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HTMLDocumentObj Struct Reference

#include <mshtml_private.h>

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Public Attributes

HTMLDocument basedoc
DispatchEx dispex
ICustomDoc ICustomDoc_iface
ITargetContainer ITargetContainer_iface
IWindowForBindingUI IWindowForBindingUI_iface
LONG ref
BOOL custom_hostui
IHTMLEditServices * editsvcs
HWND hwnd
HWND tooltips_hwnd
BOOL request_uiactivate
BOOL in_place_active
BOOL ui_active
BOOL window_active
BOOL hostui_setup
BOOL container_locked
BOOL focus
BOOL has_popup
INT download_state
USERMODE usermode
DWORD update

Detailed Description

Definition at line 599 of file mshtml_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ basedoc

◆ browser_service

IUnknown* HTMLDocumentObj::browser_service

Definition at line 622 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ client

◆ client_cmdtrg

IOleCommandTarget* HTMLDocumentObj::client_cmdtrg

Definition at line 613 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_navigation_error(), and set_document_navigation().

◆ container_locked

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::container_locked

Definition at line 637 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ custom_hostui

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::custom_hostui

Definition at line 614 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ dispex

DispatchEx HTMLDocumentObj::dispex

Definition at line 601 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by HTMLDocument_Create().

◆ doc_object_service

IDocObjectService* HTMLDocumentObj::doc_object_service

Definition at line 619 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_load(), handle_navigation_error(), and parse_complete().

◆ download_state

INT HTMLDocumentObj::download_state

Definition at line 640 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_docobj_load(), and set_download_state().

◆ editsvcs

IHTMLEditServices* HTMLDocumentObj::editsvcs

Definition at line 627 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ focus

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::focus

Definition at line 638 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_blur(), and handle_focus().

◆ frame

IOleInPlaceFrame* HTMLDocumentObj::frame

Definition at line 616 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by set_moniker(), set_statustext(), and setup_edit_mode().

◆ has_popup

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::has_popup

Definition at line 639 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ hostinfo

DOCHOSTUIINFO HTMLDocumentObj::hostinfo

Definition at line 624 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ hostui

IDocHostUIHandler* HTMLDocumentObj::hostui

◆ hostui_setup

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::hostui_setup

Definition at line 636 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ hwnd

HWND HTMLDocumentObj::hwnd

Definition at line 629 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ ICustomDoc_iface

ICustomDoc HTMLDocumentObj::ICustomDoc_iface

Definition at line 602 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by HTMLDocument_Create().

◆ in_place_active

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::in_place_active

Definition at line 633 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ ip_window

IOleInPlaceUIWindow* HTMLDocumentObj::ip_window

Definition at line 617 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by setup_edit_mode().

◆ ipsite

IOleInPlaceSite* HTMLDocumentObj::ipsite

Definition at line 615 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ ITargetContainer_iface

ITargetContainer HTMLDocumentObj::ITargetContainer_iface

Definition at line 603 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ IWindowForBindingUI_iface

IWindowForBindingUI HTMLDocumentObj::IWindowForBindingUI_iface

Definition at line 605 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by init_binding_ui().

◆ mime

LPWSTR HTMLDocumentObj::mime

Definition at line 643 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ nscontainer

NSContainer* HTMLDocumentObj::nscontainer

◆ ref

LONG HTMLDocumentObj::ref

Definition at line 607 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by HTMLDocument_Create().

◆ request_uiactivate

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::request_uiactivate

Definition at line 632 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ tooltips_hwnd

HWND HTMLDocumentObj::tooltips_hwnd

Definition at line 630 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ travel_log

ITravelLog* HTMLDocumentObj::travel_log

Definition at line 621 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ ui_active

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::ui_active

Definition at line 634 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by setup_edit_mode().

◆ undomgr

IOleUndoManager* HTMLDocumentObj::undomgr

Definition at line 626 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ update

DWORD HTMLDocumentObj::update

Definition at line 645 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ usermode

◆ view_sink

IAdviseSink* HTMLDocumentObj::view_sink

Definition at line 618 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_load(), parse_complete(), and set_downloading_proc().

◆ webbrowser

IUnknown* HTMLDocumentObj::webbrowser

◆ window_active

BOOL HTMLDocumentObj::window_active

Definition at line 635 of file mshtml_private.h.

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