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_Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc > Struct Template Reference

#include <_rope.h>

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Public Types

typedef _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc >::allocator_type allocator_type
- Public Types inherited from _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc >
enum  { _S_max_rope_depth = __ROPE_MAX_DEPTH }
enum  _Tag { _S_leaf , _S_concat , _S_substringfn , _S_function }
enum  { _S_alloc_granularity = 8 }
typedef _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc_Self
typedef _Alloc allocator_type
typedef _STLP_TYPENAME _STLP_PRIV _BasicCharType< _CharT >::_Ret _IsBasicCharType

Public Member Functions

 _Rope_RopeFunction (char_producer< _CharT > *__f, size_t _p_size, bool __d, allocator_type __a)
 ~_Rope_RopeFunction ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc >
allocator_type get_allocator () const
 _Rope_RopeRep (_Tag __t, unsigned char __d, bool __b, size_t _p_size, allocator_type __a)
void _M_free_c_string ()
void _M_free_tree ()
void _M_unref_nonnil ()
void _M_ref_nonnil ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from _Refcount_Base
 _Refcount_Base (__stl_atomic_t __n)
__stl_atomic_t _M_incr ()
__stl_atomic_t _M_decr ()

Public Attributes

char_producer< _CharT > * _M_fn
bool _M_delete_when_done
- Public Attributes inherited from _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc >
_Tag _M_tag:8
bool _M_is_balanced:8
unsigned char _M_depth
_CharT *_STLP_VOLATILE _M_c_string
_STLP_PRIV _STLP_alloc_proxy< size_t, _CharT, allocator_type_M_size

Private Types

typedef _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc_RopeRep

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT, _Alloc >
static size_t _S_rounded_up_size (size_t __n)
static void _S_free_string (_CharT *__s, size_t __len, allocator_type __a)
static void _S_unref (_Self *__t)
static void _S_ref (_Self *__t)

Detailed Description

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
struct _Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc >

Definition at line 521 of file _rope.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ _RopeRep

template<class _CharT , class _Alloc >
typedef _Rope_RopeRep<_CharT,_Alloc> _Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc >::_RopeRep

Definition at line 523 of file _rope.h.

◆ allocator_type

template<class _CharT , class _Alloc >
typedef _Rope_RopeRep<_CharT,_Alloc>::allocator_type _Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc >::allocator_type

Definition at line 534 of file _rope.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ _Rope_RopeFunction()

template<class _CharT , class _Alloc >
_Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc >::_Rope_RopeFunction ( char_producer< _CharT > *  __f,
size_t  _p_size,
bool  __d,
allocator_type  __a 

Definition at line 540 of file _rope.h.

542 : _Rope_RopeRep<_CharT,_Alloc>(_RopeRep::_S_function, 0, true, _p_size, __a), _M_fn(__f)
544 { _STLP_ASSERT(_p_size > 0) }
#define _STLP_ASSERT(expr)
Definition: _debug.h:165
bool _M_delete_when_done
Definition: _rope.h:532
char_producer< _CharT > * _M_fn
Definition: _rope.h:525
@ _S_function
Definition: _rope.h:345

◆ ~_Rope_RopeFunction()

template<class _CharT , class _Alloc >
_Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc >::~_Rope_RopeFunction ( )

Definition at line 546 of file _rope.h.

546 {
547 this->_M_free_c_string();
549 delete _M_fn;
550 }
551 }
void _M_free_c_string()
Definition: _rope.c:76

Member Data Documentation

◆ _M_delete_when_done

template<class _CharT , class _Alloc >
bool _Rope_RopeFunction< _CharT, _Alloc >::_M_delete_when_done

Definition at line 532 of file _rope.h.

◆ _M_fn

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