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IBrowserService3 Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT _PositionViewWindow ([in] HWND hwnd, [in] LPRECT prc)
HRESULT IEParseDisplayNameEx ([in] UINT uiCP, [in] LPCWSTR pwszPath, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [out] PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE *ppidlOut)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IBrowserService2
LRESULT WndProcBS ([in] HWND hwnd, [in] UINT uMsg, [in] WPARAM wParam, [in] LPARAM lParam)
HRESULT SetAsDefFolderSettings ()
HRESULT GetViewRect ([in, out] RECT *prc)
HRESULT OnSize ([in] WPARAM wParam)
HRESULT OnCreate ([in] struct tagCREATESTRUCTW *pcs)
LRESULT OnCommand ([in] WPARAM wParam, [in] LPARAM lParam)
HRESULT OnDestroy ()
LRESULT OnNotify ([in, out] struct tagNMHDR *pnm)
HRESULT OnSetFocus ()
HRESULT OnFrameWindowActivateBS ([in] BOOL fActive)
HRESULT ReleaseShellView ()
HRESULT ActivatePendingView ()
HRESULT CreateViewWindow ([in] IShellView *psvNew, [in] IShellView *psvOld, [out] LPRECT prcView, [out] HWND *phwnd)
HRESULT CreateBrowserPropSheetExt ([in] REFIID riid, [out] void **ppv)
HRESULT GetViewWindow ([out] HWND *phwndView)
HRESULT GetBaseBrowserData ([in, out] LPCBASEBROWSERDATA *pbbd)
HRESULT InitializeTravelLog ([in] ITravelLog *ptl, [in] DWORD dw)
HRESULT SetTopBrowser ()
HRESULT Offline ([in] int iCmd)
HRESULT AllowViewResize ([in] BOOL f)
HRESULT SetActivateState ([in] UINT u)
HRESULT UpdateSecureLockIcon ([in] int eSecureLock)
HRESULT InitializeDownloadManager ()
HRESULT InitializeTransitionSite ()
HRESULT _Initialize ([in] HWND hwnd, [in] IUnknown *pauto)
HRESULT _CancelPendingNavigationAsync ()
HRESULT _CancelPendingView ()
HRESULT _MaySaveChanges ()
HRESULT _PauseOrResumeView ([in] BOOL fPaused)
HRESULT _DisableModeless ()
HRESULT _NavigateToPidl ([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl, [in] DWORD grfHLNF, [in] DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT _TryShell2Rename ([in] IShellView *psv, [in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidlNew)
HRESULT _SwitchActivationNow ()
HRESULT _ExecChildren ([in] IUnknown *punkBar, [in] BOOL fBroadcast, [in] const GUID *pguidCmdGroup, [in] DWORD nCmdID, [in] DWORD nCmdexecopt, [in] VARIANTARG *pvarargIn, [in, out] VARIANTARG *pvarargOut)
HRESULT _SendChildren ([in] HWND hwndBar, [in] BOOL fBroadcast, [in] UINT uMsg, [in] WPARAM wParam, [in] LPARAM lParam)
HRESULT GetFolderSetData ([in, out] struct tagFolderSetData *pfsd)
HRESULT _OnFocusChange ([in] UINT itb)
HRESULT v_ShowHideChildWindows ([in] BOOL fChildOnly)
UINT _get_itbLastFocus ()
HRESULT _put_itbLastFocus ([in] UINT itbLastFocus)
HRESULT _UIActivateView ([in] UINT uState)
HRESULT _GetViewBorderRect ([in, out] RECT *prc)
HRESULT _UpdateViewRectSize ()
HRESULT _ResizeNextBorder ([in] UINT itb)
HRESULT _ResizeView ()
HRESULT _GetEffectiveClientArea ([in, out] LPRECT lprectBorder, [in] HMONITOR hmon)
IStreamv_GetViewStream ([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl, [in] DWORD grfMode, [in] LPCWSTR pwszName)
LRESULT ForwardViewMsg ([in] UINT uMsg, [in] WPARAM wParam, [in] LPARAM lParam)
HRESULT SetAcceleratorMenu ([in] HACCEL hacc)
int _GetToolbarCount ()
LPTOOLBARITEM _GetToolbarItem ([in] int itb)
HRESULT _SaveToolbars ([in] IStream *pstm)
HRESULT _LoadToolbars ([in] IStream *pstm)
HRESULT _CloseAndReleaseToolbars ([in] BOOL fClose)
HRESULT v_MayGetNextToolbarFocus ([in] LPMSG lpMsg, [in] UINT itbNext, [in] int citb, [out] LPTOOLBARITEM *pptbi, [out] HWND *phwnd)
HRESULT _ResizeNextBorderHelper ([in] UINT itb, [in] BOOL bUseHmonitor)
UINT _FindTBar ([in] IUnknown *punkSrc)
HRESULT _SetFocus ([in] LPTOOLBARITEM ptbi, [in] HWND hwnd, [in] LPMSG lpMsg)
HRESULT v_MayTranslateAccelerator ([in] MSG *pmsg)
HRESULT _GetBorderDWHelper ([in] IUnknown *punkSrc, [in] LPRECT lprectBorder, [in] BOOL bUseHmonitor)
HRESULT v_CheckZoneCrossing ([in, out] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IBrowserService
HRESULT GetParentSite ([out] IOleInPlaceSite **ppipsite)
HRESULT SetTitle ([in] IShellView *psv, [in] LPCWSTR pszName)
HRESULT GetTitle ([in] IShellView *psv, [out, size_is(cchName)] LPWSTR pszName, [in] DWORD cchName)
HRESULT GetOleObject ([out] IOleObject **ppobjv)
HRESULT GetTravelLog ([out, optional] ITravelLog **pptl)
HRESULT ShowControlWindow ([in] UINT id, [in] BOOL fShow)
HRESULT IsControlWindowShown ([in] UINT id, [out] BOOL *pfShown)
HRESULT IEGetDisplayName ([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl, [out] LPWSTR pwszName, [in] UINT uFlags)
HRESULT IEParseDisplayName ([in] UINT uiCP, [in] LPCWSTR pwszPath, [out] PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE *ppidlOut)
HRESULT DisplayParseError ([in] HRESULT hres, [in] LPCWSTR pwszPath)
HRESULT NavigateToPidl ([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl, [in] DWORD grfHLNF)
HRESULT SetNavigateState ([in] BNSTATE bnstate)
HRESULT GetNavigateState ([out] BNSTATE *pbnstate)
HRESULT NotifyRedirect ([in] IShellView *psv, [in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl, [out] BOOL *pfDidBrowse)
HRESULT UpdateWindowList ()
HRESULT UpdateBackForwardState ()
HRESULT SetFlags ([in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] DWORD dwFlagMask)
HRESULT GetFlags ([out] DWORD *pdwFlags)
HRESULT CanNavigateNow ()
DWORD GetBrowserIndex ()
HRESULT GetBrowserByIndex ([in] DWORD dwID, [out] IUnknown **ppunk)
HRESULT GetHistoryObject ([out] IOleObject **ppole, [out] IStream **pstm, [out] IBindCtx **ppbc)
HRESULT SetHistoryObject ([in] IOleObject *pole, [in] BOOL fIsLocalAnchor)
HRESULT CacheOLEServer ([in] IOleObject *pole)
HRESULT GetSetCodePage ([in] VARIANT *pvarIn, [out] VARIANT *pvarOut)
HRESULT OnHttpEquiv ([in] IShellView *psv, [in] BOOL fDone, [in] VARIANT *pvarargIn, [out] VARIANT *pvarargOut)
HRESULT GetPalette ([out] HPALETTE *hpal)
HRESULT RegisterWindow ([in] BOOL fForceRegister, [in] int swc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 659 of file shdeprecated.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _PositionViewWindow()

HRESULT IBrowserService3::_PositionViewWindow ( [in] HWND  hwnd,
[in] LPRECT  prc 

◆ IEParseDisplayNameEx()

HRESULT IBrowserService3::IEParseDisplayNameEx ( [in] UINT  uiCP,
[in] LPCWSTR  pwszPath,
[in] DWORD  dwFlags,
[out] PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE ppidlOut 

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