ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5618-g8866b9d
objbase.h File Reference
#include <rpc.h>
#include <rpcndr.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <wtypes.h>
#include <unknwn.h>
#include <objidl.h>
#include <guiddef.h>
#include <cguid.h>
#include <urlmon.h>
#include <propidl.h>
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struct  tagSTGOPTIONS


#define STDMETHOD_(type, method)   type (STDMETHODCALLTYPE *method)
#define STDMETHODV_(type, method)   type (STDMETHODVCALLTYPE *method)
#define PURE
#define THIS_   INTERFACE *This,
#define THIS   INTERFACE *This
#define interface   struct
#define CONST_VTBL
#define DECLARE_INTERFACE(iface)
#define DECLARE_INTERFACE_(iface, ibase)   DECLARE_INTERFACE(iface)
#define DECLARE_INTERFACE_IID_(iface, ibase, iid)   DECLARE_INTERFACE_(iface, ibase)
#define __IRpcStubBuffer_FWD_DEFINED__
#define __IRpcChannelBuffer_FWD_DEFINED__
#define LISet32(li, v)   ((li).HighPart = (v) < 0 ? -1 : 0, (li).LowPart = (v))
#define ULISet32(li, v)   ((li).HighPart = 0, (li).LowPart = (v))
#define STGM_DIRECT   0x00000000
#define STGM_TRANSACTED   0x00010000
#define STGM_SIMPLE   0x08000000
#define STGM_READ   0x00000000
#define STGM_WRITE   0x00000001
#define STGM_READWRITE   0x00000002
#define STGM_SHARE_DENY_NONE   0x00000040
#define STGM_SHARE_DENY_READ   0x00000030
#define STGM_SHARE_DENY_WRITE   0x00000020
#define STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE   0x00000010
#define STGM_PRIORITY   0x00040000
#define STGM_DELETEONRELEASE   0x04000000
#define STGM_CREATE   0x00001000
#define STGM_CONVERT   0x00020000
#define STGM_FAILIFTHERE   0x00000000
#define STGM_NOSCRATCH   0x00100000
#define STGM_NOSNAPSHOT   0x00200000
#define STGM_DIRECT_SWMR   0x00400000
#define STGFMT_STORAGE   0
#define STGFMT_FILE   3
#define STGFMT_ANY   4
#define STGFMT_DOCFILE   5
#define HUGEP
#define WINOLEAPI_(type)   STDAPI_(type)


typedef interface IRpcStubBuffer IRpcStubBuffer
typedef interface IRpcChannelBuffer IRpcChannelBuffer
typedef enum tagCOINIT COINIT
typedef enum tagREGCLS REGCLS


enum  tagREGCLS {
enum  tagCOWAIT_FLAGS { COWAIT_DEFAULT = 0x00000000, COWAIT_WAITALL = 0x00000001, COWAIT_ALERTABLE = 0x00000002, COWAIT_INPUTAVAILABLE = 0x00000004 }


DWORD WINAPI CoBuildVersion (void)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoInitialize (_In_opt_ LPVOID lpReserved)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoInitializeEx (_In_opt_ LPVOID lpReserved, _In_ DWORD dwCoInit)
void WINAPI CoUninitialize (void)
DWORD WINAPI CoGetCurrentProcess (void)
HRESULT WINAPI CoGetCurrentLogicalThreadId (_Out_ GUID *id)
HRESULT WINAPI CoGetApartmentType (_Out_ APTTYPE *type, _Out_ APTTYPEQUALIFIER *qualifier)
HINSTANCE WINAPI CoLoadLibrary (_In_ LPOLESTR lpszLibName, _In_ BOOL bAutoFree)
void WINAPI CoFreeAllLibraries (void)
void WINAPI CoFreeLibrary (_In_ HINSTANCE hLibrary)
void WINAPI CoFreeUnusedLibraries (void)
void WINAPI CoFreeUnusedLibrariesEx (_In_ DWORD dwUnloadDelay, _In_ DWORD dwReserved)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateInstance (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN pUnkOuter, _In_ DWORD dwClsContext, _In_ REFIID iid, _Outptr_ _At_(*ppv, _Post_readable_size_(_Inexpressible_(varies))) LPVOID *ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateInstanceEx (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN pUnkOuter, _In_ DWORD dwClsContext, _In_opt_ COSERVERINFO *pServerInfo, _In_ ULONG cmq, _Inout_updates_(cmq) MULTI_QI *pResults)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetInstanceFromFile (_In_opt_ COSERVERINFO *pServerInfo, _In_opt_ CLSID *pClsid, _In_opt_ IUnknown *punkOuter, _In_ DWORD dwClsCtx, _In_ DWORD grfMode, _In_ _Null_terminated_ OLECHAR *pwszName, _In_ DWORD dwCount, _Inout_updates_(dwCount) MULTI_QI *pResults)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetInstanceFromIStorage (_In_opt_ COSERVERINFO *pServerInfo, _In_opt_ CLSID *pClsid, _In_opt_ IUnknown *punkOuter, _In_ DWORD dwClsCtx, _In_ IStorage *pstg, _In_ DWORD dwCount, _Inout_updates_(dwCount) MULTI_QI *pResults)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetMalloc (_In_ DWORD dwMemContext, _Outptr_ LPMALLOC *lpMalloc)
_Ret_opt_ _Post_writable_byte_size_ (size) __drv_allocatesMem(Mem) _Check_return_ LPVOID WINAPI CoTaskMemAlloc(_In_ SIZE_T size) __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE(1)
void WINAPI CoTaskMemFree (_In_opt_ __drv_freesMem(Mem) _Post_invalid_ LPVOID ptr)
_Ret_opt_ __drv_allocatesMem (Mem) _Check_return_) LPVOID WINAPI CoTaskMemRealloc(_In_opt_ __drv_freesMem(Mem) _Post_invalid_ LPVOID ptr
HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterMallocSpy (_In_ LPMALLOCSPY pMallocSpy)
HRESULT WINAPI CoRevokeMallocSpy (void)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetContextToken (_Out_ ULONG_PTR *token)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetClassObject (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _In_ DWORD dwClsContext, _In_opt_ COSERVERINFO *pServerInfo, _In_ REFIID iid, _Outptr_ LPVOID *ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterClassObject (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk, _In_ DWORD dwClsContext, _In_ DWORD flags, _Out_ LPDWORD lpdwRegister)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRevokeClassObject (_In_ DWORD dwRegister)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetPSClsid (_In_ REFIID riid, _Out_ CLSID *pclsid)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterPSClsid (_In_ REFIID riid, _In_ REFCLSID rclsid)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterSurrogate (_In_ LPSURROGATE pSurrogate)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoSuspendClassObjects (void)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoResumeClassObjects (void)
ULONG WINAPI CoAddRefServerProcess (void)
ULONG WINAPI CoReleaseServerProcess (void)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler (_In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN punkOuter, _Outptr_ LPUNKNOWN *ppunkMarshal)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream (_In_ LPSTREAM pStm, _In_ REFIID iid, _Outptr_ LPVOID *ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetMarshalSizeMax (_Out_ ULONG *pulSize, _In_ REFIID riid, _In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk, _In_ DWORD dwDestContext, _In_opt_ LPVOID pvDestContext, _In_ DWORD mshlflags)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetStandardMarshal (_In_ REFIID riid, _In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk, _In_ DWORD dwDestContext, _In_opt_ LPVOID pvDestContext, _In_ DWORD mshlflags, _Outptr_ LPMARSHAL *ppMarshal)
HRESULT WINAPI CoMarshalHresult (_In_ LPSTREAM pstm, _In_ HRESULT hresult)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoMarshalInterface (_In_ LPSTREAM pStm, _In_ REFIID riid, _In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk, _In_ DWORD dwDestContext, _In_opt_ LPVOID pvDestContext, _In_ DWORD mshlflags)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream (_In_ REFIID riid, _In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk, _Outptr_ LPSTREAM *ppStm)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoReleaseMarshalData (_In_ LPSTREAM pStm)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoDisconnectObject (_In_ LPUNKNOWN lpUnk, _In_ DWORD reserved)
HRESULT WINAPI CoUnmarshalHresult (_In_ LPSTREAM pstm, _Out_ HRESULT *phresult)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoUnmarshalInterface (_In_ LPSTREAM pStm, _In_ REFIID riid, _Outptr_ LPVOID *ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoLockObjectExternal (_In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk, _In_ BOOL fLock, _In_ BOOL fLastUnlockReleases)
BOOL WINAPI CoIsHandlerConnected (_In_ LPUNKNOWN pUnk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoInitializeSecurity (_In_opt_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR pSecDesc, _In_ LONG cAuthSvc, _In_reads_opt_(cAuthSvc) SOLE_AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE *asAuthSvc, _In_opt_ void *pReserved1, _In_ DWORD dwAuthnLevel, _In_ DWORD dwImpLevel, _In_opt_ void *pReserved2, _In_ DWORD dwCapabilities, _In_opt_ void *pReserved3)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetCallContext (_In_ REFIID riid, _Outptr_ void **ppInterface)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoSwitchCallContext (_In_opt_ IUnknown *pContext, _Outptr_ IUnknown **ppOldContext)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoQueryAuthenticationServices (_Out_ DWORD *pcAuthSvc, _Outptr_result_buffer_(*pcAuthSvc) SOLE_AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE **asAuthSvc)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoQueryProxyBlanket (_In_ IUnknown *pProxy, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pwAuthnSvc, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pAuthzSvc, _Outptr_opt_ OLECHAR **pServerPrincName, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pAuthnLevel, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pImpLevel, _Out_opt_ RPC_AUTH_IDENTITY_HANDLE *pAuthInfo, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pCapabilities)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoSetProxyBlanket (_In_ IUnknown *pProxy, _In_ DWORD dwAuthnSvc, _In_ DWORD dwAuthzSvc, _In_opt_ OLECHAR *pServerPrincName, _In_ DWORD dwAuthnLevel, _In_ DWORD dwImpLevel, _In_opt_ RPC_AUTH_IDENTITY_HANDLE pAuthInfo, _In_ DWORD dwCapabilities)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCopyProxy (_In_ IUnknown *pProxy, _Outptr_ IUnknown **ppCopy)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoImpersonateClient (void)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoQueryClientBlanket (_Out_opt_ DWORD *pAuthnSvc, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pAuthzSvc, _Outptr_opt_ OLECHAR **pServerPrincName, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pAuthnLevel, _Out_opt_ DWORD *pImpLevel, _Outptr_opt_ RPC_AUTHZ_HANDLE *pPrivs, _Inout_opt_ DWORD *pCapabilities)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRevertToSelf (void)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetTreatAsClass (_In_ REFCLSID clsidOld, _Out_ LPCLSID pClsidNew)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoTreatAsClass (_In_ REFCLSID clsidOld, _In_ REFCLSID clsidNew)
HRESULT WINAPI CoAllowSetForegroundWindow (_In_ IUnknown *pUnk, _In_opt_ LPVOID lpvReserved)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetObjectContext (_In_ REFIID riid, _Outptr_ LPVOID *ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterInitializeSpy (_In_ IInitializeSpy *spy, _Out_ ULARGE_INTEGER *cookie)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRevokeInitializeSpy (_In_ ULARGE_INTEGER cookie)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateGuid (_Out_ GUID *pguid)
BOOL WINAPI CoIsOle1Class (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid)
BOOL WINAPI CoDosDateTimeToFileTime (_In_ WORD nDosDate, _In_ WORD nDosTime, _Out_ FILETIME *lpFileTime)
BOOL WINAPI CoFileTimeToDosDateTime (_In_ FILETIME *lpFileTime, _Out_ WORD *lpDosDate, _Out_ WORD *lpDosTime)
HRESULT WINAPI CoFileTimeNow (_Out_ FILETIME *lpFileTime)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterMessageFilter (_In_opt_ LPMESSAGEFILTER lpMessageFilter, _Outptr_opt_result_maybenull_ LPMESSAGEFILTER *lplpMessageFilter)
HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterChannelHook (_In_ REFGUID ExtensionGuid, _In_ IChannelHook *pChannelHook)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoWaitForMultipleHandles (_In_ DWORD dwFlags, _In_ DWORD dwTimeout, _In_ ULONG cHandles, _In_reads_(cHandles) LPHANDLE pHandles, _Out_ LPDWORD lpdwindex)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StringFromCLSID (_In_ REFCLSID id, _Outptr_ LPOLESTR *)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CLSIDFromProgID (_In_ LPCOLESTR progid, _Out_ LPCLSID riid)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI ProgIDFromCLSID (_In_ REFCLSID clsid, _Outptr_ LPOLESTR *lplpszProgID)
_Check_return_ INT WINAPI StringFromGUID2 (_In_ REFGUID id, _Out_writes_to_(cmax, return) LPOLESTR str, _In_ INT cmax)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI IIDFromString (_In_ LPCOLESTR lpsz, _Out_ LPIID lpiid)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI DllGetClassObject (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _In_ REFIID riid, _Outptr_ LPVOID *ppv) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
HRESULT WINAPI CreateDataAdviseHolder (_Outptr_ LPDATAADVISEHOLDER *ppDAHolder)
HRESULT WINAPI CreateDataCache (_In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN pUnkOuter, _In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _In_ REFIID iid, _Out_ LPVOID *ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI BindMoniker (_In_ LPMONIKER pmk, _In_ DWORD grfOpt, _In_ REFIID iidResult, _Outptr_ LPVOID *ppvResult)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetObject (_In_ LPCWSTR pszName, _In_opt_ BIND_OPTS *pBindOptions, _In_ REFIID riid, _Outptr_ void **ppv)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateAntiMoniker (_Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateBindCtx (_In_ DWORD reserved, _Outptr_ LPBC *ppbc)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateClassMoniker (_In_ REFCLSID rclsid, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateFileMoniker (_In_ LPCOLESTR lpszPathName, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateGenericComposite (_In_opt_ LPMONIKER pmkFirst, _In_opt_ LPMONIKER pmkRest, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmkComposite)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateItemMoniker (_In_ LPCOLESTR lpszDelim, _In_ LPCOLESTR lpszItem, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateObjrefMoniker (_In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN punk, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreatePointerMoniker (_In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN punk, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI GetClassFile (_In_ LPCOLESTR filePathName, _Out_ CLSID *pclsid)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI GetRunningObjectTable (_In_ DWORD reserved, _Outptr_ LPRUNNINGOBJECTTABLE *pprot)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI MkParseDisplayName (_In_ LPBC pbc, _In_ LPCOLESTR szUserName, _Out_ ULONG *pchEaten, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmk)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI MonikerCommonPrefixWith (_In_ IMoniker *pmkThis, _In_ IMoniker *pmkOther, _Outptr_ IMoniker **ppmkCommon)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI MonikerRelativePathTo (_In_ LPMONIKER pmkSrc, _In_ LPMONIKER pmkDest, _Outptr_ LPMONIKER *ppmkRelPath, _In_ BOOL dwReserved)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StringFromIID (_In_ REFIID rclsid, _Outptr_ LPOLESTR *lplpsz)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgCreateDocfile (_In_opt_ _Null_terminated_ LPCOLESTR pwcsName, _In_ DWORD grfMode, _Reserved_ DWORD reserved, _Outptr_ IStorage **ppstgOpen)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgCreateStorageEx (_In_opt_ _Null_terminated_ const WCHAR *, _In_ DWORD, _In_ DWORD, _In_ DWORD, _Inout_opt_ STGOPTIONS *, _In_opt_ void *, _In_ REFIID, _Outptr_ void **)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgIsStorageFile (_In_ _Null_terminated_ LPCOLESTR fn)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgIsStorageILockBytes (_In_ ILockBytes *plkbyt)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgOpenStorage (_In_opt_ _Null_terminated_ const OLECHAR *pwcsName, _In_opt_ IStorage *pstgPriority, _In_ DWORD grfMode, _In_opt_z_ SNB snbExclude, _In_ DWORD reserved, _Outptr_ IStorage **ppstgOpen)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgOpenStorageEx (_In_ _Null_terminated_ const WCHAR *pwcwName, _In_ DWORD grfMode, _In_ DWORD stgfmt, _In_ DWORD grfAttrs, _Inout_opt_ STGOPTIONS *pStgOptions, _In_opt_ void *reserved, _In_ REFIID riid, _Outptr_ void **ppObjectOpen)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes (_In_ ILockBytes *plkbyt, _In_ DWORD grfMode, _In_ DWORD reserved, _Outptr_ IStorage **ppstgOpen)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes (_In_ ILockBytes *plkbyt, _In_opt_ IStorage *pstgPriority, _In_ DWORD grfMode, _In_opt_z_ SNB snbExclude, _Reserved_ DWORD reserved, _Outptr_ IStorage **ppstgOpen)
_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgSetTimes (_In_ _Null_terminated_ OLECHAR const *lpszName, _In_opt_ FILETIME const *pctime, _In_opt_ FILETIME const *patime, _In_opt_ FILETIME const *pmtime)


_Ret_opt_ _In_ SIZE_T size

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ __IRpcChannelBuffer_FWD_DEFINED__

#define __IRpcChannelBuffer_FWD_DEFINED__

Definition at line 241 of file objbase.h.

◆ __IRpcStubBuffer_FWD_DEFINED__

#define __IRpcStubBuffer_FWD_DEFINED__

Definition at line 237 of file objbase.h.



Definition at line 231 of file objbase.h.


#define CONST_VTBL

Definition at line 222 of file objbase.h.


#define DECLARE_INTERFACE (   iface)
typedef interface iface { struct iface##Vtbl *lpVtbl; } iface; \
typedef struct iface##Vtbl iface##Vtbl; \
struct iface##Vtbl

Definition at line 223 of file objbase.h.


#define DECLARE_INTERFACE_ (   iface,

Definition at line 228 of file objbase.h.


#define DECLARE_INTERFACE_IID_ (   iface,
)    DECLARE_INTERFACE_(iface, ibase)

Definition at line 229 of file objbase.h.



Definition at line 232 of file objbase.h.



Definition at line 1051 of file objbase.h.


#define HUGEP

Definition at line 1052 of file objbase.h.

◆ interface

#define interface   struct

Definition at line 207 of file objbase.h.

◆ LISet32

#define LISet32 (   li,
)    ((li).HighPart = (v) < 0 ? -1 : 0, (li).LowPart = (v))

Definition at line 264 of file objbase.h.


#define PURE

Definition at line 203 of file objbase.h.


#define STDMETHOD (   method)    HRESULT (STDMETHODCALLTYPE *method)

Definition at line 198 of file objbase.h.


#define STDMETHOD_ (   type,
)    type (STDMETHODCALLTYPE *method)

Definition at line 199 of file objbase.h.


#define STDMETHODV (   method)    HRESULT (STDMETHODVCALLTYPE *method)

Definition at line 200 of file objbase.h.


#define STDMETHODV_ (   type,
)    type (STDMETHODVCALLTYPE *method)

Definition at line 201 of file objbase.h.


#define STGFMT_ANY   4

Definition at line 935 of file objbase.h.


#define STGFMT_DOCFILE   5

Definition at line 936 of file objbase.h.


#define STGFMT_FILE   3

Definition at line 934 of file objbase.h.


#define STGFMT_STORAGE   0

Definition at line 933 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_CONVERT   0x00020000

Definition at line 927 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_CREATE   0x00001000

Definition at line 926 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_DELETEONRELEASE   0x04000000

Definition at line 925 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_DIRECT   0x00000000

Definition at line 914 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_DIRECT_SWMR   0x00400000

Definition at line 931 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_FAILIFTHERE   0x00000000

Definition at line 928 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_NOSCRATCH   0x00100000

Definition at line 929 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_NOSNAPSHOT   0x00200000

Definition at line 930 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_PRIORITY   0x00040000

Definition at line 924 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_READ   0x00000000

Definition at line 917 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_READWRITE   0x00000002

Definition at line 919 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_SHARE_DENY_NONE   0x00000040

Definition at line 920 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_SHARE_DENY_READ   0x00000030

Definition at line 921 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_SHARE_DENY_WRITE   0x00000020

Definition at line 922 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE   0x00000010

Definition at line 923 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_SIMPLE   0x08000000

Definition at line 916 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_TRANSACTED   0x00010000

Definition at line 915 of file objbase.h.


#define STGM_WRITE   0x00000001

Definition at line 918 of file objbase.h.


#define THIS   INTERFACE *This

Definition at line 205 of file objbase.h.


#define THIS_   INTERFACE *This,

Definition at line 204 of file objbase.h.

◆ ULISet32

#define ULISet32 (   li,
)    ((li).HighPart = 0, (li).LowPart = (v))

Definition at line 265 of file objbase.h.



Definition at line 1054 of file objbase.h.


#define WINOLEAPI_ (   type)    STDAPI_(type)

Definition at line 1055 of file objbase.h.

Typedef Documentation



◆ IRpcChannelBuffer

Definition at line 242 of file objbase.h.

◆ IRpcStubBuffer

Definition at line 238 of file objbase.h.



Enumeration Type Documentation



Definition at line 276 of file objbase.h.

277 {
278  COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED = 0x2, /* Apartment model */
279  COINIT_MULTITHREADED = 0x0, /* OLE calls objects on any thread */
280  COINIT_DISABLE_OLE1DDE = 0x4, /* Don't use DDE for Ole1 support */
281  COINIT_SPEED_OVER_MEMORY = 0x8 /* Trade memory for speed */
282 } COINIT;



Definition at line 693 of file objbase.h.

694 {
695  COWAIT_DEFAULT = 0x00000000,
696  COWAIT_WAITALL = 0x00000001,
697  COWAIT_ALERTABLE = 0x00000002,



Definition at line 390 of file objbase.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __drv_allocatesMem()

_Ret_opt_ __drv_allocatesMem ( Mem  )

Definition at line 1476 of file exfuncs.h.

1484 {
1485  PVOID Entry;
1487  Lookaside->L.TotalAllocates++;
1489 #if defined(_WIN2K_COMPAT_SLIST_USAGE) && defined(_X86_)
1490  Entry = ExInterlockedPopEntrySList(&Lookaside->L.u.ListHead,
1491  &Lookaside->Lock__ObsoleteButDoNotDelete);
1492 #else
1493  Entry = InterlockedPopEntrySList(&Lookaside->L.u.ListHead);
1494 #endif
1495  if (Entry == NULL) {
1496  Lookaside->L.u2.AllocateMisses++;
1497  Entry = (Lookaside->L.u4.Allocate)(Lookaside->L.Type,
1498  Lookaside->L.Size,
1499  Lookaside->L.Tag);
1500  }
1501 #else /* NONAMELESSUNION */
1502 #if defined(_WIN2K_COMPAT_SLIST_USAGE) && defined(_X86_)
1504  &Lookaside->Lock__ObsoleteButDoNotDelete);
1505 #else
1506  Entry = InterlockedPopEntrySList(&Lookaside->L.ListHead);
1507 #endif
1508  if (Entry == NULL) {
1509  Lookaside->L.AllocateMisses++;
1510  Entry = (Lookaside->L.Allocate)(Lookaside->L.Type,
1511  Lookaside->L.Size,
1512  Lookaside->L.Tag);
1513  }
1514 #endif /* NONAMELESSUNION */
1515  return Entry;
1516 }
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_opt_ PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES _In_ _In_ _Strict_type_match_ POOL_TYPE _In_opt_ PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES _In_opt_ ULONG _Out_ WDFLOOKASIDE * Lookaside
Definition: wdfmemory.h:407
_In_ PVOID Entry
Definition: exfuncs.h:229
#define ExInterlockedPopEntrySList(SListHead, Lock)
Definition: exfuncs.h:166
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
#define InterlockedPopEntrySList(SListHead)
Definition: rtlfuncs.h:3392
base of all file and directory entries
Definition: entries.h:82

◆ _Post_writable_byte_size_()

_Ret_opt_ _Post_writable_byte_size_ ( size  )

◆ BindMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI BindMoniker ( _In_ LPMONIKER  pmk,
_In_ DWORD  grfOpt,
_In_ REFIID  iidResult,
_Outptr_ LPVOID ppvResult 

◆ CLSIDFromProgID()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CLSIDFromProgID ( _In_ LPCOLESTR  progid,
_Out_ LPCLSID  riid 

◆ CLSIDFromString()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CLSIDFromString ( _In_  LPCOLESTR,

◆ CoAddRefServerProcess()

ULONG WINAPI CoAddRefServerProcess ( void  )

Definition at line 4162 of file compobj.c.

4163 {
4164  ULONG refs;
4166  TRACE("\n");
4172  TRACE("refs before: %d\n", refs - 1);
4174  return refs;
4175 }
void WINAPI EnterCriticalSection(LPCRITICAL_SECTION)
static CRITICAL_SECTION csRegisteredClassList
Definition: compobj.c:228
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
static LONG s_COMServerProcessReferences
Definition: compobj.c:204
unsigned int ULONG
Definition: retypes.h:1
void WINAPI LeaveCriticalSection(LPCRITICAL_SECTION)

Referenced by ATL::CAtlExeModuleT< T >::Lock(), and LockModuleOOP().

◆ CoAllowSetForegroundWindow()

HRESULT WINAPI CoAllowSetForegroundWindow ( _In_ IUnknown pUnk,
_In_opt_ LPVOID  lpvReserved 

◆ CoBuildVersion()

DWORD WINAPI CoBuildVersion ( void  )

Definition at line 1774 of file compobj.c.

1775 {
1776  TRACE("Returning version %d, build %d.\n", rmm, rup);
1777  return (rmm<<16)+rup;
1778 }
#define rmm
Definition: ole2ver.h:41
#define rup
Definition: ole2ver.h:42
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4

◆ CoCopyProxy()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCopyProxy ( _In_ IUnknown pProxy,
_Outptr_ IUnknown **  ppCopy 

◆ CoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler ( _In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN  punkOuter,
_Outptr_ LPUNKNOWN ppunkMarshal 

◆ CoCreateGuid()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateGuid ( _Out_ GUID pguid)

◆ CoCreateInstance()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateInstance ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN  pUnkOuter,
_In_ DWORD  dwClsContext,
_In_ REFIID  iid,
_Outptr_ _At_(*,(  varies 

◆ CoCreateInstanceEx()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoCreateInstanceEx ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN  pUnkOuter,
_In_ DWORD  dwClsContext,
_In_opt_ COSERVERINFO pServerInfo,
_In_ ULONG  cmq,
_Inout_updates_(cmq) MULTI_QI *  pResults 

◆ CoDisconnectObject()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoDisconnectObject ( _In_ LPUNKNOWN  lpUnk,
_In_ DWORD  reserved 

◆ CoDosDateTimeToFileTime()

BOOL WINAPI CoDosDateTimeToFileTime ( _In_ WORD  nDosDate,
_In_ WORD  nDosTime,
_Out_ FILETIME lpFileTime 

◆ CoFileTimeNow()

HRESULT WINAPI CoFileTimeNow ( _Out_ FILETIME lpFileTime)

◆ CoFileTimeToDosDateTime()

BOOL WINAPI CoFileTimeToDosDateTime ( _In_ FILETIME lpFileTime,
_Out_ WORD lpDosDate,
_Out_ WORD lpDosTime 

◆ CoFreeAllLibraries()

void WINAPI CoFreeAllLibraries ( void  )

Definition at line 3655 of file compobj.c.

3656 {
3657  /* NOP */
3658 }

◆ CoFreeLibrary()

void WINAPI CoFreeLibrary ( _In_ HINSTANCE  hLibrary)

◆ CoFreeUnusedLibraries()

void WINAPI CoFreeUnusedLibraries ( void  )

Definition at line 3701 of file compobj.c.

3702 {
3704 }
void WINAPI DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH CoFreeUnusedLibrariesEx(DWORD dwUnloadDelay, DWORD dwReserved)
Definition: compobj.c:3677
#define INFINITE
Definition: serial.h:102

Referenced by AMovieDllRegisterServer2(), free_libraries_thread(), SHFreeUnusedLibraries(), and test_CoFreeUnusedLibraries().

◆ CoFreeUnusedLibrariesEx()

void WINAPI CoFreeUnusedLibrariesEx ( _In_ DWORD  dwUnloadDelay,
_In_ DWORD  dwReserved 

◆ CoGetApartmentType()

HRESULT WINAPI CoGetApartmentType ( _Out_ APTTYPE *  type,

◆ CoGetCallContext()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetCallContext ( _In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ void **  ppInterface 

◆ CoGetClassObject()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetClassObject ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_In_ DWORD  dwClsContext,
_In_opt_ COSERVERINFO pServerInfo,
_In_ REFIID  iid,
_Outptr_ LPVOID ppv 

◆ CoGetContextToken()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetContextToken ( _Out_ ULONG_PTR token)

◆ CoGetCurrentLogicalThreadId()

HRESULT WINAPI CoGetCurrentLogicalThreadId ( _Out_ GUID id)

◆ CoGetCurrentProcess()

DWORD WINAPI CoGetCurrentProcess ( void  )

Definition at line 4004 of file compobj.c.

4005 {
4006  return GetCurrentProcessId();
4007 }
DWORD WINAPI GetCurrentProcessId(VOID)
Definition: proc.c:1158

◆ CoGetInstanceFromFile()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetInstanceFromFile ( _In_opt_ COSERVERINFO pServerInfo,
_In_opt_ CLSID pClsid,
_In_opt_ IUnknown punkOuter,
_In_ DWORD  dwClsCtx,
_In_ DWORD  grfMode,
_In_ _Null_terminated_ OLECHAR pwszName,
_In_ DWORD  dwCount,
_Inout_updates_(dwCount) MULTI_QI *  pResults 

◆ CoGetInstanceFromIStorage()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetInstanceFromIStorage ( _In_opt_ COSERVERINFO pServerInfo,
_In_opt_ CLSID pClsid,
_In_opt_ IUnknown punkOuter,
_In_ DWORD  dwClsCtx,
_In_ IStorage pstg,
_In_ DWORD  dwCount,
_Inout_updates_(dwCount) MULTI_QI *  pResults 

◆ CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream ( _In_ LPSTREAM  pStm,
_In_ REFIID  iid,
_Outptr_ LPVOID ppv 

◆ CoGetMalloc()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetMalloc ( _In_ DWORD  dwMemContext,
_Outptr_ LPMALLOC lpMalloc 

◆ CoGetMarshalSizeMax()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetMarshalSizeMax ( _Out_ ULONG pulSize,
_In_ REFIID  riid,
_In_ DWORD  dwDestContext,
_In_opt_ LPVOID  pvDestContext,
_In_ DWORD  mshlflags 

◆ CoGetObject()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetObject ( _In_ LPCWSTR  pszName,
_In_opt_ BIND_OPTS *  pBindOptions,
_In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ void **  ppv 

◆ CoGetObjectContext()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetObjectContext ( _In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ LPVOID ppv 

◆ CoGetPSClsid()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetPSClsid ( _In_ REFIID  riid,
_Out_ CLSID pclsid 

◆ CoGetStandardMarshal()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetStandardMarshal ( _In_ REFIID  riid,
_In_ DWORD  dwDestContext,
_In_opt_ LPVOID  pvDestContext,
_In_ DWORD  mshlflags,
_Outptr_ LPMARSHAL ppMarshal 

◆ CoGetTreatAsClass()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoGetTreatAsClass ( _In_ REFCLSID  clsidOld,
_Out_ LPCLSID  pClsidNew 

◆ CoImpersonateClient()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoImpersonateClient ( void  )

Definition at line 4494 of file compobj.c.

4495 {
4496  IServerSecurity *pSrvSec;
4497  HRESULT hr;
4499  TRACE("\n");
4501  hr = CoGetCallContext(&IID_IServerSecurity, (void **)&pSrvSec);
4502  if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
4503  {
4504  hr = IServerSecurity_ImpersonateClient(pSrvSec);
4505  IServerSecurity_Release(pSrvSec);
4506  }
4508  return hr;
4509 }
Definition: shlfolder.c:183
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
Definition: typedefs.h:79
HRESULT WINAPI CoGetCallContext(REFIID riid, void **ppv)
Definition: compobj.c:4379

◆ CoInitialize()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoInitialize ( _In_opt_ LPVOID  lpReserved)

◆ CoInitializeEx()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoInitializeEx ( _In_opt_ LPVOID  lpReserved,
_In_ DWORD  dwCoInit 

◆ CoInitializeSecurity()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoInitializeSecurity ( _In_opt_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR  pSecDesc,
_In_ LONG  cAuthSvc,
_In_reads_opt_(cAuthSvc) SOLE_AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE *  asAuthSvc,
_In_opt_ void pReserved1,
_In_ DWORD  dwAuthnLevel,
_In_ DWORD  dwImpLevel,
_In_opt_ void pReserved2,
_In_ DWORD  dwCapabilities,
_In_opt_ void pReserved3 

◆ CoIsHandlerConnected()

BOOL WINAPI CoIsHandlerConnected ( _In_ LPUNKNOWN  pUnk)

◆ CoIsOle1Class()

BOOL WINAPI CoIsOle1Class ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid)

◆ CoLoadLibrary()

HINSTANCE WINAPI CoLoadLibrary ( _In_ LPOLESTR  lpszLibName,
_In_ BOOL  bAutoFree 

◆ CoLockObjectExternal()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoLockObjectExternal ( _In_ LPUNKNOWN  pUnk,
_In_ BOOL  fLock,
_In_ BOOL  fLastUnlockReleases 

◆ CoMarshalHresult()

HRESULT WINAPI CoMarshalHresult ( _In_ LPSTREAM  pstm,
_In_ HRESULT  hresult 

◆ CoMarshalInterface()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoMarshalInterface ( _In_ LPSTREAM  pStm,
_In_ REFIID  riid,
_In_ DWORD  dwDestContext,
_In_opt_ LPVOID  pvDestContext,
_In_ DWORD  mshlflags 

◆ CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream ( _In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ LPSTREAM ppStm 

◆ CoQueryAuthenticationServices()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoQueryAuthenticationServices ( _Out_ DWORD pcAuthSvc,
_Outptr_result_buffer_ *pcAuthSvc SOLE_AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE **  asAuthSvc 

◆ CoQueryClientBlanket()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoQueryClientBlanket ( _Out_opt_ DWORD pAuthnSvc,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pAuthzSvc,
_Outptr_opt_ OLECHAR **  pServerPrincName,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pAuthnLevel,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pImpLevel,
_Outptr_opt_ RPC_AUTHZ_HANDLE pPrivs,
_Inout_opt_ DWORD pCapabilities 

◆ CoQueryProxyBlanket()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoQueryProxyBlanket ( _In_ IUnknown pProxy,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pwAuthnSvc,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pAuthzSvc,
_Outptr_opt_ OLECHAR **  pServerPrincName,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pAuthnLevel,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pImpLevel,
_Out_opt_ DWORD pCapabilities 

◆ CoRegisterChannelHook()

HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterChannelHook ( _In_ REFGUID  ExtensionGuid,
_In_ IChannelHook pChannelHook 

◆ CoRegisterClassObject()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterClassObject ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_In_ DWORD  dwClsContext,
_In_ DWORD  flags,
_Out_ LPDWORD  lpdwRegister 

◆ CoRegisterInitializeSpy()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterInitializeSpy ( _In_ IInitializeSpy spy,
_Out_ ULARGE_INTEGER cookie 

◆ CoRegisterMallocSpy()

HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterMallocSpy ( _In_ LPMALLOCSPY  pMallocSpy)

◆ CoRegisterMessageFilter()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterMessageFilter ( _In_opt_ LPMESSAGEFILTER  lpMessageFilter,
_Outptr_opt_result_maybenull_ LPMESSAGEFILTER lplpMessageFilter 

◆ CoRegisterPSClsid()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterPSClsid ( _In_ REFIID  riid,
_In_ REFCLSID  rclsid 

◆ CoRegisterSurrogate()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRegisterSurrogate ( _In_ LPSURROGATE  pSurrogate)

◆ CoReleaseMarshalData()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoReleaseMarshalData ( _In_ LPSTREAM  pStm)

◆ CoReleaseServerProcess()

ULONG WINAPI CoReleaseServerProcess ( void  )

Definition at line 4193 of file compobj.c.

4194 {
4195  ULONG refs;
4197  TRACE("\n");
4202  /* FIXME: if (!refs) COM_SuspendClassObjects(); */
4206  TRACE("refs after: %d\n", refs);
4208  return refs;
4209 }
void WINAPI EnterCriticalSection(LPCRITICAL_SECTION)
static CRITICAL_SECTION csRegisteredClassList
Definition: compobj.c:228
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
static LONG s_COMServerProcessReferences
Definition: compobj.c:204
unsigned int ULONG
Definition: retypes.h:1
void WINAPI LeaveCriticalSection(LPCRITICAL_SECTION)

Referenced by ATL::CAtlExeModuleT< T >::Unlock(), and UnlockModuleOOP().

◆ CoResumeClassObjects()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoResumeClassObjects ( void  )

Definition at line 3288 of file compobj.c.

3289 {
3290  FIXME("stub\n");
3291  return S_OK;
3292 }
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52

Referenced by test_local_server().

◆ CoRevertToSelf()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRevertToSelf ( void  )

Definition at line 4527 of file compobj.c.

4528 {
4529  IServerSecurity *pSrvSec;
4530  HRESULT hr;
4532  TRACE("\n");
4534  hr = CoGetCallContext(&IID_IServerSecurity, (void **)&pSrvSec);
4535  if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
4536  {
4537  hr = IServerSecurity_RevertToSelf(pSrvSec);
4538  IServerSecurity_Release(pSrvSec);
4539  }
4541  return hr;
4542 }
Definition: shlfolder.c:183
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
Definition: typedefs.h:79
HRESULT WINAPI CoGetCallContext(REFIID riid, void **ppv)
Definition: compobj.c:4379

◆ CoRevokeClassObject()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRevokeClassObject ( _In_ DWORD  dwRegister)

◆ CoRevokeInitializeSpy()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoRevokeInitializeSpy ( _In_ ULARGE_INTEGER  cookie)

◆ CoRevokeMallocSpy()

HRESULT WINAPI CoRevokeMallocSpy ( void  )

Definition at line 522 of file ifs.c.

523 {
524  HRESULT hres = S_OK;
525  TRACE("\n");
529  if (!Malloc32.pSpy)
531  else if (Malloc32.SpyedAllocationsLeft) {
532  TRACE("SpyReleasePending with %u allocations left\n", Malloc32.SpyedAllocationsLeft);
535  } else {
536  IMallocSpy_Release(Malloc32.pSpy);
537  Malloc32.pSpy = NULL;
538  }
541  return hres;
542 }
Definition: winerror.h:2849
BOOL SpyReleasePending
Definition: ifs.c:55
#define TRUE
Definition: types.h:120
void WINAPI EnterCriticalSection(LPCRITICAL_SECTION)
Definition: ifs.c:64
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
Definition: protocol.c:465
Definition: typedefs.h:79
Definition: winerror.h:2814
IMallocSpy * pSpy
Definition: ifs.c:53
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52
static _Malloc32 Malloc32
Definition: ifs.c:61
DWORD SpyedAllocationsLeft
Definition: ifs.c:54
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
void WINAPI LeaveCriticalSection(LPCRITICAL_SECTION)

Referenced by START_TEST(), and test_IMallocSpy().

◆ CoSetProxyBlanket()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoSetProxyBlanket ( _In_ IUnknown pProxy,
_In_ DWORD  dwAuthnSvc,
_In_ DWORD  dwAuthzSvc,
_In_opt_ OLECHAR pServerPrincName,
_In_ DWORD  dwAuthnLevel,
_In_ DWORD  dwImpLevel,
_In_ DWORD  dwCapabilities 

◆ CoSuspendClassObjects()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoSuspendClassObjects ( void  )

Definition at line 4144 of file compobj.c.

4145 {
4146  FIXME("\n");
4147  return S_OK;
4148 }
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52

◆ CoSwitchCallContext()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoSwitchCallContext ( _In_opt_ IUnknown pContext,
_Outptr_ IUnknown **  ppOldContext 

◆ CoTaskMemFree()

void WINAPI CoTaskMemFree ( _In_opt_ __drv_freesMem(Mem) _Post_invalid_ LPVOID  ptr)

◆ CoTreatAsClass()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoTreatAsClass ( _In_ REFCLSID  clsidOld,
_In_ REFCLSID  clsidNew 

◆ CoUninitialize()

void WINAPI CoUninitialize ( void  )

Definition at line 2067 of file compobj.c.

2068 {
2069  struct oletls * info = COM_CurrentInfo();
2070  struct init_spy *cursor, *next;
2071  LONG lCOMRefCnt;
2073  TRACE("()\n");
2075  /* will only happen on OOM */
2076  if (!info) return;
2080  {
2081  if (cursor->spy) IInitializeSpy_PreUninitialize(cursor->spy, info->inits);
2082  }
2085  /* sanity check */
2086  if (!info->inits)
2087  {
2088  ERR("Mismatched CoUninitialize\n");
2092  {
2093  if (cursor->spy) IInitializeSpy_PostUninitialize(cursor->spy, info->inits);
2094  }
2097  return;
2098  }
2100  leave_apartment( info );
2102  /*
2103  * Decrease the reference count.
2104  * If we are back to 0 locks on the COM library, make sure we free
2105  * all the associated data structures.
2106  */
2107  lCOMRefCnt = InterlockedExchangeAdd(&s_COMLockCount,-1);
2108  if (lCOMRefCnt==1)
2109  {
2110  TRACE("() - Releasing the COM libraries\n");
2114  }
2115  else if (lCOMRefCnt<1) {
2116  ERR( "CoUninitialize() - not CoInitialized.\n" );
2117  InterlockedExchangeAdd(&s_COMLockCount,1); /* restore the lock count. */
2118  }
2121  LIST_FOR_EACH_ENTRY(cursor, &info->spies, struct init_spy, entry)
2122  {
2123  if (cursor->spy) IInitializeSpy_PostUninitialize(cursor->spy, info->inits);
2124  }
2126 }
static struct oletls * COM_CurrentInfo(void)
#define LIST_FOR_EACH_ENTRY(elem, list, type, field)
Definition: list.h:198
static void lock_init_spies(struct oletls *info)
Definition: compobj.c:1797
long LONG
Definition: pedump.c:60
#define InterlockedExchangeAdd
Definition: interlocked.h:181
void leave_apartment(struct oletls *info)
Definition: compobj.c:1937
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
uint32_t entry
Definition: isohybrid.c:63
#define ERR(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:110
static void unlock_init_spies(struct oletls *info)
Definition: compobj.c:1802
static unsigned __int64 next
Definition: rand_nt.c:6
#define LIST_FOR_EACH_ENTRY_SAFE(cursor, cursor2, list, type, field)
Definition: list.h:204
const char cursor[]
Definition: icontest.c:13
static LONG s_COMLockCount
Definition: compobj.c:202
HRESULT WINAPI RunningObjectTableImpl_UnInitialize(void) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: moniker.c:1007
static void revoke_registered_psclsids(void)
Definition: compobj.c:779

Referenced by _CmdWndProc(), CRecyclerDropTarget::_DoDeleteThreadProc(), CFSDropTarget::_DoDropThreadProc(), ACTION_CreateShortcuts(), AMovieDllRegisterServer2(), apartment_hostobject_thread(), bad_thread_proc(), bsc_thread(), cache_across_threads_test(), cache_InstallAssembly(), cache_UninstallAssembly(), call_script(), ChooseFolder(), cleanup(), cleanup_test(), cowait_unmarshal_thread(), crash_couninitialize_proc(), CreateSecurityPage(), CreateShortcut(), CreateShortcuts(), custom_action_server(), custom_client_thread(), DestroySecurityPage(), DisplayWizard(), DllMain(), DllRegisterServer(), dummy_thread_proc(), duo_marshal_thread_proc(), ExitInstance(), FileExtractDialogWndProc(), get_class_object_proxy_thread(), get_class_object_thread(), get_global_interface_proc(), host_object_proc(), IEWinMain(), ImageView_CreateWindow(), implicit_mta_unmarshal_proc(), implicit_mta_use_proc(), InstallTypicalNetworkSettings(), is_firewall_enabled(), LoadShellLinkConsoleInfo(), local_server_GetClassID(), local_server_proc(), main(), main_test(), MCIQTZ_mciClose(), MCIQTZ_mciOpen(), MsiGetShortcutTargetW(), ole_server(), OLEPictureImpl_LoadWICDecoder(), OleUninitialize(), parse_config_file(), PullPin_Thread_Stop(), query_prop(), register_class_object_thread(), register_filters(), register_ps_clsid_thread(), revoke_class_object_thread(), run_script(), RunDlgProc(), RunOnceExProcess(), server(), ServiceMain(), set_firewall(), SHAddToRecentDocs(), SHCreateFromDesktop(), SHFileOperationW(), SHLWAPI_ThreadWrapper(), START_TEST(), CSysTray::SysTrayThreadProc(), test_click_make_new_folder_button(), test_cocreateinstance_proxy(), test_CoCreateInstanceEx(), test_CoFreeUnusedLibraries(), test_CoGetApartmentType(), test_CoGetCallContext(), test_CoGetClassObject(), test_CoGetContextToken(), test_CoGetInstanceFromFile(), test_CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream(), test_CoGetObjectContext(), test_CoGetPSClsid(), test_CoInitializeEx(), test_CoMarshalInterface(), test_CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream(), test_controlevent(), test_CoRegisterClassObject(), test_CoRegisterMessageFilter(), test_CoRegisterPSClsid(), test_CoUnmarshalInterface(), test_CoWaitForMultipleHandles(), test_CoWaitForMultipleHandles_thread(), test_DPA_LoadStream(), test_DPA_SaveStream(), test_externalui_message(), test_GetDefaultColumn(), test_GetDefaultSearchGUID(), test_GlobalOptions(), test_iface_ptr(), test_IInitializeSpy(), test_IInitializeSpy_register2(), test_IInitializeSpy_switch_apt(), test_implicit_mta(), test_init_spies_proc(), test_IWinHttpRequest(), test_IWinHttpRequest_Invoke(), test_knownFolders(), test_marshal_proxy_apartment_shutdown(), test_marshal_proxy_mta_apartment_shutdown(), test_MsiSetComponentState(), test_MultiThreadApartment_Thread(), test_OleInitialize_InitCounting(), test_packagecoltypes(), test_printers_folder(), test_PSRefreshPropertySchema(), test_registered_object_thread_affinity(), test_render_with_multithread(), test_RtlQueryPackageIdentity(), test_selection(), test_set_clipboard(), test_shortcut(), test_StreamOnStreamRange(), test_stub(), test_top_level_action(), test_WICCreateColorTransform_Proxy(), TestClasses(), TestThread(), ATL::CAtlExeModuleT< T >::UninitializeCom(), UninitXMLDOMParser(), union_tests(), unregister_filters(), WICCreateColorTransform_Proxy(), wmain(), wWinMain(), and ComInit::~ComInit().

◆ CoUnmarshalHresult()

HRESULT WINAPI CoUnmarshalHresult ( _In_ LPSTREAM  pstm,
_Out_ HRESULT phresult 

◆ CoUnmarshalInterface()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoUnmarshalInterface ( _In_ LPSTREAM  pStm,
_In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ LPVOID ppv 

◆ CoWaitForMultipleHandles()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CoWaitForMultipleHandles ( _In_ DWORD  dwFlags,
_In_ DWORD  dwTimeout,
_In_ ULONG  cHandles,
_In_reads_(cHandles) LPHANDLE  pHandles,
_Out_ LPDWORD  lpdwindex 

◆ CreateAntiMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateAntiMoniker ( _Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk)

◆ CreateBindCtx()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateBindCtx ( _In_ DWORD  reserved,
_Outptr_ LPBC ppbc 

◆ CreateClassMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateClassMoniker ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk 

◆ CreateDataAdviseHolder()

HRESULT WINAPI CreateDataAdviseHolder ( _Outptr_ LPDATAADVISEHOLDER ppDAHolder)

◆ CreateDataCache()

HRESULT WINAPI CreateDataCache ( _In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN  pUnkOuter,
_In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_In_ REFIID  iid,
_Out_ LPVOID ppv 

◆ CreateFileMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateFileMoniker ( _In_ LPCOLESTR  lpszPathName,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk 

◆ CreateGenericComposite()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateGenericComposite ( _In_opt_ LPMONIKER  pmkFirst,
_In_opt_ LPMONIKER  pmkRest,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmkComposite 

◆ CreateItemMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateItemMoniker ( _In_ LPCOLESTR  lpszDelim,
_In_ LPCOLESTR  lpszItem,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk 

◆ CreateObjrefMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreateObjrefMoniker ( _In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN  punk,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk 

◆ CreatePointerMoniker()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI CreatePointerMoniker ( _In_opt_ LPUNKNOWN  punk,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk 

◆ DllCanUnloadNow()

HRESULT WINAPI DllCanUnloadNow ( void  )

Definition at line 33 of file shsvcs.c.

34 {
35  return S_OK;
36 }
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52

Referenced by COMPOBJ_DllList_Add().

◆ DllGetClassObject()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI DllGetClassObject ( _In_ REFCLSID  rclsid,
_In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ LPVOID ppv 

◆ GetClassFile()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI GetClassFile ( _In_ LPCOLESTR  filePathName,
_Out_ CLSID pclsid 

◆ GetRunningObjectTable()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI GetRunningObjectTable ( _In_ DWORD  reserved,

◆ IIDFromString()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI IIDFromString ( _In_ LPCOLESTR  lpsz,
_Out_ LPIID  lpiid 

◆ MkParseDisplayName()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI MkParseDisplayName ( _In_ LPBC  pbc,
_In_ LPCOLESTR  szUserName,
_Out_ ULONG pchEaten,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmk 

◆ MonikerCommonPrefixWith()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI MonikerCommonPrefixWith ( _In_ IMoniker pmkThis,
_In_ IMoniker pmkOther,
_Outptr_ IMoniker **  ppmkCommon 

◆ MonikerRelativePathTo()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI MonikerRelativePathTo ( _In_ LPMONIKER  pmkSrc,
_In_ LPMONIKER  pmkDest,
_Outptr_ LPMONIKER ppmkRelPath,
_In_ BOOL  dwReserved 

◆ ProgIDFromCLSID()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI ProgIDFromCLSID ( _In_ REFCLSID  clsid,
_Outptr_ LPOLESTR lplpszProgID 

◆ StgCreateDocfile()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgCreateDocfile ( _In_opt_ _Null_terminated_ LPCOLESTR  pwcsName,
_In_ DWORD  grfMode,
_Reserved_ DWORD  reserved,
_Outptr_ IStorage **  ppstgOpen 

◆ StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes ( _In_ ILockBytes plkbyt,
_In_ DWORD  grfMode,
_In_ DWORD  reserved,
_Outptr_ IStorage **  ppstgOpen 

◆ StgCreateStorageEx()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgCreateStorageEx ( _In_opt_ _Null_terminated_ const WCHAR ,
_In_  DWORD,
_In_  DWORD,
_In_  DWORD,
_Inout_opt_ STGOPTIONS ,
_In_opt_ void ,
_Outptr_ void **   

◆ StgIsStorageFile()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgIsStorageFile ( _In_ _Null_terminated_ LPCOLESTR  fn)

◆ StgIsStorageILockBytes()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgIsStorageILockBytes ( _In_ ILockBytes plkbyt)

◆ StgOpenStorage()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgOpenStorage ( _In_opt_ _Null_terminated_ const OLECHAR pwcsName,
_In_opt_ IStorage pstgPriority,
_In_ DWORD  grfMode,
_In_opt_z_ SNB  snbExclude,
_In_ DWORD  reserved,
_Outptr_ IStorage **  ppstgOpen 

◆ StgOpenStorageEx()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgOpenStorageEx ( _In_ _Null_terminated_ const WCHAR pwcwName,
_In_ DWORD  grfMode,
_In_ DWORD  stgfmt,
_In_ DWORD  grfAttrs,
_Inout_opt_ STGOPTIONS pStgOptions,
_In_opt_ void reserved,
_In_ REFIID  riid,
_Outptr_ void **  ppObjectOpen 

◆ StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes ( _In_ ILockBytes plkbyt,
_In_opt_ IStorage pstgPriority,
_In_ DWORD  grfMode,
_In_opt_z_ SNB  snbExclude,
_Reserved_ DWORD  reserved,
_Outptr_ IStorage **  ppstgOpen 

◆ StgSetTimes()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StgSetTimes ( _In_ _Null_terminated_ OLECHAR const lpszName,
_In_opt_ FILETIME const pctime,
_In_opt_ FILETIME const patime,
_In_opt_ FILETIME const pmtime 

◆ StringFromCLSID()

_Check_return_ HRESULT WINAPI StringFromCLSID ( _In_ REFCLSID  id,
_Outptr_ LPOLESTR  

◆ StringFromGUID2()

_Check_return_ INT WINAPI StringFromGUID2 ( _In_ REFGUID  id,
_Out_writes_to_(cmax, return) LPOLESTR  str,
_In_ INT  cmax 

◆ StringFromIID()

Variable Documentation

◆ size

Definition at line 382 of file objbase.h.