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CHString2 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void UseStuff (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Functions inherited from CHString
 CHString ()
 CHString (CHSTRING_WCHAR ch, int nRepeat=1)
 CHString (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpch, int nLength)
 CHString (LPCSTR lpsz)
 CHString (const CHString &stringSrc)
 CHString (const unsigned char *lpsz)
 ~CHString ()
CHSTRING_LPWSTR AllocSysString () const
int Collate (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz) const
int Collate (const wchar_t *lpsz) const
int Compare (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz) const
int Compare (const wchar_t *lpsz) const
int CompareNoCase (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz) const
int CompareNoCase (const wchar_t *lpsz) const
void Empty ()
int Find (CHSTRING_WCHAR ch) const
int Find (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSub) const
int Find (const wchar_t *lpszSub) const
int FindOneOf (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszCharSet) const
int FindOneOf (const wchar_t *lpszCharSet) const
void Format (UINT nFormatID,...)
void Format (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszFormat,...)
template<typename ... Params>
void Format (const wchar_t *lpszFormat, Params &&... params)
void FormatMessageW (UINT nFormatID,...)
void FormatMessageW (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszFormat,...)
template<typename ... Params>
void FormatMessageW (const wchar_t *lpszFormat, Params &&... params)
void FormatV (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszFormat, va_list argList)
void FormatV (const wchar_t *lpszFormat, va_list argList)
void FreeExtra ()
int GetAllocLength () const
CHSTRING_WCHAR GetAt (int nIndex) const
CHSTRING_LPWSTR GetBuffer (int nMinBufLength)
CHSTRING_LPWSTR GetBufferSetLength (int nNewLength)
int GetLength () const
BOOL IsEmpty () const
CHString Left (int nCount) const
int LoadStringW (UINT nID)
void MakeLower ()
void MakeReverse ()
void MakeUpper ()
CHString Mid (int nFirst) const
CHString Mid (int nFirst, int nCount) const
void ReleaseBuffer (int nNewLength=-1)
int ReverseFind (CHSTRING_WCHAR ch) const
CHString Right (int nCount) const
void SetAt (int nIndex, CHSTRING_WCHAR ch)
CHString SpanExcluding (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszCharSet) const
CHString SpanExcluding (const wchar_t *lpszCharSet) const
CHString SpanIncluding (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszCharSet) const
CHString SpanIncluding (const wchar_t *lpszCharSet) const
void TrimLeft ()
void TrimRight ()
void UnlockBuffer ()
const CHStringoperator= (char ch)
const CHStringoperator= (CHSTRING_WCHAR ch)
const CHStringoperator= (CHString *p)
const CHStringoperator= (LPCSTR lpsz)
const CHStringoperator= (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz)
const CHStringoperator= (const CHString &stringSrc)
const CHStringoperator= (const unsigned char *lpsz)
const CHStringoperator+= (char ch)
const CHStringoperator+= (CHSTRING_WCHAR ch)
const CHStringoperator+= (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz)
const CHStringoperator+= (const CHString &string)
CHSTRING_WCHAR operator[] (int nIndex) const
 operator CHSTRING_LPCWSTR () const
void AllocBeforeWrite (int nLen)
void AllocBuffer (int nLen)
void AllocCopy (CHString &dest, int nCopyLen, int nCopyIndex, int nExtraLen) const
void AssignCopy (int nSrcLen, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrcData)
void AssignCopy (int nSrcLen, const wchar_t *lpszSrcData)
void ConcatCopy (int nSrc1Len, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrc1Data, int nSrc2Len, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrc2Data)
void ConcatCopy (int nSrc1Len, const wchar_t *lpszSrc1Data, int nSrc2Len, const wchar_t *lpszSrc2Data)
void ConcatInPlace (int nSrcLen, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrcData)
void ConcatInPlace (int nSrcLen, const wchar_t *lpszSrcData)
void CopyBeforeWrite ()
CHStringDataGetData () const
void Init ()
int LoadStringW (UINT nID, CHSTRING_LPWSTR lpszBuf, UINT nMaxBuf)
void Release ()
- Static Private Member Functions inherited from CHString
static void WINAPI Release (CHStringData *pData)
static int WINAPI SafeStrlen (CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz)
static int WINAPI SafeStrlen (const wchar_t *lpsz)
- Private Attributes inherited from CHString

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file dllimport_framedyn.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ UseStuff()

void CHString2::UseStuff ( void  )

Definition at line 8 of file dllimport_framedyn.cpp.

9  {
10  AllocBeforeWrite(1);// ?AllocBeforeWrite@CHString@@IAEXH@Z(long)
11  AllocBuffer(1);// ?AllocBuffer@CHString@@IAEXH@Z(long)
12  AllocCopy(*this, 1, 2, 3);// ?AllocCopy@CHString@@IBEXAAV1@HHH@Z(ptr long long long)
13  AllocSysString(); // ?AllocSysString@CHString@@QBEPAGXZ()
14  AssignCopy(1, L"test");// ?AssignCopy@CHString@@IAEXHPBG@Z(long wstr)
15 // ??0CHString@@QAE@ABV0@@Z(ptr)
16 // ??0CHString@@QAE@PBD@Z(str)
17 // ??0CHString@@QAE@PBE@Z(str)
18 // ??0CHString@@QAE@PBG@Z(wstr)
19 // ??0CHString@@QAE@PBGH@Z(wstr long)
20 // ??0CHString@@QAE@GH@Z(long long)
21 // ??0CHString@@QAE@XZ()
22  Collate(L"test");// ?Collate@CHString@@QBEHPBG@Z(wstr)
23  Compare(L"test");// ?Compare@CHString@@QBEHPBG@Z(wstr)
24  CompareNoCase(L"test");// ?CompareNoCase@CHString@@QBEHPBG@Z(wstr)
25  ConcatCopy(1, L"test", 2, L"data");// ?ConcatCopy@CHString@@IAEXHPBGH0@Z(long wstr long wstr)
26  ConcatInPlace(1, L"test");// ?ConcatInPlace@CHString@@IAEXHPBG@Z(long wstr)
27  CopyBeforeWrite();// ?CopyBeforeWrite@CHString@@IAEXXZ()
28  Empty();// ?Empty@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
29  Find(L"test");// ?Find@CHString@@QBEHPBG@Z(wstr)
30  Find(L'a');// ?Find@CHString@@QBEHG@Z(long)
31  FindOneOf(L"abc");// ?FindOneOf@CHString@@QBEHPBG@Z(wstr)
32  Format(1, 123);// ?Format@CHString@@QAAXIZZ(long long long)
33  Format(L"Format %x", 123);// ?Format@CHString@@QAAXPBGZZ(long wstr long)
34  FormatMessageW(1, 123);// ?FormatMessageW@CHString@@QAAXIZZ(long long long)
35  FormatMessageW(L"Format %x", 123);// ?FormatMessageW@CHString@@QAAXPBGZZ(long ptr long)
36  FormatV(L"Format %x", NULL);// ?FormatV@CHString@@QAEXPBGPAD@Z(wstr long)
37  FreeExtra();// ?FreeExtra@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
38  GetAllocLength();// ?GetAllocLength@CHString@@QBEHXZ()
39  GetAt(0);// ?GetAt@CHString@@QBEGH@Z(long)
40  GetBuffer(0);// ?GetBuffer@CHString@@QAEPAGH@Z(long)
41  GetBufferSetLength(1);// ?GetBufferSetLength@CHString@@QAEPAGH@Z(long)
42  (void)*(volatile int*)GetData();// ?GetData@CHString@@IBEPAUCHStringData@@XZ()
43  GetLength();// ?GetLength@CHString@@QBEHXZ()
44  Init();// ?Init@CHString@@IAEXXZ()
45  IsEmpty();// ?IsEmpty@CHString@@QBEHXZ()
46  Left(1);// ?Left@CHString@@QBE?AV1@H@Z(long)
47  LoadStringW(1);// ?LoadStringW@CHString@@QAEHI@Z(long)
48  LoadStringW(1, NULL, 256);// ?LoadStringW@CHString@@IAEHIPAGI@Z(long wstr long)
49  LockBuffer();// ?LockBuffer@CHString@@QAEPAGXZ()
50  MakeLower();// ?MakeLower@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
51  MakeReverse();// ?MakeReverse@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
52  MakeUpper();// ?MakeUpper@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
53  Mid(12);// ?Mid@CHString@@QBE?AV1@H@Z(long)
54  Mid(12, 4);// ?Mid@CHString@@QBE?AV1@HH@Z(long long)
55  Release(NULL);// ?Release@CHString@@KGXPAUCHStringData@@@Z(ptr)
56  Release();// ?Release@CHString@@IAEXXZ()
57  ReleaseBuffer(); // ?ReleaseBuffer@CHString@@QAEXH@Z(long)
58  ReverseFind(L'a');// ?ReverseFind@CHString@@QBEHG@Z(long)
59  Right(2);// ?Right@CHString@@QBE?AV1@H@Z(long)
60  SafeStrlen(L"test");// ?SafeStrlen@CHString@@KGHPBG@Z(wstr)
61  SetAt(0, L'a');// ?SetAt@CHString@@QAEXHG@Z(long long)
62  SpanExcluding(L"test");// ?SpanExcluding@CHString@@QBE?AV1@PBG@Z(long wstr)
63  SpanIncluding(L"test");// ?SpanIncluding@CHString@@QBE?AV1@PBG@Z(long wstr)
64  TrimLeft();// ?TrimLeft@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
65  TrimRight();// ?TrimRight@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
66  UnlockBuffer();// ?UnlockBuffer@CHString@@QAEXXZ()
67 // ??BCHString@@QBEPBGXZ(ptr)
68 // ??YCHString@@QAEABV0@ABV0@@Z(ptr)
69 // ??YCHString@@QAEABV0@D@Z(long)
70 // ??YCHString@@QAEABV0@PBG@Z(wstr)
71 // ??YCHString@@QAEABV0@G@Z(long)
72 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@PAV0@@Z(ptr)
73 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@ABV0@@Z(ptr)
74 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@PBD@Z(str)
75 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@D@Z(long)
76 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@PBE@Z(str)
77 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@PBG@Z(wstr)
78 // ??4CHString@@QAEABV0@G@Z(long)
79 // ??ACHString@@QBEGH@Z(long)
80 // ??1CHString@@QAE@XZ()
81 // ??H@YG?AVCHString@@GABV0@@Z(long ptr)
82 // ??H@YG?AVCHString@@ABV0@G@Z(ptr long)
83 // ??H@YG?AVCHString@@ABV0@PBG@Z(ptr wstr)
84 // ??H@YG?AVCHString@@PBGABV0@@Z(wstr ptr)
85 // ??H@YG?AVCHString@@ABV0@0@Z(ptr ptr)
87  }
CHStringData * GetData() const
Definition: chstring.cpp:764
void UnlockBuffer()
Definition: chstring.cpp:1172
struct png_info_def **typedef void(__cdecl typeof(png_destroy_read_struct))(struct png_struct_def **
Definition: typeof.h:49
void Format(UINT nFormatID,...)
Definition: chstring.cpp:629
int ReverseFind(CHSTRING_WCHAR ch) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:1000
void Init()
Definition: chstring.cpp:787
int CompareNoCase(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:427
void AllocBeforeWrite(int nLen)
Definition: chstring.cpp:257
void Empty()
Definition: chstring.cpp:547
CHString Left(int nCount) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:803
void ReleaseBuffer(int nNewLength=-1)
Definition: chstring.cpp:978
CHString SpanIncluding(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszCharSet) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:1079
int LoadStringW(UINT nID)
Definition: chstring.cpp:824
void TrimLeft()
Definition: chstring.cpp:1091
int Compare(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:417
void MakeUpper()
Definition: chstring.cpp:880
CHString Right(int nCount) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:1019
int FindOneOf(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszCharSet) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:610
void AllocCopy(CHString &dest, int nCopyLen, int nCopyIndex, int nExtraLen) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:323
void MakeLower()
Definition: chstring.cpp:856
Definition: chstring.cpp:842
CHSTRING_LPWSTR GetBufferSetLength(int nNewLength)
Definition: chstring.cpp:750
void AssignCopy(int nSrcLen, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrcData)
Definition: chstring.cpp:380
int Find(CHSTRING_WCHAR ch) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:572
void ConcatCopy(int nSrc1Len, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrc1Data, int nSrc2Len, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrc2Data)
Definition: chstring.cpp:488
void AllocBuffer(int nLen)
Definition: chstring.cpp:273
int Collate(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:407
void Release()
Definition: chstring.cpp:938
static const WCHAR L[]
Definition: oid.c:1250
void FreeExtra()
Definition: chstring.cpp:676
void FormatV(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszFormat, va_list argList)
Definition: chstring.cpp:668
CHSTRING_WCHAR GetAt(int nIndex) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:706
void MakeReverse()
Definition: chstring.cpp:868
int GetLength() const
Definition: chstring.cpp:779
void ConcatInPlace(int nSrcLen, CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszSrcData)
Definition: chstring.cpp:437
CHSTRING_LPWSTR AllocSysString() const
Definition: chstring.cpp:363
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
CHString Mid(int nFirst) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:892
void FormatMessageW(UINT nFormatID,...)
Definition: chstring.cpp:651
static int WINAPI SafeStrlen(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpsz)
Definition: chstring.cpp:1040
BOOL IsEmpty() const
Definition: chstring.cpp:795
void CopyBeforeWrite()
Definition: chstring.cpp:520
CHSTRING_LPWSTR GetBuffer(int nMinBufLength)
Definition: chstring.cpp:715
void SetAt(int nIndex, CHSTRING_WCHAR ch)
Definition: chstring.cpp:1057
CHString SpanExcluding(CHSTRING_LPCWSTR lpszCharSet) const
Definition: chstring.cpp:1067
int GetAllocLength() const
Definition: chstring.cpp:698
void TrimRight()
Definition: chstring.cpp:1124

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