ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8102-g108db8f
wined3d_texture Struct Reference

#include <wined3d_private.h>

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struct  wined3d_overlay_info
struct  wined3d_texture_async
struct  wined3d_texture_sub_resource

Public Attributes

struct wined3d_resource resource
const struct wined3d_texture_opstexture_ops
struct gl_texture texture_rgb texture_srgb
struct wined3d_swapchainswapchain
unsigned int pow2_width
unsigned int pow2_height
UINT layer_count
UINT level_count
unsigned int download_count
unsigned int sysmem_count
float pow2_matrix [16]
UINT lod
DWORD sampler
DWORD flags
GLenum target
DWORD update_map_binding
GLuint rb_multisample
GLuint rb_resolved
unsigned int row_pitch
unsigned int slice_pitch
struct wined3d_texture::wined3d_texture_async async
struct wined3d_texture::wined3d_overlay_infooverlay_info
struct wined3d_texture::wined3d_texture_sub_resource sub_resources [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3157 of file wined3d_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ async

◆ download_count

unsigned int wined3d_texture::download_count

Definition at line 3167 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ flags

DWORD wined3d_texture::flags

◆ layer_count

◆ level_count

◆ lod

UINT wined3d_texture::lod

Definition at line 3170 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ overlay_info

struct wined3d_texture::wined3d_overlay_info * wined3d_texture::overlay_info

◆ pow2_height

unsigned int wined3d_texture::pow2_height

Definition at line 3164 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ pow2_matrix

float wined3d_texture::pow2_matrix[16]

◆ pow2_width

unsigned int wined3d_texture::pow2_width

Definition at line 3163 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ rb_multisample

GLuint wined3d_texture::rb_multisample

Definition at line 3176 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by wined3d_swapchain_rotate().

◆ rb_resolved

GLuint wined3d_texture::rb_resolved

Definition at line 3177 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ resource

◆ row_pitch

unsigned int wined3d_texture::row_pitch

◆ sampler

DWORD wined3d_texture::sampler

Definition at line 3171 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by wined3d_cs_exec_set_texture().

◆ slice_pitch

unsigned int wined3d_texture::slice_pitch

Definition at line 3181 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ sub_resources

◆ swapchain

◆ sysmem_count

unsigned int wined3d_texture::sysmem_count

Definition at line 3168 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ target

GLenum wined3d_texture::target

◆ texture_ops

const struct wined3d_texture_ops* wined3d_texture::texture_ops

Definition at line 3160 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ texture_srgb

struct gl_texture texture_rgb wined3d_texture::texture_srgb

Definition at line 3161 of file wined3d_private.h.

Referenced by context_setup_target().

◆ update_map_binding

DWORD wined3d_texture::update_map_binding

Definition at line 3174 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ user_memory

void* wined3d_texture::user_memory

Definition at line 3179 of file wined3d_private.h.

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