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object Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

ULONG magic
ISWbemObject ISWbemObject_iface
LONG refs
struct membermembers
UINT nb_members
DISPID last_dispid
DISPID last_dispid_method
int tex
float x
float y
float z
float yi
float spinz
float spinzi
float flap
float fi

Detailed Description

Definition at line 257 of file bcrypt_main.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fi

float object::fi

Definition at line 31 of file butterflies.c.

◆ flap

float object::flap

Definition at line 30 of file butterflies.c.

Referenced by Display().

◆ ISWbemObject_iface

ISWbemObject object::ISWbemObject_iface

Definition at line 512 of file locator.c.

Referenced by impl_from_ISWbemObject(), and object_Invoke().

◆ last_dispid

DISPID object::last_dispid

Definition at line 517 of file locator.c.

◆ last_dispid_method

DISPID object::last_dispid_method

Definition at line 518 of file locator.c.

◆ magic

ULONG object::magic

Definition at line 259 of file bcrypt_main.c.

Referenced by BCryptGetProperty().

◆ members

struct member* object::members

◆ nb_members

UINT object::nb_members

Definition at line 516 of file locator.c.

Referenced by init_members().

◆ object

◆ refs

LONG object::refs

Definition at line 513 of file locator.c.

Referenced by object_AddRef(), and object_Release().

◆ spinz

float object::spinz

Definition at line 28 of file butterflies.c.

Referenced by Display().

◆ spinzi

float object::spinzi

Definition at line 29 of file butterflies.c.

◆ tex

int object::tex

Definition at line 23 of file butterflies.c.

Referenced by Display().

◆ x

float object::x

Definition at line 24 of file butterflies.c.

◆ y

float object::y

Definition at line 25 of file butterflies.c.

◆ yi

float object::yi

Definition at line 27 of file butterflies.c.

◆ z

float object::z

Definition at line 26 of file butterflies.c.

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