ReactOS  0.4.11-dev-433-g473ca91
winesup.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <float.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <internal/locale.h>
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#define NtCurrentPeb()   (NtCurrentTeb()->Peb)
#define GetProcessHeap()   (NtCurrentPeb()->ProcessHeap)
#define HeapAlloc(_Heap, _Flags, _Size)   RtlAllocateHeap(_Heap, _Flags, _Size)
#define HeapFree(_Heap, _Flags, _Ptr)   RtlFreeHeap(_Heap, _Flags, _Ptr)
#define get_locinfo()   ((pthreadlocinfo)get_locinfo())
#define __WINE_DEBUG_H
#define TRACE(...)   /* DPRINT(__VA_ARGS__) */
#define debugstr_a(format)   format


void __declspec (noinline) _internal_handle_float(int negative


void int exp
void int int suppress
void int int ULONGLONG d
void int int ULONGLONG int l_or_L_prefix
void int int ULONGLONG int

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __WINE_DEBUG_H

Definition at line 40 of file winesup.h.

#define debugstr_a (   format)    format

Definition at line 45 of file winesup.h.

#define get_locinfo (   void)    ((pthreadlocinfo)get_locinfo())
#define GetProcessHeap ( )    (NtCurrentPeb()->ProcessHeap)

Definition at line 11 of file winesup.h.

#define HeapAlloc (   _Heap,
)    RtlAllocateHeap(_Heap, _Flags, _Size)

Definition at line 13 of file winesup.h.

#define HeapFree (   _Heap,
)    RtlFreeHeap(_Heap, _Flags, _Ptr)

Definition at line 14 of file winesup.h.

#define NtCurrentPeb ( )    (NtCurrentTeb()->Peb)

Definition at line 10 of file winesup.h.

#define TRACE (   ...)    /* DPRINT(__VA_ARGS__) */

Definition at line 44 of file winesup.h.


Definition at line 42 of file winesup.h.

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void __declspec ( noinline  )

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Definition at line 32 of file winesup.h.

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Definition at line 32 of file winesup.h.

void int exp

Definition at line 32 of file winesup.h.

void int int ULONGLONG int l_or_L_prefix

Definition at line 32 of file winesup.h.

void int int suppress

Definition at line 32 of file winesup.h.