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nsIDOMUIEvent Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetView (nsIDOMWindow **aView)
nsresult GetDetail (int32_t *aDetail)
nsresult InitUIEvent (const nsAString *typeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg, nsIDOMWindow *viewArg, int32_t detailArg)
nsresult GetLayerX (int32_t *aLayerX)
nsresult GetLayerY (int32_t *aLayerY)
nsresult GetPageX (int32_t *aPageX)
nsresult GetPageY (int32_t *aPageY)
nsresult GetWhich (uint32_t *aWhich)
nsresult GetRangeParent (nsIDOMNode **aRangeParent)
nsresult GetRangeOffset (int32_t *aRangeOffset)
nsresult GetCancelBubble (bool *aCancelBubble)
nsresult SetCancelBubble (bool aCancelBubble)
nsresult GetIsChar (bool *aIsChar)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsIDOMEvent
nsresult GetType (nsAString *aType)
nsresult GetTarget (nsIDOMEventTarget **aTarget)
nsresult GetCurrentTarget (nsIDOMEventTarget **aCurrentTarget)
nsresult GetEventPhase (uint16_t *aEventPhase)
nsresult GetBubbles (bool *aBubbles)
nsresult GetCancelable (bool *aCancelable)
nsresult GetTimeStamp (DOMTimeStamp *aTimeStamp)
nsresult StopPropagation ()
nsresult PreventDefault ()
nsresult InitEvent (const nsAString *eventTypeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg)
nsresult GetDefaultPrevented (bool *aDefaultPrevented)
nsresult StopImmediatePropagation ()
nsresult GetOriginalTarget (nsIDOMEventTarget **aOriginalTarget)
nsresult GetExplicitOriginalTarget (nsIDOMEventTarget **aExplicitOriginalTarget)
nsresult GetPreventDefault (bool *_retval)
nsresult GetIsTrusted (bool *aIsTrusted)
nsresult DuplicatePrivateData ()
nsresult SetTarget (nsIDOMEventTarget *aTarget)
bool IsDispatchStopped ()
voidGetInternalNSEvent ()
void SetTrusted (bool aTrusted)
void Serialize (void *aMsg, bool aSerializeInterfaceType)
bool Deserialize (const void *aMsg, void **aIter)
void SetOwner (void *aOwner)
voidInternalDOMEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3151 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCancelBubble()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetCancelBubble ( bool aCancelBubble)

◆ GetDetail()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetDetail ( int32_t aDetail)

◆ GetIsChar()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetIsChar ( bool aIsChar)

◆ GetLayerX()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetLayerX ( int32_t aLayerX)

◆ GetLayerY()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetLayerY ( int32_t aLayerY)

◆ GetPageX()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetPageX ( int32_t aPageX)

◆ GetPageY()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetPageY ( int32_t aPageY)

◆ GetRangeOffset()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetRangeOffset ( int32_t aRangeOffset)

◆ GetRangeParent()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetRangeParent ( nsIDOMNode **  aRangeParent)

◆ GetView()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetView ( nsIDOMWindow **  aView)

◆ GetWhich()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::GetWhich ( uint32_t aWhich)

◆ InitUIEvent()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::InitUIEvent ( const nsAString typeArg,
bool  canBubbleArg,
bool  cancelableArg,
nsIDOMWindow viewArg,
int32_t  detailArg 

◆ SetCancelBubble()

nsresult nsIDOMUIEvent::SetCancelBubble ( bool  aCancelBubble)

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