ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5461-g062a8f2
main.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "windef.h"
#include "winbase.h"
#include "vss.h"
#include "vswriter.h"
#include "vsbackup.h"
#include "wine/asm.h"
#include "wine/debug.h"
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struct  CVssWriter


struct CVssWriter *__thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_default_ctor (struct CVssWriter *writer)
void __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_dtor (struct CVssWriter *writer)
HRESULT __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Initialize (struct CVssWriter *writer, VSS_ID id, LPCWSTR name, VSS_USAGE_TYPE usage_type, VSS_SOURCE_TYPE source_type, VSS_APPLICATION_LEVEL level, DWORD timeout, VSS_ALTERNATE_WRITER_STATE alt_writer_state, BOOL throttle, LPCWSTR instance)
HRESULT __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Subscribe (struct CVssWriter *writer, DWORD flags)
HRESULT __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Unsubscribe (struct CVssWriter *writer)
HRESULT WINAPI CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal (IVssBackupComponents **backup)
HRESULT WINAPI VSSAPI_CreateVssBackupComponents (IVssBackupComponents **backup)

Function Documentation

◆ CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal()

HRESULT WINAPI CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal ( IVssBackupComponents **  backup)

Definition at line 99 of file main.c.

100 {
101  FIXME("%p\n", backup);
102  return E_NOTIMPL;
103 }
static long backup()
Definition: maze.c:403
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define E_NOTIMPL
Definition: ddrawi.h:99

Referenced by CreateVssBackupComponents(), and VSSAPI_CreateVssBackupComponents().

◆ VSSAPI_CreateVssBackupComponents()

HRESULT WINAPI VSSAPI_CreateVssBackupComponents ( IVssBackupComponents **  backup)

Definition at line 108 of file main.c.

109 {
110  FIXME( "%p\n", backup );
113 }
static long backup()
Definition: maze.c:403
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
HRESULT WINAPI CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal(IVssBackupComponents **backup)
Definition: main.c:99

◆ VSSAPI_CVssWriter_default_ctor()

struct CVssWriter* __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_default_ctor ( struct CVssWriter writer)

Definition at line 47 of file main.c.

48 {
49  FIXME( "%p\n", writer );
50  writer->vtable = NULL;
51  return writer;
52 }
void ** vtable
Definition: main.c:41
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112

◆ VSSAPI_CVssWriter_dtor()

void __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_dtor ( struct CVssWriter writer)

Definition at line 58 of file main.c.

59 {
60  FIXME( "%p\n", writer );
61 }
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111

◆ VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Initialize()

HRESULT __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Initialize ( struct CVssWriter writer,
VSS_ID  id,
LPCWSTR  name,
VSS_USAGE_TYPE  usage_type,
VSS_SOURCE_TYPE  source_type,
DWORD  timeout,
BOOL  throttle,
LPCWSTR  instance 

Definition at line 67 of file main.c.

71 {
72  FIXME( "%p, %s, %s, %u, %u, %u, %u, %u, %d, %s\n", writer, debugstr_guid(&id),
73  debugstr_w(name), usage_type, source_type, level, timeout, alt_writer_state,
74  throttle, debugstr_w(instance) );
75  return S_OK;
76 }
GLint level
Definition: gl.h:1546
Definition: dhcpd.h:245
#define debugstr_w
Definition: kernel32.h:32
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define debugstr_guid
Definition: kernel32.h:35
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52
static HINSTANCE instance
Definition: main.c:40
Definition: name.c:38

◆ VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Subscribe()

HRESULT __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Subscribe ( struct CVssWriter writer,
DWORD  flags 

Definition at line 82 of file main.c.

83 {
84  FIXME( "%p, %x\n", writer, flags );
85  return S_OK;
86 }
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
GLbitfield flags
Definition: glext.h:7161
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52

◆ VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Unsubscribe()

HRESULT __thiscall VSSAPI_CVssWriter_Unsubscribe ( struct CVssWriter writer)

Definition at line 92 of file main.c.

93 {
94  FIXME( "%p\n", writer );
95  return S_OK;
96 }
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define S_OK
Definition: intsafe.h:52