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2 * Summary: set of routines to process strings
3 * Description: type and interfaces needed for the internal string handling
4 * of the library, especially UTF8 processing.
5 *
6 * Copy: See Copyright for the status of this software.
7 *
8 * Author: Daniel Veillard
9 */
11#ifndef __XML_STRING_H__
12#define __XML_STRING_H__
14#include <stdarg.h>
15#include <libxml/xmlversion.h>
17#ifdef __cplusplus
18extern "C" {
28typedef unsigned char xmlChar;
35#define BAD_CAST (xmlChar *)
38 * xmlChar handling
39 */
41 xmlStrdup (const xmlChar *cur);
43 xmlStrndup (const xmlChar *cur,
44 int len);
46 xmlCharStrndup (const char *cur,
47 int len);
49 xmlCharStrdup (const char *cur);
51 xmlStrsub (const xmlChar *str,
52 int start,
53 int len);
55 xmlStrchr (const xmlChar *str,
56 xmlChar val);
58 xmlStrstr (const xmlChar *str,
59 const xmlChar *val);
62 const xmlChar *val);
64 xmlStrcmp (const xmlChar *str1,
65 const xmlChar *str2);
67 xmlStrncmp (const xmlChar *str1,
68 const xmlChar *str2,
69 int len);
71 xmlStrcasecmp (const xmlChar *str1,
72 const xmlChar *str2);
74 xmlStrncasecmp (const xmlChar *str1,
75 const xmlChar *str2,
76 int len);
78 xmlStrEqual (const xmlChar *str1,
79 const xmlChar *str2);
81 xmlStrQEqual (const xmlChar *pref,
82 const xmlChar *name,
83 const xmlChar *str);
85 xmlStrlen (const xmlChar *str);
88 const xmlChar *add);
91 const xmlChar *add,
92 int len);
94 xmlStrncatNew (const xmlChar *str1,
95 const xmlChar *str2,
96 int len);
99 int len,
100 const char *msg,
101 ...) LIBXML_ATTR_FORMAT(3,4);
104 int len,
105 const char *msg,
109 xmlGetUTF8Char (const unsigned char *utf,
110 int *len);
112 xmlCheckUTF8 (const unsigned char *utf);
115 int len);
118 int len);
121 int pos);
124 const xmlChar *utfchar);
127 int start,
128 int len);
135 const xmlChar *utf2);
137#ifdef __cplusplus
140#endif /* __XML_STRING_H__ */
char * va_list
Definition: acmsvcex.h:78
#define msg(x)
Definition: auth_time.c:54
#define XMLCALL
FxCollectionEntry * cur
GLuint start
Definition: gl.h:1545
GLenum GLuint GLenum GLsizei const GLchar * buf
Definition: glext.h:7751
GLuint GLfloat * val
Definition: glext.h:7180
GLenum GLsizei len
Definition: glext.h:6722
const WCHAR * str
Definition: name.c:39
void int int ULONGLONG int va_list * ap
Definition: winesup.h:36
Definition: xmlexports.h:61
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlUTF8Size(const xmlChar *utf)
Definition: xmlstring.c:613
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlUTF8Strlen(const xmlChar *utf)
Definition: xmlstring.c:664
XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrchr(const xmlChar *str, xmlChar val)
Definition: xmlstring.c:325
XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlUTF8Strpos(const xmlChar *utf, int pos)
Definition: xmlstring.c:894
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrndup(const xmlChar *cur, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:42
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrcasecmp(const xmlChar *str1, const xmlChar *str2)
Definition: xmlstring.c:275
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlUTF8Strsub(const xmlChar *utf, int start, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:964
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrcat(xmlChar *cur, const xmlChar *add)
Definition: xmlstring.c:524
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrncat(xmlChar *cur, const xmlChar *add, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:446
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrncmp(const xmlChar *str1, const xmlChar *str2, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:213
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlGetUTF8Char(const unsigned char *utf, int *len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:708
XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrstr(const xmlChar *str, const xmlChar *val)
Definition: xmlstring.c:345
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrPrintf(xmlChar *buf, int len, const char *msg,...) LIBXML_ATTR_FORMAT(3
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlUTF8Charcmp(const xmlChar *utf1, const xmlChar *utf2)
Definition: xmlstring.c:644
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrdup(const xmlChar *cur)
Definition: xmlstring.c:67
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlUTF8Strsize(const xmlChar *utf, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:833
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrQEqual(const xmlChar *pref, const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar *str)
Definition: xmlstring.c:186
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrsub(const xmlChar *str, int start, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:401
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlCharStrdup(const char *cur)
Definition: xmlstring.c:114
XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrcasestr(const xmlChar *str, const xmlChar *val)
Definition: xmlstring.c:373
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlUTF8Strndup(const xmlChar *utf, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:868
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlStrncatNew(const xmlChar *str1, const xmlChar *str2, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:483
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlUTF8Strloc(const xmlChar *utf, const xmlChar *utfchar)
Definition: xmlstring.c:926
XMLPUBFUN xmlChar *XMLCALL xmlCharStrndup(const char *cur, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:86
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrEqual(const xmlChar *str1, const xmlChar *str2)
Definition: xmlstring.c:160
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrcmp(const xmlChar *str1, const xmlChar *str2)
Definition: xmlstring.c:133
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrncasecmp(const xmlChar *str1, const xmlChar *str2, int len)
Definition: xmlstring.c:300
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlCheckUTF8(const unsigned char *utf)
Definition: xmlstring.c:779
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrlen(const xmlChar *str)
Definition: xmlstring.c:426
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlStrVPrintf(xmlChar *buf, int len, const char *msg, va_list ap) LIBXML_ATTR_FORMAT(3
unsigned char xmlChar
Definition: xmlstring.h:28
#define LIBXML_ATTR_FORMAT(fmt, args)
Definition: xmlversion.h:486
#define const
Definition: zconf.h:233