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basic_iostream< _CharT, _Traits > Class Template Reference

#include <_istream.h>

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Public Types

typedef basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > _Basic_ios
- Public Types inherited from basic_istream< _CharT, _Traits >
typedef _CharT char_type
typedef _Traits::int_type int_type
typedef _Traits::pos_type pos_type
typedef _Traits::off_type off_type
typedef _Traits traits_type
typedef basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > _Basic_ios
typedef basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > &(_STLP_CALL__ios_fn) (basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > &)
typedef ios_base &(_STLP_CALL__ios_base_fn) (ios_base &)
typedef _Self &(_STLP_CALL__istream_fn) (_Self &)
- Public Types inherited from basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits >
typedef _CharT char_type
typedef _Traits::int_type int_type
typedef _Traits::pos_type pos_type
typedef _Traits::off_type off_type
typedef _Traits traits_type
- Public Types inherited from ios_base
enum  event { erase_event , imbue_event , copyfmt_event }
typedef int fmtflags
typedef int iostate
typedef int openmode
typedef int seekdir
typedef fmtflags fmt_flags
typedef void(* event_callback) (event, ios_base &, int __index)
typedef iostate io_state
typedef openmode open_mode
typedef seekdir seek_dir
typedef _STLP_STD::streamoff streamoff
typedef _STLP_STD::streampos streampos
- Public Types inherited from basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits >
typedef _CharT char_type
typedef _Traits::int_type int_type
typedef _Traits::pos_type pos_type
typedef _Traits::off_type off_type
typedef _Traits traits_type
typedef basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > _Basic_ios
typedef basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > &(_STLP_CALL__ios_fn) (basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > &)
typedef ios_base &(_STLP_CALL__ios_base_fn) (ios_base &)
typedef _Self &(_STLP_CALL__ostream_fn) (_Self &)

Public Member Functions

 basic_iostream (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *__buf)
virtual ~basic_iostream ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic_istream< _CharT, _Traits >
 basic_istream (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *__buf)
 ~basic_istream ()
_Selfoperator>> (__istream_fn __f)
_Selfoperator>> (__ios_fn __f)
_Selfoperator>> (__ios_base_fn __f)
_Selfoperator>> (short &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (int &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (unsigned short &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (unsigned int &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (long &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (unsigned long &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (float &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (double &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (long double &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (bool &__val)
_Selfoperator>> (void *&__val)
_Selfoperator>> (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *)
streamsize gcount () const
int_type peek ()
int_type get ()
_Selfget (char_type &__c)
_Selfget (char_type *__s, streamsize __n, char_type __delim)
_Selfget (char_type *__s, streamsize __n)
_Selfget (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > &__buf, char_type __delim)
_Selfget (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > &__buf)
_Selfgetline (char_type *__s, streamsize __n, char_type delim)
_Selfgetline (char_type *__s, streamsize __n)
_Selfignore ()
_Selfignore (streamsize __n)
_Selfignore (streamsize __n, int_type __delim)
_Selfread (char_type *__s, streamsize __n)
streamsize readsome (char_type *__s, streamsize __n)
_Selfputback (char_type __c)
_Selfunget ()
int sync ()
pos_type tellg ()
_Selfseekg (pos_type __pos)
_Selfseekg (off_type, ios_base::seekdir)
void _M_formatted_get (_CharT &__c)
void _M_formatted_get (_CharT *__s)
void _M_skip_whitespace (bool __set_failbit)
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits >
 basic_ios (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *__streambuf)
virtual ~basic_ios ()
basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits > * tie () const
basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits > * tie (basic_ostream< char_type, traits_type > *__new_tied_ostream)
basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > * rdbuf () const
basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > * rdbuf (basic_streambuf< char_type, traits_type > *)
basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > & copyfmt (const basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits > &__x)
char_type fill () const
char_type fill (char_type __fill)
void clear (iostate __state=goodbit)
void setstate (iostate __state)
iostate exceptions () const
void exceptions (iostate __mask)
locale imbue (const locale &)
char narrow (_CharT, char) const
_CharT widen (char) const
const ctype< char_type > * _M_ctype_facet () const
void _M_handle_exception (ios_base::iostate __flag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ios_base
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, left=0x0001)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, right=0x0002)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, internal=0x0004)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, dec=0x0008)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, hex=0x0010)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, oct=0x0020)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, fixed=0x0040)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, scientific=0x0080)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, boolalpha=0x0100)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, showbase=0x0200)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, showpoint=0x0400)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, showpos=0x0800)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, skipws=0x1000)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, unitbuf=0x2000)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, uppercase=0x4000)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, adjustfield=left|right|internal)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, basefield=dec|hex|oct)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, floatfield=scientific|fixed)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, goodbit=0x00)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, badbit=0x01)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, eofbit=0x02)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, failbit=0x04)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, __default_mode=0x0)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, app=0x01)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, ate=0x02)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, binary=0x04)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, in=0x08)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, out=0x10)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, trunc=0x20)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, beg=0x01)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, cur=0x02)
 _STLP_STATIC_CONSTANT (int, end=0x04)
fmtflags flags () const
fmtflags flags (fmtflags __flags)
fmtflags setf (fmtflags __flag)
fmtflags setf (fmtflags __flag, fmtflags __mask)
void unsetf (fmtflags __mask)
streamsize precision () const
streamsize precision (streamsize __newprecision)
streamsize width () const
streamsize width (streamsize __newwidth)
locale imbue (const locale &)
locale getloc () const
longiword (int __index)
void *& pword (int __index)
virtual ~ios_base ()
void register_callback (event_callback __fn, int __index)
 operator void * () const
bool operator! () const
iostate rdstate () const
bool good () const
bool eof () const
bool fail () const
bool bad () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits >
 basic_ostream (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *__buf)
 ~basic_ostream ()
_Selfoperator<< (__ostream_fn __f)
_Selfoperator<< (__ios_base_fn __f)
_Selfoperator<< (__ios_fn __ff)
void _M_put_char (_CharT __c)
void _M_put_nowiden (const _CharT *__s)
void _M_put_widen (const char *__s)
bool _M_put_widen_aux (const char *__s, streamsize __n)
_Selfput (char_type __c)
_Selfwrite (const char_type *__s, streamsize __n)
_Selfoperator<< (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *__buf)
_Selfoperator<< (unsigned char __x)
_Selfoperator<< (short __x)
_Selfoperator<< (unsigned short __x)
_Selfoperator<< (int __x)
_Selfoperator<< (unsigned int __x)
_Selfoperator<< (long __x)
_Selfoperator<< (unsigned long __x)
_Selfoperator<< (float __x)
_Selfoperator<< (double __x)
_Selfoperator<< (long double __x)
_Selfoperator<< (const void *__x)
_Selfoperator<< (bool __x)
_Selfflush ()
pos_type tellp ()
_Selfseekp (pos_type __pos)
_Selfseekp (off_type __off, ios_base::seekdir __dir)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits >
static bool _STLP_CALL _S_eof (int_type __c)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ios_base
static int _STLP_CALL xalloc ()
static bool _STLP_CALL sync_with_stdio (bool __sync=true)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits >
 basic_ios ()
void init (basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *__streambuf)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ios_base
void _M_copy_state (const ios_base &__x)
void _M_setstate_nothrow (iostate __state)
void _M_clear_nothrow (iostate __state)
iostate _M_get_exception_mask () const
void _M_set_exception_mask (iostate __mask)
void _M_check_exception_mask ()
void _M_invoke_callbacks (event)
void _STLP_FUNCTION_THROWS _M_throw_failure ()
 ios_base ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ios_base
static void _STLP_CALL _S_initialize ()
static void _STLP_CALL _S_uninitialize ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from basic_ios< _CharT, _Traits >
const ctype< char_type > * _M_cached_ctype
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ios_base
static bool _S_is_synced = true

Detailed Description

template<class _CharT, class _Traits>
class basic_iostream< _CharT, _Traits >

Definition at line 326 of file _istream.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ _Basic_ios

template<class _CharT , class _Traits >
typedef basic_ios<_CharT, _Traits> basic_iostream< _CharT, _Traits >::_Basic_ios

Definition at line 331 of file _istream.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ basic_iostream()

template<class _CharT , class _Traits >
basic_iostream< _CharT, _Traits >::basic_iostream ( basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits > *  __buf)

Definition at line 1408 of file _istream.c.

1412 this->init(__buf);
Definition: _ios.h:48
static int init
Definition: wintirpc.c:33

◆ ~basic_iostream()

template<class _CharT , class _Traits >
basic_iostream< _CharT, _Traits >::~basic_iostream

Definition at line 1416 of file _istream.c.


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