ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3428-g0609db5
epm.idl File Reference
import "dcetypes.idl";
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interface  epm
struct  epm::ept_entry_t


RPC_STATUS WINAPI TowerExplode (") cpp_quote(" const twr_t *tower, PRPC_SYNTAX_IDENTIFIER object, PRPC_SYNTAX_IDENTIFIER syntax,") cpp_quote(" char **protseq, char **endpoint, char **address)
RPC_STATUS WINAPI TowerConstruct (") cpp_quote(" const RPC_SYNTAX_IDENTIFIER *object, const RPC_SYNTAX_IDENTIFIER *syntax,") cpp_quote(" const char *protseq, const char *endpoint, const char *address,") cpp_quote(" twr_t **tower)

Function Documentation

◆ TowerConstruct()

RPC_STATUS WINAPI TowerConstruct ( ) const

◆ TowerExplode()

RPC_STATUS WINAPI TowerExplode ( ) const