AdjustSizeWizard(), PROPSHEET_SetCurSel(), PROPSHEET_SizeMismatch(), REBAR_CalcHorzBand(), REBAR_CalcVertBand(), REBAR_Create(), REBAR_DumpBand(), REBAR_EraseBkGnd(), REBAR_GetRect(), REBAR_Layout(), REBAR_MoveChildWindows(), REBAR_NCCalcSize(), REBAR_NCCreate(), REBAR_NCPaint(), REBAR_Paint(), REBAR_SetBandsHeight(), REBAR_SizeToRect(), REBAR_WindowPosChanged(), resize_template_hook(), scissorrect(), ScriptStringOut(), ScriptTextOut(), SHAppBarMessage(), SPY_DumpStructure(), STATUSBAR_DrawPart(), STATUSBAR_DrawSizeGrip(), STATUSBAR_SetPartBounds(), surface_blt_fbo(), surface_blt_special(), surface_depth_blt_fbo(), surface_lock(), surface_upload_from_surface(), swapchain_blit(), TAB_AdjustRect(), TAB_DrawBorder(), TAB_DrawItem(), TAB_DrawItemInterior(), TAB_FocusChanging(), TAB_InsertItemT(), TAB_InternalGetItemRect(), TAB_InvalidateTabArea(), TAB_Paint(), TAB_SetItemBounds(), test_AWR_flags(), test_basics(), test_begin_paint(), test_boundsrect(), test_ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(), test_clipping(), test_clipping_2(), test_CreateWindow(), test_CRect(), test_dc_layout(), test_dc_visrgn(), test_desktop_winproc(), test_device_caps(), test_dpi_mapping(), test_DrawTextCalcRect(), test_edit_control_5(), test_emf_clipping(), test_format_rect(), test_fullscreen(), test_getmenubarinfo(), test_GetRandomRgn(), test_GetScrollBarInfo(), test_GetUpdateRect(), test_hwnd_message(), test_initialization(), test_Input_mouse(), test_IsRectEmpty(), test_layered_window(), test_margin(), test_margins_default(), test_margins_usefontinfo(), test_mbs_help(), test_memory_dc_clipping(), test_mouse_input(), test_nccalcscroll(), test_nonclient_area(), test_ownerdraw(), test_pager(), test_parent_wndproc(), test_redraw(), test_rtl_layout(), test_savedc_2(), test_scroll_window(), test_scrolldc(), test_scrollvalidate(), test_SetParent(), test_SetWindowPos(), test_showwindow(), test_ShowWindow(), test_SubtractRect(), test_tic_settings(), test_validatergn(), test_vis_rgn(), test_window_dc_clipping(), test_winregion(), test_work_area(), texture_resource_sub_resource_map(), TOOLBAR_DrawFlatHorizontalSeparator(), TOOLBAR_DrawString(), TOOLBAR_DumpButton(), TOOLBAR_GetIdealSize(), TOOLBAR_Paint(), TOOLBAR_Size(), TOOLTIPS_NewToolRectT(), TRACKBAR_CalcSelection(), TREEVIEW_DrawItem(), TREEVIEW_GetItemRect(), update_plugin_window(), verify_region(), VideoRenderer_AutoShowWindow(), VideoRenderer_SendSampleData(), VMR7WindowlessControl_SetVideoPosition(), VMR9_ImagePresenter_PresentImage(), VMR9_SendSampleData(), VMR9WindowlessControl_SetVideoPosition(), warp_check(), wined3d_device_clear_rendertarget_view(), wined3d_device_get_scissor_rect(), wined3d_device_set_scissor_rect(), wined3d_surface_blt(), wined3d_surface_upload_data(), wined3d_swapchain_get_front_buffer_data(), wined3d_swapchain_present(), wined3d_texture_blt(), wined3d_texture_update_overlay(), and winsizes_wnd_proc().

◆ wine_dbgstr_size()

const char* wine_dbgstr_size ( const SIZE guid)

Referenced by test_CSize().

◆ wine_dbgstr_w()

static const char* wine_dbgstr_w ( const WCHAR s)

Definition at line 90 of file test.h.

90 { return wine_dbgstr_wn( s, -1 ); }
GLdouble s
Definition: gl.h:2039
const char * wine_dbgstr_wn(const WCHAR *str, intptr_t n)
Definition: compat.c:367

◆ wine_dbgstr_wn()

const char* wine_dbgstr_wn ( const WCHAR str,
intptr_t  n 

Definition at line 367 of file compat.c.

368 {
369  char *dst, *res;
370  size_t size;
371  static char buffer[256];
373  if (!((ULONG_PTR)str >> 16))
374  {
375  if (!str) return "(null)";
376  res = buffer;
377  sprintf( res, "#%04x", LOWORD(str) );
378  return res;
379  }
380  if (n == -1)
381  {
382  const WCHAR *end = str;
383  while (*end) end++;
384  n = end - str;
385  }
386  if (n < 0) n = 0;
387  size = 12 + min( 300, n * 5 );
388  dst = res = buffer;
389  *dst++ = 'L';
390  *dst++ = '"';
391  while (n-- > 0 && dst <= res + size - 10)
392  {
393  WCHAR c = *str++;
394  switch (c)
395  {
396  case '\n': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = 'n'; break;
397  case '\r': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = 'r'; break;
398  case '\t': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = 't'; break;
399  case '"': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = '"'; break;
400  case '\\': *dst++ = '\\'; *dst++ = '\\'; break;
401  default:
402  if (c >= ' ' && c <= 126)
403  *dst++ = c;
404  else
405  {
406  *dst++ = '\\';
407  sprintf(dst,"%04x",c);
408  dst+=4;
409  }
410  }
411  }
412  *dst++ = '"';
413  if (n > 0)
414  {
415  *dst++ = '.';
416  *dst++ = '.';
417  *dst++ = '.';
418  }
419  *dst++ = 0;
420  return res;
421 }
GLdouble n
Definition: glext.h:7729
GLuint buffer
Definition: glext.h:5915
uint32_t ULONG_PTR
Definition: typedefs.h:65
#define sprintf(buf, format,...)
Definition: sprintf.c:55
const WCHAR * str
GLsizeiptr size
Definition: glext.h:5919
__wchar_t WCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:180
const GLubyte * c
Definition: glext.h:8905
GLuint GLuint end
Definition: gl.h:1545
GLenum GLenum dst
Definition: glext.h:6340
#define min(a, b)
GLuint res
Definition: glext.h:9613
#define c
Definition: ke_i.h:80
#define LOWORD(l)
Definition: pedump.c:82

Referenced by _test_hkey_main_Value_W(), check_output_raw(), get_token(), map_type(), mqr_GetMetadataByName(), SoftModalMessageBox(), START_TEST(), tally_test_file(), test_flags_NtQueryDirectoryFile(), test_GetStateText(), test_IdnToAscii(), test_IdnToNameprepUnicode(), test_IdnToUnicode(), Test_ImageSection(), test_IMLangConvertCharset(), test_IWinHttpRequest(), test_marshal_bstr(), test_NtQueryDirectoryFile(), test_NtQueryDirectoryFile_case(), test_NtQueryKey(), test_query_attribute_information_file(), test_readdirectorychanges_cr(), test_reg_query_info(), test_RtlUTF8ToUnicodeN(), test_saxstr(), test_SQLGetPrivateProfileStringW(), test_string_data(), test_string_data_process(), test_utf7_decoding(), Widget_bstr(), wine_dbgstr_us(), and wine_dbgstr_w().

◆ winetest_add_failures()

void winetest_add_failures ( LONG  new_failures)

◆ winetest_end_nocount()

void winetest_end_nocount ( void  )

◆ winetest_end_todo()

void winetest_end_todo ( void  )

◆ winetest_get_failures()

LONG winetest_get_failures ( void  )

◆ winetest_get_mainargs()

◆ winetest_get_successes()

LONG winetest_get_successes ( void  )

◆ winetest_loop_nocount()

int winetest_loop_nocount ( void  )

◆ winetest_loop_todo()

int winetest_loop_todo ( void  )

◆ winetest_ok()

◆ winetest_pop_context()

void winetest_pop_context ( void  )

◆ winetest_print()

void __winetest_cdecl winetest_print ( const char msg,

◆ winetest_push_context()

void __winetest_cdecl winetest_push_context ( const char fmt,

◆ winetest_set_location()

void winetest_set_location ( const char file,
int  line 

Referenced by START_TEST().

◆ winetest_skip()

void __winetest_cdecl winetest_skip ( const char msg,

Referenced by _find_font_for_range(), and ok_fls_().

◆ winetest_start_nocount()

void winetest_start_nocount ( unsigned int  flags)

◆ winetest_start_todo()

void winetest_start_todo ( int  is_todo)

◆ winetest_strcmpW()

static int winetest_strcmpW ( const WCHAR str1,
const WCHAR str2 

Definition at line 94 of file test.h.

95 {
96  while (*str1 && (*str1 == *str2)) { str1++; str2++; }
97  return *str1 - *str2;
98 }

Referenced by check_lnk_(), create_lnk_(), test__wenviron(), test_collection_content(), test_credentials(), and test_versioninfo().

◆ winetest_subtest()

void winetest_subtest ( const char name)

◆ winetest_trace()

void __winetest_cdecl winetest_trace ( const char msg,

◆ winetest_vok()

int winetest_vok ( int  condition,
const char msg,
__winetest_va_list  ap 


◆ winetest_vskip()

void winetest_vskip ( const char msg,
__winetest_va_list  ap 

◆ winetest_wait_child_process()

◆ winetest_win_skip()

void __winetest_cdecl winetest_win_skip ( const char msg,

Referenced by _test_items_ok(), and _test_shape_ok().

Variable Documentation

◆ report_success

int report_success

◆ winetest_debug

int winetest_debug

Referenced by alarmThreadMain(), buffer_service(), buffer_service8(), call_continue(), callback(), callback_func(), cb(), check_menu_items(), check_position(), check_storage_contents(), check_update_rgn_(), closetest_callback(), compare_bits(), compare_menu_data(), ddeCb(), do_test(), doChild(), dscenum_callback(), dump_child_(), dump_emf_bits(), dump_emf_record(), dump_emf_records(), dump_mf_bits(), enum_callback(), enum_func(), EnumFormatImpl_Next(), exercizeServer(), gdf_driver_proc(), hook_proc(), hook_WaitForInputIdle(), hooked_WaitForInputIdle(), InternetReadFile_test(), langgrp_procA(), lgrplocale_procA(), luilocale_proc1A(), menu_ownerdraw_wnd_proc(), ok_path(), ProtocolSink_ReportProgress(), rpcThreadMain(), semaphore_thread_proc(), serverThreadMain1(), serverThreadMain2(), serverThreadMain3(), serverThreadMain4(), serverThreadMain5(), shell_execute_(), shell_execute_ex_(), test1_QueryInterface(), test_aligned_malloc(), test_aligned_offset_malloc(), test_aligned_offset_realloc(), test_aligned_realloc(), test_buffer(), test_buffer8(), test_capture_buffer(), test_clock(), test_color_formats(), test_CreateNamedPipe(), test_data_cache_contents(), test_devenum(), test_EnumCodePages(), test_EnumForms(), test_getDefaultCryptProv(), test_import_export(), test_mbs_help(), test_menu_bmp_and_string(), test_menu_resource_layout(), test_metadata_gif(), test_multi_encoder(), test_NamedPipe_2(), test_query_process_vm(), test_RegisterClipboardFormatA(), test_scrolldc(), test_scrollvalidate(), test_SHCreateStreamOnFileEx(), test_SHGetStockIconInfo(), test_sid(), test_text_metrics(), test_thread(), test_timer(), test_worst_case(), Test_WSAIoctl_GetInterfaceList(), Test_WSAIoctl_InitTest(), testGetIcmpStatistics(), testGetIcmpStatisticsEx(), testGetIfTable(), testGetIpForwardTable(), testGetIpNetTable(), testGetIpStatistics(), testGetIpStatisticsEx(), testGetTcpStatistics(), testGetTcpStatisticsEx(), testGetTcpTable(), testGetUdpStatistics(), testGetUdpStatisticsEx(), testGetUdpTable(), unk_AddRef(), unk_QueryInterface(), unk_Release(), and WndProc2().

◆ winetest_interactive

int winetest_interactive

Referenced by _sink_check_ok(), _sink_fire_ok(), check_bits(), check_count(), create_child_editcontrol(), create_custom_header_control(), create_editcontrol(), create_header_control(), create_tabcontrol(), create_window(), createFilledTabControl(), driver_tests(), DriverEnumProc(), dscenum_callback(), dsenum_callback(), EnumJoysticks(), force_redraw(), FormatEnumProc(), FormatTagEnumProc(), mixer_test_controlA(), mixer_test_controlW(), mixer_test_deviceA(), mixer_test_deviceW(), ProtocolSink_ReportResult(), show_image(), START_TEST(), TabCheckSetSize(), test_acquire(), test_AddPortUI(), test_apc_deadlock(), test_api(), test_AVISaveOptions(), test_buffer(), test_buffer8(), test_clock(), test_ConfigurePort(), test_ConfigurePortUI(), test_controlevent(), test_CredUIPromptForCredentials(), test_dib_formats(), test_drvCommConfigDialogA(), test_drvCommConfigDialogW(), test_edit_control_2(), test_event_binding(), test_ExitCode(), test_flash_ax(), test_focus(), test_fontsize(), test_frequency(), test_get_input_report(), test_get_state(), test_hdm_filterMessages(), test_hdm_index_messages(), test_hdm_sethotdivider(), test_header_control(), test_Hlink_Navigate(), test_HTMLDocument_http(), test_http_connection(), test_ImmGetCompositionString(), test_LaunchINFSection(), test_LaunchINFSectionEx(), test_menualign(), test_midiOut_device(), test_mono_bitmap(), test_NtQueryKey(), test_onclick(), test_play(), test_primary(), test_primary8(), test_primary_3d(), test_primary_3d8(), test_primary_3d_with_listener(), test_primary_3d_with_listener8(), test_primary_secondary(), test_primary_secondary8(), test_PrintDlgExW(), test_read_device(), test_resizable2(), test_RunControlPanel(), test_ScriptGetFontProperties(), test_secondary(), test_secondary8(), test_SHGetSpecialFolderPath(), test_sioAddressListChange(), test_sourcepath(), test_sources(), test_SspiPromptForCredentials(), test_start_stop(), test_submit(), test_Toolhelp(), test_url_action(), test_worst_case(), testNotifyAddrChange(), wave_generate_tone(), wave_in_test_deviceIn(), wave_out_test_device(), and wave_out_tests().

◆ winetest_platform