ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8348-gc1b9bb5
ftrender.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
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struct  FT_Glyph_Class_
struct  FT_Renderer_Class_


#define FT_Glyph_Init_Func   FT_Glyph_InitFunc
#define FT_Glyph_Done_Func   FT_Glyph_DoneFunc
#define FT_Glyph_Transform_Func   FT_Glyph_TransformFunc
#define FT_Glyph_BBox_Func   FT_Glyph_GetBBoxFunc
#define FT_Glyph_Copy_Func   FT_Glyph_CopyFunc
#define FT_Glyph_Prepare_Func   FT_Glyph_PrepareFunc
#define FTRenderer_render   FT_Renderer_RenderFunc
#define FTRenderer_transform   FT_Renderer_TransformFunc
#define FTRenderer_getCBox   FT_Renderer_GetCBoxFunc
#define FTRenderer_setMode   FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc


typedef void(* FT_Glyph_DoneFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph)
typedef void(* FT_Glyph_TransformFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, const FT_Matrix *matrix, const FT_Vector *delta)
typedef void(* FT_Glyph_GetBBoxFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, FT_BBox *abbox)
typedef FT_Error(* FT_Glyph_CopyFunc) (FT_Glyph source, FT_Glyph target)
typedef FT_Error(* FT_Glyph_PrepareFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, FT_GlyphSlot slot)
typedef FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_RenderFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_Render_Mode mode, const FT_Vector *origin)
typedef FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_TransformFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_GlyphSlot slot, const FT_Matrix *matrix, const FT_Vector *delta)
typedef void(* FT_Renderer_GetCBoxFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_BBox *cbox)
typedef FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_ULong mode_tag, FT_Pointer mode_ptr)
typedef struct FT_Renderer_Class_ FT_Renderer_Class


 FT_Get_Renderer (FT_Library library, FT_Glyph_Format format)
 FT_Set_Renderer (FT_Library library, FT_Renderer renderer, FT_UInt num_params, FT_Parameter *parameters)


FT_BEGIN_HEADER typedef FT_Error(* FT_Glyph_InitFunc )(FT_Glyph glyph, FT_GlyphSlot slot)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ FT_Glyph_BBox_Func

#define FT_Glyph_BBox_Func   FT_Glyph_GetBBoxFunc

Definition at line 69 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_Copy_Func

#define FT_Glyph_Copy_Func   FT_Glyph_CopyFunc

Definition at line 70 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_Done_Func

#define FT_Glyph_Done_Func   FT_Glyph_DoneFunc

Definition at line 67 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_Init_Func

#define FT_Glyph_Init_Func   FT_Glyph_InitFunc

Definition at line 66 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_Prepare_Func

#define FT_Glyph_Prepare_Func   FT_Glyph_PrepareFunc

Definition at line 71 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_Transform_Func

#define FT_Glyph_Transform_Func   FT_Glyph_TransformFunc

Definition at line 68 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FTRenderer_getCBox

#define FTRenderer_getCBox   FT_Renderer_GetCBoxFunc

Definition at line 115 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FTRenderer_render

#define FTRenderer_render   FT_Renderer_RenderFunc

Definition at line 113 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FTRenderer_setMode

#define FTRenderer_setMode   FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc

Definition at line 116 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FTRenderer_transform

#define FTRenderer_transform   FT_Renderer_TransformFunc

Definition at line 114 of file ftrender.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ FT_Glyph_CopyFunc

typedef FT_Error(* FT_Glyph_CopyFunc) (FT_Glyph source, FT_Glyph target)

Definition at line 57 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_DoneFunc

typedef void(* FT_Glyph_DoneFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph)

Definition at line 45 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_GetBBoxFunc

typedef void(* FT_Glyph_GetBBoxFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, FT_BBox *abbox)

Definition at line 53 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_PrepareFunc

typedef FT_Error(* FT_Glyph_PrepareFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, FT_GlyphSlot slot)

Definition at line 61 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Glyph_TransformFunc

typedef void(* FT_Glyph_TransformFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, const FT_Matrix *matrix, const FT_Vector *delta)

Definition at line 48 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Renderer_Class

◆ FT_Renderer_GetCBoxFunc

typedef void(* FT_Renderer_GetCBoxFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_BBox *cbox)

Definition at line 101 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Renderer_RenderFunc

typedef FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_RenderFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_Render_Mode mode, const FT_Vector *origin)

Definition at line 88 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc

typedef FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_ULong mode_tag, FT_Pointer mode_ptr)

Definition at line 107 of file ftrender.h.

◆ FT_Renderer_TransformFunc

typedef FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_TransformFunc) (FT_Renderer renderer, FT_GlyphSlot slot, const FT_Matrix *matrix, const FT_Vector *delta)

Definition at line 94 of file ftrender.h.

Function Documentation

◆ FT_Get_Renderer()

FT_Get_Renderer ( FT_Library  library,
FT_Glyph_Format  format 

Definition at line 4416 of file ftobjs.c.

4418 {
4419 /* test for valid `library' delayed to `FT_Lookup_Renderer' */
4421 return FT_Lookup_Renderer( library, format, 0 );
4422 }
FT_Library library
Definition: cffdrivr.c:654
FT_Lookup_Renderer(FT_Library library, FT_Glyph_Format format, FT_ListNode *node)
Definition: ftobjs.c:4264
GLint GLint GLsizei GLsizei GLsizei GLint GLenum format
Definition: gl.h:1546

◆ FT_Set_Renderer()

FT_Set_Renderer ( FT_Library  library,
FT_Renderer  renderer,
FT_UInt  num_params,
FT_Parameter parameters 

Definition at line 4428 of file ftobjs.c.

4432 {
4436 FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc set_mode;
4439 if ( !library )
4440 {
4441 error = FT_THROW( Invalid_Library_Handle );
4442 goto Exit;
4443 }
4445 if ( !renderer )
4446 {
4447 error = FT_THROW( Invalid_Argument );
4448 goto Exit;
4449 }
4451 if ( num_params > 0 && !parameters )
4452 {
4453 error = FT_THROW( Invalid_Argument );
4454 goto Exit;
4455 }
4457 node = FT_List_Find( &library->renderers, renderer );
4458 if ( !node )
4459 {
4460 error = FT_THROW( Invalid_Argument );
4461 goto Exit;
4462 }
4466 if ( renderer->glyph_format == FT_GLYPH_FORMAT_OUTLINE )
4467 library->cur_renderer = renderer;
4469 set_mode = renderer->clazz->set_mode;
4471 for ( ; num_params > 0; num_params-- )
4472 {
4473 error = set_mode( renderer, parameters->tag, parameters->data );
4474 if ( error )
4475 break;
4476 parameters++;
4477 }
4479 Exit:
4480 return error;
4481 }
return FT_Err_Ok
Definition: ftbbox.c:511
#define FT_THROW(e)
Definition: ftdebug.h:213
FT_List_Up(FT_List list, FT_ListNode node)
Definition: ftutil.c:348
FT_BEGIN_HEADER FT_List_Find(FT_List list, void *data)
Definition: ftutil.c:244
FT_Error(* FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc)(FT_Renderer renderer, FT_ULong mode_tag, FT_Pointer mode_ptr)
Definition: ftrender.h:108
smooth FT_Module_Constructor FT_Module_Destructor FT_Module_Requester FT_GLYPH_FORMAT_OUTLINE
Definition: ftsmooth.c:426
int FT_Error
Definition: fttypes.h:300
#define error(str)
Definition: mkdosfs.c:1605
static void Exit(void)
Definition: sock.c:1330
FT_Renderer cur_renderer
Definition: ftobjs.h:928
FT_ListRec renderers
Definition: ftobjs.h:927
FT_ULong tag
Definition: freetype.h:2070
FT_Pointer data
Definition: freetype.h:2071
FT_Renderer_Class * clazz
Definition: ftobjs.h:774
FT_Glyph_Format glyph_format
Definition: ftobjs.h:775
FT_Renderer_SetModeFunc set_mode
Definition: ftrender.h:154
Definition: dlist.c:348

Variable Documentation

◆ FT_Glyph_InitFunc

FT_BEGIN_HEADER typedef FT_Error(* FT_Glyph_InitFunc) (FT_Glyph glyph, FT_GlyphSlot slot) ( FT_Glyph  glyph,
FT_GlyphSlot  slot 

Definition at line 40 of file ftrender.h.