ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8191-gbc6c731
d3d_device Struct Reference

#include <ddraw_private.h>

Collaboration diagram for d3d_device:

Public Attributes

IDirect3DDevice7 IDirect3DDevice7_iface
IDirect3DDevice3 IDirect3DDevice3_iface
IDirect3DDevice2 IDirect3DDevice2_iface
IDirect3DDevice IDirect3DDevice_iface
IUnknown IUnknown_inner
LONG ref
UINT version
struct wined3d_devicewined3d_device
struct ddrawddraw
struct wined3d_bufferindex_buffer
UINT index_buffer_size
UINT index_buffer_pos
struct wined3d_buffervertex_buffer
UINT vertex_buffer_size
UINT vertex_buffer_pos
struct list viewport_list
struct d3d_viewportcurrent_viewport
D3DVIEWPORT7 active_viewport
BOOL legacyTextureBlending
D3DMATRIX legacy_projection
D3DMATRIX legacy_clipspace
DWORD material
D3DPRIMITIVETYPE primitive_type
DWORD vertex_type
DWORD render_flags
DWORD nb_vertices
DWORD vertex_size
DWORD buffer_size
struct ddraw_handle_table handle_table
struct wined3d_vec4 user_clip_planes [D3DMAXUSERCLIPPLANES]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 296 of file ddraw_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ active_viewport

D3DVIEWPORT7 d3d_device::active_viewport

Definition at line 324 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ buffer_size

DWORD d3d_device::buffer_size

Definition at line 342 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ current_viewport

struct d3d_viewport* d3d_device::current_viewport

Definition at line 323 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ ddraw

struct ddraw* d3d_device::ddraw

Definition at line 310 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ handle_table

struct ddraw_handle_table d3d_device::handle_table

Definition at line 345 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_material3_GetHandle(), and d3d_texture2_GetHandle().

◆ hw

BOOL d3d_device::hw

Definition at line 306 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_device_create().

◆ IDirect3DDevice2_iface

IDirect3DDevice2 d3d_device::IDirect3DDevice2_iface

◆ IDirect3DDevice3_iface

IDirect3DDevice3 d3d_device::IDirect3DDevice3_iface

◆ IDirect3DDevice7_iface

IDirect3DDevice7 d3d_device::IDirect3DDevice7_iface

◆ IDirect3DDevice_iface

IDirect3DDevice d3d_device::IDirect3DDevice_iface

Definition at line 302 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by impl_from_IDirect3DDevice(), and unsafe_impl_from_IDirect3DDevice().

◆ index_buffer

struct wined3d_buffer* d3d_device::index_buffer

Definition at line 313 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ index_buffer_pos

UINT d3d_device::index_buffer_pos

Definition at line 315 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ index_buffer_size

UINT d3d_device::index_buffer_size

Definition at line 314 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ IUnknown_inner

IUnknown d3d_device::IUnknown_inner

Definition at line 303 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by impl_from_IUnknown().

◆ legacy_clipspace

D3DMATRIX d3d_device::legacy_clipspace

Definition at line 330 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ legacy_projection

D3DMATRIX d3d_device::legacy_projection

Definition at line 329 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ legacyTextureBlending

BOOL d3d_device::legacyTextureBlending

Definition at line 327 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ material

◆ nb_vertices

DWORD d3d_device::nb_vertices

Definition at line 339 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ outer_unknown

IUnknown* d3d_device::outer_unknown

Definition at line 308 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d3_CreateDevice(), and d3d_device_create().

◆ primitive_type

◆ proj

D3DMATRIXHANDLE d3d_device::proj

Definition at line 346 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ ref

LONG d3d_device::ref

Definition at line 304 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_device_inner_AddRef().

◆ render_flags

DWORD d3d_device::render_flags

Definition at line 338 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ rt_iface

IUnknown* d3d_device::rt_iface

◆ sysmem_vertex_buffer

BYTE* d3d_device::sysmem_vertex_buffer

Definition at line 340 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ user_clip_planes

struct wined3d_vec4 d3d_device::user_clip_planes[D3DMAXUSERCLIPPLANES]

Definition at line 348 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ version

UINT d3d_device::version

Definition at line 305 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ vertex_buffer

struct wined3d_buffer* d3d_device::vertex_buffer

Definition at line 317 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ vertex_buffer_pos

UINT d3d_device::vertex_buffer_pos

Definition at line 319 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ vertex_buffer_size

UINT d3d_device::vertex_buffer_size

Definition at line 318 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ vertex_size

DWORD d3d_device::vertex_size

Definition at line 341 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ vertex_type

◆ view

D3DMATRIXHANDLE d3d_device::view

Definition at line 346 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ viewport_list

struct list d3d_device::viewport_list

Definition at line 322 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ wined3d_device

struct wined3d_device* d3d_device::wined3d_device

Definition at line 309 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_vertex_buffer7_ProcessVertices().

◆ world

D3DMATRIXHANDLE d3d_device::world

Definition at line 346 of file ddraw_private.h.

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