ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8408-g466a198
WebBrowser Struct Reference

#include <ieframe.h>

Collaboration diagram for WebBrowser:

Public Attributes

IWebBrowser2 IWebBrowser2_iface
IOleObject IOleObject_iface
IOleInPlaceObject IOleInPlaceObject_iface
IOleControl IOleControl_iface
IPersistStorage IPersistStorage_iface
IPersistMemory IPersistMemory_iface
IPersistStreamInit IPersistStreamInit_iface
IProvideClassInfo2 IProvideClassInfo2_iface
IViewObject2 IViewObject2_iface
IOleInPlaceActiveObject IOleInPlaceActiveObject_iface
IOleCommandTarget IOleCommandTarget_iface
IServiceProvider IServiceProvider_iface
IDataObject IDataObject_iface
HlinkFrame hlink_frame
LONG ref
INT version
DWORD sink_aspects
DWORD sink_flags
HWND frame_hwnd
RECT pos_rect
RECT clip_rect
SIZEL extent
HWND shell_embedding_hwnd
VARIANT_BOOL register_browser
VARIANT_BOOL address_bar
VARIANT_BOOL status_bar
VARIANT_BOOL full_screen
VARIANT_BOOL theater_mode
DocHost doc_host

Detailed Description

Definition at line 178 of file ieframe.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ address_bar

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::address_bar

Definition at line 221 of file ieframe.h.

◆ client

IOleClientSite* WebBrowser::client

Definition at line 198 of file ieframe.h.

◆ client_closed

IOleClientSite* WebBrowser::client_closed

Definition at line 199 of file ieframe.h.

◆ clip_rect

RECT WebBrowser::clip_rect

Definition at line 212 of file ieframe.h.

◆ container

IOleContainer* WebBrowser::container

Definition at line 200 of file ieframe.h.

◆ doc_host

DocHost WebBrowser::doc_host

Definition at line 227 of file ieframe.h.

◆ extent

SIZEL WebBrowser::extent

Definition at line 214 of file ieframe.h.

◆ frame_hwnd

HWND WebBrowser::frame_hwnd

Definition at line 209 of file ieframe.h.

◆ frameinfo


Definition at line 213 of file ieframe.h.

◆ full_screen

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::full_screen

Definition at line 224 of file ieframe.h.

◆ hlink_frame

HlinkFrame WebBrowser::hlink_frame

Definition at line 192 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IDataObject_iface

IDataObject WebBrowser::IDataObject_iface

Definition at line 191 of file ieframe.h.

◆ inplace

IOleInPlaceSiteEx* WebBrowser::inplace

Definition at line 201 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleCommandTarget_iface

IOleCommandTarget WebBrowser::IOleCommandTarget_iface

Definition at line 189 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleControl_iface

IOleControl WebBrowser::IOleControl_iface

Definition at line 182 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleInPlaceActiveObject_iface

IOleInPlaceActiveObject WebBrowser::IOleInPlaceActiveObject_iface

Definition at line 188 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleInPlaceObject_iface

IOleInPlaceObject WebBrowser::IOleInPlaceObject_iface

Definition at line 181 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IOleObject_iface

IOleObject WebBrowser::IOleObject_iface

Definition at line 180 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IPersistMemory_iface

IPersistMemory WebBrowser::IPersistMemory_iface

Definition at line 184 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IPersistStorage_iface

IPersistStorage WebBrowser::IPersistStorage_iface

Definition at line 183 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IPersistStreamInit_iface

IPersistStreamInit WebBrowser::IPersistStreamInit_iface

Definition at line 185 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IProvideClassInfo2_iface

IProvideClassInfo2 WebBrowser::IProvideClassInfo2_iface

Definition at line 186 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IServiceProvider_iface

IServiceProvider WebBrowser::IServiceProvider_iface

Definition at line 190 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IViewObject2_iface

IViewObject2 WebBrowser::IViewObject2_iface

Definition at line 187 of file ieframe.h.

◆ IWebBrowser2_iface

IWebBrowser2 WebBrowser::IWebBrowser2_iface

Definition at line 179 of file ieframe.h.

◆ menu_bar

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::menu_bar

Definition at line 220 of file ieframe.h.

◆ pos_rect

RECT WebBrowser::pos_rect

Definition at line 211 of file ieframe.h.

◆ ref

LONG WebBrowser::ref

Definition at line 194 of file ieframe.h.

◆ register_browser

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::register_browser

Definition at line 218 of file ieframe.h.

◆ shell_embedding_hwnd

HWND WebBrowser::shell_embedding_hwnd

Definition at line 216 of file ieframe.h.

◆ sink

IAdviseSink* WebBrowser::sink

Definition at line 203 of file ieframe.h.

◆ sink_aspects

DWORD WebBrowser::sink_aspects

Definition at line 204 of file ieframe.h.

◆ sink_flags

DWORD WebBrowser::sink_flags

Definition at line 205 of file ieframe.h.

◆ status_bar

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::status_bar

Definition at line 222 of file ieframe.h.

◆ theater_mode

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::theater_mode

Definition at line 225 of file ieframe.h.

◆ tool_bar

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::tool_bar

Definition at line 223 of file ieframe.h.

◆ uiwindow

IOleInPlaceUIWindow* WebBrowser::uiwindow

Definition at line 210 of file ieframe.h.

◆ version

INT WebBrowser::version

Definition at line 196 of file ieframe.h.

◆ visible

VARIANT_BOOL WebBrowser::visible

Definition at line 219 of file ieframe.h.

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