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ioapi.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "zlib.h"
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struct  zlib_filefunc_def_s
struct  zlib_filefunc64_def_s
struct  zlib_filefunc64_32_def_s


#define __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
#define __USE_LARGEFILE64
#define _FILE_OFFSET_BIT   64
#define MAXU32   0xffffffff
#define ZREAD64(filefunc, filestream, buf, size)   ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zread_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream,buf,size))
#define ZWRITE64(filefunc, filestream, buf, size)   ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zwrite_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream,buf,size))
#define ZCLOSE64(filefunc, filestream)   ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zclose_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream))
#define ZERROR64(filefunc, filestream)   ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zerror_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream))
#define ZOPEN64(filefunc, filename, mode)   (call_zopen64((&(filefunc)),(filename),(mode)))
#define ZTELL64(filefunc, filestream)   (call_ztell64((&(filefunc)),(filestream)))
#define ZSEEK64(filefunc, filestream, pos, mode)   (call_zseek64((&(filefunc)),(filestream),(pos),(mode)))


typedef unsigned long long int ZPOS64_T
typedef const charfilename
typedef const char int mode
typedef voidpf stream
typedef voidpf voidbuf
typedef voidpf void uLong size
typedef voidpf uLong offset
typedef voidpf uLong int origin
typedef struct zlib_filefunc_def_s zlib_filefunc_def
typedef struct zlib_filefunc64_def_s zlib_filefunc64_def
typedef struct zlib_filefunc64_32_def_s zlib_filefunc64_32_def


typedef voidpf (ZCALLBACK *open_file_func) OF((voidpf opaque
typedef uLong (ZCALLBACK *read_file_func) OF((voidpf opaque
typedef int (ZCALLBACK *close_file_func) OF((voidpf opaque
typedef long (ZCALLBACK *tell_file_func) OF((voidpf opaque
typedef ZPOS64_T (ZCALLBACK *tell64_file_func) OF((voidpf opaque
void fill_fopen64_filefunc OF ((zlib_filefunc64_def *pzlib_filefunc_def))
void fill_fopen_filefunc OF ((zlib_filefunc_def *pzlib_filefunc_def))
voidpf call_zopen64 OF ((const zlib_filefunc64_32_def *pfilefunc, const void *filename, int mode))
long call_zseek64 OF ((const zlib_filefunc64_32_def *pfilefunc, voidpf filestream, ZPOS64_T offset, int origin))
ZPOS64_T call_ztell64 OF ((const zlib_filefunc64_32_def *pfilefunc, voidpf filestream))
void fill_zlib_filefunc64_32_def_from_filefunc32 (zlib_filefunc64_32_def *p_filefunc64_32, const zlib_filefunc_def *p_filefunc32)

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#define __USE_FILE_OFFSET64

Definition at line 30 of file ioapi.h.


#define __USE_LARGEFILE64

Definition at line 33 of file ioapi.h.


#define _FILE_OFFSET_BIT   64

Definition at line 39 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 36 of file ioapi.h.

◆ MAXU32

#define MAXU32   0xffffffff

Definition at line 95 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 128 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZCLOSE64 (   filefunc,
)    ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zclose_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream))

Definition at line 191 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZERROR64 (   filefunc,
)    ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zerror_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream))

Definition at line 192 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 121 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 120 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 116 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 118 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 117 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 112 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 113 of file ioapi.h.



Definition at line 114 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZOPEN64 (   filefunc,
)    (call_zopen64((&(filefunc)),(filename),(mode)))

Definition at line 200 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZREAD64 (   filefunc,
)    ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zread_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream,buf,size))

Definition at line 187 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZSEEK64 (   filefunc,
)    (call_zseek64((&(filefunc)),(filestream),(pos),(mode)))

Definition at line 202 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZTELL64 (   filefunc,
)    (call_ztell64((&(filefunc)),(filestream)))

Definition at line 201 of file ioapi.h.


#define ZWRITE64 (   filefunc,
)    ((*((filefunc).zfile_func64.zwrite_file)) ((filefunc).zfile_func64.opaque,filestream,buf,size))

Definition at line 188 of file ioapi.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ buf

typedef voidpf const void* buf

Definition at line 136 of file ioapi.h.

◆ filename

typedef const void * filename

Definition at line 135 of file ioapi.h.

◆ mode

typedef const void int mode

Definition at line 135 of file ioapi.h.

◆ offset

Definition at line 142 of file ioapi.h.

◆ origin

Definition at line 142 of file ioapi.h.

◆ size

Definition at line 136 of file ioapi.h.

◆ stream

typedef voidpf stream

Definition at line 136 of file ioapi.h.

◆ zlib_filefunc64_32_def

◆ zlib_filefunc64_def

◆ zlib_filefunc_def

◆ ZPOS64_T

Definition at line 100 of file ioapi.h.

Function Documentation

◆ fill_zlib_filefunc64_32_def_from_filefunc32()

void fill_zlib_filefunc64_32_def_from_filefunc32 ( zlib_filefunc64_32_def p_filefunc64_32,
const zlib_filefunc_def p_filefunc32 

Definition at line 70 of file ioapi.c.

71 {
72  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zopen64_file = NULL;
73  p_filefunc64_32->zopen32_file = p_filefunc32->zopen_file;
74  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zerror_file = p_filefunc32->zerror_file;
75  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zread_file = p_filefunc32->zread_file;
76  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zwrite_file = p_filefunc32->zwrite_file;
77  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.ztell64_file = NULL;
78  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zseek64_file = NULL;
79  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zclose_file = p_filefunc32->zclose_file;
80  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.zerror_file = p_filefunc32->zerror_file;
81  p_filefunc64_32->zfile_func64.opaque = p_filefunc32->opaque;
82  p_filefunc64_32->zseek32_file = p_filefunc32->zseek_file;
83  p_filefunc64_32->ztell32_file = p_filefunc32->ztell_file;
84 }
open_file_func zopen32_file
Definition: ioapi.h:181
testerror_file_func zerror_file
Definition: ioapi.h:170
testerror_file_func zerror_file
Definition: ioapi.h:154
write_file_func zwrite_file
Definition: ioapi.h:150
write_file_func zwrite_file
Definition: ioapi.h:166
seek_file_func zseek32_file
Definition: ioapi.h:183
close_file_func zclose_file
Definition: ioapi.h:169
read_file_func zread_file
Definition: ioapi.h:149
seek_file_func zseek_file
Definition: ioapi.h:152
zlib_filefunc64_def zfile_func64
Definition: ioapi.h:180
tell_file_func ztell_file
Definition: ioapi.h:151
close_file_func zclose_file
Definition: ioapi.h:153
tell_file_func ztell32_file
Definition: ioapi.h:182
open_file_func zopen_file
Definition: ioapi.h:148
read_file_func zread_file
Definition: ioapi.h:165
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
open64_file_func zopen64_file
Definition: ioapi.h:164
seek64_file_func zseek64_file
Definition: ioapi.h:168
tell64_file_func ztell64_file
Definition: ioapi.h:167

Referenced by unzOpen2(), and zipOpen2().

◆ int()

typedef int ( ZCALLBACK close_file_func)

◆ long()

typedef long ( ZCALLBACK tell_file_func)

◆ OF() [1/5]

void fill_fopen64_filefunc OF ( (zlib_filefunc64_def *pzlib_filefunc_def)  )

◆ OF() [2/5]

void fill_fopen_filefunc OF ( (zlib_filefunc_def *pzlib_filefunc_def)  )

◆ OF() [3/5]

◆ OF() [4/5]

◆ OF() [5/5]

ZPOS64_T call_ztell64 OF ( (const zlib_filefunc64_32_def *pfilefunc, voidpf filestream)  )

◆ uLong()

typedef uLong ( ZCALLBACK read_file_func)

◆ voidpf()

typedef voidpf ( ZCALLBACK open_file_func)

◆ ZPOS64_T()

typedef ZPOS64_T ( ZCALLBACK tell64_file_func)