ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8422-g6219a1a
wined3d_shader Struct Reference

#include <wined3d_private.h>

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Public Attributes

LONG ref
const struct wined3d_shader_limitslimits
UINT functionLength
BOOL load_local_constsF
const struct wined3d_shader_frontendfrontend
const struct wined3d_parent_opsparent_ops
struct list linked_programs
struct list constantsB
struct list constantsF
struct list constantsI
struct wined3d_shader_reg_maps reg_maps
BOOL lconst_inf_or_nan
struct wined3d_shader_signature input_signature
struct wined3d_shader_signature output_signature
struct wined3d_shader_signature patch_constant_signature
struct wined3d_devicedevice
struct list shader_list_entry
union {
   struct wined3d_vertex_shader   vs
   struct wined3d_hull_shader   hs
   struct wined3d_domain_shader   ds
   struct wined3d_geometry_shader   gs
   struct wined3d_pixel_shader   ps
   struct wined3d_compute_shader   cs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4071 of file wined3d_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ backend_data

void* wined3d_shader::backend_data

Definition at line 4080 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by find_arb_vs_compile_args(), and shader_arb_select().

◆ constantsB

struct list wined3d_shader::constantsB

Definition at line 4089 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ constantsF

struct list wined3d_shader::constantsF

Definition at line 4090 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ constantsI

struct list wined3d_shader::constantsI

Definition at line 4091 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ cs

struct wined3d_compute_shader wined3d_shader::cs

Definition at line 4111 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ device

struct wined3d_device* wined3d_shader::device

Definition at line 4101 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ ds

struct wined3d_domain_shader wined3d_shader::ds

Definition at line 4108 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ frontend

const struct wined3d_shader_frontend* wined3d_shader::frontend

Definition at line 4078 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ frontend_data

void* wined3d_shader::frontend_data

Definition at line 4079 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ function

DWORD* wined3d_shader::function

Definition at line 4075 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ functionLength

UINT wined3d_shader::functionLength

Definition at line 4076 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ gs

struct wined3d_geometry_shader wined3d_shader::gs

Definition at line 4109 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by is_rasterization_disabled().

◆ hs

struct wined3d_hull_shader wined3d_shader::hs

Definition at line 4107 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by find_ds_compile_args().

◆ input_signature

struct wined3d_shader_signature wined3d_shader::input_signature

Definition at line 4095 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by shader_glsl_generate_vs3_rasterizer_input_setup().

◆ lconst_inf_or_nan

BOOL wined3d_shader::lconst_inf_or_nan

Definition at line 4093 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ limits

◆ linked_programs

struct list wined3d_shader::linked_programs

Definition at line 4086 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by set_glsl_shader_program().

◆ load_local_constsF

BOOL wined3d_shader::load_local_constsF

Definition at line 4077 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by shader_arb_select().

◆ output_signature

struct wined3d_shader_signature wined3d_shader::output_signature

Definition at line 4096 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ parent

void* wined3d_shader::parent

Definition at line 4082 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ parent_ops

◆ patch_constant_signature

struct wined3d_shader_signature wined3d_shader::patch_constant_signature

Definition at line 4097 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ ps

◆ ref

LONG wined3d_shader::ref

Definition at line 4073 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ reg_maps

◆ shader_list_entry

struct list wined3d_shader::shader_list_entry

Definition at line 4102 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by wined3d_device_delete_opengl_contexts_cs().

◆ signature_strings

char* wined3d_shader::signature_strings

Definition at line 4098 of file wined3d_private.h.


◆ vs

struct wined3d_vertex_shader wined3d_shader::vs

Definition at line 4106 of file wined3d_private.h.

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