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TestTypelib::IWidget Interface Reference
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struct  complex
struct  thin

Public Member Functions

HRESULT DoSomething ([in] double number, [out] BSTR *str1, [in, defaultvalue("")] BSTR str2, [in, optional] VARIANT *opt)
HRESULT Map ([in] BSTR bstrId, [out, retval] BSTR *sValue)
HRESULT SetOleColor ([in] OLE_COLOR val)
HRESULT GetOleColor ([out, retval] OLE_COLOR *pVal)
HRESULT VariantArrayPtr ([in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) *values)
HRESULT VarArg ([in] int numexpect, [in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) values)
HRESULT Error ()
HRESULT ByRefUInt ([in, out] UINT *i)
HRESULT pos_restrict ([out, retval] INT *i)
HRESULT neg_restrict ([out, retval] INT *i)
HRESULT VarArg_Run ([in] BSTR name, [in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) params, [out, retval] VARIANT *result)
HRESULT VarArg_Ref_Run ([in] BSTR name, [in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) *params, [out, retval] VARIANT *result)
HRESULT basetypes_in ([in] signed char c, [in] short s, [in] int i, [in] hyper h, [in] unsigned char uc, [in] unsigned short us, [in] unsigned int ui, [in] unsigned hyper uh, [in] float f, [in] double d, [in] STATE st)
HRESULT basetypes_out ([out] signed char *c, [out] short *s, [out] int *i, [out] hyper *h, [out] unsigned char *uc, [out] unsigned short *us, [out] unsigned int *ui, [out] unsigned hyper *uh, [out] float *f, [out] double *d, [out] STATE *st)
HRESULT float_abi ([in] float f, [in] double d, [in] int i, [in] float f2, [in] double d2)
HRESULT int_ptr ([in] int *in, [out] int *out, [in, out] int *in_out)
HRESULT int_ptr_ptr ([in] int **in, [out] int **out, [in, out] int **in_out)
HRESULT iface_in ([in] IUnknown *unk, [in] IDispatch *disp, [in] ISomethingFromDispatch *sfd)
HRESULT iface_out ([out] IUnknown **unk, [out] IDispatch **disp, [out] ISomethingFromDispatch **sfd)
HRESULT iface_ptr ([in] ISomethingFromDispatch **in, [out] ISomethingFromDispatch **out, [in, out] ISomethingFromDispatch **in_out)
HRESULT bstr ([in] BSTR in, [out] BSTR *out, [in] BSTR *in_ptr, [in, out] BSTR *in_out)
HRESULT variant ([in] VARIANT in, [out] VARIANT *out, [in] VARIANT *in_ptr, [in, out] VARIANT *in_out)
HRESULT safearray ([in] SAFEARRAY(int) in, [out] SAFEARRAY(int) *out, [in] SAFEARRAY(int) *in_ptr, [in, out] SAFEARRAY(int) *in_out)
HRESULT mystruct ([in] MYSTRUCT in, [out] MYSTRUCT *out, [in] MYSTRUCT *in_ptr, [in, out] MYSTRUCT *in_out)
HRESULT mystruct_ptr_ptr ([in] MYSTRUCT **in)
HRESULT thin_struct ([in] struct thin in)
HRESULT rect ([in] RECT in, [out] RECT *out, [in] RECT *in_ptr, [in, out] RECT *in_out)
HRESULT complex_struct ([in] struct complex in)
HRESULT array ([in] array_t in, [out] array_t out, [in, out] array_t in_out)
HRESULT variant_array ([in] VARIANT in[2], [out] VARIANT out[2], [in, out] VARIANT in_out[2])
HRESULT mystruct_array ([in] MYSTRUCT in[2])
HRESULT myint ([in] myint_t val, [in] myint_t *ptr, [in] myint_t **ptr_ptr)
HRESULT Coclass ([in] Coclass1 *class1, [in] Coclass2 *class2, [in] Coclass3 *class3)
HRESULT Coclass_ptr ([in] Coclass1 **in, [out] Coclass1 **out, [in, out] Coclass1 **in_out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDispatch
HRESULT GetTypeInfoCount ([out] UINT *pctinfo)
HRESULT GetTypeInfo ([in] UINT iTInfo, [in] LCID lcid, [out] ITypeInfo **ppTInfo)
HRESULT GetIDsOfNames ([in] REFIID riid, [in, size_is(cNames)] LPOLESTR *rgszNames, [in] UINT cNames, [in] LCID lcid, [out, size_is(cNames)] DISPID *rgDispId)
HRESULT Invoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] WORD wFlags, [in, out] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *puArgErr)
HRESULT RemoteInvoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *pArgErr, [in] UINT cVarRef, [in, size_is(cVarRef)] UINT *rgVarRefIdx, [in, out, size_is(cVarRef)] VARIANTARG *rgVarRef)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()


BSTR Name [get, set]
STATE State [get, set]
IWidget Clone [get]
IDispatch CloneDispatch [get]
ApplicationObject2 CloneCoclass [get]
VARIANT Value ([in] VARIANT value) [get]
ISomethingFromDispatch CloneInterface [get]
INT prop_with_lcid ([in, lcid] long lcid) [get, set]
INT prop_int [get]
UINT prop_uint [get]
INT prop_opt_arg ([in, optional] INT opt) [set]
INT prop_req_arg ([in] INT req) [set]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IDispatch
typedef IDispatchLPDISPATCH
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN
- Public Attributes inherited from IDispatch

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file tmarshal.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ array()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::array ( [in] array_t  in,
[out] array_t  out,
[in, out] array_t  in_out 

◆ basetypes_in()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::basetypes_in ( [in] signed char  c,
[in] short  s,
[in] int  i,
[in] hyper  h,
[in] unsigned char  uc,
[in] unsigned short  us,
[in] unsigned int  ui,
[in] unsigned hyper  uh,
[in] float  f,
[in] double  d,
[in] STATE  st 

◆ basetypes_out()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::basetypes_out ( [out] signed char c,
[out] short s,
[out] int i,
[out] hyper h,
[out] unsigned char uc,
[out] unsigned short us,
[out] unsigned int ui,
[out] unsigned hyper uh,
[out] float f,
[out] double d,
[out] STATE st 

◆ bstr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::bstr ( [in] BSTR  in,
[out] BSTR out,
[in] BSTR in_ptr,
[in, out] BSTR in_out 

◆ ByRefUInt()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::ByRefUInt ( [in, out] UINT i)

◆ Coclass()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::Coclass ( [in] Coclass1 class1,
[in] Coclass2 *  class2,
[in] Coclass3 class3 

◆ Coclass_ptr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::Coclass_ptr ( [in] Coclass1 **  in,
[out] Coclass1 **  out,
[in, out] Coclass1 **  in_out 

◆ complex_struct()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::complex_struct ( [in] struct complex  in)

◆ DoSomething()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::DoSomething ( [in] double  number,
[out] BSTR str1,
[in, defaultvalue("")] BSTR  str2,
[in, optional] VARIANT opt 

◆ Error()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::Error ( )

◆ float_abi()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::float_abi ( [in] float  f,
[in] double  d,
[in] int  i,
[in] float  f2,
[in] double  d2 

◆ GetOleColor()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::GetOleColor ( [out, retval] OLE_COLOR *  pVal)

◆ iface_in()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::iface_in ( [in] IUnknown unk,
[in] IDispatch disp,
[in] ISomethingFromDispatch sfd 

◆ iface_out()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::iface_out ( [out] IUnknown **  unk,
[out] IDispatch **  disp,
[out] ISomethingFromDispatch **  sfd 

◆ iface_ptr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::iface_ptr ( [in] ISomethingFromDispatch **  in,
[out] ISomethingFromDispatch **  out,
[in, out] ISomethingFromDispatch **  in_out 

◆ int_ptr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::int_ptr ( [in] int in,
[out] int out,
[in, out] int in_out 

◆ int_ptr_ptr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::int_ptr_ptr ( [in] int **  in,
[out] int **  out,
[in, out] int **  in_out 

◆ Map()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::Map ( [in] BSTR  bstrId,
[out, retval] BSTR sValue 

◆ myint()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::myint ( [in] myint_t  val,
[in] myint_t ptr,
[in] myint_t **  ptr_ptr 

◆ mystruct()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::mystruct ( [in] MYSTRUCT  in,
[out] MYSTRUCT out,
[in] MYSTRUCT in_ptr,
[in, out] MYSTRUCT in_out 

◆ mystruct_array()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::mystruct_array ( [in] MYSTRUCT  in[2])

◆ mystruct_ptr_ptr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::mystruct_ptr_ptr ( [in] MYSTRUCT **  in)

◆ neg_restrict()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::neg_restrict ( [out, retval] INT i)

◆ pos_restrict()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::pos_restrict ( [out, retval] INT i)

◆ rect()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::rect ( [in] RECT  in,
[out] RECT out,
[in] RECT in_ptr,
[in, out] RECT in_out 

◆ safearray()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::safearray ( [in] SAFEARRAY(int in,
[out] SAFEARRAY(int) *  out,
[in] SAFEARRAY(int) *  in_ptr,
[in, out] SAFEARRAY(int) *  in_out 

◆ SetOleColor()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::SetOleColor ( [in] OLE_COLOR  val)

◆ thin_struct()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::thin_struct ( [in] struct thin  in)

◆ VarArg()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::VarArg ( [in] int  numexpect,

◆ VarArg_Ref_Run()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::VarArg_Ref_Run ( [in] BSTR  name,
[in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) *  params,
[out, retval] VARIANT result 

◆ VarArg_Run()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::VarArg_Run ( [in] BSTR  name,
[out, retval] VARIANT result 

◆ variant()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::variant ( [in] VARIANT  in,
[out] VARIANT out,
[in] VARIANT in_ptr,
[in, out] VARIANT in_out 

◆ variant_array()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::variant_array ( [in] VARIANT  in[2],
[out] VARIANT  out[2],
[in, out] VARIANT  in_out[2] 

◆ VariantArrayPtr()

HRESULT TestTypelib::IWidget::VariantArrayPtr ( [in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) *  values)

Property Documentation

◆ Clone

IWidget TestTypelib::IWidget::Clone

◆ CloneCoclass

ApplicationObject2 TestTypelib::IWidget::CloneCoclass

◆ CloneDispatch

IDispatch TestTypelib::IWidget::CloneDispatch

◆ CloneInterface

ISomethingFromDispatch TestTypelib::IWidget::CloneInterface

◆ Name

BSTR TestTypelib::IWidget::Name

◆ prop_int

INT TestTypelib::IWidget::prop_int

◆ prop_opt_arg

INT TestTypelib::IWidget::prop_opt_arg([in,optional] INT opt)

◆ prop_req_arg

INT TestTypelib::IWidget::prop_req_arg([in] INT req)

◆ prop_uint

UINT TestTypelib::IWidget::prop_uint

◆ prop_with_lcid

INT TestTypelib::IWidget::prop_with_lcid

◆ State

STATE TestTypelib::IWidget::State

◆ Value

VARIANT TestTypelib::IWidget::Value([in] VARIANT value)

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