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GLUtesselator Struct Reference

#include <tess.h>

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Public Member Functions

 void (GLAPIENTRY *callError)(GLenum errnum)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callCombine)(GLdouble coords[3]
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callBegin)(GLenum type)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callEdgeFlag)(GLboolean boundaryEdge)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callVertex)(void *data)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callEnd)(void)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callMesh)(GLUmesh *mesh)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callBeginData)(GLenum type
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callEdgeFlagData)(GLboolean boundaryEdge
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callVertexData)(void *data
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callEndData)(void *polygonData)
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callErrorData)(GLenum errnum
 void (GLAPIENTRY *callCombineData)(GLdouble coords[3]

Public Attributes

enum TessState state
GLdouble normal [3]
GLdouble sUnit [3]
GLdouble tUnit [3]
GLdouble relTolerance
GLenum windingRule
GLboolean fatalError
voiddata [4]
void GLfloat weight [4]
void GLfloat void ** outData
GLboolean flagBoundary
GLboolean boundaryOnly
GLboolean emptyCache
int cacheCount
CachedVertex cache [TESS_MAX_CACHE]
void GLfloat void voidpolygonData
jmp_buf env

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file tess.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ void() [1/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callBegin)

◆ void() [2/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callBeginData)

◆ void() [3/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callCombine)

◆ void() [4/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callCombineData)

◆ void() [5/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callEdgeFlag)

◆ void() [6/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callEdgeFlagData)

◆ void() [7/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callEnd)

◆ void() [8/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callEndData)

◆ void() [9/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callError)

◆ void() [10/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callErrorData)

◆ void() [11/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callMesh)

◆ void() [12/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callVertex)

◆ void() [13/13]

GLUtesselator::void ( GLAPIENTRY callVertexData)

Member Data Documentation

◆ boundaryOnly

GLboolean GLUtesselator::boundaryOnly

◆ cache

CachedVertex GLUtesselator::cache[TESS_MAX_CACHE]

Definition at line 108 of file tess.h.

Referenced by __gl_renderCache(), CacheVertex(), ComputeNormal(), and EmptyCache().

◆ cacheCount

int GLUtesselator::cacheCount

◆ data

void * GLUtesselator::data

Definition at line 87 of file tess.h.

Referenced by EmptyCache().

◆ dict

Dict* GLUtesselator::dict

◆ emptyCache

GLboolean GLUtesselator::emptyCache

Definition at line 106 of file tess.h.

Referenced by EmptyCache(), gluTessBeginContour(), gluTessBeginPolygon(), and gluTessVertex().

◆ env

◆ event

◆ fatalError

GLboolean GLUtesselator::fatalError

Definition at line 81 of file tess.h.

Referenced by __gl_computeInterior(), CallCombine(), and gluTessEndPolygon().

◆ flagBoundary

GLboolean GLUtesselator::flagBoundary

◆ lastEdge

GLUhalfEdge* GLUtesselator::lastEdge

Definition at line 65 of file tess.h.

Referenced by AddVertex(), gluTessBeginContour(), gluTessVertex(), and MakeDormant().

◆ lonelyTriList

GLUface* GLUtesselator::lonelyTriList

Definition at line 94 of file tess.h.

Referenced by __gl_renderMesh(), and RenderTriangle().

◆ mesh

◆ normal

GLdouble GLUtesselator::normal[3]

Definition at line 73 of file tess.h.

Referenced by __gl_projectPolygon(), __gl_renderCache(), gluNewTess(), and gluTessNormal().

◆ outData

void GLfloat void ** GLUtesselator::outData

Definition at line 88 of file tess.h.

◆ polygonData [1/2]

void * GLUtesselator::polygonData

Definition at line 111 of file tess.h.

Referenced by gluNewTess(), gluTessBeginPolygon(), and gluTessEndPolygon().

◆ polygonData [2/2]

void GLfloat void void* GLUtesselator::polygonData

Definition at line 119 of file tess.h.

◆ pq

PriorityQ* GLUtesselator::pq

◆ relTolerance

GLdouble GLUtesselator::relTolerance

Definition at line 79 of file tess.h.

Referenced by gluGetTessProperty(), gluNewTess(), and gluTessProperty().

◆ state

◆ sUnit

GLdouble GLUtesselator::sUnit[3]

Definition at line 74 of file tess.h.

Referenced by __gl_projectPolygon().

◆ tUnit

GLdouble GLUtesselator::tUnit[3]

Definition at line 75 of file tess.h.

Referenced by __gl_projectPolygon(), and CheckOrientation().

◆ weight

void GLfloat GLUtesselator::weight

Definition at line 88 of file tess.h.

◆ windingRule

GLenum GLUtesselator::windingRule

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