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jmemsys.h File Reference
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struct  backing_store_struct


#define MAX_ALLOC_CHUNK   1000000000L
#define TEMP_NAME_LENGTH   64 /* max length of a temporary file's name */


typedef struct backing_store_structbacking_store_ptr
typedef struct backing_store_struct backing_store_info


 EXTERN (void *) jpeg_get_small JPP((j_common_ptr cinfo
 EXTERN (void) jpeg_free_small JPP((j_common_ptr cinfo
 EXTERN (void FAR *) jpeg_get_large JPP((j_common_ptr cinfo
 EXTERN (long) jpeg_mem_available JPP((j_common_ptr cinfo


size_t sizeofobject
long min_bytes_needed
long long max_bytes_needed
long long long already_allocated
backing_store_ptr info
backing_store_ptr long total_bytes_needed

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#define MAX_ALLOC_CHUNK   1000000000L

Definition at line 78 of file jmemsys.h.


#define TEMP_NAME_LENGTH   64 /* max length of a temporary file's name */

Definition at line 116 of file jmemsys.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ backing_store_info

◆ backing_store_ptr

Definition at line 137 of file jmemsys.h.

Function Documentation

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EXTERN ( long  )

◆ EXTERN() [2/4]

EXTERN ( void )

◆ EXTERN() [3/4]

EXTERN ( void FAR )

◆ EXTERN() [4/4]

EXTERN ( void  )

Variable Documentation

◆ already_allocated

long long long already_allocated

Definition at line 106 of file jmemsys.h.

Referenced by jpeg_mem_available().

◆ info

Definition at line 181 of file jmemsys.h.

◆ max_bytes_needed

long long max_bytes_needed

Definition at line 105 of file jmemsys.h.

Referenced by jpeg_mem_available().

◆ min_bytes_needed

long min_bytes_needed

Definition at line 104 of file jmemsys.h.

◆ object

Definition at line 48 of file jmemsys.h.

◆ sizeofobject

void FAR size_t sizeofobject

Definition at line 47 of file jmemsys.h.

Referenced by alloc_large(), alloc_small(), jpeg_get_large(), and jpeg_get_small().

◆ total_bytes_needed

backing_store_ptr long total_bytes_needed

Definition at line 182 of file jmemsys.h.

Referenced by jpeg_open_backing_store(), open_ems_store(), and open_xms_store().