ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-5863-g1fe3ab7
IWineMsiRemote Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

UINT remote_ViewClose ([in] MSIHANDLE view)
UINT remote_ViewExecute ([in] MSIHANDLE view, [in, unique] struct wire_record *record)
UINT remote_ViewFetch ([in] MSIHANDLE view, [out] struct wire_record **record)
UINT remote_ViewGetColumnInfo ([in] MSIHANDLE view, [in] MSICOLINFO info, [out] struct wire_record **record)
MSIDBERROR remote_ViewGetError ([in] MSIHANDLE view, [out, string] LPWSTR *column)
UINT remote_ViewModify ([in] MSIHANDLE view, [in] MSIMODIFY mode, [in] struct wire_record *record, [out] struct wire_record **refreshed)
MSICONDITION remote_DatabaseIsTablePersistent ([in] MSIHANDLE db, [in] LPCWSTR table)
UINT remote_DatabaseGetPrimaryKeys ([in] MSIHANDLE db, [in, string] LPCWSTR table, [out] struct wire_record **keys)
UINT remote_DatabaseGetSummaryInformation ([in] MSIHANDLE db, [in] UINT updatecount, [out] MSIHANDLE *suminfo)
UINT remote_DatabaseOpenView ([in] MSIHANDLE db, [in, string] LPCWSTR query, [out] MSIHANDLE *view)
UINT remote_SummaryInfoGetPropertyCount ([in] MSIHANDLE suminfo, [out] UINT *count)
UINT remote_SummaryInfoGetProperty ([in] MSIHANDLE suminfo, [in] UINT property, [out] UINT *type, [out] INT *value, [out] FILETIME *ft, [out, string] LPWSTR *buf)
MSIHANDLE remote_GetActiveDatabase ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst)
UINT remote_GetProperty ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR property, [out, string] LPWSTR *value, [out] DWORD *size)
UINT remote_SetProperty ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string, unique] LPCWSTR property, [in, string, unique] LPCWSTR value)
int remote_ProcessMessage ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in] INSTALLMESSAGE message, [in] struct wire_record *record)
UINT remote_DoAction ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR action)
UINT remote_Sequence ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR table, [in] int sequence)
UINT remote_GetTargetPath ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR folder, [out, string] LPWSTR *value)
UINT remote_SetTargetPath ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR folder, [in, string] LPCWSTR value)
UINT remote_GetSourcePath ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR folder, [out, string] LPWSTR *value)
BOOL remote_GetMode ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in] MSIRUNMODE mode)
UINT remote_SetMode ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in] MSIRUNMODE mode, [in] BOOL state)
UINT remote_GetFeatureState ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR feature, [out] INSTALLSTATE *installed, [out] INSTALLSTATE *action)
UINT remote_SetFeatureState ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR feature, [in] INSTALLSTATE state)
UINT remote_GetComponentState ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR component, [out] INSTALLSTATE *installed, [out] INSTALLSTATE *action)
UINT remote_SetComponentState ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR component, [in] INSTALLSTATE state)
LANGID remote_GetLanguage ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst)
UINT remote_SetInstallLevel ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in] int level)
UINT remote_FormatRecord ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in] struct wire_record *record, [out, string] LPWSTR *value)
MSICONDITION remote_EvaluateCondition ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR condition)
UINT remote_GetFeatureCost ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string] LPCWSTR feature, [in] MSICOSTTREE cost_tree, [in] INSTALLSTATE state, [out] INT *cost)
UINT remote_EnumComponentCosts ([in] MSIHANDLE hinst, [in, string, unique] LPCWSTR component, [in] DWORD index, [in] INSTALLSTATE state, [out, string, size_is(3)] LPWSTR drive, [out] INT *cost, [out] INT *temp)
UINT remote_GetActionInfo ([in] const GUID *guid, [out, string] WCHAR **action, [out] int *type, [out, string] WCHAR **dllname, [out, string] char **function, [out] MSIHANDLE *hinst)
UINT remote_CloseHandle ([in] MSIHANDLE handle)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file winemsi.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ remote_CloseHandle()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_CloseHandle ( [in] MSIHANDLE  handle)

◆ remote_DatabaseGetPrimaryKeys()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_DatabaseGetPrimaryKeys ( [in] MSIHANDLE  db,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  table,
[out] struct wire_record **  keys 

◆ remote_DatabaseGetSummaryInformation()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_DatabaseGetSummaryInformation ( [in] MSIHANDLE  db,
[in] UINT  updatecount,
[out] MSIHANDLE suminfo 

◆ remote_DatabaseIsTablePersistent()

MSICONDITION IWineMsiRemote::remote_DatabaseIsTablePersistent ( [in] MSIHANDLE  db,
[in] LPCWSTR  table 

◆ remote_DatabaseOpenView()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_DatabaseOpenView ( [in] MSIHANDLE  db,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  query,
[out] MSIHANDLE view 

◆ remote_DoAction()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_DoAction ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  action 

◆ remote_EnumComponentCosts()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_EnumComponentCosts ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string, unique] LPCWSTR  component,
[in] DWORD  index,
[in] INSTALLSTATE  state,
[out, string, size_is(3)] LPWSTR  drive,
[out] INT cost,
[out] INT temp 

◆ remote_EvaluateCondition()

MSICONDITION IWineMsiRemote::remote_EvaluateCondition ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  condition 

◆ remote_FormatRecord()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_FormatRecord ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in] struct wire_record record,
[out, string] LPWSTR value 

◆ remote_GetActionInfo()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetActionInfo ( [in] const GUID guid,
[out, string] WCHAR **  action,
[out] int type,
[out, string] WCHAR **  dllname,
[out, string] char **  function,
[out] MSIHANDLE hinst 

◆ remote_GetActiveDatabase()

MSIHANDLE IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetActiveDatabase ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst)

◆ remote_GetComponentState()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetComponentState ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  component,
[out] INSTALLSTATE installed,
[out] INSTALLSTATE action 

◆ remote_GetFeatureCost()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetFeatureCost ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  feature,
[in] MSICOSTTREE  cost_tree,
[in] INSTALLSTATE  state,
[out] INT cost 

◆ remote_GetFeatureState()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetFeatureState ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  feature,
[out] INSTALLSTATE installed,
[out] INSTALLSTATE action 

◆ remote_GetLanguage()

LANGID IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetLanguage ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst)

◆ remote_GetMode()

BOOL IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetMode ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in] MSIRUNMODE  mode 

◆ remote_GetProperty()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetProperty ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  property,
[out, string] LPWSTR value,
[out] DWORD size 

◆ remote_GetSourcePath()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetSourcePath ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  folder,
[out, string] LPWSTR value 

◆ remote_GetTargetPath()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_GetTargetPath ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  folder,
[out, string] LPWSTR value 

◆ remote_ProcessMessage()

int IWineMsiRemote::remote_ProcessMessage ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in] INSTALLMESSAGE  message,
[in] struct wire_record record 

◆ remote_Sequence()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_Sequence ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  table,
[in] int  sequence 

◆ remote_SetComponentState()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SetComponentState ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  component,
[in] INSTALLSTATE  state 

◆ remote_SetFeatureState()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SetFeatureState ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  feature,
[in] INSTALLSTATE  state 

◆ remote_SetInstallLevel()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SetInstallLevel ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in] int  level 

◆ remote_SetMode()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SetMode ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in] MSIRUNMODE  mode,
[in] BOOL  state 

◆ remote_SetProperty()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SetProperty ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string, unique] LPCWSTR  property,
[in, string, unique] LPCWSTR  value 

◆ remote_SetTargetPath()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SetTargetPath ( [in] MSIHANDLE  hinst,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  folder,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  value 

◆ remote_SummaryInfoGetProperty()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SummaryInfoGetProperty ( [in] MSIHANDLE  suminfo,
[in] UINT  property,
[out] UINT type,
[out] INT value,
[out] FILETIME ft,
[out, string] LPWSTR buf 

◆ remote_SummaryInfoGetPropertyCount()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_SummaryInfoGetPropertyCount ( [in] MSIHANDLE  suminfo,
[out] UINT count 

◆ remote_ViewClose()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_ViewClose ( [in] MSIHANDLE  view)

◆ remote_ViewExecute()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_ViewExecute ( [in] MSIHANDLE  view,
[in, unique] struct wire_record record 

◆ remote_ViewFetch()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_ViewFetch ( [in] MSIHANDLE  view,
[out] struct wire_record **  record 

◆ remote_ViewGetColumnInfo()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_ViewGetColumnInfo ( [in] MSIHANDLE  view,
[in] MSICOLINFO  info,
[out] struct wire_record **  record 

◆ remote_ViewGetError()

MSIDBERROR IWineMsiRemote::remote_ViewGetError ( [in] MSIHANDLE  view,
[out, string] LPWSTR column 

◆ remote_ViewModify()

UINT IWineMsiRemote::remote_ViewModify ( [in] MSIHANDLE  view,
[in] MSIMODIFY  mode,
[in] struct wire_record record,
[out] struct wire_record **  refreshed 

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