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IDataObject Interface Reference
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Public Types

enum  tagDATADIR { DATADIR_GET = 1 , DATADIR_SET = 2 }
typedef IDataObjectLPDATAOBJECT
typedef enum IDataObject::tagDATADIR DATADIR
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetData ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetcIn, [out] STGMEDIUM *pmedium)
HRESULT RemoteGetData ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetcIn, [out] STGMEDIUM *pRemoteMedium)
HRESULT GetDataHere ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetc, [in, out] STGMEDIUM *pmedium)
HRESULT RemoteGetDataHere ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetc, [in, out] STGMEDIUM *pRemoteMedium)
HRESULT QueryGetData ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetc)
HRESULT GetCanonicalFormatEtc ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatectIn, [out] FORMATETC *pformatetcOut)
HRESULT SetData ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetc, [in, unique] STGMEDIUM *pmedium, [in] BOOL fRelease)
HRESULT RemoteSetData ([in, unique] FORMATETC *pformatetc, [in, unique] FLAG_STGMEDIUM *pmedium, [in] BOOL fRelease)
HRESULT EnumFormatEtc ([in] DWORD dwDirection, [out] IEnumFORMATETC **ppenumFormatEtc)
HRESULT DAdvise ([in] FORMATETC *pformatetc, [in] DWORD advf, [in, unique] IAdviseSink *pAdvSink, [out] DWORD *pdwConnection)
HRESULT DUnadvise ([in] DWORD dwConnection)
HRESULT EnumDAdvise ([out] IEnumSTATDATA **ppenumAdvise)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Detailed Description

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1533 {
1534 DATADIR_GET = 1,
1535 DATADIR_SET = 2
1536 } DATADIR;
enum IDataObject::tagDATADIR DATADIR

Member Function Documentation

◆ DAdvise()

HRESULT IDataObject::DAdvise ( [in] FORMATETC *  pformatetc,
[in] DWORD  advf,
[in, unique] IAdviseSink pAdvSink,
[out] DWORD pdwConnection 

◆ DUnadvise()

HRESULT IDataObject::DUnadvise ( [in] DWORD  dwConnection)

◆ EnumDAdvise()

HRESULT IDataObject::EnumDAdvise ( [out] IEnumSTATDATA **  ppenumAdvise)

◆ EnumFormatEtc()

HRESULT IDataObject::EnumFormatEtc ( [in] DWORD  dwDirection,
[out] IEnumFORMATETC **  ppenumFormatEtc 

◆ GetCanonicalFormatEtc()

HRESULT IDataObject::GetCanonicalFormatEtc ( [in, unique] FORMATETC *  pformatectIn,
[out] FORMATETC *  pformatetcOut 

◆ GetData()

◆ GetDataHere()

HRESULT IDataObject::GetDataHere ( [in, unique] FORMATETC *  pformatetc,
[in, out] STGMEDIUM *  pmedium 

◆ QueryGetData()

◆ RemoteGetData()

HRESULT IDataObject::RemoteGetData ( [in, unique] FORMATETC *  pformatetcIn,
[out] STGMEDIUM *  pRemoteMedium 

◆ RemoteGetDataHere()

HRESULT IDataObject::RemoteGetDataHere ( [in, unique] FORMATETC *  pformatetc,
[in, out] STGMEDIUM *  pRemoteMedium 

◆ RemoteSetData()

HRESULT IDataObject::RemoteSetData ( [in, unique] FORMATETC *  pformatetc,
[in, unique] FLAG_STGMEDIUM *  pmedium,
[in] BOOL  fRelease 

◆ SetData()

HRESULT IDataObject::SetData ( [in, unique] FORMATETC *  pformatetc,
[in, unique] STGMEDIUM *  pmedium,
[in] BOOL  fRelease 

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