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d3d9_mipmap.h File Reference
#include "d3d9_texture.h"
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struct  _D3D9MipMap


typedef struct _D3D9MipMap D3D9MipMap
typedef struct _D3D9MipMapLPD3D9MIPMAP


HRESULT CreateD3D9MipMap (struct _Direct3DDevice9_INT *pDevice, UINT Width, UINT Height, UINT Levels, DWORD Usage, D3DFORMAT Format, D3DPOOL Pool, IDirect3DTexture9 **ppTexture)

Typedef Documentation

◆ D3D9MipMap


Function Documentation

◆ CreateD3D9MipMap()

HRESULT CreateD3D9MipMap ( struct _Direct3DDevice9_INT pDevice,
UINT  Width,
UINT  Height,
UINT  Levels,
DWORD  Usage,
D3DFORMAT  Format,
D3DPOOL  Pool,
IDirect3DTexture9 **  ppTexture 

Definition at line 287 of file d3d9_mipmap.c.

288 {
289  LPD3D9MIPMAP pThisTexture;
290  if (FAILED(AlignedAlloc((LPVOID*)&pThisTexture, sizeof(D3D9MipMap))))
291  {
292  DPRINT1("Could not create D3D9MipMap");
293  return E_OUTOFMEMORY;
294  }
296  InitDirect3DBaseTexture9(&pThisTexture->BaseTexture, (IDirect3DBaseTexture9Vtbl*)&D3D9MipMap_Vtbl, Usage, Levels, Format, Pool, pDevice, RT_EXTERNAL);
298  pThisTexture->lpVtbl = &D3D9MipMap_Vtbl;
300  pThisTexture->Usage = Usage;
301  pThisTexture->dwWidth = Width;
302  pThisTexture->dwHeight = Height;
303  pThisTexture->Format = Format;
305  *ppTexture = (IDirect3DTexture9*)&pThisTexture->lpVtbl;
308  return D3D_OK;
309 }
_In_ HFONT _Out_ PUINT _Out_ PUINT Width
Definition: font.h:124
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_ USAGE _In_ USHORT _In_ USAGE Usage
Definition: hidpi.h:382
_In_ HFONT _Out_ PUINT Height
Definition: font.h:124
Definition: ddrawi.h:100
HRESULT AlignedAlloc(IN OUT LPVOID *ppObject, IN SIZE_T dwSize)
Definition: d3d9_helpers.c:95
static IDirect3DTexture9Vtbl D3D9MipMap_Vtbl
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.c:253
FxDevice * pDevice
Definition: bufpool.h:50
#define D3D_OK
Definition: d3d.h:106
#define DPRINT1
Definition: precomp.h:8
Definition: debug.h:115
ACPI_BUFFER *RetBuffer ACPI_BUFFER *RetBuffer char ACPI_WALK_RESOURCE_CALLBACK void *Context ACPI_BUFFER *RetBuffer UINT16 ACPI_RESOURCE **ResourcePtr ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS *Reg UINT32 *ReturnValue UINT8 UINT8 *Slp_TypB ACPI_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS PhysicalAddress64 UINT32 UINT32 *TimeElapsed UINT32 ACPI_STATUS const char * Format
Definition: acpixf.h:1220
void InitDirect3DBaseTexture9(Direct3DBaseTexture9_INT *pBaseTexture, IDirect3DBaseTexture9Vtbl *pVtbl, DWORD Usage, UINT Levels, D3DFORMAT Format, D3DPOOL Pool, struct _Direct3DDevice9_INT *pDevice, enum REF_TYPE RefType)
Definition: d3d9_texture.c:22

Referenced by IDirect3DDevice9Base_CreateTexture().