ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7660-g0086d05
TestTypelib::IWidget::complex Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for TestTypelib::IWidget::complex:

Public Attributes

char c
int i
int ** ppi
ISomethingFromDispatch ** iface_ptr
BSTR bstr
MYSTRUCT mystruct
array_t arr
myint_t myint

Detailed Description

Definition at line 326 of file tmarshal.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ arr

array_t TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::arr

Definition at line 337 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ bstr

BSTR TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::bstr

Definition at line 334 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ c

char TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::c

Definition at line 328 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ i

int TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::i

Definition at line 329 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ iface

ISomethingFromDispatch* TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::iface

Definition at line 332 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ iface_ptr

ISomethingFromDispatch** TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::iface_ptr

Definition at line 333 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ myint

myint_t TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::myint

Definition at line 338 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ mystruct

MYSTRUCT TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::mystruct

Definition at line 336 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ pi

int* TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::pi

Definition at line 330 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ ppi

int** TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::ppi

Definition at line 331 of file tmarshal.idl.

◆ var

VARIANT TestTypelib::IWidget::complex::var

Definition at line 335 of file tmarshal.idl.

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