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IDocHostUIHandler Interface Reference
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Public Types

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Public Member Functions

HRESULT ShowContextMenu ([in] DWORD dwID, [in] POINT *ppt, [in] IUnknown *pcmdtReserved, [in] IDispatch *pdispReserved)
HRESULT GetHostInfo ([in, out] DOCHOSTUIINFO *pInfo)
HRESULT ShowUI ([in] DWORD dwID, [in] IOleInPlaceActiveObject *pActiveObject, [in] IOleCommandTarget *pCommandTarget, [in] IOleInPlaceFrame *pFrame, [in] IOleInPlaceUIWindow *pDoc)
HRESULT EnableModeless ([in] BOOL fEnable)
HRESULT OnDocWindowActivate ([in] BOOL fActivate)
HRESULT OnFrameWindowActivate ([in] BOOL fActivate)
HRESULT ResizeBorder ([in] LPCRECT prcBorder, [in] IOleInPlaceUIWindow *pUIWindow, [in] BOOL fRameWindow)
HRESULT TranslateAccelerator ([in] LPMSG lpMsg, [in] const GUID *pguidCmdGroup, [in] DWORD nCmdID)
HRESULT GetOptionKeyPath ([out] LPOLESTR *pchKey, [in] DWORD dw)
HRESULT GetDropTarget ([in] IDropTarget *pDropTarget, [out] IDropTarget **ppDropTarget)
HRESULT GetExternal ([out] IDispatch **ppDispatch)
HRESULT TranslateUrl ([in] DWORD dwTranslate, [in] OLECHAR *pchURLIn, [out] OLECHAR **ppchURLOut)
HRESULT FilterDataObject ([in] IDataObject *pDO, [out] IDataObject **ppDORet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 148 of file mshtmhst.idl.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ EnableModeless()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::EnableModeless ( [in] BOOL  fEnable)

◆ FilterDataObject()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::FilterDataObject ( [in] IDataObject pDO,
[out] IDataObject **  ppDORet 

◆ GetDropTarget()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::GetDropTarget ( [in] IDropTarget pDropTarget,
[out] IDropTarget **  ppDropTarget 

◆ GetExternal()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::GetExternal ( [out] IDispatch **  ppDispatch)

◆ GetHostInfo()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::GetHostInfo ( [in, out] DOCHOSTUIINFO pInfo)

◆ GetOptionKeyPath()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::GetOptionKeyPath ( [out] LPOLESTR pchKey,
[in] DWORD  dw 

◆ HideUI()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::HideUI ( )

◆ OnDocWindowActivate()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::OnDocWindowActivate ( [in] BOOL  fActivate)

◆ OnFrameWindowActivate()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::OnFrameWindowActivate ( [in] BOOL  fActivate)

◆ ResizeBorder()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::ResizeBorder ( [in] LPCRECT  prcBorder,
[in] IOleInPlaceUIWindow pUIWindow,
[in] BOOL  fRameWindow 

◆ ShowContextMenu()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::ShowContextMenu ( [in] DWORD  dwID,
[in] POINT ppt,
[in] IUnknown pcmdtReserved,
[in] IDispatch pdispReserved 

◆ ShowUI()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::ShowUI ( [in] DWORD  dwID,
[in] IOleInPlaceActiveObject pActiveObject,
[in] IOleCommandTarget pCommandTarget,
[in] IOleInPlaceFrame pFrame,
[in] IOleInPlaceUIWindow pDoc 

◆ TranslateAccelerator()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::TranslateAccelerator ( [in] LPMSG  lpMsg,
[in] const GUID pguidCmdGroup,
[in] DWORD  nCmdID 

◆ TranslateUrl()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::TranslateUrl ( [in] DWORD  dwTranslate,
[in] OLECHAR pchURLIn,
[out] OLECHAR **  ppchURLOut 

◆ UpdateUI()

HRESULT IDocHostUIHandler::UpdateUI ( )

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