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ListSort Struct Reference

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#include <window.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ListSort (HWND hwndListview, PFNLVCOMPARE compare_fct)
void toggle_sort (int idx)
void sort ()

Public Attributes

int _sort_crit
bool _direction

Static Protected Member Functions

static int CALLBACK CompareFunc (LPARAM lparam1, LPARAM lparam2, LPARAM lparamSort)

Protected Attributes

PFNLVCOMPARE _compare_fct

Detailed Description

sorting of list controls

Definition at line 951 of file window.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ListSort()

ListSort::ListSort ( HWND  hwndListview,
PFNLVCOMPARE  compare_fct 

Definition at line 1274 of file window.cpp.

1275  : WindowHandle(hwndListview),
1276  _compare_fct(compare_fct)
1277 {
1278  _sort_crit = 0;
1279  _direction = false;
1280 }
bool _direction
Definition: window.h:959
PFNLVCOMPARE _compare_fct
Definition: window.h:962
int _sort_crit
Definition: window.h:958

Member Function Documentation

◆ CompareFunc()

static int CALLBACK ListSort::CompareFunc ( LPARAM  lparam1,
LPARAM  lparam2,
LPARAM  lparamSort 

◆ sort()

void ListSort::sort ( )

Definition at line 1292 of file window.cpp.

1293 {
1294  int idx = ListView_GetSelectionMark(_hwnd);
1297  ListView_SortItems(_hwnd, _compare_fct, (LPARAM)this);
1299  if (idx >= 0) {
1300  idx = ListView_FindItemPara(_hwnd, param);
1301  ListView_EnsureVisible(_hwnd, idx, FALSE);
1302  }
1303 }
#define ListView_EnsureVisible(hwndLV, i, fPartialOK)
Definition: commctrl.h:2519
PFNLVCOMPARE _compare_fct
Definition: window.h:962
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117
unsigned int idx
Definition: utils.c:41
Definition: windef.h:208
int ListView_FindItemPara(HWND list_ctrl, LPARAM param)
Definition: window.h:928
GLfloat param
Definition: glext.h:5796
#define ListView_SortItems(hwndLV, _pfnCompare, _lPrm)
Definition: commctrl.h:2703
int ListView_GetItemData(HWND list_ctrl, int idx)
Definition: window.h:915
#define ListView_GetSelectionMark(hwnd)
Definition: commctrl.h:2789

Referenced by FindProgramDlg::Notify().

◆ toggle_sort()

void ListSort::toggle_sort ( int  idx)

Definition at line 1282 of file window.cpp.

1283 {
1284  if (_sort_crit == idx)
1286  else {
1287  _sort_crit = idx;
1288  _direction = false;
1289  }
1290 }
bool _direction
Definition: window.h:959
unsigned int idx
Definition: utils.c:41
int _sort_crit
Definition: window.h:958

Referenced by FindProgramDlg::Notify().

Member Data Documentation

◆ _compare_fct

PFNLVCOMPARE ListSort::_compare_fct

Definition at line 962 of file window.h.

Referenced by sort().

◆ _direction

bool ListSort::_direction

Definition at line 959 of file window.h.

Referenced by ListSort(), and toggle_sort().

◆ _sort_crit

int ListSort::_sort_crit

Definition at line 958 of file window.h.

Referenced by ListSort(), and toggle_sort().

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