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CAppRichEdit Class Reference

#include <appview.h>

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Public Member Functions

VOID LoadAndInsertText (UINT uStringID, const CStringW &szText, DWORD TextFlags)
VOID LoadAndInsertText (UINT uStringID, DWORD StringFlags)
VOID InsertTextWithString (UINT StringID, const CStringW &Text, DWORD TextFlags)
VOID SetWelcomeText ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CUiWindow< CRichEdit >
virtual CUiBoxAsBox ()
HWND GetWindow ()
virtual VOID ComputeMinimalSize (SIZE *size)
virtual VOID ComputeContentBounds (RECT *rect)
virtual DWORD_PTR CountSizableChildren ()
virtual HDWP OnParentSize (RECT parentRect, HDWP hDwp)
virtual VOID AppendTabOrderWindow (int Direction, ATL::CSimpleArray< HWND > &TabOrderList)
virtual ~CUiWindow ()
VOID GetWindowTextW (CStringW &szText)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CUiPrimitive
virtual ~CUiPrimitive ()
virtual CUiBoxAsBox ()
virtual VOID ComputeMinimalSize (SIZE *size)
virtual VOID ComputeContentBounds (RECT *rect)
virtual DWORD_PTR CountSizableChildren ()
virtual HDWP OnParentSize (RECT parentRect, HDWP hDwp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRichEdit
 CRichEdit ()
VOID SetRangeFormatting (SIZE_T Start, SIZE_T End, DWORD dwEffects)
LONG GetTextLen ()
VOID InsertText (LPCWSTR lpszText, DWORD dwEffects)
VOID InsertText (const CStringW &szText, DWORD dwEffects)
VOID SetText (LPCWSTR lpszText, DWORD dwEffects)
VOID SetText (const CStringW &szText, DWORD dwEffects)
HWND Create (HWND hwndParent)
virtual VOID OnLink (ENLINK *Link)
 ~CRichEdit ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CUiBox
CUiMargin m_Margin
CUiAlignment m_HorizontalAlignment
CUiAlignment m_VerticalAlignment
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CUiBox
 CUiBox ()
virtual VOID ComputeRect (RECT parentRect, RECT currentRect, RECT *newRect)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CUiPrimitive

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file appview.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ InsertTextWithString()

VOID CAppRichEdit::InsertTextWithString ( UINT  StringID,
const CStringW Text,
DWORD  TextFlags 

Definition at line 263 of file appview.cpp.

265 if (!Text.IsEmpty())
266 {
267 LoadAndInsertText(StringID, Text, TextFlags);
268 }
VOID LoadAndInsertText(UINT uStringID, const CStringW &szText, DWORD TextFlags)
Definition: appview.cpp:239
char * Text
Definition: combotst.c:136

Referenced by CInstalledApplicationInfo::AddApplicationRegString(), and CInstalledApplicationInfo::ShowAppInfo().

◆ LoadAndInsertText() [1/2]

VOID CAppRichEdit::LoadAndInsertText ( UINT  uStringID,
const CStringW szText,
DWORD  TextFlags 

Definition at line 239 of file appview.cpp.

241 CStringW szLoadedText;
242 if (!szText.IsEmpty() && szLoadedText.LoadStringW(uStringID))
243 {
244 const DWORD StringFlags = CFE_BOLD;
245 InsertText(szLoadedText, StringFlags);
246 InsertText(szText, TextFlags);
247 }
bool IsEmpty() const noexcept
Definition: atlsimpstr.h:394
VOID InsertText(LPCWSTR lpszText, DWORD dwEffects)
Definition: crichedit.h:77
unsigned long DWORD
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:95
#define CFE_BOLD
Definition: richedit.h:406

Referenced by InsertTextWithString(), CAvailableApplicationInfo::InsertVersionInfo(), and CAvailableApplicationInfo::ShowAppInfo().

◆ LoadAndInsertText() [2/2]

VOID CAppRichEdit::LoadAndInsertText ( UINT  uStringID,
DWORD  StringFlags 

Definition at line 251 of file appview.cpp.

253 CStringW szLoadedText;
254 if (szLoadedText.LoadStringW(uStringID))
255 {
256 InsertText(L"\n", 0);
257 InsertText(szLoadedText, StringFlags);
258 InsertText(L"\n", 0);
259 }
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50

◆ SetWelcomeText()

VOID CAppRichEdit::SetWelcomeText ( )

Definition at line 272 of file appview.cpp.

274 CStringW szText;
276 szText.LoadStringW(IDS_WELCOME_TITLE);
277 SetText(szText, CFE_BOLD);
279 szText.LoadStringW(IDS_WELCOME_TEXT);
280 InsertText(szText, 0);
282 szText.LoadStringW(IDS_WELCOME_URL);
283 InsertText(szText, CFM_LINK);
Definition: resource.h:95
Definition: resource.h:96
Definition: resource.h:97
VOID SetText(LPCWSTR lpszText, DWORD dwEffects)
Definition: crichedit.h:91
#define CFM_LINK
Definition: richedit.h:337

Referenced by CAppInfoDisplay::SetWelcomeText().

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