ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8231-g29a56f3
DocHost Struct Reference

#include <ieframe.h>

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Public Attributes

IOleClientSite IOleClientSite_iface
IOleInPlaceSiteEx IOleInPlaceSiteEx_iface
IDocHostUIHandler2 IDocHostUIHandler2_iface
IOleDocumentSite IOleDocumentSite_iface
IOleControlSite IOleControlSite_iface
IOleCommandTarget IOleCommandTarget_iface
IDispatch IDispatch_iface
IPropertyNotifySink IPropertyNotifySink_iface
IServiceProvider IServiceProvider_iface
IOleInPlaceFrame IOleInPlaceFrame_iface
IWebBrowser2 * wb
const IDocHostContainerVtblcontainer_vtbl
HWND hwnd
HWND frame_hwnd
struct list task_queue
READYSTATE ready_state
READYSTATE doc_state
DWORD prop_notif_cookie
BOOL is_prop_notif
IShellUIHelper2 * shell_ui_helper
struct {
   travellog_entry_t *   log
   unsigned   size
   unsigned   length
   unsigned   position
   int   loading_pos
ConnectionPointContainer cps
IEHTMLWindow html_window
NewWindowManager nwm

Detailed Description

Definition at line 119 of file ieframe.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ browser_service

ShellBrowser* DocHost::browser_service

Definition at line 162 of file ieframe.h.

◆ busy

VARIANT_BOOL DocHost::busy

Definition at line 155 of file ieframe.h.

Referenced by notify_download_state().

◆ client_disp

IDispatch* DocHost::client_disp

Definition at line 135 of file ieframe.h.

◆ container_vtbl

const IDocHostContainerVtbl* DocHost::container_vtbl

Definition at line 144 of file ieframe.h.

Referenced by on_commandstate_change().

◆ cps

◆ doc_navigate

IUnknown* DocHost::doc_navigate

Definition at line 142 of file ieframe.h.

◆ doc_state

READYSTATE DocHost::doc_state

Definition at line 158 of file ieframe.h.

◆ document

IUnknown* DocHost::document

Definition at line 140 of file ieframe.h.

◆ frame

IOleInPlaceFrame* DocHost::frame

Definition at line 137 of file ieframe.h.

◆ frame_hwnd

HWND DocHost::frame_hwnd

Definition at line 147 of file ieframe.h.

◆ hostui

IDocHostUIHandler* DocHost::hostui

Definition at line 136 of file ieframe.h.

◆ html_window

IEHTMLWindow DocHost::html_window

Definition at line 174 of file ieframe.h.

Referenced by IEHTMLWindow_Init().

◆ hwnd

HWND DocHost::hwnd

Definition at line 146 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IDispatch_iface

IDispatch DocHost::IDispatch_iface

Definition at line 126 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IDocHostUIHandler2_iface

IDocHostUIHandler2 DocHost::IDocHostUIHandler2_iface

Definition at line 122 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleClientSite_iface

IOleClientSite DocHost::IOleClientSite_iface

Definition at line 120 of file ieframe.h.

Referenced by create_callback().

◆ IOleCommandTarget_iface

IOleCommandTarget DocHost::IOleCommandTarget_iface

Definition at line 125 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleControlSite_iface

IOleControlSite DocHost::IOleControlSite_iface

Definition at line 124 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleDocumentSite_iface

IOleDocumentSite DocHost::IOleDocumentSite_iface

Definition at line 123 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleInPlaceFrame_iface

IOleInPlaceFrame DocHost::IOleInPlaceFrame_iface

Definition at line 131 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleInPlaceSiteEx_iface

IOleInPlaceSiteEx DocHost::IOleInPlaceSiteEx_iface

Definition at line 121 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IPropertyNotifySink_iface

IPropertyNotifySink DocHost::IPropertyNotifySink_iface

Definition at line 127 of file ieframe.h.

◆ is_prop_notif

BOOL DocHost::is_prop_notif

Definition at line 160 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IServiceProvider_iface

IServiceProvider DocHost::IServiceProvider_iface

Definition at line 128 of file ieframe.h.

◆ length

unsigned DocHost::length

Definition at line 168 of file ieframe.h.

◆ loading_pos

int DocHost::loading_pos

Definition at line 170 of file ieframe.h.

◆ log

travellog_entry_t* DocHost::log

Definition at line 166 of file ieframe.h.

◆ nwm

NewWindowManager DocHost::nwm

Definition at line 175 of file ieframe.h.

Referenced by NewWindowManager_Init().

◆ offline

VARIANT_BOOL DocHost::offline

Definition at line 154 of file ieframe.h.

◆ olecmd

IOleCommandTarget* DocHost::olecmd

Definition at line 138 of file ieframe.h.

◆ position

unsigned DocHost::position

Definition at line 169 of file ieframe.h.

◆ prop_notif_cookie

DWORD DocHost::prop_notif_cookie

Definition at line 159 of file ieframe.h.

◆ ready_state

READYSTATE DocHost::ready_state

Definition at line 157 of file ieframe.h.

◆ shell_ui_helper

IShellUIHelper2* DocHost::shell_ui_helper

Definition at line 163 of file ieframe.h.

◆ silent

VARIANT_BOOL DocHost::silent

Definition at line 153 of file ieframe.h.

◆ size

unsigned DocHost::size

Definition at line 167 of file ieframe.h.

◆ task_queue

struct list DocHost::task_queue

Definition at line 149 of file ieframe.h.


struct { ... } DocHost::travellog

◆ url

LPOLESTR DocHost::url

Definition at line 151 of file ieframe.h.

◆ view

IOleDocumentView* DocHost::view

Definition at line 141 of file ieframe.h.

◆ wb

IWebBrowser2* DocHost::wb

Definition at line 133 of file ieframe.h.

Referenced by DocObjectService_FireNavigateComplete2(), and handle_navigation_error().

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