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XMLStorage::XMLReader Struct Reference

XML file reader. More...

#include <xmlstorage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLReader (XMLNode *node, std::istream &in)
int get ()
 read one character from XML stream
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLStorage::XMLReaderBase
 XMLReaderBase (XMLNode *node)
virtual ~XMLReaderBase ()
bool parse ()
void read ()
 read XML stream into XML tree below _pos
std::string get_position () const
 return current parser position as string
const XMLFormatget_format () const
const charget_endl () const
const XMLErrorListget_errors () const
const XMLErrorListget_warnings () const
void clear_errors ()

Protected Attributes

std::istream & _in
- Protected Attributes inherited from XMLStorage::XMLReaderBase
XMLPos _pos
std::string _content
enum XMLStorage::XMLReaderBase:: { ... }  _last_tag
XMLErrorList _errors
XMLErrorList _warnings
XMLFormat _format
bool _endl_defined
bool _utf8

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from XMLStorage::XMLReaderBase
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XMLStorage::XMLReaderBase
virtual int get ()=0
int eat_endl ()
void finish_read ()
virtual void XmlDeclHandler (const char *version, const char *encoding, int standalone)
 store XML version and encoding into XML reader
virtual void StartElementHandler (const XS_String &name, const XMLNode::AttributeMap &attributes)
 notifications about XML start tag
virtual void EndElementHandler ()
 notifications about XML end tag
virtual void DefaultHandler (const std::string &s)
 store content, white space and comments

Detailed Description

XML file reader.

Definition at line 2584 of file xmlstorage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XMLReader()

XMLStorage::XMLReader::XMLReader ( XMLNode node,
std::istream &  in 

Definition at line 2586 of file xmlstorage.h.

2588 _in(in)
2589 {
2590 }
GLuint in
Definition: glext.h:9616
XMLReaderBase(XMLNode *node)
Definition: xmlstorage.h:2464
std::istream & _in
Definition: xmlstorage.h:2599
Definition: dlist.c:348

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

int XMLStorage::XMLReader::get ( )

read one character from XML stream

Implements XMLStorage::XMLReaderBase.

Definition at line 2593 of file xmlstorage.h.

2594 {
2595 return _in.get();
2596 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ _in

std::istream& XMLStorage::XMLReader::_in

Definition at line 2599 of file xmlstorage.h.

Referenced by get().

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