ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8413-gc1c91f2
fttypes.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include <stddef.h>
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struct  FT_UnitVector_
struct  FT_Matrix_
struct  FT_Data_
struct  FT_Generic_
struct  FT_ListNodeRec_
struct  FT_ListRec_


#define FT_MAKE_TAG(_x1, _x2, _x3, _x4)
#define FT_IS_EMPTY(list)   ( (list).head == 0 )
#define FT_BOOL(x)   ( (FT_Bool)( x ) )
#define FT_ERR_XCAT(x, y)   x ## y
#define FT_ERR_CAT(x, y)   FT_ERR_XCAT( x, y )
#define FT_ERR(e)   FT_ERR_CAT( FT_ERR_PREFIX, e )
#define FT_ERROR_BASE(x)   ( (x) & 0xFF )
#define FT_ERROR_MODULE(x)   ( (x) & 0xFF00U )
#define FT_ERR_EQ(x, e)    ( FT_ERROR_BASE( x ) == FT_ERROR_BASE( FT_ERR( e ) ) )
#define FT_ERR_NEQ(x, e)    ( FT_ERROR_BASE( x ) != FT_ERROR_BASE( FT_ERR( e ) ) )


typedef signed short FT_FWord
typedef unsigned short FT_UFWord
typedef signed char FT_Char
typedef unsigned char FT_Byte
typedef const FT_ByteFT_Bytes
typedef FT_UInt32 FT_Tag
typedef char FT_String
typedef signed short FT_Short
typedef unsigned short FT_UShort
typedef signed int FT_Int
typedef unsigned int FT_UInt
typedef signed long FT_Long
typedef unsigned long FT_ULong
typedef signed short FT_F2Dot14
typedef signed long FT_F26Dot6
typedef signed long FT_Fixed
typedef int FT_Error
typedef voidFT_Pointer
typedef size_t FT_Offset
typedef ft_ptrdiff_t FT_PtrDist
typedef struct FT_UnitVector_ FT_UnitVector
typedef struct FT_Matrix_ FT_Matrix
typedef struct FT_Data_ FT_Data
typedef void(* FT_Generic_Finalizer) (void *object)
typedef struct FT_Generic_ FT_Generic
typedef struct FT_ListNodeRec_FT_ListNode
typedef struct FT_ListRec_FT_List
typedef struct FT_ListNodeRec_ FT_ListNodeRec
typedef struct FT_ListRec_ FT_ListRec


FT_BEGIN_HEADER typedef unsigned char FT_Bool

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#define FT_BOOL (   x)    ( (FT_Bool)( x ) )

Definition at line 578 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERR (   e)    FT_ERR_CAT( FT_ERR_PREFIX, e )

Definition at line 586 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERR_CAT (   x,
)    FT_ERR_XCAT( x, y )

Definition at line 582 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERR_EQ (   x,
)     ( FT_ERROR_BASE( x ) == FT_ERROR_BASE( FT_ERR( e ) ) )

Definition at line 591 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERR_NEQ (   x,
)     ( FT_ERROR_BASE( x ) != FT_ERROR_BASE( FT_ERR( e ) ) )

Definition at line 593 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERR_XCAT (   x,
)    x ## y

Definition at line 581 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERROR_BASE (   x)    ( (x) & 0xFF )

Definition at line 588 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_ERROR_MODULE (   x)    ( (x) & 0xFF00U )

Definition at line 589 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_IS_EMPTY (   list)    ( (list).head == 0 )

Definition at line 577 of file fttypes.h.


#define FT_MAKE_TAG (   _x1,
(FT_Tag) \
( ( (FT_ULong)_x1 << 24 ) | \
( (FT_ULong)_x2 << 16 ) | \
( (FT_ULong)_x3 << 8 ) | \
(FT_ULong)_x4 )
FT_UInt32 FT_Tag
Definition: fttypes.h:176
unsigned long FT_ULong
Definition: fttypes.h:253

Definition at line 480 of file fttypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ FT_Byte

Definition at line 154 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Bytes

Definition at line 165 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Char

typedef signed char FT_Char

Definition at line 143 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Data

◆ FT_Error

typedef int FT_Error

Definition at line 300 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_F26Dot6

Definition at line 276 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_F2Dot14

Definition at line 264 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Fixed

typedef signed long FT_Fixed

Definition at line 288 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_FWord

Definition at line 120 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Generic

◆ FT_Generic_Finalizer

typedef void(* FT_Generic_Finalizer) (void *object)

Definition at line 428 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Int

typedef signed int FT_Int

Definition at line 220 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_List

Definition at line 526 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_ListNode

Definition at line 515 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_ListNodeRec

◆ FT_ListRec

◆ FT_Long

typedef signed long FT_Long

Definition at line 242 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Matrix

◆ FT_Offset

typedef size_t FT_Offset

Definition at line 324 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Pointer

typedef void* FT_Pointer

Definition at line 311 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_PtrDist

Definition at line 337 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Short

Definition at line 198 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_String

typedef char FT_String

Definition at line 187 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_Tag

typedef FT_UInt32 FT_Tag

Definition at line 176 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_UFWord

Definition at line 132 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_UInt

typedef unsigned int FT_UInt

Definition at line 231 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_ULong

Definition at line 253 of file fttypes.h.

◆ FT_UnitVector

◆ FT_UShort

Definition at line 209 of file fttypes.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ FT_Bool

FT_BEGIN_HEADER typedef unsigned char FT_Bool

Definition at line 108 of file fttypes.h.

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