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nsIEditor Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetSelection ([out] nsISelection *_retval)
nsresult FinalizeSelection ()
nsresult Init ([in] nsIDOMDocument *doc, nsIContent *aRoot, nsISelectionController *aSelCon, uint32_t aFlags, nsAString *initialValue)
nsresult SetAttributeOrEquivalent ([in] nsIDOMElement *element, [in] const nsAString *sourceAttrName, [in] const nsAString *sourceAttrValue, [in] bool aSuppressTransaction)
nsresult RemoveAttributeOrEquivalent ([in] nsIDOMElement *element, [in] const nsAString *sourceAttrName, [in] bool aSuppressTransaction)
nsresult PostCreate ()
nsresult PreDestroy ()
nsresult GetFlags ([out] uint32_t *_retval)
nsresult SetFlags ([in] uint32_t val)
nsresult GetContentsMIMEType ([out] char **_retval)
nsresult SetContentsMIMEType ([in] const char *val)
nsresult GetIsDocumentEditable ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult GetIsSelectionEditable (bool *aIsSelectionEditable)
nsresult GetDocument ([out] nsIDOMDocument **_retval)
nsresult GetRootElement ([out] nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsresult GetSelectionController ([out] nsISelectionController **_retval)
nsresult DeleteSelection (int16_t action, int16_t aStripWrappers)
nsresult GetDocumentIsEmpty ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult GetDocumentModified ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult GetDocumentCharacterSet ([out] nsACString *_retval)
nsresult SetDocumentCharacterSet ([in] const nsACString *val)
nsresult ResetModificationCount ()
nsresult GetModificationCount ([out] int32_t *_retval)
nsresult IncrementModificationCount ([in] int32_t aModCount)
nsresult GetTransactionManager ([out] nsITransactionManager **_retval)
nsresult SetTransactionManager (nsITransactionManager *aTransactionManager)
nsresult DoTransaction ([in] nsITransaction *txn)
nsresult EnableUndo ([in] bool enable)
nsresult GetNumberOfUndoItems (int32_t *aNumberOfUndoItems)
nsresult GetNumberOfRedoItems (int32_t *aNumberOfRedoItems)
nsresult Undo ([in] uint32_t count)
nsresult CanUndo ([out] bool *isEnabled, [out] bool *canUndo)
nsresult Redo ([in] uint32_t count)
nsresult CanRedo ([out] bool *isEnabled, [out] bool *canRedo)
nsresult BeginTransaction ()
nsresult EndTransaction ()
nsresult BeginPlaceHolderTransaction ([in] nsIAtom *name)
nsresult EndPlaceHolderTransaction ()
nsresult ShouldTxnSetSelection ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult SetShouldTxnSetSelection ([in] bool should)
nsresult GetInlineSpellChecker ([out] nsIInlineSpellChecker **_retval)
nsresult SyncRealTimeSpell ()
nsresult SetSpellcheckUserOverride (bool enable)
nsresult Cut ()
nsresult CanCut ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult Copy ()
nsresult CanCopy ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult CanDelete (bool *_retval)
nsresult Paste ([in] int32_t aSelectionType)
nsresult PasteTransferable (nsITransferable *aTransferable)
nsresult CanPaste ([in] int32_t aSelectionType, [out] bool *_retval)
nsresult CanPasteTransferable (nsITransferable *aTransferable, bool *_retval)
nsresult SelectAll ()
nsresult BeginningOfDocument ()
nsresult EndOfDocument ()
nsresult SetAttribute ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement, [in] const nsAString *attributestr, [in] const nsAString *attvalue)
nsresult GetAttributeValue ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement, [in] const nsAString *attributestr, [out] nsAString *resultValue, bool *_retval)
nsresult RemoveAttribute ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement, [in] const nsAString *aAttribute)
nsresult CloneAttribute ([in] const nsAString *aAttribute, [in] nsIDOMNode *aDestNode, [in] nsIDOMNode *aSourceNode)
nsresult CloneAttributes ([in] nsIDOMNode *destNode, [in] nsIDOMNode *sourceNode)
nsresult CreateNode ([in] const nsAString *tag, [in] nsIDOMNode *parent, [in] int32_t position, [out] nsIDOMNode **_retval)
nsresult InsertNode ([in] nsIDOMNode *node, [in] nsIDOMNode *parent, [in] int32_t aPosition)
nsresult SplitNode ([in] nsIDOMNode *existingRightNode, [in] int32_t offset, [out] nsIDOMNode **newLeftNode)
nsresult JoinNodes ([in] nsIDOMNode *leftNode, [in] nsIDOMNode *rightNode, [in] nsIDOMNode *parent)
nsresult DeleteNode ([in] nsIDOMNode *child)
bool OutputsMozDirty ()
nsresult MarkNodeDirty ([in] nsIDOMNode *node)
nsresult SwitchTextDirection ()
nsresult OutputToString ([in] nsAString formatType, [in] uint32_t flags, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult OutputToStream ([in] nsIOutputStream *aStream, [in] nsAString *formatType, [in] nsACString *charsetOverride, [in] uint32_t flags)
nsresult AddEditorObserver (nsIEditorObserver *observer)
nsresult RemoveEditorObserver (nsIEditorObserver *observer)
nsresult AddEditActionListener ([in] nsIEditActionListener *listener)
nsresult RemoveEditActionListener ([in] nsIEditActionListener *listener)
nsresult AddDocumentStateListener ([in] nsIDocumentStateListener *listener)
nsresult RemoveDocumentStateListener ([in] nsIDocumentStateListener *listener)
nsresult DumpContentTree ()
nsresult DebugDumpContent ()
nsresult DebugUnitTests ([out] int32_t *outNumTests, [out] int32_t *outNumTestsFailed)
bool IsModifiableNode (nsIDOMNode *aNode)
nsresult GetSuppressDispatchingInputEvent (bool *aSuppressDispatchingInputEvent)
nsresult SetSuppressDispatchingInputEvent (bool aSuppressDispatchingInputEvent)
nsresult GetIsInEditAction (bool *aIsInEditAction)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3464 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddDocumentStateListener()

nsresult nsIEditor::AddDocumentStateListener ( [in] nsIDocumentStateListener *  listener)

◆ AddEditActionListener()

nsresult nsIEditor::AddEditActionListener ( [in] nsIEditActionListener *  listener)

◆ AddEditorObserver()

nsresult nsIEditor::AddEditorObserver ( nsIEditorObserver *  observer)

◆ BeginningOfDocument()

nsresult nsIEditor::BeginningOfDocument ( )

◆ BeginPlaceHolderTransaction()

nsresult nsIEditor::BeginPlaceHolderTransaction ( [in] nsIAtom name)

◆ BeginTransaction()

nsresult nsIEditor::BeginTransaction ( )

◆ CanCopy()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanCopy ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ CanCut()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanCut ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ CanDelete()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanDelete ( bool _retval)

◆ CanPaste()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanPaste ( [in] int32_t  aSelectionType,
[out] bool _retval 

◆ CanPasteTransferable()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanPasteTransferable ( nsITransferable aTransferable,
bool _retval 

◆ CanRedo()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanRedo ( [out] bool isEnabled,
[out] bool canRedo 

◆ CanUndo()

nsresult nsIEditor::CanUndo ( [out] bool isEnabled,
[out] bool canUndo 

◆ CloneAttribute()

nsresult nsIEditor::CloneAttribute ( [in] const nsAString aAttribute,
[in] nsIDOMNode aDestNode,
[in] nsIDOMNode aSourceNode 

◆ CloneAttributes()

nsresult nsIEditor::CloneAttributes ( [in] nsIDOMNode destNode,
[in] nsIDOMNode sourceNode 

◆ Copy()

nsresult nsIEditor::Copy ( )

◆ CreateNode()

nsresult nsIEditor::CreateNode ( [in] const nsAString tag,
[in] nsIDOMNode parent,
[in] int32_t  position,
[out] nsIDOMNode **  _retval 

◆ Cut()

nsresult nsIEditor::Cut ( )

◆ DebugDumpContent()

nsresult nsIEditor::DebugDumpContent ( )

◆ DebugUnitTests()

nsresult nsIEditor::DebugUnitTests ( [out] int32_t outNumTests,
[out] int32_t outNumTestsFailed 

◆ DeleteNode()

nsresult nsIEditor::DeleteNode ( [in] nsIDOMNode child)

◆ DeleteSelection()

nsresult nsIEditor::DeleteSelection ( int16_t  action,
int16_t  aStripWrappers 

◆ DoTransaction()

nsresult nsIEditor::DoTransaction ( [in] nsITransaction *  txn)

◆ DumpContentTree()

nsresult nsIEditor::DumpContentTree ( )

◆ EnableUndo()

nsresult nsIEditor::EnableUndo ( [in] bool  enable)

◆ EndOfDocument()

nsresult nsIEditor::EndOfDocument ( )

◆ EndPlaceHolderTransaction()

nsresult nsIEditor::EndPlaceHolderTransaction ( )

◆ EndTransaction()

nsresult nsIEditor::EndTransaction ( )

◆ FinalizeSelection()

nsresult nsIEditor::FinalizeSelection ( )

◆ GetAttributeValue()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetAttributeValue ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement,
[in] const nsAString attributestr,
[out] nsAString resultValue,
bool _retval 

◆ GetContentsMIMEType()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetContentsMIMEType ( [out] char **  _retval)

◆ GetDocument()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetDocument ( [out] nsIDOMDocument **  _retval)

◆ GetDocumentCharacterSet()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetDocumentCharacterSet ( [out] nsACString _retval)

◆ GetDocumentIsEmpty()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetDocumentIsEmpty ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ GetDocumentModified()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetDocumentModified ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ GetFlags()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetFlags ( [out] uint32_t _retval)

◆ GetInlineSpellChecker()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetInlineSpellChecker ( [out] nsIInlineSpellChecker **  _retval)

◆ GetIsDocumentEditable()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetIsDocumentEditable ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ GetIsInEditAction()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetIsInEditAction ( bool aIsInEditAction)

◆ GetIsSelectionEditable()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetIsSelectionEditable ( bool aIsSelectionEditable)

◆ GetModificationCount()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetModificationCount ( [out] int32_t _retval)

◆ GetNumberOfRedoItems()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetNumberOfRedoItems ( int32_t aNumberOfRedoItems)

◆ GetNumberOfUndoItems()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetNumberOfUndoItems ( int32_t aNumberOfUndoItems)

◆ GetRootElement()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetRootElement ( [out] nsIDOMElement **  _retval)

◆ GetSelection()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetSelection ( [out] nsISelection _retval)

◆ GetSelectionController()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetSelectionController ( [out] nsISelectionController **  _retval)

◆ GetSuppressDispatchingInputEvent()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetSuppressDispatchingInputEvent ( bool aSuppressDispatchingInputEvent)

◆ GetTransactionManager()

nsresult nsIEditor::GetTransactionManager ( [out] nsITransactionManager **  _retval)

◆ IncrementModificationCount()

nsresult nsIEditor::IncrementModificationCount ( [in] int32_t  aModCount)

◆ Init()

nsresult nsIEditor::Init ( [in] nsIDOMDocument doc,
nsIContent aRoot,
nsISelectionController *  aSelCon,
uint32_t  aFlags,
nsAString initialValue 

◆ InsertNode()

nsresult nsIEditor::InsertNode ( [in] nsIDOMNode node,
[in] nsIDOMNode parent,
[in] int32_t  aPosition 

◆ IsModifiableNode()

bool nsIEditor::IsModifiableNode ( nsIDOMNode aNode)

◆ JoinNodes()

nsresult nsIEditor::JoinNodes ( [in] nsIDOMNode leftNode,
[in] nsIDOMNode rightNode,
[in] nsIDOMNode parent 

◆ MarkNodeDirty()

nsresult nsIEditor::MarkNodeDirty ( [in] nsIDOMNode node)

◆ OutputsMozDirty()

bool nsIEditor::OutputsMozDirty ( )

◆ OutputToStream()

nsresult nsIEditor::OutputToStream ( [in] nsIOutputStream *  aStream,
[in] nsAString formatType,
[in] nsACString charsetOverride,
[in] uint32_t  flags 

◆ OutputToString()

nsresult nsIEditor::OutputToString ( [in] nsAString  formatType,
[in] uint32_t  flags,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ Paste()

nsresult nsIEditor::Paste ( [in] int32_t  aSelectionType)

◆ PasteTransferable()

nsresult nsIEditor::PasteTransferable ( nsITransferable aTransferable)

◆ PostCreate()

nsresult nsIEditor::PostCreate ( )

◆ PreDestroy()

nsresult nsIEditor::PreDestroy ( )

◆ Redo()

nsresult nsIEditor::Redo ( [in] uint32_t  count)

◆ RemoveAttribute()

nsresult nsIEditor::RemoveAttribute ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement,
[in] const nsAString aAttribute 

◆ RemoveAttributeOrEquivalent()

nsresult nsIEditor::RemoveAttributeOrEquivalent ( [in] nsIDOMElement element,
[in] const nsAString sourceAttrName,
[in] bool  aSuppressTransaction 

◆ RemoveDocumentStateListener()

nsresult nsIEditor::RemoveDocumentStateListener ( [in] nsIDocumentStateListener *  listener)

◆ RemoveEditActionListener()

nsresult nsIEditor::RemoveEditActionListener ( [in] nsIEditActionListener *  listener)

◆ RemoveEditorObserver()

nsresult nsIEditor::RemoveEditorObserver ( nsIEditorObserver *  observer)

◆ ResetModificationCount()

nsresult nsIEditor::ResetModificationCount ( )

◆ SelectAll()

nsresult nsIEditor::SelectAll ( )

◆ SetAttribute()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetAttribute ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement,
[in] const nsAString attributestr,
[in] const nsAString attvalue 

◆ SetAttributeOrEquivalent()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetAttributeOrEquivalent ( [in] nsIDOMElement element,
[in] const nsAString sourceAttrName,
[in] const nsAString sourceAttrValue,
[in] bool  aSuppressTransaction 

◆ SetContentsMIMEType()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetContentsMIMEType ( [in] const char val)

◆ SetDocumentCharacterSet()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetDocumentCharacterSet ( [in] const nsACString val)

◆ SetFlags()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetFlags ( [in] uint32_t  val)

◆ SetShouldTxnSetSelection()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetShouldTxnSetSelection ( [in] bool  should)

◆ SetSpellcheckUserOverride()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetSpellcheckUserOverride ( bool  enable)

◆ SetSuppressDispatchingInputEvent()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetSuppressDispatchingInputEvent ( bool  aSuppressDispatchingInputEvent)

◆ SetTransactionManager()

nsresult nsIEditor::SetTransactionManager ( nsITransactionManager *  aTransactionManager)

◆ ShouldTxnSetSelection()

nsresult nsIEditor::ShouldTxnSetSelection ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ SplitNode()

nsresult nsIEditor::SplitNode ( [in] nsIDOMNode existingRightNode,
[in] int32_t  offset,
[out] nsIDOMNode **  newLeftNode 

◆ SwitchTextDirection()

nsresult nsIEditor::SwitchTextDirection ( )

◆ SyncRealTimeSpell()

nsresult nsIEditor::SyncRealTimeSpell ( )

◆ Undo()

nsresult nsIEditor::Undo ( [in] uint32_t  count)

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