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CStubWindow32 Class Reference

#include <precomp.h>

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- Public Types inherited from ATL::CWindowImplRoot< TBase >
enum  { WINSTATE_DESTROYED = 0x00000001 }
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindowImpl< CStubWindow32 >
HWND Create (HWND hWndParent, _U_RECT rect=NULL, LPCTSTR szWindowName=NULL, DWORD dwStyle=0, DWORD dwExStyle=0, _U_MENUorID MenuOrID=0U, LPVOID lpCreateParam=NULL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindowImplBaseT< TBase, TWinTraits >
 CWindowImplBaseT ()
virtual void OnFinalMessage (HWND)
BOOL SubclassWindow (HWND hWnd)
HWND UnsubclassWindow (BOOL bForce=FALSE)
virtual WNDPROC GetWindowProc ()
LRESULT DefWindowProc (UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
HWND Create (HWND hWndParent, _U_RECT rect, LPCTSTR szWindowName, DWORD dwStyle, DWORD dwExStyle, _U_MENUorID MenuOrID, ATOM atom, LPVOID lpCreateParam)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindowImplRoot< TBase >
 CWindowImplRoot ()
virtual ~CWindowImplRoot ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindow
 CWindow (HWND hWnd=NULL)
 operator HWND () const
UINT ArrangeIconicWindows ()
void Attach (HWND hWndNew)
HDC BeginPaint (LPPAINTSTRUCT lpPaint)
BOOL BringWindowToTop ()
BOOL CenterWindow (HWND hWndCenter=NULL)
BOOL ChangeClipboardChain (HWND hWndNewNext)
BOOL CheckDlgButton (int nIDButton, UINT nCheck)
BOOL CheckRadioButton (int nIDFirstButton, int nIDLastButton, int nIDCheckButton)
HWND ChildWindowFromPoint (POINT point) const
HWND ChildWindowFromPointEx (POINT point, UINT uFlags) const
BOOL ClientToScreen (LPPOINT lpPoint) const
BOOL ClientToScreen (LPRECT lpRect) const
HWND Create (LPCTSTR lpstrWndClass, HWND hWndParent, _U_RECT rect=NULL, LPCTSTR szWindowName=NULL, DWORD dwStyle=0, DWORD dwExStyle=0, _U_MENUorID MenuOrID=0U, LPVOID lpCreateParam=NULL)
BOOL CreateCaret (HBITMAP pBitmap)
BOOL CreateGrayCaret (int nWidth, int nHeight)
BOOL CreateSolidCaret (int nWidth, int nHeight)
HDWP DeferWindowPos (HDWP hWinPosInfo, HWND hWndInsertAfter, int x, int y, int cx, int cy, UINT uFlags)
BOOL DestroyWindow ()
HWND Detach ()
int DlgDirList (LPTSTR lpPathSpec, int nIDListBox, int nIDStaticPath, UINT nFileType)
int DlgDirListComboBox (LPTSTR lpPathSpec, int nIDComboBox, int nIDStaticPath, UINT nFileType)
BOOL DlgDirSelect (LPTSTR lpString, int nCount, int nIDListBox)
BOOL DlgDirSelectComboBox (LPTSTR lpString, int nCount, int nIDComboBox)
void DragAcceptFiles (BOOL bAccept=TRUE)
BOOL DrawMenuBar ()
BOOL EnableScrollBar (UINT uSBFlags, UINT uArrowFlags=ESB_ENABLE_BOTH)
BOOL EnableWindow (BOOL bEnable=TRUE)
void EndPaint (LPPAINTSTRUCT lpPaint)
BOOL FlashWindow (BOOL bInvert)
BOOL GetClientRect (LPRECT lpRect) const
HDC GetDC ()
HDC GetDCEx (HRGN hRgnClip, DWORD flags)
HWND GetDescendantWindow (int nID) const
HRESULT GetDlgControl (int nID, REFIID iid, void **ppCtrl)
int GetDlgCtrlID () const
HRESULT GetDlgHost (int nID, REFIID iid, void **ppHost)
HWND GetDlgItem (_In_ int nID) const
UINT GetDlgItemInt (_In_ int nID, _Out_opt_ BOOL *lpTrans=NULL, _In_ BOOL bSigned=TRUE) const
UINT GetDlgItemText (_In_ int nID, _Out_writes_to_(nMaxCount, return+1) LPTSTR lpStr, _In_ int nMaxCount) const
BOOL GetDlgItemText (_In_ int nID, _Inout_ _Outref_result_maybenull_ _Post_z_ BSTR &bstrText) const
DWORD GetExStyle () const
HFONT GetFont () const
DWORD GetHotKey () const
HICON GetIcon (BOOL bBigIcon=TRUE) const
HWND GetLastActivePopup () const
HMENU GetMenu () const
HWND GetNextDlgGroupItem (HWND hWndCtl, BOOL bPrevious=FALSE) const
HWND GetNextDlgTabItem (HWND hWndCtl, BOOL bPrevious=FALSE) const
CWindow GetParent () const
BOOL GetScrollInfo (int nBar, LPSCROLLINFO lpScrollInfo)
BOOL GetScrollPos (int nBar)
BOOL GetScrollRange (int nBar, LPINT lpMinPos, LPINT lpMaxPos) const
DWORD GetStyle () const
HMENU GetSystemMenu (BOOL bRevert)
HWND GetTopLevelParent () const
HWND GetTopLevelWindow () const
HWND GetTopWindow () const
BOOL GetUpdateRect (LPRECT lpRect, BOOL bErase=FALSE)
int GetUpdateRgn (HRGN hRgn, BOOL bErase=FALSE)
HWND GetWindow (UINT nCmd) const
DWORD GetWindowContextHelpId () const
HDC GetWindowDC ()
LONG GetWindowLong (int nIndex) const
LONG_PTR GetWindowLongPtr (int nIndex) const
BOOL GetWindowPlacement (WINDOWPLACEMENT *lpwndpl) const
DWORD GetWindowProcessID ()
BOOL GetWindowRect (LPRECT lpRect) const
int GetWindowRgn (HRGN hRgn)
int GetWindowText (_Out_writes_to_(nMaxCount, return+1) LPTSTR lpszStringBuf, _In_ int nMaxCount) const
BOOL GetWindowText (_Inout_ _Outref_result_maybenull_ _Post_z_ BSTR &bstrText) const
int GetWindowTextLength () const
DWORD GetWindowThreadID ()
WORD GetWindowWord (int nIndex) const
void GotoDlgCtrl (HWND hWndCtrl) const
BOOL HideCaret ()
BOOL HiliteMenuItem (HMENU hMenu, UINT uHiliteItem, UINT uHilite)
BOOL Invalidate (BOOL bErase=TRUE)
BOOL InvalidateRect (LPCRECT lpRect, BOOL bErase=TRUE)
void InvalidateRgn (HRGN hRgn, BOOL bErase=TRUE)
BOOL IsChild (const HWND hWnd) const
BOOL IsDialogMessage (LPMSG lpMsg)
UINT IsDlgButtonChecked (int nIDButton) const
BOOL IsIconic () const
BOOL IsParentDialog ()
BOOL IsWindow () const
BOOL IsWindowEnabled () const
BOOL IsWindowVisible () const
BOOL IsWindowUnicode ()
BOOL IsZoomed () const
BOOL KillTimer (UINT_PTR nIDEvent)
BOOL LockWindowUpdate (BOOL bLock=TRUE)
int MapWindowPoints (HWND hWndTo, LPPOINT lpPoint, UINT nCount) const
int MapWindowPoints (HWND hWndTo, LPRECT lpRect) const
int MessageBox (LPCTSTR lpszText, LPCTSTR lpszCaption=NULL, UINT nType=MB_OK)
BOOL ModifyStyle (DWORD dwRemove, DWORD dwAdd, UINT nFlags=0)
BOOL ModifyStyleEx (DWORD dwRemove, DWORD dwAdd, UINT nFlags=0)
BOOL MoveWindow (int x, int y, int nWidth, int nHeight, BOOL bRepaint=TRUE)
void NextDlgCtrl () const
BOOL OpenClipboard ()
BOOL PostMessage (UINT message, WPARAM wParam=0, LPARAM lParam=0)
void PrevDlgCtrl () const
void Print (HDC hDC, DWORD dwFlags) const
void PrintClient (HDC hDC, DWORD dwFlags) const
int ReleaseDC (HDC hDC)
BOOL ResizeClient (int nWidth, int nHeight, BOOL bRedraw=FALSE)
BOOL ScreenToClient (LPPOINT lpPoint) const
BOOL ScrollWindow (int xAmount, int yAmount, LPCRECT lpRect=NULL, LPCRECT lpClipRect=NULL)
int ScrollWindowEx (int dx, int dy, LPCRECT lpRectScroll, LPCRECT lpRectClip, HRGN hRgnUpdate, LPRECT lpRectUpdate, UINT flags)
LRESULT SendDlgItemMessage (int nID, UINT message, WPARAM wParam=0, LPARAM lParam=0)
LRESULT SendMessage (UINT message, WPARAM wParam=0, LPARAM lParam=0)
void SendMessageToDescendants (UINT message, WPARAM wParam=0, LPARAM lParam=0, BOOL bDeep=TRUE)
BOOL SendNotifyMessage (UINT message, WPARAM wParam=0, LPARAM lParam=0)
HWND SetActiveWindow ()
HWND SetCapture ()
HWND SetClipboardViewer ()
int SetDlgCtrlID (int nID)
BOOL SetDlgItemInt (int nID, UINT nValue, BOOL bSigned=TRUE)
BOOL SetDlgItemText (int nID, LPCTSTR lpszString)
HWND SetFocus ()
void SetFont (HFONT hFont, BOOL bRedraw=TRUE)
int SetHotKey (WORD wVirtualKeyCode, WORD wModifiers)
HICON SetIcon (HICON hIcon, BOOL bBigIcon=TRUE)
BOOL SetMenu (HMENU hMenu)
HWND SetParent (HWND hWndNewParent)
void SetRedraw (BOOL bRedraw=TRUE)
int SetScrollInfo (int nBar, LPSCROLLINFO lpScrollInfo, BOOL bRedraw=TRUE)
int SetScrollPos (int nBar, int nPos, BOOL bRedraw=TRUE)
BOOL SetScrollRange (int nBar, int nMinPos, int nMaxPos, BOOL bRedraw=TRUE)
BOOL SetWindowContextHelpId (DWORD dwContextHelpId)
LONG SetWindowLong (int nIndex, LONG dwNewLong)
LONG_PTR SetWindowLongPtr (int nIndex, LONG_PTR dwNewLong)
BOOL SetWindowPlacement (const WINDOWPLACEMENT *lpwndpl)
BOOL SetWindowPos (HWND hWndInsertAfter, int x, int y, int cx, int cy, UINT nFlags)
int SetWindowRgn (HRGN hRgn, BOOL bRedraw=FALSE)
BOOL SetWindowText (LPCTSTR lpszString)
WORD SetWindowWord (int nIndex, WORD wNewWord)
BOOL ShowCaret ()
BOOL ShowOwnedPopups (BOOL bShow=TRUE)
BOOL ShowScrollBar (UINT nBar, BOOL bShow=TRUE)
BOOL ShowWindow (int nCmdShow)
BOOL ShowWindowAsync (int nCmdShow)
BOOL UpdateWindow ()
BOOL ValidateRect (LPCRECT lpRect)
BOOL ValidateRgn (HRGN hRgn)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CMessageMap
virtual BOOL ProcessWindowMessage (HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam, LRESULT &lResult, DWORD dwMsgMapID)=0
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindowImpl< CStubWindow32 >
static LPCTSTR GetWndCaption ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindowImplBaseT< TBase, TWinTraits >
static DWORD GetWndStyle (DWORD dwStyle)
static DWORD GetWndExStyle (DWORD dwExStyle)
static LRESULT CALLBACK StartWindowProc (HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
static LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProc (HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CWindow
static LPCTSTR GetWndClassName ()
static LRESULT SendMessage (HWND hWnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
- Public Attributes inherited from ATL::CWindowImplBaseT< TBase, TWinTraits >
WNDPROC m_pfnSuperWindowProc
- Public Attributes inherited from ATL::CWindowImplRoot< TBase >
CWndProcThunk m_thunk
const _ATL_MSGm_pCurrentMsg
DWORD m_dwState
- Public Attributes inherited from ATL::CWindow
HWND m_hWnd
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ATL::CWindow
static RECT rcDefault

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