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_string_fwd.h File Reference
#include <stl/_iosfwd.h>
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typedef basic_string< char, char_traits< char >, allocator< char > > string


_STLP_MOVE_TO_PRIV_NAMESPACE const char *_STLP_CALL __get_c_string (const string &__str)

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◆ string

Definition at line 40 of file _string_fwd.h.

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◆ __get_c_string()

_STLP_MOVE_TO_PRIV_NAMESPACE const char *_STLP_CALL __get_c_string ( const string __str)

Definition at line 1163 of file _string.h.

1163{ return __str.c_str(); }
const _CharT * c_str() const
Definition: _string.h:949

Referenced by __Named_exception::__Named_exception().