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nsIVariant Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetDataType (uint16_t *aDataType)
nsresult GetAsInt8 (uint8_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsInt16 (int16_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsInt32 (int32_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsInt64 (int64_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsUint8 (uint8_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsUint16 (uint16_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsUint32 (uint32_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsUint64 (uint64_t *_retval)
nsresult GetAsFloat (float *_retval)
nsresult GetAsDouble (double *_retval)
nsresult GetAsBool (bool *_retval)
nsresult GetAsChar (char *_retval)
nsresult GetAsWChar (PRUnichar *_retval)
nsresult GetAsID (nsID *retval)
nsresult GetAsAString (nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetAsDOMString (nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetAsACString (nsACString *_retval)
nsresult GetAsAUTF8String (nsACString *_retval)
nsresult GetAsString (char **_retval)
nsresult GetAsWString (PRUnichar **_retval)
nsresult GetAsISupports (nsISupports **_retval)
nsresult GetAsJSVal (long *_retval)
nsresult GetAsInterface (nsIID **iid, void **iface)
nsresult GetAsArray (uint16_t *type, nsIID *iid, uint32_t *count, void **ptr)
nsresult GetAsStringWithSize (uint32_t *size, char **str)
nsresult GetAsWStringWithSize (uint32_t *size, PRUnichar **str)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 293 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAsACString()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsACString ( nsACString _retval)

◆ GetAsArray()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsArray ( uint16_t type,
nsIID iid,
uint32_t count,
void **  ptr 

◆ GetAsAString()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsAString ( nsAString _retval)

◆ GetAsAUTF8String()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsAUTF8String ( nsACString _retval)

◆ GetAsBool()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsBool ( bool _retval)

◆ GetAsChar()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsChar ( char _retval)

◆ GetAsDOMString()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsDOMString ( nsAString _retval)

◆ GetAsDouble()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsDouble ( double _retval)

◆ GetAsFloat()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsFloat ( float _retval)

◆ GetAsID()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsID ( nsID retval)

◆ GetAsInt16()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsInt16 ( int16_t _retval)

◆ GetAsInt32()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsInt32 ( int32_t _retval)

◆ GetAsInt64()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsInt64 ( int64_t _retval)

◆ GetAsInt8()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsInt8 ( uint8_t _retval)

◆ GetAsInterface()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsInterface ( nsIID **  iid,
void **  iface 

◆ GetAsISupports()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsISupports ( nsISupports **  _retval)

◆ GetAsJSVal()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsJSVal ( long _retval)

◆ GetAsString()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsString ( char **  _retval)

◆ GetAsStringWithSize()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsStringWithSize ( uint32_t size,
char **  str 

◆ GetAsUint16()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsUint16 ( uint16_t _retval)

◆ GetAsUint32()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsUint32 ( uint32_t _retval)

◆ GetAsUint64()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsUint64 ( uint64_t _retval)

◆ GetAsUint8()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsUint8 ( uint8_t _retval)

◆ GetAsWChar()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsWChar ( PRUnichar _retval)

◆ GetAsWString()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsWString ( PRUnichar **  _retval)

◆ GetAsWStringWithSize()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetAsWStringWithSize ( uint32_t size,
PRUnichar **  str 

◆ GetDataType()

nsresult nsIVariant::GetDataType ( uint16_t aDataType)

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