ReactOS  0.4.14-dev-115-g4576127
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1 /*
2  * RichEdit - prototypes for functions and macro definitions
3  *
4  * Copyright 2004 by Krzysztof Foltman
5  *
6  * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
7  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
8  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
9  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
10  *
11  * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
12  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
14  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
15  *
16  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
17  * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
18  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
19  */
21 #pragma once
23 #include "editstr.h"
24 #include "wine/unicode.h"
26 struct _RTF_Info;
30 #define RUN_IS_HIDDEN(run) ((run)->style->fmt.dwMask & CFM_HIDDEN \
31  && (run)->style->fmt.dwEffects & CFE_HIDDEN)
33 #define InitFormatEtc(fe, cf, med) \
34  {\
35  (fe).cfFormat=cf;\
36  (fe).dwAspect=DVASPECT_CONTENT;\
37  (fe).ptd=NULL;\
38  (fe).tymed=med;\
39  (fe).lindex=-1;\
40  };
42 static inline WCHAR *get_text( const ME_Run *run, int offset )
43 {
44  return run->para->text->szData + run->nCharOfs + offset;
45 }
47 static inline const char *debugstr_run( const ME_Run *run )
48 {
49  return debugstr_wn( get_text( run, 0 ), run->len );
50 }
52 /* style.c */
64 void ME_DumpStyleToBuf(CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt, char buf[2048]) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
68 void ME_CopyCharFormat(CHARFORMAT2W *pDest, const CHARFORMAT2W *pSrc) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN; /* only works with 2W structs */
71 /* list.c */
84 /* string.c */
86 ME_String *ME_MakeStringR(WCHAR cRepeat, int nMaxChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
92 int ME_FindNonWhitespaceV(const ME_String *s, int nVChar) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
94 void ME_StrDeleteV(ME_String *s, int nVChar, int nChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
97 #define CP_UNICODE 1200
99 /* smart helpers for A<->W conversions, they reserve/free memory and call MultiByte<->WideChar functions */
103 static inline int ME_IsWSpace(WCHAR ch)
104 {
105  return ch > '\0' && ch <= ' ';
106 }
108 static inline int ME_CharCompare(WCHAR a, WCHAR b, int caseSensitive)
109 {
110  return caseSensitive ? (a == b) : (toupperW(a) == toupperW(b));
111 }
113 /* note: those two really return the first matching offset (starting from EOS)+1
114  * in other words, an offset of the first trailing white/black */
116 int ME_ReverseFindWhitespaceV(const ME_String *s, int nVChar) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
118 /* row.c */
120 /* ME_DisplayItem *ME_RowEnd(ME_DisplayItem *item); */
124 /* run.c */
127  ME_Style *style, const WCHAR *str, int len, int flags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
130 /* this one accounts for 1/2 char tolerance */
131 int ME_CharFromPointContext(ME_Context *c, int cx, ME_Run *run, BOOL closest, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
132 int ME_CharFromPoint(ME_TextEditor *editor, int cx, ME_Run *run, BOOL closest, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
133 int ME_PointFromCharContext(ME_Context *c, ME_Run *pRun, int nOffset, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
134 int ME_PointFromChar(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Run *pRun, int nOffset, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
135 BOOL ME_CanJoinRuns(const ME_Run *run1, const ME_Run *run2) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
139 SIZE ME_GetRunSizeCommon(ME_Context *c, const ME_Paragraph *para, ME_Run *run, int nLen,
140  int startx, int *pAscent, int *pDescent) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
141 void ME_CursorFromCharOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCharOfs, ME_Cursor *pCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
142 void ME_RunOfsFromCharOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCharOfs, ME_DisplayItem **ppPara, ME_DisplayItem **ppRun, int *pOfs) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
143 int ME_CharOfsFromRunOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, const ME_DisplayItem *pPara, const ME_DisplayItem *pRun, int nOfs) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
148  const ME_Cursor *to, CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
153 /* caret.c */
161 void ME_LButtonDown(ME_TextEditor *editor, int x, int y, int clickNum) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
164 void ME_InsertTextFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCursor,
165  const WCHAR *str, int len, ME_Style *style) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
176 void ME_InsertOLEFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, const REOBJECT* reo, int nCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
183 /* context.c */
187 /* wrap.c */
192 /* para.c */
196 ME_DisplayItem *ME_SplitParagraph(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *rp, ME_Style *style, const WCHAR *eol_str, int eol_len, int paraFlags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
198  BOOL keepFirstParaFormat) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
200 void ME_DumpParaStyleToBuf(const PARAFORMAT2 *pFmt, char buf[2048]) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
206 void para_num_clear( struct para_num *pn ) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
213 /* paint.c */
220 BOOL ME_SetZoom(ME_TextEditor *editor, int numerator, int denominator) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
224 /* scroll functions in paint.c */
235 /* other functions in paint.c */
238 /* richole.c */
240 void ME_DrawOLE(ME_Context *c, int x, int y, ME_Run* run, BOOL selected) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
241 void ME_GetOLEObjectSize(const ME_Context *c, ME_Run *run, SIZE *pSize) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
246 /* editor.c */
247 ME_TextEditor *ME_MakeEditor(ITextHost *texthost, BOOL bEmulateVersion10) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
250  LPARAM lParam, BOOL unicode, HRESULT* phresult) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
252 int ME_GetTextW(ME_TextEditor *editor, WCHAR *buffer, int buflen,
253  const ME_Cursor *start, int srcChars, BOOL bCRLF, BOOL bEOP) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
260 void ME_ReplaceSel(ME_TextEditor *editor, BOOL can_undo, const WCHAR *str, int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
262 /* table.c */
278 void ME_InitTableDef(ME_TextEditor *editor, struct RTFTable *tableDef) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
280 /* txthost.c */
281 ITextHost *ME_CreateTextHost(HWND hwnd, CREATESTRUCTW *cs, BOOL bEmulateVersion10) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
282 #ifdef __i386__ /* Use wrappers to perform thiscall on i386 */
283 #define TXTHOST_VTABLE(This) (&itextHostStdcallVtbl)
284 #else /* __i386__ */
285 #define TXTHOST_VTABLE(This) (This)->lpVtbl
286 #endif /* __i386__ */
287  /*** ITextHost methods ***/
288 #define ITextHost_TxGetDC(This) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetDC(This)
289 #define ITextHost_TxReleaseDC(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxReleaseDC(This,a)
290 #define ITextHost_TxShowScrollBar(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxShowScrollBar(This,a,b)
291 #define ITextHost_TxEnableScrollBar(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxEnableScrollBar(This,a,b)
292 #define ITextHost_TxSetScrollRange(This,a,b,c,d) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetScrollRange(This,a,b,c,d)
293 #define ITextHost_TxSetScrollPos(This,a,b,c) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetScrollPos(This,a,b,c)
294 #define ITextHost_TxInvalidateRect(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxInvalidateRect(This,a,b)
295 #define ITextHost_TxViewChange(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxViewChange(This,a)
296 #define ITextHost_TxCreateCaret(This,a,b,c) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxCreateCaret(This,a,b,c)
297 #define ITextHost_TxShowCaret(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxShowCaret(This,a)
298 #define ITextHost_TxSetCaretPos(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetCaretPos(This,a,b)
299 #define ITextHost_TxSetTimer(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetTimer(This,a,b)
300 #define ITextHost_TxKillTimer(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxKillTimer(This,a)
301 #define ITextHost_TxScrollWindowEx(This,a,b,c,d,e,f,g) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxScrollWindowEx(This,a,b,c,d,e,f,g)
302 #define ITextHost_TxSetCapture(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetCapture(This,a)
303 #define ITextHost_TxSetFocus(This) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetFocus(This)
304 #define ITextHost_TxSetCursor(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxSetCursor(This,a,b)
305 #define ITextHost_TxScreenToClient(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxScreenToClient(This,a)
306 #define ITextHost_TxClientToScreen(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxClientToScreen(This,a)
307 #define ITextHost_TxActivate(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxActivate(This,a)
308 #define ITextHost_TxDeactivate(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxDeactivate(This,a)
309 #define ITextHost_TxGetClientRect(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetClientRect(This,a)
310 #define ITextHost_TxGetViewInset(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetViewInset(This,a)
311 #define ITextHost_TxGetCharFormat(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetCharFormat(This,a)
312 #define ITextHost_TxGetParaFormat(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetParaFormat(This,a)
313 #define ITextHost_TxGetSysColor(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetSysColor(This,a)
314 #define ITextHost_TxGetBackStyle(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetBackStyle(This,a)
315 #define ITextHost_TxGetMaxLength(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetMaxLength(This,a)
316 #define ITextHost_TxGetScrollBars(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetScrollBars(This,a)
317 #define ITextHost_TxGetPasswordChar(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetPasswordChar(This,a)
318 #define ITextHost_TxGetAcceleratorPos(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetAcceleratorPos(This,a)
319 #define ITextHost_TxGetExtent(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetExtent(This,a)
320 #define ITextHost_OnTxCharFormatChange(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->OnTxCharFormatChange(This,a)
321 #define ITextHost_OnTxParaFormatChange(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->OnTxParaFormatChange(This,a)
322 #define ITextHost_TxGetPropertyBits(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetPropertyBits(This,a,b)
323 #define ITextHost_TxNotify(This,a,b) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxNotify(This,a,b)
324 #define ITextHost_TxImmGetContext(This) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxImmGetContext(This)
325 #define ITextHost_TxImmReleaseContext(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxImmReleaseContext(This,a)
326 #define ITextHost_TxGetSelectionBarWidth(This,a) TXTHOST_VTABLE(This)->TxGetSelectionBarWidth(This,a)
328 /* undo.c */
334 BOOL add_undo_split_para( ME_TextEditor *, const ME_Paragraph *para, ME_String *eol_str, const ME_Cell *cell) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
342 /* writer.c */
346 /* clipboard.c */
347 HRESULT ME_GetDataObject(ME_TextEditor *editor, const ME_Cursor *start, int nChars, LPDATAOBJECT *lplpdataobj) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN;
ME_DisplayItem * ME_GetTableRowStart(ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:154
void ME_GetSelectionParaFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, PARAFORMAT2 *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:938
void ME_CharFormatFromLogFont(HDC hDC, const LOGFONTW *lf, CHARFORMAT2W *fmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:327
void ME_SetDefaultParaFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, PARAFORMAT2 *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:993
BOOL ME_DeleteTextAtCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCursor, int nChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:451
void ME_InitTableDef(ME_TextEditor *editor, struct RTFTable *tableDef) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:647
Definition: tooldock.h:22
Definition: editstr.h:86
void ME_InvalidateSelection(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1327
int ME_ReverseFindWhitespaceV(const ME_String *s, int nVChar) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
void ME_CheckCharOffsets(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:101
BOOL add_undo_set_char_fmt(ME_TextEditor *, int pos, int len, const CHARFORMAT2W *fmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:164
#define shift
Definition: input.c:1668
ME_Style * ME_GetInsertStyle(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:457
void ME_CursorFromCharOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCharOfs, ME_Cursor *pCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:171
HFONT ME_SelectStyleFont(ME_Context *c, ME_Style *s) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:356
void ME_DestroyStyle(ME_Style *item) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:423
void ME_SendOldNotify(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCode) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:5100
Definition: xmlstorage.h:185
BOOL ME_NextRun(ME_DisplayItem **para, ME_DisplayItem **run, BOOL all_para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:71
ME_DisplayItem * ME_FindItemBackOrHere(ME_DisplayItem *di, ME_DIType nTypeOrClass) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:124
RECO_DRAG struct _reobject REOBJECT
void para_num_clear(struct para_num *pn) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:443
BOOL ME_Undo(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:414
void ME_DumpParaStyleToBuf(const PARAFORMAT2 *pFmt, char buf[2048]) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:820
ME_DisplayItem * get_di_from_para(ME_Paragraph *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:32
BOOL ME_CharFromPos(ME_TextEditor *editor, int x, int y, ME_Cursor *cursor, BOOL *isExact) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1063
Definition: string.c:214
GLenum GLuint GLenum GLsizei const GLchar * buf
Definition: glext.h:7751
void ME_ScrollDown(ME_TextEditor *editor, int cy) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1131
ME_DisplayItem * ME_GetOuterParagraph(ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:172
ME_TextEditor * editor
Definition: rtf.h:1159
void ME_GetITextDocument2OldInterface(IRichEditOle *iface, LPVOID *ppvObj) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: richole.c:5936
HRESULT ME_GetDataObject(ME_TextEditor *editor, const ME_Cursor *start, int nChars, LPDATAOBJECT *lplpdataobj) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
void ME_DeleteReObject(struct re_object *re_object) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: richole.c:5904
SIZE ME_GetRunSizeCommon(ME_Context *c, const ME_Paragraph *para, ME_Run *run, int nLen, int startx, int *pAscent, int *pDescent) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:617
void ME_RunOfsFromCharOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCharOfs, ME_DisplayItem **ppPara, ME_DisplayItem **ppRun, int *pOfs) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:184
ME_DisplayItem * ME_InsertTableRowStartFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:79
void ME_RewrapRepaint(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:142
void ME_CommitCoalescingUndo(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:301
static HDC
Definition: imagelist.c:92
GLintptr offset
Definition: glext.h:5920
int ME_CallWordBreakProc(ME_TextEditor *editor, WCHAR *str, INT len, INT start, INT code) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:192
void ME_ScrollUp(ME_TextEditor *editor, int cy) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1126
void ME_StrDeleteV(ME_String *s, int nVChar, int nChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:147
struct tagME_Paragraph * para
Definition: editstr.h:165
BOOL ME_SetSelectionParaFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, const PARAFORMAT2 *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:908
ME_DisplayItem * ME_InsertTableRowStartAtParagraph(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:86
void ME_DumpStyleToBuf(CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt, char buf[2048]) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:246
GLuint GLuint GLsizei GLenum type
Definition: gl.h:1545
int ME_RowNumberFromCharOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nOfs) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: row.c:64
ME_String * ME_MakeStringEmpty(int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:58
GLuint buffer
Definition: glext.h:5915
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint x
Definition: gl.h:1548
void ME_DeleteSelection(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1527
ME_DisplayItem * ME_SplitRunSimple(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *cursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:258
void ME_DumpDocument(ME_TextBuffer *buffer) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:187
void ME_SetSelectionCharFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:697
void ME_InsertOLEFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, const REOBJECT *reo, int nCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:487
Definition: windef.h:207
GLuint GLuint end
Definition: gl.h:1545
static int insert
Definition: xmllint.c:144
void ME_UnselectStyleFont(ME_Context *c, ME_Style *s, HFONT hOldFont) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:416
ME_DisplayItem * ME_GetTableRowEnd(ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:136
void ME_ShowCaret(ME_TextEditor *ed) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:285
void ME_CopyReObject(REOBJECT *dst, const REOBJECT *src, DWORD flags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: richole.c:5912
void ME_HScrollAbs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int x) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1116
static void append(struct dump_context *dc, const void *data, unsigned size)
Definition: minidump.c:380
int ME_PointFromChar(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Run *pRun, int nOffset, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:599
int nCharOfs
Definition: editstr.h:166
void ME_ClearTempStyle(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:504
int ME_FindNonWhitespaceV(const ME_String *s, int nVChar) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
void ME_JoinRuns(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *p) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:229
Definition: editor.h:259
void ME_ProtectPartialTableDeletion(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *c, int *nChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:287
void ME_SendRequestResize(ME_TextEditor *editor, BOOL force) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: wrap.c:1201
void ME_MoveCursorFromTableRowStartParagraph(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:623
ME_DisplayItem * ME_SplitParagraph(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *rp, ME_Style *style, const WCHAR *eol_str, int eol_len, int paraFlags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:546
int32_t INT
Definition: typedefs.h:56
ME_DisplayItem * ME_MakeRun(ME_Style *s, int nFlags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:296
Definition: combotst.c:138
Definition: style.c:146
void ME_ContinueCoalescingTransaction(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:265
static int ME_CharCompare(WCHAR a, WCHAR b, int caseSensitive)
Definition: editor.h:108
void ME_HideCaret(ME_TextEditor *ed) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:292
void release_typelib(void) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: apps.c:159
ME_DisplayItem * ME_MakeDI(ME_DIType type) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:178
void ME_UpdateRepaint(ME_TextEditor *editor, BOOL update_now) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:116
static const char * debugstr_run(const ME_Run *run)
Definition: editor.h:47
BOOL ME_InternalDeleteText(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *start, int nChars, BOOL bForce) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:301
uint32_t cs
Definition: isohybrid.c:75
void ME_SendSelChange(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1541
ME_DisplayItem * ME_InsertTableCellFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:121
Definition: style.c:117
static const WCHAR szText[]
Definition: dialog.c:139
unsigned int BOOL
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:94
long LONG
Definition: pedump.c:60
void para_num_init(ME_Context *c, ME_Paragraph *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:395
Definition: style.c:79
BOOL add_undo_join_paras(ME_TextEditor *, int pos) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:176
HANDLE me_heap
Definition: editor.c:257
LRESULT ME_StreamOut(ME_TextEditor *editor, DWORD dwFormat, EDITSTREAM *stream) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: writer.c:1182
static char selected[MAX_PATH+1]
Definition: dirdlg.c:7
void ME_InsertEndRowFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:521
void ME_GetCursorCoordinates(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *pCursor, int *x, int *y, int *height) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:218
void ME_DestroyDisplayItem(ME_DisplayItem *item) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:160
int codepage
Definition: win_iconv.c:156
int ME_GetTextW(ME_TextEditor *editor, WCHAR *buffer, int buflen, const ME_Cursor *start, int srcChars, BOOL bCRLF, BOOL bEOP) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:5117
void ME_VScrollAbs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int y) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1121
_Out_opt_ int _Out_opt_ int * cy
Definition: commctrl.h:570
void ME_SetCursorToStart(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *cursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:27
void remove_marked_para(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:82
const WCHAR * str
void add_marked_para(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:112
BOOL ME_IsSelection(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1521
int ME_CharOfsFromRunOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, const ME_DisplayItem *pPara, const ME_DisplayItem *pRun, int nOfs) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:156
void ME_ScrollAbs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int x, int y) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1053
void ME_GetOLEObjectSize(const ME_Context *c, ME_Run *run, SIZE *pSize) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: richole.c:5732
void ME_Repaint(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:106
void ME_UpdateScrollBar(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1158
int ME_GetTextLengthEx(ME_TextEditor *editor, const GETTEXTLENGTHEX *how) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:91
ME_Style * ME_GetSelectionInsertStyle(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1536
int len
Definition: editstr.h:167
ME_String * ME_MakeStringConst(const WCHAR *str, int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:41
Definition: windef.h:208
void ME_SkipAndPropagateCharOffset(ME_DisplayItem *p, int shift) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:46
int ME_CharFromPoint(ME_TextEditor *editor, int cx, ME_Run *run, BOOL closest, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:523
void destroy_para(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *item) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:48
#define b
Definition: ke_i.h:79
ME_String * ME_MakeStringN(LPCWSTR szText, int nMaxChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:75
#define ctrl
Definition: input.c:1669
void ME_GetDefaultCharFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:791
void ME_PropagateCharOffset(ME_DisplayItem *p, int shift) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:59
_In_ uint64_t _In_ uint64_t _In_ uint64_t _In_opt_ traverse_ptr * tp
Definition: btrfs.c:2883
ME_DisplayItem * ME_RowStart(ME_DisplayItem *item) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: row.c:31
Definition: unicode.h:141
BOOL ME_PrevRun(ME_DisplayItem **para, ME_DisplayItem **run, BOOL all_para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:93
ME_DisplayItem * ME_AppendTableRow(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *table_row) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:407
ME_TextEditor * ME_MakeEditor(ITextHost *texthost, BOOL bEmulateVersion10) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:3052
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean b
Definition: glext.h:6204
ME_Style * ME_ApplyStyle(ME_TextEditor *ed, ME_Style *sSrc, CHARFORMAT2W *style) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:152
int ME_GetParaBorderWidth(const ME_Context *c, int flags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:534
void ME_GetSelectionParas(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem **para, ME_DisplayItem **para_end) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:884
BOOL ME_WrapMarkedParagraphs(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: wrap.c:1096
void ME_MakeFirstParagraph(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:151
int ME_GetTextLength(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:83
__wchar_t WCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:180
void ME_MoveCaret(ME_TextEditor *ed) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:271
Definition: typedefs.h:77
void ME_MouseMove(ME_TextEditor *editor, int x, int y) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1208
LRESULT CreateIRichEditOle(IUnknown *outer_unk, ME_TextEditor *editor, LPVOID *ppvObj) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: richole.c:5693
BOOL ME_InsertString(ME_String *s, int ofs, const WCHAR *insert, int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:103
void ME_InsertBefore(ME_DisplayItem *diWhere, ME_DisplayItem *diWhat) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:26
const GLubyte * c
Definition: glext.h:8905
void ME_ReleaseStyle(ME_Style *item) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:443
unsigned long DWORD
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:95
BOOL ME_CanJoinRuns(const ME_Run *run1, const ME_Run *run2) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:35
void ME_AddRefStyle(ME_Style *item) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:435
ME_String * ME_MakeStringR(WCHAR cRepeat, int nMaxChars) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:85
void ME_RTFParAttrHook(struct _RTF_Info *info) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:552
BOOL ME_IsInTable(ME_DisplayItem *pItem) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:273
void ME_DumpStyle(ME_Style *s) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:239
BOOL add_undo_split_para(ME_TextEditor *, const ME_Paragraph *para, ME_String *eol_str, const ME_Cell *cell) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:185
void ME_Remove(ME_DisplayItem *diWhere) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:35
void ME_RTFTblAttrHook(struct _RTF_Info *info) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:870
void ME_TabPressedInTable(ME_TextEditor *editor, BOOL bSelectedRow) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:562
GLbitfield flags
Definition: glext.h:7161
void ME_StreamInFill(ME_InStream *stream) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:1569
void ME_ReplaceSel(ME_TextEditor *editor, BOOL can_undo, const WCHAR *str, int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:3457
void ME_CheckTablesForCorruption(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:192
ME_DisplayItem * ME_GetParagraph(ME_DisplayItem *run) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:816
void ME_RTFSpecialCharHook(struct _RTF_Info *info) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:944
Definition: parse.h:22
void ME_SaveTempStyle(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Style *style) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:495
Definition: style.c:226
void ME_CommitUndo(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:227
Definition: style.c:36
GLenum GLsizei len
Definition: glext.h:6722
GLdouble s
Definition: gl.h:2039
static WCHAR * get_text(const ME_Run *run, int offset)
Definition: editor.h:42
BOOL add_undo_delete_run(ME_TextEditor *, int pos, int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:204
interface IDataObject * LPDATAOBJECT
Definition: objfwd.h:21
GLenum src
Definition: glext.h:6340
void ME_PaintContent(ME_TextEditor *editor, HDC hDC, const RECT *rcUpdate) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:28
void ME_MarkAllForWrapping(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:236
int get_total_width(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:64
#define debugstr_wn
Definition: kernel32.h:33
BOOL ME_Redo(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:453
void ME_DestroyString(ME_String *s) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:96
GLint GLint GLsizei GLsizei height
Definition: gl.h:1546
void ME_InvalidateParagraphRange(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *start_para, ME_DisplayItem *last_para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: wrap.c:1171
BOOL ME_MoveCursorWords(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *cursor, int nRelOfs) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:740
static HDC hDC
Definition: 3dtext.c:33
int ME_GetSelection(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor **from, ME_Cursor **to) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:57
int ME_GetCursorOfs(const ME_Cursor *cursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:898
BOOL ME_SetZoom(ME_TextEditor *editor, int numerator, int denominator) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1378
static ATOM item
Definition: dde.c:856
const char cursor[]
Definition: icontest.c:13
int ME_GetSelectionOfs(ME_TextEditor *editor, int *from, int *to) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:42
ME_DisplayItem * ME_FindRowWithNumber(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nRow) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: row.c:44
static int ME_IsWSpace(WCHAR ch)
Definition: editor.h:103
void ME_LButtonDown(ME_TextEditor *editor, int x, int y, int clickNum) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1145
GLuint start
Definition: gl.h:1545
void ME_DestroyContext(ME_Context *c) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: context.c:42
struct RTFTable * ME_MakeTableDef(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:638
GLenum GLenum dst
Definition: glext.h:6340
ME_DisplayItem * ME_JoinParagraphs(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *tp, BOOL keepFirstParaFormat) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:688
int ME_twips2pointsY(const ME_Context *c, int y) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:161
unsigned int UINT
Definition: ndis.h:50
void ME_EnsureVisible(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *pCursor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1285
void ME_SetDefaultCharFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, CHARFORMAT2W *mod) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: style.c:521
void ME_UpdateRunFlags(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Run *run) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:413
void ME_SetCharFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *start, ME_Cursor *end, CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:726
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint y
Definition: gl.h:1548
LRESULT ME_StreamOutRange(ME_TextEditor *editor, DWORD dwFormat, const ME_Cursor *start, int nChars, EDITSTREAM *stream) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: writer.c:1166
int ME_ReverseFindNonWhitespaceV(const ME_String *s, int nVChar) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
ITextHost * ME_CreateTextHost(HWND hwnd, CREATESTRUCTW *cs, BOOL bEmulateVersion10) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: txthost.c:46
static DWORD *static HFONT(WINAPI *pCreateFontIndirectExA)(const ENUMLOGFONTEXDVA *)
void ME_GetSelectionCharFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:802
#define msg(x)
Definition: auth_time.c:54
ME_String * ME_VSplitString(ME_String *orig, int nVPos) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:131
_Out_opt_ int * cx
Definition: commctrl.h:570
Definition: rtf.h:1025
BOOL me_debug
Definition: editor.c:256
void ME_EndToUnicode(LONG codepage, LPVOID psz) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:236
LRESULT ME_HandleMessage(ME_TextEditor *editor, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam, BOOL unicode, HRESULT *phresult) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:3549
ME_DisplayItem * ME_FindItemFwd(ME_DisplayItem *di, ME_DIType nTypeOrClass) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:134
int ME_MoveCursorChars(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *cursor, int nRelOfs, BOOL final_eop) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:661
void ME_GetCharFormat(ME_TextEditor *editor, const ME_Cursor *from, const ME_Cursor *to, CHARFORMAT2W *pFmt) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:820
int ME_PointFromCharContext(ME_Context *c, ME_Run *pRun, int nOffset, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:558
void ME_DrawOLE(ME_Context *c, int x, int y, ME_Run *run, BOOL selected) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: richole.c:5809
void ME_InsertTextFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, int nCursor, const WCHAR *str, int len, ME_Style *style) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:536
void ME_DumpParaStyle(ME_Paragraph *s) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
ME_DisplayItem * ME_InsertRunAtCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_Cursor *cursor, ME_Style *style, const WCHAR *str, int len, int flags) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:325
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean a
Definition: glext.h:6204
GLfloat GLfloat p
Definition: glext.h:8902
Definition: xmlstorage.h:184
void mark_para_rewrap(ME_TextEditor *editor, ME_DisplayItem *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: para.c:26
Definition: windef.h:209
CardRegion * from
Definition: spigame.cpp:19
void ME_ScrollLeft(ME_TextEditor *editor, int cx) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1136
BOOL add_undo_set_para_fmt(ME_TextEditor *, const ME_Paragraph *para) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:152
Arabic default style
Definition: afstyles.h:93
void ME_InitContext(ME_Context *c, ME_TextEditor *editor, HDC hDC) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: context.c:23
Definition: write.c:2818
void ME_ScrollRight(ME_TextEditor *editor, int cx) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:1141
void ME_EmptyUndoStack(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:53
Definition: combotst.c:139
void ME_DestroyEditor(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:3188
Definition: dsound.c:943
void ME_RTFCharAttrHook(struct _RTF_Info *info) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: editor.c:421
BOOL ME_ArrowKey(ME_TextEditor *ed, int nVKey, BOOL extend, BOOL ctrl) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:1573
BOOL ME_AppendString(ME_String *s, const WCHAR *append, int len) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: string.c:126
ME_DisplayItem * ME_FindItemBack(ME_DisplayItem *di, ME_DIType nTypeOrClass) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: list.c:111
int ME_SetSelection(ME_TextEditor *editor, int from, int to) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: caret.c:126
ME_DisplayItem * ME_InsertTableRowEndFromCursor(ME_TextEditor *editor) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: table.c:129
static int mod
Definition: i386-dis.c:1273
int ME_CharFromPointContext(ME_Context *c, int cx, ME_Run *run, BOOL closest, BOOL visual_order) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: run.c:462
BOOL add_undo_insert_run(ME_TextEditor *, int pos, const WCHAR *str, int len, int flags, ME_Style *style) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: undo.c:131
int ME_twips2pointsX(const ME_Context *c, int x) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: paint.c:153