ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8116-gf69e256
eh.h File Reference
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#define MSVCRT(x)   x


typedef void(* terminate_handler) ()
typedef void(* terminate_function) ()
typedef void(* unexpected_handler) ()
typedef void(* unexpected_function) ()
typedef void(* _se_translator_function) (unsigned int code, struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS *info)


terminate_function MSVCRT() set_terminate (terminate_function func)
unexpected_function MSVCRT() set_unexpected (unexpected_function func)
_se_translator_function MSVCRT() _set_se_translator (_se_translator_function func)
void MSVCRT() terminate ()
void MSVCRT() unexpected ()

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Definition at line 23 of file eh.h.


#define MSVCRT (   x)    x

Definition at line 34 of file eh.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ _se_translator_function

typedef void(* _se_translator_function) (unsigned int code, struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS *info)

Definition at line 44 of file eh.h.

◆ terminate_function

typedef void(* terminate_function) ()

Definition at line 41 of file eh.h.

◆ terminate_handler

typedef void(* terminate_handler) ()

Definition at line 40 of file eh.h.

◆ unexpected_function

typedef void(* unexpected_function) ()

Definition at line 43 of file eh.h.

◆ unexpected_handler

typedef void(* unexpected_handler) ()

Definition at line 42 of file eh.h.

Function Documentation

◆ _set_se_translator()

_se_translator_function MSVCRT() _set_se_translator ( _se_translator_function  func)

◆ set_terminate()

terminate_function MSVCRT() set_terminate ( terminate_function  func)

◆ set_unexpected()

unexpected_function MSVCRT() set_unexpected ( unexpected_function  func)

◆ terminate()

◆ unexpected()

void MSVCRT() unexpected ( )