ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8102-g108db8f
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2 * COPYRIGHT: See COPYING in the top level directory
3 * PROJECT: ReactOS ReactX
4 * FILE: dll/directx/d3d9/d3d9_mipmap.h
5 * PURPOSE: d3d9.dll internal mip map surface structures
6 * PROGRAMERS: Gregor Gullwi <gbrunmar (dot) ros (at) gmail (dot) com>
7 */
8#ifndef _D3D9_MIPMAP_H_
9#define _D3D9_MIPMAP_H_
11#include "d3d9_texture.h"
15typedef struct _D3D9MipMap
18/* 0x0060 */ struct IDirect3DTexture9Vtbl* lpVtbl;
19/* 0x0064 */ LPDWORD dwUnknown64;
20/* 0x0068 */ D3DFORMAT Format;
21/* 0x006c */ DWORD dwUnknown6c;
22/* 0x0070 */ DWORD Usage;
23/* 0x0074 */ DWORD dwUnknown74;
24/* 0x0078 */ DWORD dwUnknown78;
25/* 0x007c */ DWORD dwUnknown7c;
26/* 0x0080 */ DWORD dwWidth;
27/* 0x0084 */ DWORD dwHeight;
28/* 0x0088 */ DWORD dwUnknown88;
29/* 0x008c */ DWORD dwUnknown8c;
30/* 0x0090 */ DWORD dwUnknown90;
31/* 0x0094 */ DWORD dwUnknown94;
32/* 0x0098 */ DWORD dwUnknown98;
33/* 0x009c */ DWORD dwUnknown9c;
34/* 0x00a0 */ DWORD dwUnknowna0;
35/* 0x00a4 */ DWORD dwUnknowna4;
36/* 0x00a8 */ DWORD dwUnknowna8;
37/* 0x00ac */ DWORD dwUnknownac;
38/* 0x00b0 */ DWORD dwUnknownb0;
39/* 0x00b4 */ DWORD dwUnknownb4;
40/* 0x00b8 */ DWORD dwUnknownb8;
41/* 0x00bc */ DWORD dwUnknownbc;
42/* 0x00c0 */ DWORD dwUnknownc0;
43/* 0x00c4 */ DWORD dwUnknownc4;
44/* 0x00c8 */ DWORD dwUnknownc8;
45/* 0x00cc */ DWORD dwUnknowncc;
46/* 0x00d0 */ DWORD dwUnknownd0;
47/* 0x00d4 */ DWORD dwUnknownd4;
48/* 0x00d8 */ DWORD dwUnknownd8;
49/* 0x00dc */ DWORD dwUnknowndc;
50/* 0x00e0 */ DWORD dwUnknowne0;
51/* 0x00e4 */ DWORD dwUnknowne4;
52/* 0x00e8 */ DWORD dwUnknowne8;
53/* 0x00ec */ DWORD dwUnknownec;
54/* 0x00f0 */ DWORD dwUnknownf0;
55/* 0x00f4 */ DWORD dwUnknownf4;
60#endif // _D3D9_MIPMAP_H_
Definition: bufpool.h:50
struct _D3D9MipMap * LPD3D9MIPMAP
struct _D3D9MipMap D3D9MipMap
HRESULT CreateD3D9MipMap(struct _Direct3DDevice9_INT *pDevice, UINT Width, UINT Height, UINT Levels, DWORD Usage, D3DFORMAT Format, D3DPOOL Pool, IDirect3DTexture9 **ppTexture)
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.c:287
#define FAR
Definition: zlib.h:34
unsigned long DWORD
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:95
FxDevice * pDevice
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_ USAGE _In_ USHORT _In_ USAGE Usage
Definition: hidpi.h:384
unsigned int UINT
Definition: ndis.h:50
DWORD dwUnknown90
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:30
Direct3DBaseTexture9_INT BaseTexture
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:17
DWORD dwHeight
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:27
DWORD dwUnknownd0
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:46
DWORD dwUnknownb0
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:38
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:20
struct IDirect3DTexture9Vtbl * lpVtbl
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:18
DWORD dwUnknownf4
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:55
DWORD dwUnknown78
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:24
DWORD dwUnknowne0
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:50
DWORD dwWidth
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:26
DWORD dwUnknownc8
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:44
DWORD dwUnknowncc
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:45
DWORD dwUnknown6c
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:21
DWORD dwUnknown7c
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:25
DWORD dwUnknowne4
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:51
DWORD dwUnknowne8
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:52
DWORD dwUnknownb4
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:39
DWORD dwUnknownf0
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:54
DWORD dwUnknownd4
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:47
DWORD dwUnknownec
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:53
DWORD dwUnknownbc
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:41
DWORD dwUnknownc0
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:42
DWORD dwUnknown88
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:28
DWORD dwUnknown9c
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:33
DWORD dwUnknownac
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:37
DWORD dwUnknown94
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:31
DWORD dwUnknownd8
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:48
DWORD dwUnknowna4
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:35
DWORD dwUnknownb8
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:40
DWORD dwUnknowndc
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:49
DWORD dwUnknown98
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:32
DWORD dwUnknownc4
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:43
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:22
DWORD dwUnknowna0
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:34
DWORD dwUnknowna8
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:36
DWORD dwUnknown8c
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:29
LPDWORD dwUnknown64
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:19
DWORD dwUnknown74
Definition: d3d9_mipmap.h:23
uint32_t * LPDWORD
Definition: typedefs.h:59
_In_ HFONT _Out_ PUINT _Out_ PUINT Width
Definition: font.h:89
_In_ HFONT _Out_ PUINT Height
Definition: font.h:88