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nsIXMLHttpRequest Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetChannel (nsIChannel **aChannel)
nsresult GetResponseXML (nsIDOMDocument **aResponseXML)
nsresult GetResponseText (nsAString *aResponseText)
nsresult GetResponseType (nsAString *aResponseType)
nsresult SetResponseType (const nsAString *aResponseType)
nsresult GetResponse (JSContext *cx, int aResponse)
nsresult GetStatus (uint32_t *aStatus)
nsresult GetStatusText (nsACString *aStatusText)
nsresult SlowAbort ()
nsresult GetAllResponseHeaders (nsACString *_retval)
nsresult GetResponseHeader (const nsACString *header, nsACString *_retval)
nsresult Open (const nsACString *method, const nsACString *url, bool async, const nsAString *user, const nsAString *password, uint8_t _argc)
nsresult Send (nsIVariant *body)
nsresult SetRequestHeader (const nsACString *header, const nsACString *value)
nsresult GetTimeout (uint32_t *aTimeout)
nsresult SetTimeout (uint32_t aTimeout)
nsresult GetReadyState (uint16_t *aReadyState)
nsresult SlowOverrideMimeType (const nsAString *mimetype)
nsresult GetMozBackgroundRequest (bool *aMozBackgroundRequest)
nsresult SetMozBackgroundRequest (bool aMozBackgroundRequest)
nsresult GetWithCredentials (bool *aWithCredentials)
nsresult SetWithCredentials (bool aWithCredentials)
nsresult Init (nsIPrincipal *principal, nsIScriptContext *scriptContext, nsIGlobalObject *globalObject, nsIURI *baseURI, nsILoadGroup *loadGroup)
nsresult GetUpload (nsIXMLHttpRequestUpload **aUpload)
nsresult GetOnreadystatechange (JSContext *cx, int aOnreadystatechange)
nsresult SetOnreadystatechange (JSContext *cx, int aOnreadystatechange)
nsresult GetMozAnon (bool *aMozAnon)
nsresult GetMozSystem (bool *aMozSystem)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4106 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAllResponseHeaders()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetAllResponseHeaders ( nsACString _retval)

◆ GetChannel()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetChannel ( nsIChannel **  aChannel)

◆ GetMozAnon()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetMozAnon ( bool aMozAnon)

◆ GetMozBackgroundRequest()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetMozBackgroundRequest ( bool aMozBackgroundRequest)

◆ GetMozSystem()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetMozSystem ( bool aMozSystem)

◆ GetOnreadystatechange()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetOnreadystatechange ( JSContext cx,
int  aOnreadystatechange 

◆ GetReadyState()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetReadyState ( uint16_t aReadyState)

◆ GetResponse()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetResponse ( JSContext cx,
int  aResponse 

◆ GetResponseHeader()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetResponseHeader ( const nsACString header,
nsACString _retval 

◆ GetResponseText()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetResponseText ( nsAString aResponseText)

◆ GetResponseType()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetResponseType ( nsAString aResponseType)

◆ GetResponseXML()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetResponseXML ( nsIDOMDocument **  aResponseXML)

◆ GetStatus()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetStatus ( uint32_t aStatus)

◆ GetStatusText()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetStatusText ( nsACString aStatusText)

◆ GetTimeout()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetTimeout ( uint32_t aTimeout)

◆ GetUpload()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetUpload ( nsIXMLHttpRequestUpload **  aUpload)

◆ GetWithCredentials()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::GetWithCredentials ( bool aWithCredentials)

◆ Init()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::Init ( nsIPrincipal principal,
nsIScriptContext scriptContext,
nsIGlobalObject globalObject,
nsIURI baseURI,
nsILoadGroup loadGroup 

◆ Open()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::Open ( const nsACString method,
const nsACString url,
bool  async,
const nsAString user,
const nsAString password,
uint8_t  _argc 

◆ Send()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::Send ( nsIVariant body)

◆ SetMozBackgroundRequest()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SetMozBackgroundRequest ( bool  aMozBackgroundRequest)

◆ SetOnreadystatechange()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SetOnreadystatechange ( JSContext cx,
int  aOnreadystatechange 

◆ SetRequestHeader()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SetRequestHeader ( const nsACString header,
const nsACString value 

◆ SetResponseType()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SetResponseType ( const nsAString aResponseType)

◆ SetTimeout()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SetTimeout ( uint32_t  aTimeout)

◆ SetWithCredentials()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SetWithCredentials ( bool  aWithCredentials)

◆ SlowAbort()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SlowAbort ( )

◆ SlowOverrideMimeType()

nsresult nsIXMLHttpRequest::SlowOverrideMimeType ( const nsAString mimetype)

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