ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8109-gd7be748
zutil.h File Reference
#include "zlib.h"
#include <errno.h>
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#define local   static
#define ERR_RETURN(strm, err)    return (strm->msg = (char*)ERR_MSG(err), (err))
#define DEF_MEM_LEVEL   8
#define STORED_BLOCK   0
#define STATIC_TREES   1
#define DYN_TREES   2
#define MIN_MATCH   3
#define MAX_MATCH   258
#define PRESET_DICT   0x20 /* preset dictionary flag in zlib header */
#define OS_CODE   0x03 /* assume Unix */
#define F_OPEN(name, mode)   ft_fopen((name), (mode))
#define zstrerror(errnum)   ""
#define Assert(cond, msg)
#define Trace(x)
#define Tracev(x)
#define Tracevv(x)
#define Tracec(c, x)
#define Tracecv(c, x)
#define ZALLOC(strm, items, size)    (*((strm)->zalloc))((strm)->opaque, (items), (size))
#define ZFREE(strm, addr)   (*((strm)->zfree))((strm)->opaque, (voidpf)(addr))
#define TRY_FREE(s, p)   {if (p) ZFREE(s, p);}


typedef unsigned char uch
typedef uch FAR uchf
typedef unsigned short ush
typedef ush FAR ushf
typedef unsigned long ulg
typedef uLong check_func OF((uLong check, const Bytef *buf, uInt len))


void zmemcpy OF ((Bytef *dest, const Bytef *source, uInt len))
int zmemcmp OF ((const Bytef *s1, const Bytef *s2, uInt len))
void zmemzero OF ((Bytef *dest, uInt len))
voidpf zcalloc OF ((voidpf opaque, unsigned items, unsigned size))
void zcfree OF ((voidpf opaque, voidpf ptr))

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ Assert

#define Assert (   cond,

Definition at line 196 of file zutil.h.


#define DEF_MEM_LEVEL   8

Definition at line 53 of file zutil.h.



Definition at line 48 of file zutil.h.


#define DYN_TREES   2

Definition at line 61 of file zutil.h.


#define ERR_RETURN (   strm,
)     return (strm->msg = (char*)ERR_MSG(err), (err))

Definition at line 41 of file zutil.h.


#define F_OPEN (   name,
)    ft_fopen((name), (mode))

Definition at line 143 of file zutil.h.

◆ local

#define local   static

Definition at line 30 of file zutil.h.


#define MAX_MATCH   258

Definition at line 65 of file zutil.h.


#define MIN_MATCH   3

Definition at line 64 of file zutil.h.


#define OS_CODE   0x03 /* assume Unix */

Definition at line 139 of file zutil.h.


#define PRESET_DICT   0x20 /* preset dictionary flag in zlib header */

Definition at line 68 of file zutil.h.


#define STATIC_TREES   1

Definition at line 60 of file zutil.h.


#define STORED_BLOCK   0

Definition at line 59 of file zutil.h.

◆ Trace

#define Trace (   x)

Definition at line 197 of file zutil.h.

◆ Tracec

#define Tracec (   c,

Definition at line 200 of file zutil.h.

◆ Tracecv

#define Tracecv (   c,

Definition at line 201 of file zutil.h.

◆ Tracev

#define Tracev (   x)

Definition at line 198 of file zutil.h.

◆ Tracevv

#define Tracevv (   x)

Definition at line 199 of file zutil.h.


#define TRY_FREE (   s,
)    {if (p) ZFREE(s, p);}

Definition at line 213 of file zutil.h.


#define ZALLOC (   strm,
)     (*((strm)->zalloc))((strm)->opaque, (items), (size))

Definition at line 210 of file zutil.h.


#define ZFREE (   strm,
)    (*((strm)->zfree))((strm)->opaque, (voidpf)(addr))

Definition at line 212 of file zutil.h.

◆ zstrerror

#define zstrerror (   errnum)    ""

Definition at line 152 of file zutil.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ OF

typedef uLong check_func OF((uLong check, const Bytef *buf, uInt len))

Definition at line 205 of file zutil.h.

◆ uch

typedef unsigned char uch

Definition at line 34 of file zutil.h.

◆ uchf

typedef uch FAR uchf

Definition at line 35 of file zutil.h.

◆ ulg

typedef unsigned long ulg

Definition at line 38 of file zutil.h.

◆ ush

typedef unsigned short ush

Definition at line 36 of file zutil.h.

◆ ushf

typedef ush FAR ushf

Definition at line 37 of file zutil.h.

Function Documentation

◆ OF() [1/5]

◆ OF() [2/5]

void zmemzero OF ( (Bytef *dest, uInt len )

◆ OF() [3/5]

◆ OF() [4/5]

Definition at line 73 of file vfdzip.c.

76 return LocalAlloc(LPTR, items * size);
GLsizeiptr size
Definition: glext.h:5919
HLOCAL NTAPI LocalAlloc(UINT uFlags, SIZE_T dwBytes)
Definition: heapmem.c:1390
Definition: ntbasedef.h:317
static TCHAR * items[]
Definition: page1.c:45
#define LPTR
Definition: winbase.h:381

◆ OF() [5/5]

void zcfree OF ( (voidpf opaque, voidpf ptr )

Definition at line 79 of file vfdzip.c.

Definition: heapmem.c:1594
static PVOID ptr
Definition: dispmode.c:27