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nsIDOMRange Interface Reference
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Public Types


Public Member Functions

nsresult GetStartContainer (nsIDOMNode **aStartContainer)
nsresult GetStartOffset (int32_t *aStartOffset)
nsresult GetEndContainer (nsIDOMNode **aEndContainer)
nsresult GetEndOffset (int32_t *aEndOffset)
nsresult GetCollapsed (bool *aCollapsed)
nsresult GetCommonAncestorContainer (nsIDOMNode **aCommonAncestorContainer)
nsresult SetStart (nsIDOMNode *refNode, int32_t offset)
nsresult SetEnd (nsIDOMNode *refNode, int32_t offset)
nsresult SetStartBefore (nsIDOMNode *refNode)
nsresult SetStartAfter (nsIDOMNode *refNode)
nsresult SetEndBefore (nsIDOMNode *refNode)
nsresult SetEndAfter (nsIDOMNode *refNode)
nsresult Collapse (bool toStart)
nsresult SelectNode (nsIDOMNode *refNode)
nsresult SelectNodeContents (nsIDOMNode *refNode)
nsresult CompareBoundaryPoints (uint16_t how, nsIDOMRange *sourceRange, int16_t *_retval)
nsresult DeleteContents ()
nsresult ExtractContents (nsIDOMDocumentFragment **_retval)
nsresult CloneContents (nsIDOMDocumentFragment **_retval)
nsresult InsertNode (nsIDOMNode *newNode)
nsresult SurroundContents (nsIDOMNode *newParent)
nsresult CloneRange (nsIDOMRange **_retval)
nsresult ToString (nsAString *_retval)
nsresult Detach ()
nsresult CreateContextualFragment ([in] const nsAString *fragment, [out] nsIDOMDocumentFragment **_retval)
nsresult IsPointInRange ([in] nsIDOMNode *parent, [in] int32_t offset, [out] bool *_retval)
nsresult ComparePoint ([in] nsIDOMNode *parent, [in] int32_t offset, [out] int16_t *_retval)
nsresult IntersectsNode (nsIDOMNode *node, bool *_retval)
nsresult GetClientRects (nsIDOMClientRectList **_retval)
nsresult GetBoundingClientRect (nsIDOMClientRect **_retval)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

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anonymous enum

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1309 {
1314 };
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Member Function Documentation

◆ CloneContents()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::CloneContents ( nsIDOMDocumentFragment **  _retval)

◆ CloneRange()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::CloneRange ( nsIDOMRange **  _retval)

◆ Collapse()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::Collapse ( bool  toStart)

◆ CompareBoundaryPoints()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::CompareBoundaryPoints ( uint16_t  how,
nsIDOMRange sourceRange,
int16_t _retval 

◆ ComparePoint()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::ComparePoint ( [in] nsIDOMNode parent,
[in] int32_t  offset,
[out] int16_t _retval 

◆ CreateContextualFragment()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::CreateContextualFragment ( [in] const nsAString fragment,
[out] nsIDOMDocumentFragment **  _retval 

◆ DeleteContents()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::DeleteContents ( )

◆ Detach()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::Detach ( )

◆ ExtractContents()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::ExtractContents ( nsIDOMDocumentFragment **  _retval)

◆ GetBoundingClientRect()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetBoundingClientRect ( nsIDOMClientRect **  _retval)

◆ GetClientRects()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetClientRects ( nsIDOMClientRectList **  _retval)

◆ GetCollapsed()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetCollapsed ( bool aCollapsed)

◆ GetCommonAncestorContainer()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetCommonAncestorContainer ( nsIDOMNode **  aCommonAncestorContainer)

◆ GetEndContainer()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetEndContainer ( nsIDOMNode **  aEndContainer)

◆ GetEndOffset()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetEndOffset ( int32_t aEndOffset)

◆ GetStartContainer()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetStartContainer ( nsIDOMNode **  aStartContainer)

◆ GetStartOffset()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::GetStartOffset ( int32_t aStartOffset)

◆ InsertNode()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::InsertNode ( nsIDOMNode newNode)

◆ IntersectsNode()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::IntersectsNode ( nsIDOMNode node,
bool _retval 

◆ IsPointInRange()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::IsPointInRange ( [in] nsIDOMNode parent,
[in] int32_t  offset,
[out] bool _retval 

◆ SelectNode()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SelectNode ( nsIDOMNode refNode)

◆ SelectNodeContents()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SelectNodeContents ( nsIDOMNode refNode)

◆ SetEnd()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SetEnd ( nsIDOMNode refNode,
int32_t  offset 

◆ SetEndAfter()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SetEndAfter ( nsIDOMNode refNode)

◆ SetEndBefore()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SetEndBefore ( nsIDOMNode refNode)

◆ SetStart()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SetStart ( nsIDOMNode refNode,
int32_t  offset 

◆ SetStartAfter()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SetStartAfter ( nsIDOMNode refNode)

◆ SetStartBefore()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SetStartBefore ( nsIDOMNode refNode)

◆ SurroundContents()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::SurroundContents ( nsIDOMNode newParent)

◆ ToString()

nsresult nsIDOMRange::ToString ( nsAString _retval)

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