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nsISelection Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetAnchorNode (nsIDOMNode **aAnchorNode)
nsresult GetAnchorOffset (int32_t *aAnchorOffset)
nsresult GetFocusNode (nsIDOMNode **aFocusNode)
nsresult GetFocusOffset (int32_t *aFocusOffset)
nsresult GetIsCollapsed (bool *aIsCollapsed)
bool Collapsed ()
nsresult GetRangeCount (int32_t *aRangeCount)
nsresult GetRangeAt (int32_t index, nsIDOMRange **_retval)
nsresult Collapse (nsIDOMNode *parentNode, int32_t offset)
nsresult CollapseNative (nsINode *parentNode, int32_t offset)
nsresult Extend (nsIDOMNode *parentNode, int32_t offset)
nsresult ExtendNative (nsINode *parentNode, int32_t offset)
nsresult CollapseToStart ()
nsresult CollapseToEnd ()
nsresult ContainsNode (nsIDOMNode *node, bool entirelyContained, bool *_retval)
nsresult SelectAllChildren (nsIDOMNode *parentNode)
nsresult AddRange (nsIDOMRange *range)
nsresult RemoveRange (nsIDOMRange *range)
nsresult RemoveAllRanges ()
nsresult DeleteFromDocument ()
nsresult ToString (nsAString *_retval)
nsresult Modify (const nsAString *alter, const nsAString *direction, const nsAString *granularity)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1353 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddRange()

nsresult nsISelection::AddRange ( nsIDOMRange range)

◆ Collapse()

nsresult nsISelection::Collapse ( nsIDOMNode parentNode,
int32_t  offset 

◆ Collapsed()

bool nsISelection::Collapsed ( )

◆ CollapseNative()

nsresult nsISelection::CollapseNative ( nsINode parentNode,
int32_t  offset 

◆ CollapseToEnd()

nsresult nsISelection::CollapseToEnd ( )

◆ CollapseToStart()

nsresult nsISelection::CollapseToStart ( )

◆ ContainsNode()

nsresult nsISelection::ContainsNode ( nsIDOMNode node,
bool  entirelyContained,
bool _retval 

◆ DeleteFromDocument()

nsresult nsISelection::DeleteFromDocument ( )

◆ Extend()

nsresult nsISelection::Extend ( nsIDOMNode parentNode,
int32_t  offset 

◆ ExtendNative()

nsresult nsISelection::ExtendNative ( nsINode parentNode,
int32_t  offset 

◆ GetAnchorNode()

nsresult nsISelection::GetAnchorNode ( nsIDOMNode **  aAnchorNode)

◆ GetAnchorOffset()

nsresult nsISelection::GetAnchorOffset ( int32_t aAnchorOffset)

◆ GetFocusNode()

nsresult nsISelection::GetFocusNode ( nsIDOMNode **  aFocusNode)

◆ GetFocusOffset()

nsresult nsISelection::GetFocusOffset ( int32_t aFocusOffset)

◆ GetIsCollapsed()

nsresult nsISelection::GetIsCollapsed ( bool aIsCollapsed)

◆ GetRangeAt()

nsresult nsISelection::GetRangeAt ( int32_t  index,
nsIDOMRange **  _retval 

◆ GetRangeCount()

nsresult nsISelection::GetRangeCount ( int32_t aRangeCount)

◆ Modify()

nsresult nsISelection::Modify ( const nsAString alter,
const nsAString direction,
const nsAString granularity 

◆ RemoveAllRanges()

nsresult nsISelection::RemoveAllRanges ( )

◆ RemoveRange()

nsresult nsISelection::RemoveRange ( nsIDOMRange range)

◆ SelectAllChildren()

nsresult nsISelection::SelectAllChildren ( nsIDOMNode parentNode)

◆ ToString()

nsresult nsISelection::ToString ( nsAString _retval)

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